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ECONOMICS 81 XA (Research 1)

MADELO, Renbran Anthony SABAL, Jhon Louie SALIC, Panarigan Jr SALVACION, Grace Ann


There are four relevant indicators in choosing a research title, to wit: a subject, variable driven, the unit of analysis and the why? In this case, the subject is the Citronella Farming in Bukidnon. Before the researchers must proceed in this worksheet, they must establish first what citronella plant is all about. Citronella is a medicinal plant used as an alternative to chemically-formed medicines to some relative diseases. It was commissioned by the Human Nature Herbal Company as a parcel of their formula in their products. The task is to forecast the market potential of this plant in the long run, more specifically the financial stability of farmers should they continue using citronella as their major source of income. What is Feasibility Study all about? Many business men, especially small scale businessmen and/ or farmers dont believe in the positive outcome of feasibility study. They find it unnecessary to spend reasonable parcel of their minute income for a study when in fact they can always proceed to the implementation of this farming and will resort to come what may situations in the end. They also believe that a positive return of today would replicate a same positive outcome in the future. The primary goal is to provide the farmers in Bukidnon a forecast of the market future of Citronella. With this feasibility study they can assess the right approach they must have in selling citronella, it will give them a glance of the future of their farming (the demands and possible trends), it will give them a possible other resorts of citronella farming aside from its used as an alternative of medicines and importantly, financial stability by cautioning them of the possible return through a livelihood program given the different potential market use of the aforementioned plant. The researchers intend to conduct this study through a house-to-house interview of farmers who are using citronella as their farming in Bukidnon. Through this, we will be able to know the effect of citronella in their income generation and the problems they are encountering with this income source. Secondly, an interview with the municipal authorities on the current market standing (also potentialities) of citronella in their area. Third, is the gathering of market data on the use of citronella in the common household, the relevance of this use and lastly its market competitors. More importantly, the financial liquidity of farmers assets given the source is the other objective. The research would like to see the elasticity of this income source come externalities such as shocks, trends and the like. The purpose is to provide farmers the other alternative of citronella aside from medicines and herbal usage.

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