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Data Gathering Procedure The data gathering procedure will immediately start to carry on the table of the study

after the proposal and its instrument have been prepared and approved by the adviser. The researchers will seek first the approval of the Dean of the College of Nursing to conduct the study and run the questionnaire/s. After being approved, a requesting letter to conduct the study and to gather the needed data with inclusive dates will be presented to the Dean of the College of Nursing to the selected locale of the study. The questionnaire to be used will be tested for its reliability and validity before it is to be floated to the target population. The researchers will be administering the questionnaires during the gathering procedure. Measures will be employed to abide by the ethical principles in the conduct of the research which are embodied in the Belmont Report (Polit and Beck, 2006). The respondents will be informed about the nature of the study. To ensure freedom of choice and provide an avenue for the respondents to voluntarily consent or decline participation in the study, the informed consent of each respondent will be secured. The researchers will distribute the questionnaires to the staffs. They will be asked to answer the questionnaires at their free time. They will be given enough time to answer the questionnaire and are allowed to ask questions and clarification. After answering, it will be collected by the researcher and will be compiled and sealed for analysis and interpretation.

Significance of the Study This section will provide brief description on the various significances of the study in nursing education, nursing practice , nursing students and nursing profession.

To nursing students.The proposed study can be beneficial to students especially student nurses for them to know how deal with the staffs having some problems with their health that can alter the normal activities of daily life of the said target group. To nursing education. The proposed study serves as a strong foundation of nursing students on enhancing their knowledge about the common health problems of the target group on how they will cope up and adjust to have a continuous and harmonious learning environment. To nursing practice. The proposed study serves as a vital tool to nursing practice it is to improve the student nurse to nurse educator. To nursing profession. The study can improve the abilty of nurses on establishing trust and having the atmosphere of professionalism despite of some common biological and health problems that is and will be manifested by the staffs.