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Chapter No: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Chapter Name Introduction Delivering Value Through Retail Formats Store Location Category Management Supply Chain Management Retail Buying Store Layout And Design Retail Communication Mix Establishing A Pricing Strategy Real Pictures Of Archies Retail Outlet



Top 10. Surat And The Third One In Bangalore. Lee Cooper (JV)  General Merchandise . The Total Operational Space For This Format. Jaipur.24 Million Square Feet. We Serve Customers In 93 Cities And 60 Rural Locations Across The Country Through Over 17 Million Square Feet Of Retail Space.59 Million Square Feet. Shoe Factory. The Dollar Store (JV)  Fashion .26million Square Feet. The Net Increase In Retail Space During The Year Was 2. Home Bazaar E-tailing (online shopping) - 4|Page . Blue Sky. Thane. Through multiple retail formats. Furniture Bazaar. Food Rite     Electronics . aLL. Brand Factory. Central. The Company Opened 6 New Stores During The Financial Year.Big Bazaar. Pantaloon Retail Is The Flagship Company Of Future Group. Taking The Total Operational Space To 15. KB'S FAIR PRICE. Electronics Bazaar. sellers and businesses. Medium And Large Entrepreneurs and manufacturers from across India. Navras.Overview: As India’s leading retailer. STAPLES (JV) Home Improvement . Lines of Business The company is present across several lines of business which have various formats (stores) Plywood. The collective impact on business is staggering: Around 300 Million Customers Walk Into Our Stores Each Year and choose Products And Services Supplied By Over 30. Electronic Bazzaar. Big Bazaar. we connect a diverse and passionate community of Indian buyers. Raipur.Pantaloons. Koryo .000 Small. Sensei. Fashion Station. This number is set to grow. including ones in Vishakapatnam. Furniture Bazaar. Pantaloon Retail inspires trust through innovative offerings. India’s retail pioneer catering to the entire Indian consumption space.Home Town Furniture .Collection i. Along With Brand Factory Is Now At 2.eZone. quality products and affordable prices that help customers achieve a better quality of life every day.

ConvergeM. T 24.Central (Bangalore. Surat)  Investment and savings . Hyderabad.Kochi. Sensei. Endowment. Ahmedabad. Thane. Retail Space In Million Squre Feet:  Pantaloons Retails Limited 5|Page . TGIF (Thank God it's Friday!) Wellness .E Care. Pension. Vadodara. Pune.Depot Leisure and entertainment .Koryo. M-Port. Future Axiom. H Care.Bowling Co. IPAQ Service .    Books and music .Gen M. etc.Insurance: ULIP. Indore.Star & Sitara. Design & Service Malls .. One Mobile (in alliance with TATA Teleservices)    Consumer durables . Mumbai. Gurgaon. Tulsi Telecom and IT . F123. M Bazaar.

launched its first skill centre in Kolkata with a vision to train and provide sustainable livelihood to five lakh youth of West Bengal by 2022  Pantaloons became the first retailer to introduce a reality hunt as it set out on a countrywide search for their next Fresh Face    Pantaloons launched its first store in Ludhiana.Future Value Retail Milestones:(2012)   On 1st May 2012. PAYBACK offers were made available to all Pantaloons customers  Big Bazaar launched its home delivery services in Mumbai. 6|Page . Being India's largest and one of the strongest loyalty programs in Europe. Bilaspur Future Group started Aadhaar Franchise Future Supply Chains Express Logistics business became the fastest profitable Express Business in India  Keeping pace with the ongoing trends Fashion@ Big Bazaar decided to reposition itself as fbb  Pantaloons joined hands with PAYBACK . the company introduced a new retail initiative –Public Holiday Sale Foodhall the premium lifestyle food destination launched its second store in Bengaluru on 4th May 2012  Big Bazaar redefined the concept of customer service with the launch of the Rajajinagar Family Centre in Bengaluru with its unique Seva initiative on 24th February 2012  Future Sharp Skills Ltd. Visakhapatnam.


convenience and quality. Ezone . Planet Sports.a supermarket chain that blends the look and feel of Indian bazaars with modern retail aspects like choice. and making these products available in every city in every store format. We are in line with our broad objective 8|Page .One-stop destination for every need of the aspirational Indian home-owner.a chain of fashion outlets. The Other Formats Include Brand Factory. HomeTown .eZone brings to you the latest in electronics at the lowest prices. All And More. our strategy is based on a deep understanding of Indian consumers the products they want. As modern retail drives fresh demand and consumption in new categories.a chain of seamless destination malls. Big Bazaar . Central .a uniquely Indian hypermarket chain. Food Bazaar .RETAIL FORMAT: They Operate Multiple Retail Formats In Both The Value And Lifestyle Segments Of The Indian Consumer Market Including: Pantaloons .

focuses on the lifestyle retail segment led by the Pantaloonsand Central formats. Across value and lifestyle segments. the multi-format retail strategy caters to all the consumption needs of a wide crosssection of Indian consumers. They believe the Indian consumption story is intact and the combination of consumption and investment driven growth will power our success. Winning the Hearts of Indian Consumers Pantaloon Retail makes every effort to delight its customers. They aim to maintain the focus on increasing consumption demand through innovative customer engagement activities. tailoring store formats to changing Indian lifestyles and adapting products and services to their desires. 9|Page . Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. Food Bazaar and KB’s FairPrice formats. They operate some of India’s most popular retail formats. The aim to continue on their growth path through a combination of realization efficiency and space expansion. Future Value Retail focuses on the value retail segment through theBig Bazaar.of being a catalyst in India’s consumption-led growth and being a positive agent of change in the communities we serve. The Aim Is To Maintain The Momentum Of Topline Growth Through Continuous Efforts To Increase Store Efficiencies And Productivity As Evident In Improved Throughputs. Its business is well capitalized to propel pure retail growth momentum.


Pantaloons being a three floor building have great visibility.The Location Of A Retail Store Occupies An Important Place In Retail Strategy. Visibility Pantaloons is situated very close to the main road. Traffic The traffic – pedestrian as well as vehicular – that passes the site is an important determinant of the potential sales that can be generated from a store. 11 | P a g e . It is mostly located in posh locality in the center of the city. To enhance the visibility pantaloons has put its sign board on the top of the building. Method of estimating demand As modern retail drives fresh demand and consumption in new categories. Accessibility of the market Accessibility of a market is defined in terms of the availability of public transport and road/local trains connections to the markets. and making these products available in every city in every store format. but also influences the merchandise mix and the interior layout of the store. Further the easy availability of transport facilitates makes the location really accessible for shopping. While the merchandise mix can be changed and prices can be adjusted. They are in line with the broad objective of Being A Catalyst In India’s Consumption-Led Growth And Being A Positive Agent Of Change In The Communities We Serve. it is difficult to change the decision on store location. its strategy is based on a deep understanding of Indian consumers the products they want. A pantaloon is known to have good parking space wherever it’s located. It not only conveys the image of the store.


The category manager visit stores regularly to check assortments of merchandise displays. fabrics. colour and size. shape. Walkways & doors Pantaloons stores have very attractive display areas. accessories & all. Although no concrete information was provided with respect to the ways of forecasting the sales and inventory planning. stock levels and old season merchandise. They have a broad walkway & doorways. deep assortment. The Category manager develop a merchandising strategy for the category taking into consideration customer profile. design. consult with team leaders and sales people on problems and suggestions. Pantaloon Retail makes every effort to delight its customers. They are characterized by a broad variety. Also there are small screens put up at various corners which are most visible. resource structure. it was highlighted that a buffer stock of approximately 10-12% of the total stock is maintained in the store. items and price points.Pantaloons have applied the concept of category management in its day-to-day merchandising function as against the traditional brand management merchandising practice followed by most retailers. classification. All the merchandise are placed at both 360 degree and 180 degrees. Pantaloons. Pantaloons visual merchandising is creative. Window display is highly interactive for impulsive buyer. tailoring store formats to changing Indian lifestyles and adapting products and services to their desires. The new launched products are showed by prominent color back ground. Pantaloons have their own in house brands in Apparel as well as different sections. fashion trends. seasons. and which they show case ads of their own as well as other brands available there. Display Areas. vendors. The whole idea of category management is to create products across length and breadth of a category at different price points. Category managers look at sales and margins of each brand in a category. in which they put the dummies. innovative and outstanding which can be seen from its own in house private brands such as John Miller. 13 | P a g e . India’s favourite fashion chain has 65 stores across the country offering the most popular loyalty program Green Card. Here each rack are placed in such a way so that consumers can easily take their wanted products.


This blueprint was later used in the formation of new states of the solution. Rather. 15 | P a g e . the SAP platform was developed with the help of Novasoft’s template which was predefined by SAP after evaluation of Pantaloon’s needs and expertise in retail solutions. This data had to be migrated to the new SAP application. The Solution was the implementation of SAP Some of the Qualities Of SAP Retail Solutions are :     It supports Store & channel management Merchandise assortment management Supply chain management Retain revenue management. In The Second Phase. Before the SAP implementation. the difficulties were faced during the data migration and in managing the interim period when the project was underway for about six months.The basic need of Pantaloons was to have a robust transaction management system and an enterprise wide platform to run the operations. analysed and drafted them. all the data was unorganised. The Key Challenges in this project were not in the implementation. The project was divided into Three Phase: The First Phase involved blueprinting existing processes and mapping them to the desired state. The Last Phase in this project was for stores to switch over to the new system and for current data to be ported. each and every one of these had to be evaluated. the entire project team worked on current processes within the structure of the organisation. Migrating unorganized data to an organised format is a challenging task. Since the SAP would combine all the processes. In this phase. SAP implementation is not a single phase process.

Benefits:     Greater visibility of AR and AP throughout tprofit centers. Increased business transparency via drill down reporting capabilities Real-time. continuous reconciliation of cost elements and expense accounts. freeing up personnel for more value-added activities Ability to close books 15% to 20% faster• 5% to 10% reduction in accounts receivables 16 | P a g e .


sustainable growth. social and environmental impact of our activities. corporate social responsibility. We believe the challenges of inequity in our robust and growing domestic economy need to be tackled through sustainable development. Consequently. This reflects in our commitment to the community. we are conscious of the economic.At The Heart Of Future Group's Ethos At Future Group. Future Group is present across the consumption value chain. our principles are focussed on two main areas: integrating sustainable development into business activities and promoting sustained economic development for the country. We believe modern organized retail has the power to strengthen the economy. Through millions of customers and thousands of suppliers. create grass root employment and contribute significantly to social inclusion. inclusive growth and sustainability are at the core of our strategy and business practices. environment and to every stakeholder in building a stronger foundation for our long-term. Future Group targets long-term sustainability in its businesses through three aspects 18 | P a g e . As India’s premier retail player and one of India’s leading home-grown business houses.


As such. E-retailers Here when it comes to arranging the clothes.ft. The floor space is allocated on the basis of the contribution of a particular department to business. Malls. 20 | P a g e . the Men’s department has been assigned an entire floor. Pantaloons fall under following categoriesDepartmental stores. same type of clothes are put up together in different sizes so that same clothes are available for every size at one point only. Such a layout allows free movement and also encourages people to browse and shop with convenience.PANTALOONS LAYOUT Pantaloons follows a free form store layout. The total area of the entire store is approximately 50000sq. No particular format is followed anything is placed anywhere but strategically. Pantaloons exhibits an arrangement of merchandise in a freeform layout. Being a department store.

The layout of the store is modified on a regular basis by shifting the fixtures and display of the merchandise so that the customers develop a feel of novelty in the store. 21 | P a g e . This Format Was Exhibited By All The Three Floors Of The store.

Store Design. The name Pantaloons Urbania at the top of the building further enhances the store’s visibility. Also the posters and ads for discounts and offers for them are put up there only Exteriors of pantaloons stores are very attractive & eye catchy. Towards the immediate right of the entrance is the baggage counter. Also a wheel chair is kept for the disabled. creates interest and invites the customer into the business. like a corner is assigned to every brand and that brand put up its product as per its liking. The entrance has an automatic door closing system. The location of the building is very prominent. The white color of the walls and floor coupled with the green color of the visual merchandise helps in portraying the brand effectively. There is always someone to greet the customers entering the shop. They put up fresh fashion collections on the dummies on the entrance. At night the building is brightly lit up. there is a customer grievances desk and a counter for green card members. It is very much closer to the main road.Store Exteriors & Store Interior Pantaloons follows a theme based interior. Exteriors Design The exterior appearance of a store silently announces what customers can expect inside. A couch has also been placed near the desk. As one proceeds. Interior Store Design Flooring and Ceiling The interior layout generates good brand associations through appropriate color combinations. Good exterior visual merchandising attracts attention. The focus is largely on the name plate at the top. The clothes and accessories available in the store are nicely put up at the windows of the building. 22 | P a g e . It has a modern look which is further enhanced by the silver finish as well as the green color appropriately resembling the brand. which is really comforting in case of a queue.

Graphics and Sign ages Exactly opposite to the entrance gate of the store is a store directory mentioning the various sections/departments of the entire store (Ground. Lighting Good lighting in a store involves more than illuminating space. Lighting is used to highlight merchandise. First and Second floors). On the right hand side wall is a sign gage (exactly opposite to the customer grievances desk) indicating the promotional schemes? However the directional signs are not quiet visible. Stores have transparent flooring furnished floorings. sculpt face and capture a mood feeling that enhances the store image. White lighting has been majorly used in the store so that the customers can identify the requisite colors of the apparels. For lightening mostly focus lights are used for the clothes that are hanged on wall white lights are used but for toys section as well as shoes section yellow lights are used and even for the traditional wear yellow lights are used as this light match with the color of the products put up there and even make them look more eye catchy and attractive. 23 | P a g e .


the most appropriate method for determining how much must be spent to accomplish the retailer's objectives. providing information about the retailer's location and offering. sales promotions. Marginal analysis. should be used to determine whether the level of spending maximizes the profits that could be generated by the communication mix. media.A communication program can be designed to achieve a variety of objectives for the retailer. publicity. Many retailers use rules of thumb to determine the size of the promotion budget. direct mail. magazine. increasing sales and store traffic. Web sites. Retailers communicate with customers through advertising. such as building a brand image of the retailer in the customer's mind. community building. print. The print media ad: 25 | P a g e . direct mail etc. These elements in the communication mix must be coordinated so customers have a clear. and word of mouth. External communication Pantaloons uses all the means of advertising like television. m-commerce. distinct image of the retailer and are not confused by conflicting information. e-mail. store atmosphere. newspaper. and announcing special activities. salespeople.


T24 provide customers with a dual advantage all 24 hours of the day—‘Shop More. the store image the retailer wishes to convey as well as the legal constraints. Shop More’.Prices are one of the most tangible ways to create differentiation and hence build the image of the store. They Offer Different Types Of Price Like :    Seasonal Price. Differentiated offering: It Offers The Most Popular Loyalty Program:    Green Card. Payback Loyality Program. Pantaloon Retail inspires trust through innovative offerings. quality products and affordable prices that help customers achieve a better quality of life every day. customer services. location. From the customer’s point of view price is frequently a major reason for shopping in a particular store. Talk More’ and ‘Talk More. credit. Bundle Price. Discount Price. promotion. Decision to price an item at a certain level would interact with the retailer’s decisions on lines of merchandise carried. 27 | P a g e .


29 | P a g e .

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