July 2010 U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Scuttlebutt Flotilla 12-8, 7th District Charleston, South Carolina Vol. Vol. 35, 36, No. No. 3-March 7-July 2010 2009
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Commander’s Corner
Alan Miles, FC 12-8
Welcome to the latest edition of the flotilla newsletter, the July issue of the SCUTTLEBUTT, the official printed voice of Flotilla 12 -8. Scuttlebutt in slang usage means rumor or gossip, deriving from the nautical term for the cask used to serve water (or, later, a water fountain). The term corresponds to the iconic colloquial concept of a water cooler in an office setting, which at times becomes the locus of congregation and casual discussion. Water for immediate consumption on a sailing ship was conventionally stored in a scuttled butt: A butt (cask) which had been scuttled by making a hole in it so the water could be withdrawn. Since sailors exchanged gossip when they gathered at the scuttlebutt for a drink of water, scuttlebutt became Navy slang for gossip or rumors… In our flotilla the Scuttlebutt is not a source for rumor or gossip. It is a source of future events, schedules, announcements and pertinent information for all members so they may stay informed of the flotilla’s activities. This month marks the half way point in the Flotilla’s calendar year, and as your elected leader, I want to present how the flotilla is doing thus far, sort of a pro(Continued on page 5)

Vice Commander
Richard Daniel, VFC 12-8
July is now in front of us with the typical hot June in our wake. The staff officers have mostly settled into their tasks getting things done as we pursue our flotilla agenda. We have had a Inside bit of musical chairs FC ............. 1 with several positions but we VFC .......... 1 seem to have the right people in CM ........... 6 place. June has seen both the CS ............. 4 BS&S classes as well as the FN ............. 4 AUXACN classes move into nice HR ............ 6 rhythms. We completed work- IS .............. 2 shops and training sessions with MA ........... 8 our mentor MST3 Gary Barnum MS ............ 7 of MER. Overall the membership NS ............. 8 has been very active with the MT............ 2 OP ............ 7 summer demands. There is al- PA…….N/A ways room for each member to PB ............. 2 join in the much needed tasks. PE ............. 6 Please contact any staff officer to PV ............ 8 help out. Our historical committee SR ............. 3 is piecing together our 12-8 his- VE ............ 6 tory. Marguerite Bishop can use Calendar... 10 your historical items as well as Trivia........ 8 your efforts to complete this worthwhile task. We must certainly tip our hats to the fellowship committee for providing great treats after our membership meetings each month, they are doing a super job.
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Confidentiality Notice: Telephone numbers and addresses of members are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. As a matter of policy, rosters of names, addresses and telephone numbers shall not be made available to the general public or any outside organization. Privacy of all rosters shall be safeguarded and the page clearly labeled. The publication of these rosters, addresses, and telephone numbers on any computer on-line service including the Internet is prohibited by the Privacy Act of 1974. The Auxiliary is guided by the current equal opportunities policies of the Commandant of the Coast Guard. No Person shall be subject to

July 2010


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Member Training
Bob Mathewes, SO-MT
he AUXACN (AUXNAV) class continues to go well. We still have twelve students from three flotillas. By the time you read this we have launched into the seventh of the twelve chapters. From this point on it will get much more involved. The word is out that a new version of the AUXCOM Course is now available. This still will not suffice as the prerequisite for operation of a fixed or mobile radio facility but will be one of the specialty courses necessary for attaining AUXOP status unless you have already completed the old AUXCOM Course. We have now completed all of the available workshops for 2010. The only mandatory one was the TCT Refresher required annually of every Coxswain and Crewmember. We are, at present, the only flotilla in Div. 12 to have done all the workshops. Bob Mathewes, SO-MT

Information Services
Bob Mathewes, FSO-IS



Bob Mathewes, FSO-PB
e almost made it again. In the midst of the Summer Doldrums I guess that only missing one article isn’t bad. If the heat is getting to you like it is to me you don’t feel like doing anything. I hope that we get a break in the heat in conjunction with the call for articles next month that lasts long enough for everyone to write something for insertion in The Scuttlebutt. Until then try to stay cool. I mean that literally! Bob Mathewes, FSO-PB


y now you should be aware that John Sikes has posted on the flotilla web site a report form that shows all the hours that you have reported for the year. It also shows the current status of all Coxswains, Crew, Instructors, RBS Visitors, and Vessel Examiners with respect to completion of the requirements to maintain your qualifications. This information is being updated on approximately a weekly basis and I have been sending e-mail notification to the members each time it is updated. The hope is that this will prevent anyone from going REYR for lack of hours, visits or VEs. There has been some positive feedback to indicate that this is being well received. For the most part the forms that you are submitting are relatively error free. Coxswains need to be sure that there are six digits in your patrol order numbers. I have gotten some that were short one digit (usually a zero). That just entails a phone call to verify and correct. There are still those among you who have had reportable activity this year that has, thus far, gone unreported. Remember that if it isn’t documented it didn’t happen. This could become a problem if those hours are necessary to maintain a qualification. That doesn’t address the problem that unreported hours hurt the flotilla, the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard. If I can be of assistance in getting forms executed please let me know. Bob Mathewes, FSO-IS Have you submitted your 7029 for June? If not, why not?

July 2010




Secretary Records
Flotilla 12-8 Membership Minutes 9 June 2010 The meeting was called to order at 1900 by FC Alan Miles and commenced with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members and visitors present were: Miles, McCullough, Harris, Wieland, Wolf, Mathewes, Wright, Duncan, Berka, Miller, Bray, Cornish, Meehan, Cowley, Kilpatrick, Jerussi, Chirila, Bishop, Thibodeaux, Seel, Thomas, Fleming, and Daniel. FC Miles introduced two guest speakers: MST2 Gary Barnum and NOAA rep David Elliot. FC Miles gave his report for Sector with some highlights being a possible request for volunteers to work with the Gulf Oil Spill with a recommended tour of at least 15 days. Watch Standers were a primary focus. Alan noted that fuel dollars will be tight but patrols would continue, BM1 Jason Miller has relieved Andrews and is now our OPS contact point, Alan is still working on a Color Guard for funeral details which will require the more formal Service Dress Blue Bravo uniforms. MST2 Gary Barnum gave the membership a major presentation consisting of power point pictures and commentary of his firsthand experience from his very recent deployment to the Gulf Oil Spill. The presentation depicted an immense effort by many response agencies and the need to have workable equipment and personnel available in a short period of time. Also noted by Mr. Barnum was a 12 June MER training session at the Brass Buckle for AUX and Reserves.

Mr. David Elliot of NOAA gave a detailed presentation concerning charts how they compiled them over the history of NOAA and all the very advanced equipment and techniques deployed today in order to give mariners the very best and safest navigation possible. VFC Daniel called for the Staff Officers Report. Finance Officers Report- The report was read by VFC Daniel along with the distribution of the detailed financial information issued. Staff Officers Reports were presented as follows: Aviation: No report Citadel: Off for the summer Communications: No report Communications Services: No report Marine Safety: There will be a MER training session by MST2 Barnum in the Brass Buckle for both AUX and Reserve forces. Everyone is welcomed to get involved with this growing force. Operations and Navigation: Joe Fleming noted that everyone in OPS should have the Patrol Schedule for the entire 2010 year and not to wait, get on the water now. Joe also noted we have a large group of Facilities down at the moment. Member Training: Bob Mathewes noted the AUXNAV course is moving along well and that there will be a Sexual Harassment Workshop on 23 June. Bob noted that our flotilla was the only one in the division that had offered all the workshops this year. He also pointed out that the AUXNAV course included folks from several flotillas. Vessel Exams: Paul Berka has a planned inspection coming up at the Leeds Ave boat landing. Personnel Services: Paul Thomas noted a few new candidates were very close to the swear-

July 2010
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ing in process and that he had a large number of very interested folks in the beginning process. Public Affairs: Barbara Thibodeaux noted making some contacts and is in the process of following up on some public affairs opportunities in the near future. Public Education: Chuck Chirila noted the BS&S class is moving along nicely with some interested and eager students. The number seems to be holding at 6 attendees. Maine Visitor: No report. Historical committee: Marguerite Bishop informed the membership that she continues to get scattered information for compiling historical information on 12-8 and that as she gathers all these assorted items and pictures it will take a large amount of time to tie them all together so that we have a flowing history. Help is needed; please contact Marguerite via phone or mail. Fellowship Committee: Marguerite Bishop, Agnes Wright and Eric Kilpatrick offered a very special treat of hot wings after the meeting. Marguerite noted she would not be here in July and August but the committee will be offering some rally great treats for the membership. The Fellowship has been great; please plan to stay after a few minutes to enjoy the offerings and fellowship. VFC turned the meeting back over to FC Miles. FC Alan Miles asked for any old business, discussed and opened for new business. FC Miles noted we would have exciting guest speaker for each of the next three monthly meetings. We should have a Tug Boat Captain for our July meeting. No other business was offered so the meeting was adjourned at about 2040 with Fellowship refreshments immediately served. Richard Daniel, Acting FSO-SR

Communication Services John Sikes, FSO-CS


uxDirectory is the replacement version of eDirectory, July 1, 2010 The eDirectory has served the Auxiliary well for the past decade. This application was developed by Robert Munroe and administered by Jan Munroe. During the last five years, Jan responded to over 3,000 queries from members on a wide variety of Auxiliary topics, not just the eDirectory. He will continue to download the weekly AuxData feed to the new AuxDirectory, and will continue to be available to answer members questions via the new AuxDirectory Help Desk. The replacement of eDirectory will allow for Auxiliary hosting servers to upgrade functions. Those members needing an Excel Unit Roster download, may do so from AuxData. Information is available in the "How To Library" in I Department. http:// Topics are available in Power Point Presentations and PDF documents. "Useful AuxData Reports" demonstrates how to locate a roster. "Save a Report in Excel" and "Use Excel to Print a Member Roster" are both helpful. John Sikes, FSO-CS

Frank Leister, FSO-FN
une's activity consisted of depositing revenue from new member dues and PE classes. There were no expenditures. The cash flow continues to track well with the budget. Frank Leister, FSO-FN


July 2010
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gress report. We have all been busy trying to meet the demands and burdens brought on by the tougher economy. It seems that there are increased demands for our time and attention in all areas of our lives. Even though some members in the flotilla have been busy on patrols, inspections and other activities, our overall hours are way down from where they should be. The participation of members has noticeable diminished across the board. This is a trend that has been increasing for the last few years, as proofed by the high numbers of REYR members in various qualifications this year. Another cause of the low documented hours is the low submission of hours on 7029’s and 7030’s as well as other forms. Some of our members were forced into a REYR status because their hours were not submitted correctly by the lead person. We have members that have worked hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of hours that have not submitted any documented hours. We also have members that have inspected 10 to 20 vessels (maybe more) and have not submitted any form 7038’s. The flotilla has twice held form submission training at our flotilla meetings. There was a great deal of time and cost preparing the visual presentations and hand outs. The record matrix of your hours was made available when the web site was re-designed. It has never been easier to track our own efforts. When our progress is statistically compared to the rest of the division, we are someplace slightly below the median. I am sending out an urgent call to action by all members. The Coast Guard needs your documented time and efforts. Please set aside the time to submit the required forms in support of our mission and dedication to support the Coast Guard. Please get your hours submitted. If you do not know

how to submit them please call me or your VFC. Remember that the USCG Auxiliary is an organization of individuals banded together under a Congressional Act dedicated to provide support the Coast Guard. We presently are at a cross road where the demands for us are higher than ever before, yet we are tracking along with mediocre performance. Please help get us back on track. Members that have engaged service and are properly submitting your time Bravo Zulu. For the rest, it’s time to step up to the plate. It is so simple to do and so vital. On a similar note the Coast Guard needs volunteers to assist with the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill. We have been told that this crisis will worsen until it is completely sealed off and the escaped oil cleaned up. We have seen the oil continue to spread daily. It may even encroach upon our own shores. Please join the Marine Response Training and dedicate yourself to the cause. In the same way as submitting your time, support of the Coast Guard can take on many forms. Doing nothing is not an attractive option. Won’t you make your self part of the solution and not part of the problem? Semper Paratus, Alan J.P. Miles, FC
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Operations are at our very core so we need you on the water. We have hit a wave of dead- lined boats for maintenance problems. This points to the need to offer your boat to Operations to offset the normal maintenance downtime boats experience. Joe Fleming has published and distributed the patrol schedule for 2010. Contact Joe so you can get on the water and help with harbor safety. We had the good fortune of not one but two great presentations at the June Membership meeting. We have more of the same in upcoming meetings so mark your calendar for the second Wednesday of each month so you can enjoy the very professional and exciting presentations. Richard Daniel, VFC

July 2010


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Public Education
Chuck Chirila, FSO-PE
ell, the Boating Safety & Seamanship program is entering the home stretch. I truly appreciate all the assistance and participation of 12-8’s instructors. There has been inquiry as to when another boat safety program will be offered. It is anticipated that an ABS (About Boating Safely) will be offered during the fall / winter months. We are pondering the idea of offering it at the Dorchester County library in Summerville in hoping that the course will attract more individuals. And doing possibly two 4 hour segments on Saturday mornings. Logistics need to worked out with the County library and instructors willing to travel to Summerville. We’ll be reaching out to those who have an interest, yet unable or inconvenienced to travel to the Charleston base. There will more to come as things develop. Safe Boating everyone. Chuck Chirila, FSO-PE

Dean Creed, FSO-CM



would like to hold a radio net on Wednesday, 21 July at 1900 hours. This is an opportunity for all members who have an Operational Radio Facility to practice how we would coordinate communications support for the Coast Guard. I would like to practice, and would appreciate your participation. If you would like to participate, please contact me. On another note, I encourage those who have not yet earned the TC (Telecommunications Operator) qualification to consider it. It is your "ticket" to becoming involved with the Communications mission. Visit response/Telecom to learn the basics. If you are interested, please contact me. Dean Creed. FSO-CM

Human Resources
Paul Thomas, FSO-PS
e currently have twenty-six applications outstanding. I am still chasing six possible members. We had five visitors at the June meeting of which two had completed their applications and the other three were meeting with me the next night to complete their applications. I currently have nine applications in various stages of completions and should have the majority of them to the FC by the first part of July. Paul Thomas, FSO-HR Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions. from

Vessel Examinations
Paul Berka, FSO-VE e have conducted vessel examinations at the County Farm Landing. Alan Miles, Richard Morgan and Paul Berka did fourteen vessel exams. Seven of the fourteen vessels inspected failed. Our next blitz is schedule for July 10 at Wappoo Cut Landing. We will need a good turnout of VE's for this blitz. I still encourage members of the flotilla to become qualified as a VE. As VEs we directly support public boating safety. Paul H. Berka, FSO-VE



July 2010




Joe Fleming, FSO-OP
ery high temperatures and lack of boating experience, add a little alcohol and we have a combination for a very bad day on the water. Four people on the lake have died in the last 2 weeks due to these combinations. You need to keep a sharp watch on all boaters, like riding a motorcycle. Trust no other boater coming at you. Too many boaters don’t know the rules of the road out there and make bad decisions. We have been short of vessels lately due to mechanical problems, but we need to keep up with our patrols and get out there. Practice makes perfect as they say, so try to work on your training skills. Shorts and Tshirts are the uniform on patrols. Last month after getting under way for patrols, sector requested us to assist on searching for a drowning victim down South. After a long day of searching the water we headed home. Just north on the Dawhoo Bridge we can across a 42ft Silverton high and dry. Called sector and reported what we had. Checked with the boat owner to make sure every one was ok and if they needed help. No one was hurt and Sea Tow had been called. Just shows that you never know what you will see. Forth of July is just around the corner and at this time we haven’t heard about any special patrol request, but be ready, it will come. Fireworks will be a main attraction on both sides of the river. Keep an eye on your e-mails for crew request. Joe Fleming, FSO-OP

Marine Safety
Bob Orenstein, FSO-MS



he major news that has been in the headlines has been the oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard has been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the cleanup. This type of highly dangerous, destructive event can occur anywhere in our country at any time where there is the possibility of ships sinking and leaking oil, or discharging other caustic chemicals into our waters. We have all seen and heard the impact this has on fishing, the economy, the tourist industry, etc. We as the Auxiliary and the "force multiplier" to the Guard must be trained in this area of response with the knowledge for identifying, reporting and assisting them in the mitigation of these disasters. As coxswains, crew members, vessel examiners and other specialties which take us on patrol, or to marinas and landings, we have the opportunity of being proactive in keeping our waterways "policed". The Trident Program, for all intents and purposes is just really in its infancy here in Charleston and will continue to grow and expand. Let us all take advantage of any training and "sign-offs" which will be forthcoming in the near future and really develop into specialists to assist the Coast Guard and our local environments. Bob Orenstein, FSO-MS

Don’t forget the Division 12 meeting on 10 July at the Mt. Pleasant Waterworks on Rifle Range Road.

42 ft. Silverton awaiting a rising tide. It happens to the best of us. (Photo by Joe Fleming)

July 2010


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Partner Visitor
Rick Miller, FSO-PV


onsider becoming an RBS Partner Visitor. It is an easy way to promote boating safety and earn a ribbon. All it requires is a short on line course, passing an open book on line test and accompanying a qualified visitor on four visits. If you are interested please contact me as we need more visitors to expand our reach. Rick Miller, FSO-PV

Navigational Services
Joe Fleming, FSO-NS


TON patrols are still on hold. It is just too hot and fuel is an issue also. Stay tuned for ATON developments later in the year. Joe Fleming, FSO-AN

Tom Beauchemin, FSO-MA


ith boat shows pretty much over for the year, the demand for materials has subsided. If you have needs within my jurisdiction please let me know. Tom Beauchemin, FSO-MA

Nautical Trivia
The question last month was to define the nautical term “becket” as in Becket Bend. I had stated that The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea gave four definitions and any of those would be acceptable. Six people provided correct answers. They were Karen Andrews (12-12),

Chuck Chirila, Reggie Hollar (12-10), Dick McLaren, John Sikes and Agnes Wright. Congratulations to all. For the edification of the rest of you, according to the above named reference A Becket is (1) a short length of rope whose ends have been spliced together to form a circle. (2) a short length of rope with an eye splice in one end and a stopper knot in the other used to hold various articles ( boarding pikes, cutlasses, etc.) (3) a short rope with an eye splice in each end used to hold the foot of a sprit against the mast. (4) the eye at the base of a block for making fast the standing end of a fall. Basically it is a loop of rope used for the purpose of hanging something. One of those who responded commented , “That was hard”. So those who got it deserve n extra “atta boy” We are all familiar with the international distress call. “Mayday” give by way of voice transmission when there is extreme danger to a vessel or those on board. The acceptable signal instituted in 1908 for the same purpose was the transmission of the three letters SOS via radio telegraphy. The letters. These have been said to stand for “Save our Ship” but, in truth they were selected as a short transmission that was easy to send and to read since it consisted of three dots, three dashes and three dots. Even a ham hand guy like me to whom Morse Code being sent by an accomplished telegrapher sounded like gibberish could handle that one. Prior to 1908 there was another sequence of three letters that constituted the international distress signal. When the White Star Line ship Titanic struck an iceberg and sunk in April of 1912. Bothe the new SOS and the old signal were used. What was the sequence of three letters that preceded the adoption of SOS in 1908?

July 2010 Editorial




On 18 June at approximately 1100 hours in Mark Clark Hall on the campus of the Citadel command of Coast Guard Sector was passed from Captain Michael F. McAllister to Captain Michael F. White, Jr.. This was very significant to members of our division. Capt McAlister has been a real friend to the Auxiliary. He talked the talk and walked the walk. He truly showed that he believed that we are an integral part of Team Coast Guard. To further express that attitude he requested that five members of Division 12 stand in formation during the ceremony with the Response Section of Sector Charleston personnel. I can only speak for myself but I imagine that the other four Auxiliarists who performed this duty felt as honored as I did to be allowed to honor an individual who has done so much for us. Capt. McAllister now moves on to his new assignment as Executive Director to the Deputy Commandant for Mission Support and Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC. We all wish him “Fair Winds and Following Seas” Capt. White is a twenty-six year veteran of the Coast Guard. He has a long and distinguished record in various Operational and Staff Assignments. He is originally from Fairfax, VA and holds a BS degree in Geology from East Carolina University. He enlisted in 198 and was commissioned in 1988. We all welcome him to Sector Charleston and the Seventh District. R.H.M.

Front to rear: Perry Moses, 12-1; Alan Miles, Bob Mathewes, Al Crothers, 12-6 and Festus Burchfield, 12-3. 9Photo by Barbara Burchfield.

L to R: Capt. Michael F. White, Jr, Capt, Michael F. McAllister (Photo by Barbara Burchfield)

July 2010


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