ABSTRACT TITLE: Extent of utilization of therapeutic communication technique in the provision of comfort among vehicular accident patients RESEARCHERS: Al Jerome Cruz Roma Lissa Dorado Sarah christine Gernale Florian grace Gutierrez Nephritery grace Espiritu Patrick Pantua Euginie Victoria Tompong DEGREE CONFERRED: SCHOOL: ADVISER: DATE COMPLETED: NO. OF PAGES: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Manila Doctors College Dr. Maridith Afuang R.N., M.D., MPH, August 2010

This study aims to determine utilization of selected therapeutic communication techniques namely using humor, sharing empathy and providing information in the provision of comfort among vehicular accident patients in Philippine Orthopedic Center. Furthermore, to determine to what extent do physical and environmental comforts were met using the therapeutic communication techniques. Furthermore, to find out if there is a

must be 18-26 yrs of age. for the reason that the physiologic needs should be met first before the other needs. namely using humor. In terms of the extent of utilization of therapeutic communication techniques in the provision of comfort among vehicular accident patients. the physical aspect of comfort has the highest extent of comfort than the environmental aspect of comfort. sharing empathy and providing information. In terms of extent of comfort met using the therapeutic communication. The researchers conclude that the vehicular accident patients in their situation and condition need more knowledge about their disease process and treatment. . The therapeutic communication techniques. The following are the findings in the study. standard deviation and T-test as statistical treatments for this study. The sampling method used was purposive sampling with the following criteria. providing information appeared to have the highest extent of utilization than sharing empathy and using humor.iv significant difference in the provision of comfort in terms of the extent of utilization of the three therapeutic communication techniques. namely. namely. must be admitted at Philippine Orthopedic Center. Finally. there is a significance difference between the therapeutic communication techniques. It is also concluded by the researchers that the physical aspect of comfort is met more than the environmental aspect. The research design employed in this study is a Descriptive-Quantitative Study. Self-made questionnaire was used as the main research instrument for this study. The researchers used the mean values. sharing empathy and providing information were concluded to be entirely independent of each other. and must be a vehicular accident patient. using humor.

Lastly the researchers suggest that study be made about the appropriate therapeutic communication techniques to chronic patients on order to determine which of these therapeutic communication techniques will increase their quality of life. that a study be made to other kinds of therapeutic communication techniques to trauma patients that was not covered in the study.v The researchers suggest that clinical instructors and staff from the guidance department constantly educate their students of the appropriateness of using therapeutic communication technique in terms of when to use them and for whom to use them. . Another suggestion for the future researchers. in order to discover other means to achieve the different aspects of comfort. The researchers also recommend that school administrators organized seminars and workshop about the proper implementation of providing information for vehicular accident patients.

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