Feb. 2010 U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Scuttlebutt Flotilla 12-8, 7th District Charleston, South Carolina Vol. Vol. 35, 36, No. No. 3-March 5-May 2010 2009
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Flotilla Web Site:

Commander’s Corner
Alan Miles, FC 12-8
Greetings Members, I recently received a message about changing flotilla web sites to the new standard format. The message stated that implementing the new format was not required. Although from the start it was not mandatory to change it, it was strongly encouraged. When we talked it over, we figured it was time to freshen up the site. Our site calendar did not have much on it, and several of the links and pages had gotten old. There were pages on it that had not been updated since 2004. It had become burdensome and unappreciated. It was hardly ever used except as a stepping stone to get to some other site. I thought that if not now, then soon it would be time to update it. John Sikes agreed and has delivered excellent work by committing himself to many hours of work. Many ideas came forth from members and the end results are fantastic. What we have now is a fresh site with some very good info on it. More members are checking the site than ever before. It is easier than ever to access our necessary forms and to look up our own hours under Aux Info. We are offering a wealth of great info to the Boating Public. The site offers
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Vice Commander
Richard Daniel, VFC 12-8
Thanks to everyone for getting out and supporting our staff officers with their appointed tasks. All of us have welcomed the warm and sunny weather after getting past the grueling winter. The job of Flotilla 12-8 continues to move forward and build as the weather improves. The Operations side has done an excellent job of putting the patrols on the water especially with the recent Blue Angels Show. Boating classes continue to move forward, Boating booths have worked to get the word out and Vessel Exams are now scheduled. Along
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In Memory of

Dominick Peter Zito
06/05/1929 04/03/2010

Confidentiality Notice: Telephone numbers and addresses of members are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. As a matter of policy, rosters of names, addresses and telephone numbers shall not be made available to the general public or any outside organization. Privacy of all rosters shall be safeguarded and the page clearly labeled. The publication of these rosters, addresses, and telephone numbers on any computer on-line service including the Internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act of 1974. The Auxiliary is guided by the current equal opportunities policies of the Commandant of the Coast Guard. No Person shall be subject to

Feb. 2010


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Member Training
Bob Mathewes, SO-MT
t appears that we will shortly be getting an AUXACN/AUXNAV class underway. We have rounded up a sufficient number of students from not only our flotilla but also 12-6 and 12-12. John Sikes has graciously agreed to coteach with me on this. By the time this gets to you the materials will probably be on the way. This is a major commitment of time and effort on the on the part of the students and the instructors. It has been several years since we have done this class for two reasons. First the materials were not available and second we kept hearing that a replacement was “coming soon”. The materials are now back in print and the replacement is still in the unforeseeable future so we are going to venture forth and try to create some new Advanced Coastal Navigation specialists. We have completed the OPS, VE and PV Workshops and the TCT refresher for 2010. This month we will have the IT Workshop on the 27th at 1900 in the Brass Buckle. If anyone missed the mandatory (for all crew and coxswains) TCT refresher you can make it up on the 20th of this month at the Mt. Pleasant Waterworks with Flotilla 12-6. Next month we will have the Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop Bob Mathewes, SO-MT


that this is a manifestation of the good weather and a desire to travel and leave winter behind. I look forward to seeing the submission rate return to 100% next month. Bob Mathewes, FSO-PB

Communication Services John Sikes, FSO-CS


our CS department has been extremely busy for the last month or so. Evidence of this may be seen by going to and looking around. The flotilla's web site has undergone an extensive upgrade and offers ready links to the Division 12, the Seventh District, and the National web sites as well as many other sites that are of use to our members. Take a few minutes and review the new site. And don't forget to let us know if there are any problems or if you have other things you'd like to see on the site. In particular, check out the web site and video concerning Cold Water Survival which may be found on the site's left sidebar. There's a video on the site that all boaters should watch. John Sikes. FSO-CS

Partner Visitor
Paul Berka, FSO-PV

Bob Mathewes, FSO-PB


t was bound to happen sooner or later.

I was hoping it would be later. This month we failed, for the first time this year to have all the officers submit articles for this publication. I am hoping


he Boating Accidents section of the 2009 edition of The Handbook of South Carolina Boating Laws and Responsibilities has changed from the 2007 edition. Now the operator of a vessel must call the SCDNR immediately at 1-800-922-5431. Paul Berka, FSO-PV

Feb. 2010




Public Education
Chuck Chirila, FSO-PE
he order of Boating Skills & Seamanship manuals has arrived and as of this writing, there are twenty prospective students interested in this class. So on Tuesday, May 4th, at 1900 hrs. and on the next twelve consecutive Tuesday nights, classes will be conducted at the Brass Buckle. Flotilla 128 has 10 qualified instructors, and there are 13 chapters to be presented. As of now only 5 instructors have come forward to assist with the instruction. It would be great if each instructor would take at least one chapter to present. This would most certainly make it easier on all the instructors. Please consider signing up to present a chapter or two. Many of you possess a wealth of boating experience and knowledge that would help enhance the presentation of the material. May I add a friendly reminder? There will be an Instructor’s Workshop on May 26th at 1900 at the Brass Buckle. Chuck Chirila, FSO-PE

Marine Safety
Bob Orenstein, FSO-MS



n the 22nd of May CG Sector Charleston held a "clean-up" on Folly Beach. The turnout was great from all three parts of the Guard...Regular, Reserves and the Auxiliary. I want to thank the following members of 12-8 who showed up: Bob Mathewes, Agnes Wright, Frederick Schultz, Tom Jerussi and Tom Rigsby. It was amazing how much was picked up. Especially, wire and posts from the fences which are set up to hold the dunes in place but got blown over and moved by the many storms we've had this year. It was nice being with all the "young people" involved from the CG. Since I will be on vacation for most of the month of May, any news of interest regarding the MER and the Trident Program will be coming from Bob Mathewes. See everyone soon! Bob Orenstein, FSO-MS

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Public Affairs
Tom Rigsby, FSO-PA
ublic Affairs participated in the 20th Annual Folly Beach Sea & Sand Festival on April 17, 2010. This festival routinely attracts an estimated crowd of 20,000 people. Especially important to the AUX mission, a very large portion of the attendees participate in recreational boating. A major focus of the messaging for this exhibit pertained to the attributes of inflatable life jackets. Tom Rigsby, FSO-PA
(photo on page 6)

Tom Beauchemin, FSO-MA
ith May upon us, the boating season is well under way. We have a good supply of state and federal regs. While the supply of some of our popular pamphlets is getting a little slim. I have some orders in and, with some luck; I will have our supply back up. If you have a request please e-mail me. I have retired from my full time job and am now working full time at my part time job. Smooth Sailing Tom Beauchemin FSO-MA



Feb. 2010
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ready access to frequently used publications and information. Our site even offers inspiring American flag related info. In fact it’s near perfect! Combined with a great newsletter, like the “Scuttlebutt”, the web site and newsletter are the voices of 12-08 into the world. In closing, I want to also mention that the message on changing the web site talked about Brand Recognition. I believe in this. When you see a large orange diagonal stripe on a ship or boat you immediately recognize the USCG as the best at what they do. They never rest until everything is done well. We prove ourselves to be part of that Orange Stripe every time we excel. I recently read “that to make a really difficult climb you must take small surefooted steps”. Simply running and leaping yourself up a mountainside can bring many risks and most certain failure. The new flotilla web site is one of our careful steps that will elevate us a bit more up the mountain. Our goal is to be the top with the others who have earned a place. There exists a Gold and Silver side of the Coast Guard. But I believe we must also make ourselves more O r a ng e t o o . S e mp e r Paratus Alan J.P. Miles, FC
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their time on the proper forms so both you and Flotilla 12-8 get the credit deserved. Always check your hours actually given against the hours in AUXDATA. The staff officers need and want your help no matter how much or how little you can give. A house is built one board at a time and so it goes with your efforts. See you at the monthly meeting. Richard Daniel, VFC

Joe Fleming, FSO-OP


with this external work we have seen workshops presented and more scheduled. Materials have been ordered and our Web Site homes in to completion. The energy is flowing for all our programs. There is more and more need for all of you to move off the sidelines, jump in and join the many tasks of promoting Boating Safety and supporting the Coast Guard. Don’t wait, join in the fellowship, attend the monthly meetings and let your staff officers know you would like to help. Let’s make sure everyone submits

t has been a busy month for Operations. The Charleston sail boat races and the Blue Angels had us on the water for some long hours. Helping to keep boaters out of the path of about 200 sail boats, as they moved from one side of the harbor to the other, was an experience. As for the air show, I think we had the best seats in the house. Fat Albert made moves I never thought a C-130 could do. People keep saying the Blue Angels flew under the bridge, we know better. It was a great show. Thanks to the members of 12-8, 126, and 12-12 for helping keep the security zone clear. Some people have no idea how important our job is and how much we do for the safety and security of our waters. Boating season is here and every one is getting out on the water to have fun. Boating safety is our job. Stay alert. Again, Thanks to all the coxswains and crew members for everything you do. Coxswains check your calendars and let me know what days you can cover. Let Richard or me know if you’re interested in crew class, so we can get started. Joe Fleming, FSO-OP

Feb. 2010




Frank Leister, FSO-FN
he Flotilla has experienced no change in our financial profile in the last month. It is early in the budget and spending process, so it is too early to know have any significant impact on the budget. Frank Leister, FSO-FN


be sending detailed information on how to participate in early May. Remember, one of the Auxiliary’s Land Based Missions is the Auxiliary Radio Net Mission, “Maintaining Coast Guard authorized Auxiliary radio nets,” and this will allow us to practice Dean Creed, FSO-CM

Citadel Detachment

Information Services
Frank Leister, FSO-IS
lease see my previous entries in the Scuttlebutt about IS matters, particularly the availability of email forms. Nothing has changed. Frank Leister, FSO-IS


Navigational Services
Joe Fleming, FSO-NS
TON Patrols are still on hold. We have had all we could handle meeting operational requests and obligations. Keep your eyes and ears open for ATON activities that will be coming up. Joe Fleming, FSO-NS


Dean Creed, FSO-CM
e will conduct our Flotilla’s first Auxiliary Radio Net on a VHF-FM frequency on Wednesday 19 May 2010 at 1900 hours. If you have a currently inspected Radio Facility, please plan to join us on the air for this occasion. Please let me know if you want to participate. I will


ith the end of the semester and final exams looming, the cadets have been hard at work studying and finishing business. On April 22nd the annual CadetAuxiliarist Awards Ceremony and Change of Watch was held on-campus which was an excellent success. Several junior and senior cadets were presented the Coast Guard Unit Commendation Ribbon which had been awarded to the Coast Guard Auxiliary by Admiral Thad Allen on June 19th, 2009. Cadet Trentowski was officially sworn into the Auxiliary by Flotilla Commander Alan Miles and Bill Riley. In addition several knobs were presented with their Auxiliary Field Jacket Patch; a highlight of completing their first year with the Cadet Detachment. Congratulations to cadets Crawford, Battenfield, Marcus, Sourlis, and Trentowski for earning their patch. The ceremony concluded with the Change of Watch and the announcement of the 2010-2011 Detachment staff. Great advances have been made this year, with many more to come. The Detachment is looking forward to beginning a new school year and continuing to support 12-8 in the fall. Keep up the good work and have a great summer! Cadet Master Sergeant Harry C. Westall
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Feb. 2010


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22 April Beach Cleanup on Folly Beach by Sector Charleston
1. Gary Barnum (MER) 2. Jeanette Bousch (MER) 3Charlie McCarty (12-6) 4 Agnes Wright (12-8) 5. Tom Jerussi (12-8) 6. Bob Mathewes (12-8) Photo by Bob Orenstein (12-8)

Folly Beach Sea & Sand Festival Left to Right: Terry Boatwright (Folly Beach Safety Director), Tom Jerussi (128), Charlie McCarty (member of Folly Beach city council and 12-6), Alan Miles (FC 12 -8), Anne Peterson Hutto (member of South Carolina House of Representatives) and children.

Feb. 2010




Nautical Trivia
Last month’s question was to give the nautical definition of the term “painter” Thanks to Tom Beauchemin for the question. Six people correctly defined a painter as line attached to the bow of a boat for use in towing or making fast Those submitting the correct answer were Karen Andrews of Flotilla 12-12 (first time player), Chuck Chirila, Reggie Hollar of Flotilla 12-10, Dick McLaren, John Sikes and Agnes Wright. The question this month is only remotely nautical. That is because it deals with the US Navy Blue Angels. Many of us say the C-130 Hercules that they affectionately call Fat Albert performing maneuvers that you don’t normally associate with a cargo plane. As is true of many of the members of the Auxiliary, the C-130 has been around a long time. It seems that the venerable old bird made her first flight a month after I entered active duty with the US Army as an eighteen year old E-2. Just when did the C-130 first spread her wings?

Auxiliary Field Jacket Patch shown on sleeve

Human Resources
Paul Thomas, FSO-PS

Fat Albert warms up the crowd in a turn over Charleston Harbor on 17 April Photo by Andrew Waddell

he Flotilla submitted 3 new member application in April and we currently have 19 applications for membership pending. I will be following up to see how many of these are serious about joining before our May meeting. I tested 3 new applicants on April 21st and thanks to Bill Riley they are also fingerprinted, I anticipate having these 3 application’s to the Commander by the first week in May. I have received information on another applicant and hope to have it ready for the Commander the first week in May. I am playing phone tag with 3 more potential members, keep those names and numbers coming. Note, two of the application’s that I tested were a father, daughter duo and I am working on a husband, wife duo. Paul Thomas, FSO-HR

Feb. 2010


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May 2010

1 2 9
Mother’s Day

3 10
Staff Meeting

BS&S Class Chapter 1

5 12
Flotilla Meeting 1900

6 13
New Moon

7 14 21 28

8 15 22 29

BS&S Class Chapter 2

16 23 30

17 24 31
Memorial Day

BS&S Class Chapter 3

19 26
Instructor Workshop

20 27
Full Moon

BS&S Class Chapter 4

Flotilla Officers
Communications Dean Creed Information Services Frank Leister Communication Systems John Sikes Materials Tom Beauchemin

Flotilla Commander Alan Miles Finance Frank Leister

Flotilla Vice Commander Richard Daniel Human Resources Paul Thomas

Marine Safety Member Training Bob Orenstein Bob Mathewes Public Affairs Tom Rigsby Publications Bob Mathewes

Navigational Services Operations Joe Fleming Joe Fleming Public Education Chuck Chirila RBS Visitor Paul Berka IPFC Joe Fleming

Secretary Records Rick Miller

Vessel Examination Chris Heironimus

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