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And again it takes turn in answering kindly gave your alright so we want to hear from you our first question then would be….. – Sir Ren Mr. Cantillo just Presented the objectives behind our rationale Ateneo’s ACLA so perhaps first we want to hear your priliminarary thoughts ahm regarding Ma’am Marci: what I see is the framework, proposed frame work litigation and paralegal and I think this very timely is not all let say our people who need legal assistance we don’t know yet on what will happen during court litigations. Ok, and then allow me to speak about children who are with in human trafficking because Western Mindandao State University partner with the city partner with the NGO in the advocacy and in the provision of the shelter wherein we realized that if we really not prepare this weaknesses on what will happen or just very simple how does a court room looks like. on what will the child wear this is really very common traumatic on the part of the children. Different forms of abuses and we go beyond women also said their those who are already they are not aware on what strategy the lawyers the defend lawyers in other words its very timely litigation will prepare them what to do, how, expect the unexpected would really provide a preparation and then on paralegal this is I would like to say in our advocacy in our university we have been go in different barangays ofcourse not all barangay wherein majority those barangays we have been working really see the importance of the paralegal case that we conducted Because not all of them are aware what are the different children rise on the barangay officials they would like to find the jurisdiction and litigation this is very timely our legal officer of the university I think in line with this would like to support with this advocacy. Thank you very much ma’am. –Sir Ren I would like to affirm of what marcy has mention that is is timely especially for those who or whom not have legal association I have a example a very dear friend of mine who was released because our group of friends as a lawyer if he could release for a night for a reunion. He review the case he said your friend can be release not for a night really released. And if she had a lawyer before she would be released. But she had to stay 5 years at the city jail. So i It was Christmas time for me I would never forget that. Alright its Christmas gift very timely another thoughts. – Sir Ren The department of health has a women and children protection unit. At Zamboanga city medical center We established (WCPU) Women and Children Protection Unit in the year 2003. I am pertaining a child in General hospital in the year 2000. To establish the WCPU in year 2003. Part of the management of cases of Women and Children victims of physical abuse all forms of abuse is illegal. However, our one pillar of case management because we don’t havei don’t know siguro Perhaps siguro kulang siguro sa lawyers. Pero we don’t have hold of a lawyer to be with us. We don’t have both a law yers to assist and be with us in our case management. I contacted one fischal and said she cannot be part because parang ano sila bias during my training they have entitled and they for me and children before whom and what to do and expect and on how to behave we cannot do beacause we don’t have time. and I think this is tome to very welcome us. Alright this will appear the gap. ―Sir Ren‖ Ma’am Marci: can I add and yes there is a tool, however there are form of a weaknesses because no NGO, no academe lucky for those who have partners with Medical and so on and so forth I guess we can maximize the training and preparing then before the court litigation even after because its reallhy very important I would like also to add even during court ligitation if we could also strengthen but in fairness also with our judges they started already to allow social workers to accompany to be near the child during court litigation. But I hope this will also allow in your system.

I was thinking about the word marginalized this are people that don’t have the proper information to seek justice who available too of everybody then I think one of the concern of legal aid is how we find and how they find you. Thank you very much anybody else. Mario. so this is how we facilitate of whats this compainable issue― Ma’am Marcy – WMSU Center for Peace. ‖ Yeah.as my experience in college guidance and counseling office they were cases were a student were abuse some of their actually we don’t know how to do it Other thoughts? – Sir Ren Alright we can proceed to the next question. We have programs existing. human trafficking. – Sir Ren Atty Jules. Ano bang gawin natin they made to be paid even it should be free kasi by experience ganun talaga so I think this is very very timely and very responsive and I would like to suggest if you could come the LGU talaga because they are there in the community and for our community also which we have our partners for our beneficiaries and kadalasan kailangan nila Ma’am Tisay from Guidance Counseling Office. if this is very timely and very responsive especially with the marginalized group in our context of marginalized group this are children. Sir Jules: In the part of the university we don’t have assistant from the direct legal services but we do is that serve the associate us. so awareness and thank you sir ofcourse. women children child abuse and all forms of harassment and they will go to the office and what we usually do is contact with our friends lawyers in Hall of Justice. – Sir Ren Yes. women. thank you very much so next queston we are different institutions here wmsu. Ung very opportunity awareness of the barangay kaya when that DSWD’s people said if the parents or the victims doesn’t not want to pursue the case and then the visit council has the right to pursue the case however most of the barangay chairman said how are we pursue the case we don’t have the resources? We don’t have the knowledge at sino ang pupuntahan natin? Kaya if we go to DSWD for capacity building they will charge u. even it should be given free pero andun un eh. In our case as kagawad most of the cases that we encounter which are mitigated is that most of these are the child abuse even if the parents most of this case ang problema is the resources and they will have the advantage they found the visit to prevented in or our levels however the DILG government does not provide venue which I was able to look into this .Doc. so we are among to the … Okay our guest from brent/ . Thank you mam perhaps…. we did tools for the and for we did for too To handle the case we only given. Coordination with the regular employers is the formula regular output for the reviewers especially on the other area so on can you give us several advice an out in the and some with the inputs and the drive hard and over so what will you produce to provide the manufacture in order to support therefore the we support the constitution personal so we are that not to depend the persons accused of. ― It was mention by the Atty Jules we have this program just like ACLA but what we have is the ce nter for peace development one of the program is they institutionalized is the community services and part of it is that is the referral of cases reported to our center but we have networks so we were able to facilitate when we do advocacy campaign that we the community there were reported cases that children. Some of the gaps here. office of the prosecutor and even connect with the PMA. others from brent alright I would just like to ask if your or there are similar programs in your institutions something similar objectives of ACLA.. Of course eventually will have become personnel for less marginalized people and I think one of the things who is increase the level of awareness of the community that there is such a legal aid there a paralocal and paralegal Very good point. and the poor families which they need the legal assistance.

. Marichu From brent Yes.what you mean programs? Sir Ren: the oncethat the wmsu presented to us. Make use of that to really implement whatever the EPC programs and activities for that year. and then problem with the DSWD. kasi ganito. but because of this they said ok since its already that 1990’s the name of the center is not yet the center for peace and development but its still special concern office it’s the baby project of the former president doc.are there any other programs that you might what to add or you have failed to mention earlier? Atty Jules Yah. problem at DILG at the process of the SUB press We also have a paralyzed in the coming up in the locater this year para kasi pag ka inform mo rin ung sa barangay development plan yung VCPB Program etc po. our institution is like to deal with women’s desk as a medical social worker. But as far as our discussion concerned so far wmsu has the only programs presented programs related to human trafficking. kasi ganito. Yes.. – kasi ahm may nag happend kasi doun sa friend na ano oh although it is confidential pero okey lang. I’m sorry to interrupt………–sir ren…. Rule na po nang city government madali na lang po yan. paralegal training and VCPB. 5% but then when we when I’ve did that I also request for that certain percentage on the 5% for the training and dami ng non-government ang dami ng scheduling. Another program of component of WMSU city day’s the paraletod trainee’s with the paraletod trainee’s we already did the paralegal research to serve these providers and trained also to parallel officials which they were the one will be express that they need continues update of existing IIR. a harassment kaya ayun na build na ng office for women’s desk. child abuse. – Ma’am Marichu from brent So this is being established or being conceptual. – Ms. Alright So you. – rep from DSWD And this time as far as I know the parallel EPC protection to student there is the one who pursuing budget from the judge. Zcmc is this only for the this population? Of child abuse? Sir ren: ah no.or what are the moving factors from what made you from behind? – Sir Ren Mam Marci: we thought of them in 1996 or 1997. –ma’am marcy from cpd. we just interested regarding the motivation or the factors that brought for your institution decision to build these legal and paralegal programs to assists citizens of Zamboanga. Marci Yeah. may . they did mention the center program which I did mention several programs they enumerated this just a while ago before atty Jules had answer my question so I would just like to know from you which you presented this things so I would like to know how long the program have been use? Ma’am Marci we started in the year 2000. kasi hindi po pwede gamitin yan sa iba. On the process pa po.Sir Ren.. for free what is really very important is to communicate to our office and then we just request officials time from the president and our president is very supportive and we can go as far as we vitali and sangali and we just make an arrangement. barangay conflicts. ok. Grace Gomez so ang nangyari ngayon ok. no. notes etc. Our partner in Manila andchild and child against trafficking abuse medyo mahaba noh contacted us at the university and informed us that we have children who traffic from sabamalaysia and they will be whats this they will be rescued and repopulated to manila but they don’t want to go back to Zamboanga city so the time we don’t have yet advocacy on thsese were working already with childen. there are other programs part of the curriculum is part of the practicum theres from the legal aid before to send students to seek for PAO and legal aid committee to provide same with Sir Ren: So? How long have you been running these programs? Ma’am Marci: ZCMC.Ms.ma’am marcy I’m asking if its for free kasi in the barangay they are just to serve they have this action plan which they have several capacity building wherein part of their capacity building ay yung legal paralle. Ah I think were running out of time here. It was institutionalized in the center for peace and development and in the demands of the advocacy not only in human trafficking but also in the protection of children at schools where we know that there is deped wherein we know they have the child protection policy so uncontinue siya its evolving.As of the pilar student. paralegal but then is to legal parallel but then the ages 56 they cannot go they can’t approach and kung sino yung pinupuntahan nila ay sabe.

atty jules but we did already the advocacy so what drive us in the university and come together with our partners to continue because we started with the advocacy and when we started the advocacy with different barangays you cannot help but also provide the other services even due to referrals because after the advocacy there will be number of cases that will refered already and we were bombarded of cases oh you have to help and all of this. do you have other legal issues your organization encounter like siguro sa guidance. other conflicts. We have to be ready already with our networks who were going to refer them medical.sir ren Atty Jules: some of the number one’s are initiated tools registration as what the agency mandate to implement what are the example as a chief of the university the school provide so crucial also in implementing programs ofcousr we have the advocacy 26:30 So. Ma’am Tisay: for us in guidance office we encountered a couple so far I think and yet 2 or 3 cases where there was a report of abuse physical and sexual abuse but we really don’t know where to bring the child and then sometimes so we checked kung sino ang pwedeng tawagan sa university to seek advice from them noh. I just stated the different cases here. – Ma’am ning-ning Ma’am Marichue from Brent. etc so this is were we now and is started the ball forum.Sir Ren Ma’am Ning-Ning: In addition to what did Ren made mention for those who don’t have. in our cases these are disciplnianry cases where the cases of the student brought in legal aid of the outset and we are not prepare in the coming and I don’t know how to proceed theses pare notarize 33:12 And our legal external advice there are sometimes they are Because legal aid has all though it.social worker by profession also we have been working with street children so far with the. or for brent may mga legal issues ba kayo na-eencounter or concerns? Kung wala kayong center like the center of peace like oo yung sa wmsu. because you cannot just do advocacy with community education session with these particular issue.Doc. we receive personally advice theses 2 children and brought to the shelter and there’s were st arted and where our involvement to advocacy started this time in 2000. I started kasi dyan nung September 2012 and then my issue dyan harassment between lang din workers naming the issue brought sa committee and then yung amng dean n seryoso na masyado so yung case umabot na sa mental pero before nmin nilabas ang case nag ask muna kami nang permission dun sa so yun tapos yung ano kasi brent hospital is a missionary hospital parang religious sya masyado parang umiiwas siguro sila sa issue so ganun and then parang pinakusapan nalang yung girl kaya yung gril kaya dun nag meet ang mga committee siguro dun its time to have a women’s desk para yung mga issue lahat andun mabro -brought up dun sa women’s desk na lang. So dapat what would you do as lawyers of . maganda yung like for brent they plan to oo yung womens desk like what triggered them to ano so my mga issues and concern yan. for those institutuions who don’t have similar programs as that of WMSU. wherein the law’s was approved in 2003 noh.so yung issue. So other issues? Paralegal issues or concern? – Sir Ren Like. Mario masarap tumulong sa mga taong kailangn nang tulong pero anybody can just hire a lawyerand harass andybody and that’s the point to pass all thses things so you can also hire a lawyer and just harass shing. from the doctors to the schools. and then I’m sure of one case meron na child room not a child a student room and were to talk to what happen other concerns we have each time us to go us Franz is the case students seek enrollment but they have to go undergoing to psychiatric and our concern is their safety if they enrolled when were not sure the progrms or actions so yun kasi wala rin tayong pure guidance for that in the university for example if the students who are high functioning of the student for the like under psychiatric services so sa amin yun ang lega isues and concerns. WCPD and so on I would like you give us other specific concerns? . So that’s the cases alright. wherein the University was the first one to launched the campaign for human trafficking act campaign wherein wala pa nga batas. Alright sir Shing in High School are there any cases the ones already mentioned? I prose that who are on the physical I do not know how to proceed in group to come to us I think yes and the human rights commission and all that and I said I would not want to risk the High School so I don’t know on how to proceed so I’m sure the child would move to the high school so one. other programs… so what are the gaps of cases that your what kind of legal issues are usually been encountered by the institution? – Sir Ren Alright you did mention something about human trafficking.

since the center is planning to cater the university and the city as well so it may be part of our program because right now we are already there are people who go to our office and ask for assistance in the university. kmi ang mag spend for their child. sexual. Sir Franz: we have that on the record. – Sir Franz Sir Jules Alright in our university the of the before it was brought in the indication the movement of the 37:41 ZCMC: as far as the SOM concern 1st we don’t have a lawyer we have issues there they go for community and we take care of the issues. We really welcome this. and we refer to appreciative of teachers of private citizen who bring victims of violence like teachers from High School. 2ndly. mga government high schools public high schools that talagang they bring victims of sexual abuse. It’s a personal legal concern? Would the center be open because I know how’s counselor by profession but in legal counselor. Yun isa din is ung rights yung ano din rightssa fishing kasi yung ang kadalasan problema nila kung may mga hahabla sa kanila kadalasan andun na sila sa they will be charge and they will be brought to the prison n nga and hndi nila alam bakit andun sila kasi wala man lang silang lawyer. what other cases do you handled? ZCMC: women and children and all forms of abuse. I earlier said that we cater to the women. and we have network with city social welfare development office and who really does the leg work for us in the management of we have to go to their houses and we have to find out why does the abuse happen. They were teachers from elementary schools they bring kasi nahihiya din so thses our task. Sir Franz: if I may answer you question.egal aid so there will be those cases who would be very cautious and bias and bring the lawyers in different schools and what has 29:00 Ma’am Tisay: I guess that’s also a quest ion of all theses things in my yrs. tapos yung rights nang studyante interms of separation kasi kadalasan ngakakroon nang separation nang parents ang maiwan ang bata so saan ang right nila? So yun ang kadalasan. I would like to introduce to you again. Hehe Ma’am Ning-Ning: Ma’am my follow up ako kay ma’am you did mention about yung cases nang child abuse ang victims ay babae at lalake. Teachers at that kung ayaw nang parents mag dala. kasi yan na ang answer sa prayers namin.. children victims of violence even with young boys victims of violence especially on sexual abuse yan n nga ang kulang naming wala kaming lawyer wala support walang legal aid ang aming mga cliente you know our clients from zcmc belongs to the marginalized yan na po ang sinasabi ko kanina. Ma’am tisay: legal advice have to make yah We have a good number of clients already in the college of law. case management we even get referrals from child trafficking we bring to . physical—Ma’am Ning-Ning There are things from the gap. Right now. So we have networking with them. physical exam. Hehe kaya sana gawin nyo na kaming partner kasi when we do our case management. experience in the university youre objectives you focus on marginalized and lawyerless detainees I was thinking for example would the center be open people like me. That’s why I would like to say. the women and protection unit of ZCMC. counseling you know I counsel students and I would also not very well verse and also intimated by people who bring lawyers and that’s a question I have in mind right now. . – Sir Ren. our self defense there is our medicine supplies. So. I think that would be included its just right now we haven’t decided to a particular program this would change a lot the initial plans of the center wil change after all this FGD’s. our doctors. May dalawa tayo from social action and community center baka pwedeng like experience in the community do you have legal issues in the community? Community meron kaming cases usually from the so yun yung common na talaga file against homicide. Of course I have concerns that off my client and you have a center I said they will take care the legal part of the case but for example. kasi my sarili din silang batas from the coach so hndi nila alam na may batas pala na they have to know. So hindi nila alam nay un against the law na. we have networking with PNP. kami. Away. So yun.

Will go to the next questions so weve mention some of the procedures about your institution handled the cases but perhaps it will long us to the process once more. And of course after that that’s the time they will give us the request for the medicolegal its very imporatant because the office of Ma’am will not be differently to lead conduct a medicolegal in examination a letter or a note from the head of women and children’s desk so its very crucial afterwards this is were now what are we usually doing is the we usually ask the child victim because for us we are no lawyers and even the social workers will immediately huhulihin natin ang trafficker or ang manage nang trafficker yun ung gusto natin but if we looking into the human rights aspect of the child. Ah yes marginalized. child protection policy and the human rights aspect of the child we know very well that every child they have the right to decide and these may be corporated already in the Philippine human rights in handling children and victims of trafficking which is now accepted or being what’s this not the word accepted by I think the agency comes in stragegy in coming in bending the RA 9208 the anti human trafficking in the year 2003. so whats the new system? They were able to monitor the machine since hindi makapasok ang paper what they do is they cut the paper pero diba sa ballot paper ung mga ink nang mga ung ink duon may mga kailanagn na hindi ma touch so that mabasa parin sya kaya cinucut and then one funny experience was how can we or whats the case to file to everyone ganito ang nangyari sabi mo sa akin mam may nag boto na sa panagaln ko so ang sabi nya eh di bumoto ka sa ibang panagaln na lang so that time may mga mga eksena na ganon.. I guess they need to be brief regarding that….Sir Franz: I think it was considered ma’am.Talking about the Ateneo center for legal aid something during the election there were so many violations during election but we think these would really help my mga lente nang tumutulong but I think it could be more advantage with the university to bring assistance to the social development during the mobilization of the election like what happened last 2010 there were time to ask comelec what is the violation that we can file or the complain of the file would be about politician who do hakot system during the voting time already wherein they have free vehicle for people coming form the up lands and then bring them to the precings and so there is already a system going on. So. Oo Ate Cellyn?. either bili nang boto or my mga arrangement happening during travel period so mga tipong ganun eto ung mga kailangn na siguro tignan kung papano at ano yung mga legal parameters na nagaganap what are the things we look into as far as violation is concerned and even in the volunteers kasi kagaya nang where trying to manage what are the violation ano yung mga bagong systema nang mga pandaraya considering that case of the elections.Sir Ren Ma’am Cellyn. approaches you ask sir mam I have a problem and so what are the procedure/process involved? In case you will handle these cases did you refer them to other institutions? Mentors? –Sir Ren. So tinatanong naming yung bata whats your plan. thankyou ma’am. sa voters as well as the volunteers Alright ate ning. ZCMC. babasahin nang prosecutor ang solemn statement kung totoo ba talaga ang nangyayari and that the time the child will say yes.We think of the WCPD that is counseling and protection theres supposed to be the first one to take care of this cases in our unit we have different forms number one we have voluntary. Alright we did covered the cases that they encountered those who handled action plan. After that we interpass were mandated to report cases to what we do now is pumunta sa police and we have to make it blatter.. Tapos ang third naman we make refferals from other institutions. So hanggng ano na sya different stages of court litigation ang arrangement and so on and so forth lath lahat na. they come to our unit in for children for minors who come to us with their parents kahit na yung boyfriend nang na ano niya ang naka ano nya kasi ni make ko ang sasabihin niya kasi ni break nang kanyang eto but anyway. Those are the ways in which we can do. – Sir Ren Ma’am Loreta. incase the child will say I’m willing to pursue the case then we will accompany the child to the department of justice dun sa baba. Report it to the police and in the department of justice to the human . Ma’am Marci: on the cases of victims of Chacha narrow thing the moment there were rescued because there are different ways they are rescued or referred to the shelter so in their case for example a member of the kagawad referred a child to the center now the social worker youth will accompany the child to the police for the source statement and so on and so forth. Kasi yung mga estudyante hindi na…. So.I think so. Let say somebody comes to you. – Sir Ren.

Anybody else?.. Alright so.rights and so on and so forth. Jules: in our university there are issues this are covered by our medical assistance in that case that is personal and they have to access weather its personal as defendant or the issue is the person as defendant the person presented that so the issue 54:09 Ma’am Tisay: Sir Franz: there are actually a quite good number of referrals na rin dito sa law school so right now what were doing is if there’s a lawyer’s professor were here and they are free for that and so ask sir can you please and so on bla bla blab la. shall we move on. Because later on uwi sa atin yan and were filing charges. And then our social worker should coordinate with the city social welfare to visit the victim. Kasi networking naming is police. You have programs right? How do you make this sustainable? Funding? Supplies? Resources? Do you have a number of lawyers? You have networks? Other provider.. even to the kagaya nang responders.. all activities and advocacy of the center for peace and development and then the. So yun. I did mention the social welfare the PNP. We are all service providers. I have a to act as a and then sabagay ang mga doctors naman training are the once to conduct so yun they are not being paid by the God... Otherwise if there’s a really need for a vic tim to be pulled out from his or her campus and we pull out also and then refer to the shelter. Even if we have the funds we have to network with them.. ZCMC: we cannot stand on your own. so we not anymore require the blatter. national and international that’s why we have some partners in national level were in wereable to . So interms of how do you sustainable interms of supplies. And one of our I would like to say one of our head on the go as far of the advocacy and other is related activies is because of the good partnership. So yun. I think all the members of the unit the office of the university could be oriented what are the necessary legal ideas before we grow up and give our services to the community because kagaya nang ginagawa nanag disaster response nang sometimes they are given when for example yung kasagsagan nang sendong there were so many cases of boilers and we don’t now on how to handle the joyors and they end up na meron nag saksakan dahil someone ganito nasilipan ni ganyan mga tipong ganyan so eto we are to disasters to response to be just those but sometimes we are confronted with this concern as far as…. Part of it supports my unit.Sir Ren Atty. Not only at the local. a good network we have since 2000. shelter that is rises the center of social action and social development or SDC. st Mam tisay I think this what to do 1 … Mam Merci: our concern will address if ACLA will have a very intensive paralegal advocacy because in paralegal part of that where and what to do the first step and so on and so forth its not only protecting the victims but also protecting us the service provider. we have an NGO Ma’am Marci: were just the same with ma’am were lucky that the present president and the previous president is very supportive .s Sir Ren: some of the gaps Ma’am Loreta: Maybe I think since there is also a social development unit in the university I think we could put up a human’s security desk I don’t know if it could be act in as ACLA and be part of ung sa so Sir Franz: its alright we would know after Ma’am Loreta. Is the measure taken to your organization to ensure the sustainability of your programs and interms of material resources/ human resources. the form of the blatter but we just say you cannot get the final medico legal certificate and if don’t have blatter from the police. So after that we do the medico legal examination we show the temporary medicolegal which they have present to the lawyer or the pischal otherwise we go to the police and get it blatter and be back the form. I have social worker. yes . Ah we have also have the law of the who sees the patient should also the doctors are also being distracted that they should do access the social welfare does the assessment the medical assessment by the doctor is there a need for the victim to be referred to the psychologist or psychiatrist. ZCMC: I’m blessed to have a chief who is very supportive that’s why we make it clear that the 5 % meron kasi sa gobyerno eh which is 5% of the whole fund something like that. Its part of their we would like to ogment our staff however we are also limited it doesn’t mean the God fund who is supportive we can always go.k Ma’am Tisay: there are time…. Alrigh so next question.

One of the adult and one of the children. DEPED and other partners that would really answer us to provide the services needed by our clientel and then another way to sustain this consistanabilty last November submitted the center for peace and development submitted to the office of the president of the university stating up the center for peace and development in peace and human security institute wherein we will be able assure on when it will be approve by the academic counsel and the board we will be assure of the sustainability of the dysfunction of our peace and development especially in human security. so theres a regular maintain. Of our cases child trafficking wherein according to a law it can be qualified and considered as a qualified trafficking one because the victims the child and another one it is segregated etc but the were allowed of the so anong nangyayari. so a all alone together with my residence I have top one pedestrian who is busy right now so I just hope that since Child Protection unit of UPBGH plans to build our unit center for training for the. so there’s a update and last December we have our sharing evaluation and this is were now towards the correct direction or not informally I would also like to share it is very crucial we did already also a sort of feed backing with the prosecutors in handling cases of trafficking and I hope ACLA will be able to help this is really a big issue. we would like to be in partners with more agency especially to the homicide like we would also like to have some born logical aspect of what aside from the we already have except we would one too because every one of them should be sectors as of now selected lang ang. so we had the continues support and again the strong partnership with the DSWD. discouraged but still we go on fighting because we have a lot of 1-2 3 or 4. pediatrician unfortunately my pediatrician partner . all over Mindanao they told us. Because once traumatize. It will take time. Called by the director of DSWD. Because just traferring the case to the other court kung correct ako. for example zambo-mnl the case the venue. next? Sir Ren? Alright. my only thing that stuck me is the training is one of the doctors supposed to a great decision. Secondly. Of course we would not evaluated your programs so. preparing all evidences but we are ay personally I would like to say that I’m sad. ano ba. So we have programs. nakakalabas so eto ung mga ano naming informal discussion with the prosecutors marz ano nga ba ang dapat nating gawin? Sa pischal anon a kaya ang mga resulta? There were already steps under taken at eto din yung baka pwede nating gawin gawan nang paraan later on. 6hrs of his time. ok. not really a formal evaluation feedback on how we far gone. Talaga nang processo. existing programs and prospective programs lets say for those who have existing programs what are the measures you usually take? Or improve the quality to serve the system you render. Knowing the strengths so how do you improve? ZCMC: as far as of system is concern it supposed to be headed by a doctor preferably the obstetrician. 1 clerk and 1 working student. Ako personally I’m already engaged since 2000.or before 2000. but anyway we see to it every semester there is a feedback. weaknesses natin because we would learn from our weakneses and as far as network partners is concern like for instance our office in the university is a member of regional and center agent counsel against trafficking headed by DSWD. ang dami palang dinadaanan. lets proceed then. So here we are ACLA for example or the university or all of us willing to seek justice and even the PNP in fairness ginagawa lahat ang suddenly the child especially the victim who is very to seek justice andyan kayo to support to me. Anyone else? –Sir Ren Marci: in the CPD I have only one technical assistant. So.get support from not only financial but interms of materials. Ang dami mo palang nalalaman pag ka banga mo that’s the time malaman mo. So ang hirap pala. Which I failed during nung 2 Cases naming saying talaga kasi . Because the child it could be harass. ano ang strength natin. everybody is traumatize. emotionally lahat lahat andyn ang biktima eto kasi ang kwan natin oh kaso lang pag nawala. etc and it is beyond our capacity already mga partners to protect the child. So when we do advocacy at this full level of the communities the university will not have problems anymore on producing IC materials because we see to it that for example the law RA9208 they produce in a formally pledge or even fun etc which is more readable and how do you call it friendly user for the people in the community so they try how to translate our in the form of komiks etc. I already brought this to the department of justice in manila and iyaka national level because during our feedbacking we thought that everything is ready as prosecutors you know we have to prepare all exhibit one to etc. And then I just learned 2000 0r 2003 wherein kapag may bikitima pala tayo na biktima nang abuses and everything dapat pala I enroll mo kaagad na mag apply sa womens protection program nang DOJ. For example traferring the case for the protection of the child.

livelihood support in the family so eto yung parang tumutulong na din sa family. so now that you mention it..sir ren What else?. initial plans. Marc: umm.. what do you think if Ateneo who Is acla will contribute further the efforts to make legal aid within the city of Zamboanga?. How many cases that you have encountered? 1:13:00 If there are people of legal aid groups who can provide their second power to help lawyers to look at these details kasi some clients would say oh bakit d mo sinabi yan? Kala mo imporatnte? Tell me whats important? We have to see what are the important things kasi sometimes…. Eto yung something na sayang.so therefore cases of child abuse and etc may be handled by family court prosecutor office. Na automatic nag hahandle sa kanila. So the transportation now. A very small details yun ung problema. Just like for example ung 2 children who came from margos sa tubig.kung mag 1 file sya then it will be a good benefit for the victims. pero yun po my limitation din po. Atty Jules. Not all do that so that’s why we should really use our imitative.. Doc Mario: how to… 1:21:05 how the legal aid will provide these NGO’s the whole function of these. Sabihin nyo na nga pasalamat ka…. so that you were be able to know what are the cases. legal aid now there are instances wherein those victims and abuses were already integrated to their place of origin now can acla also provide the transportation for thse victims whose going to you know schedule to justify in the court coz speaking of legal assistance and hope will not limit to the one only who have the provision of lawyers but as well as who will maybe will always partner with the dswd. Others? – sir ren Marci: kasi legal assistance. because what were doing is to coordinate with dswd if we don’t have much fund for that without partner of NGO. so ok there Is a help given to us. Atty Jules: ako this was a returing point some of when the prosecutor return the case those substances which lawyers have a workload cannot sometimes overlook. Doc MARIO: the government does not do that. But we are lucky dswd may pera po sila. we have family court in branch 15.. now that you mentioned it were happy there’s now a basis for us to say that there’s a need for all these stuff. Now that we have seen the gaps.. They will receive just like for example we have 2 children who are receiving monthly allowance of 7. Can they be assisted? In the center or program of this ano? Sir Franz: yes ma’am will be looking to it. naghihirap January so paano ang budget etc wala pa. actually there is part of the plan.000 as long as the cases are going on and anothers supports economic. Marci: pero were lucky because we have in Zamboanga city the family court the cases were on women. Last question ZCMC: can I add? Doc our students assigned to areas kasi were talking about marginalized and lawyers lees probably the students during their duty sa community their would be able to pick up mga victims of cases.. So eto yiung mga bagay na 2000 – 2004 na hindi naming nagawa na ngyn lang naming nagawa na late na din naming nagawa ay hindi pala naming alam. Ma’am ning. Sir Framz: as soon as everything is set will look into again the things were mention here and will try asap to cater the needs. the future so and also we have heard the services provided in other institutions wmsu. however we know very well we have limitation din ang dswd so ang mangyayari is acla could also provide that legal assistance for transportation and then the social worker will accompany especially pag child ang nag file nang cases taga sindangn siya so. Maybe the center not only for the but 1:20:15 And to open the doors. so really look into for the source of it. ZCMC: so not only Zamboanga peninsula? Sir Franz: yes mam its the region.meron pa bang idagdag? Zcmc: can we first ask probably somebodyfrom the center to attend the our center? To attend our press conferences . whos staying for us for one week. . We could always ask help. and who stay with us.. Oh my mga prosecutors yan dyan. So siguro part narin to to nang ano nang advocacy na should you want to include that.

and when you talk of offering transportation just further it will come if you have benefactors who will willingly donate and help because you got a very classifier and empirical program with a good history member then sad to come in with the relation of the benefactors Sir Franz: Actually sir there’s two organization sir are waiting for our _ set up because they are waiting to fund So if you have your brochure. the center actually initai. look for money for the couple of years have been begging for a friend for scholarship in the college and when you talk about operation. but then we did not have proper commitments muna right now because as long as the ACLA is not it setup will just told them just to wait and then right after were ready. so they when to the internet so that few should be walk until such time he has to refuse ghost. Others say I want to remain I know you.000 now were going around for we feed was 42 people daily 12months of the year. this are the people who got to know about our program. and what? pwede ba kayong magbigay? Sir Franz: They are waiting for our program right.. .. Sir Jules: our services with the offices with the regard Brent: ni mention ko yun sir PAO tapos sasabihin nila wag nalang po kasi mabagal. ZCMC: meron kasing ang ano kasi pag sinabing PAO they are form of victim 1:24 ano therefore Atty Jules: yes yes yes so pao. All organization in the city. we have an internet a website struggler. Right now we are very sure this will be a collative effort of all people concern.Sir Ren. but there is always a need for additional fund. Sir franz Alright. operating calls unless the actual is institutional life and even if it is. Ay hndi nalang muna kasi wala kaming pera. right now is going to network to all organization that’s why we conduct FGD’ s wit h all possible partners to know what were mitche and how else we could help each other we would not actually have plans of what atty Jules said like were going to full blown not actually full blown... Sir Franz: If I may share we are inspired when we started talking about this ACLA and when people from outside heard about this they were actually trying to offer na their support and we said ok we just have to set this up first and get back to you. but we not plan not actually for keeping in our selves that’s why we will first have it in the city. proper conformation and continues like open communication with your benefactors is very informal you must make them happy and many of them want their names posted/printed somewhere.. Same there. You know years ago ADZU now we have a they think that everyone enroll here in Ateneo studying here is rich and then this thy heard over a captures that we have poor student who deserve scholar. build a house for those who will a half-way house who build houses. well we have internet and you can put a website and say ok benefactors have _..  It is clear with Fr. with the same kind of what you’re thinking the benefits and when we talk of about transportation.. You just say medical school we have a medical student who was very responsible he was assign in the Dept. right today. we have transparent. so they start doing 6/7 years and start negotiating fund for 50. additional fund could be with the kind. Brent: dun sa office po kasi sa women’s desk pati na din sa mga employye sa mga less fortunate Like maraming pumupunta sa office nag rereklamo binibgyn nyo sya nang sched.. If you don’t have money ask.. will try first how its going to be the serve in the city after that will fo to the region. Alright everybody. they are just waiting for us just too. your accomplishment. Sir Shing: I was thinking if it is about when you talk about operation There is always a need of additional funds.. Especially in the of the kasi so the but you might. pwede mging partner.. Tony that we have partner with. whatever it is because of the power of _.Sir Franz: right now sir our intial plans is aside from creating the center. Do you think they are still _? Sir Franz: initially we did already sir.sir ren. We have to know our mitche and also know whats happening with the other organization so that will now duplicate the progam. Ma’am from brent perhaps. additional fund for you got same lecturer same people. but if you ano. so is that true that they when to school the child cross the lane and they would walk for less than a kilometer. sir ren. so very in close to makes money there are people who are interested in being sick of it just see you have seen for I comply that the truth that the people will give money so the scholar you have will be transparent on how you handle things. wala kaming pambayad so I was thinking siguro etong ACLA..

Yes. or perhaps and reviews so that another plus sustain. so thank you very much for our staff sir. Thank you very much for coming. If there further comments or insight. the reason why we will have a tourist spots Sir Ren: Sir the earliest now were _. Engineer Cortez. not like the other lawyers or other employees there should be enough with the stomach used for combination. Ma’am Ning: So thank you for coming. . we provide man power for minimal fee to cover Perpetua and the air force anything that is done of. we do a lot of seminars. Sir Franz: We have coffee and you can bring the coffee to our faculty lounge because we prepared a very sweet for merienda as a thank you to everyone. and Yes ma’am That’s how else you are in the center for continuing so in the we are allowed so we do a lot of things. Thank you very much.Sir Ren: These are very creative ways of benefactors. we will also distribute some tokens. thank you very much sir. that’s what we called the compassion you would need resolves and that is what really important to give to get this for you because everybody should give compensate properly for the work will you do initially when we portray pero nung si any seen dialogue of the goodness of the ARMM. so do they start with the unlock but after a year’s there will be a less and less of you unless people who are working for this a legal aid we have a compensate in the organization.

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