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If you don't already have a FERC ID, first eRegister at
Do the "FULL" registration, then come back to these instructions. 1) Re-write your own version of this: I am a resident of [my town], NY in [my] County. My property is about [X] miles from the proposed Constitution Pipeline. Since the pipeline is "open-access," it will encourage industrial development, including natural gas extraction, which will drastically alter the rural character of the community where I have lived for [Y] years. As no one else can represent my interests in this matter, I am filing this motion to intervene. [You can add *anything else* you want, or nothing at all, just so long as you include something roughly equivalent to the above.] 2) Copy your re-written version (e.g. with Ctrl-C on a pc or Command-C on a Mac) so that you will be able to paste it into the FERC filing text box in step 9 below. 3) Go online to and Log In with your FERC ID and password:

4) Click on the second item -- eFiling -- on the list:

5) Click "General" in column 1; Click "Intervention" in column 2; Click "doc-less Motion to Intervene" in column 3. Then Click Next:

6) Enter Docket Number CP13-499. Then Click Search:

7) Click on the blue


8) Click on Next:

9) Paste your text, then click Next:

10) Click on the Individual Button, then click Next:

11) Type in your email (the one you used to register with FERC), then Click Add as Signer, then click Next:

12) That's it -- or maybe there's one last Submit button -- I'm not sure. Congratulations! You should receive several emails confirming your new status as an Intervenor. You are under no obligation to do anything else from here on. THANK YOU!!