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California State University

Dominguez Hills

Position Description
Position Title: Classification:
(Indicate the classification title with the skill level, if appropriate)

Assistant Complex Coordinator

Appointment Type: Category:

Time Base: Duration:

X Staff X .5 30 Days

Management 1.0 60 Days 90 Days

Other: 6 Months X Over 6 Months

PS Position Number: Department/School: University Housing Services

Job Code: 1800


Office of the President Administration & Finance Affairs _X_ Enrollment Management & Student Affairs Advancement

Academic University

Incumbent: Vacant Supervisor Title & Department Name: University Housing Services Complex Coordinator Definition of the Position
(Briefly describe the purpose of the position)

Under the supervision of the Complex Coordinator, this position is responsible for assisting in the administration and supervision of an apartment complex Housing up to 700 students. This is a live on position that is part over the on call duty coverage rotation. Specifically the areas of functions: programming, Resident Assistant supervision, Residence Student Association advising, and safety and security. Assist with recruitment, selection, training, evaluation and supervision of Resident Assistants. Coordination of team development activities. Coordination of community and student development through environmental management, human issues, education, counseling, advising student groups, monitoring student conduct and advising student government (RSA). Provide follow up and personal support for individual students by promoting independent living skills and maximizing the education experience that is vital to the facilitation of the students personal development and growth.

Assist students in enhancing their sense of purpose, autonomy, integrity, identity and tolerance in caring yet challenging environment, through advisement, counseling, and programmatic initiatives. Establish and enforce staff and community standards. Serve as an emergency responder by assisting with On-Call responsibilities that require the employee to live on campus.

Definition of the Department/School

The department of University Housing Services is responsible for the management of an apartment complex housing up to 700 students. Specifically, the department functions include: facility maintenance; counseling and advising of residents; providing cultural, educational, recreational and social programming; fiscal management; recruitment and marketing; personnel management; year-round conference and guest services; and the development of publicity. Specialized Materials: The position activities may require the use of the following equipment, machinery, tools, vehicles or office equipment: Computer skills, PC and Macintosh, for word processing, database management, accounting and website management
Supervision Received and/or Exercised 1. Indicate the level of supervision received by the position from the immediate supervisor: IMMEDIATE (greatest amount of supervision; methods of performing tasks are well established; assistance is readily available). X GENERAL SUPERVISION (some control over administrative or technical aspects of work; definite work objectives are set, but the methods of performing tasks are frequently left to the judgment of the employee with the supervisor providing occasional instruction or advice). GENERAL DIRECTION (general control over administrative aspects of work; plans and organizes methods for completing tasks and managing responsibilities; makes decisions which have a wide impact on the work of others or the work unit; makes management level decisions). ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTION (responsibilities are defined by the scope of the organizational functions; responsible for formulating operational policies for a comprehensive and diversified program; makes top level management decisions).


Indicate the type of supervisory responsibilities that are associated with the position activities : No responsibility for supervising the work of others. Oversees the work of Student Assistants. Serves as a lead person for a small work group within a larger division or department. Manages a single work division within a larger department. Manages several work divisions within a larger department with the assistance of subordinate supervisors. Manages several work divisions within a larger department without the assistance of subordinate supervisors. Manages a major campus unit with assistance from subordinate administrative, supervisory or technical staff.


Indicate the number of employees for whom the position has supervisory responsibility: Direct Administrators Indirect Lead person

Staff Student Assistants Special Consultants Volunteers Work Environment 1.


Indicate the type of physical effort which is essential to the position activities: SEDENTARY WORK - involves mainly sitting; walking and standing are minimal; involves lifting light weight objects limited to 15 pounds. LIGHT WORK - involves mainly sitting with up to 25% of the activities involving regular standing or walking; involves lifting of medium weight objects limited to 25 pounds. MEDIUM WORK - up to 40% of the activities involve sitting, standing, squatting, kneeling or walking; involves lifting heavy weight objects limited to 50 pounds; may involve pushing and pulling objects within the weight limits. HEAVY WORK - 50% or more of the activities involve walking, standing, squatting, kneeling or climbing; involves lifting heavy weight object which may exceed 50 pounds.


Indicate the type(s) of environmental factors which are essential to the position activities : X Office _Laboratory Shop X Outdoors & Inside _ Boiler/Power Room Confined Space Outdoors Constant Noise X Vehicles High/Low Temps Hazardous Materials Humidity Heights Dusty Intermittent Noise Machinery/Moving Equip Weapons _ Electric Power _ Microwave/Radiation X Odors

Examples of Primary Responsibilities and Duties

(Indicate the percentage of time spent performing each job function.)

% Of Time 25% 20% 15% 10% 10% 10% 7% 3%

Description of Essential Position Functions Recruitment, selection, training, supervision, evaluation of 12 Resident Assistants. Assist with counseling and advising students with personal, financial and roommate issues. Assist with coordinating programming efforts for the complex (social, educational, recreational and cultural). Assist with the disciplinary process for the complex. Assist with administrative operations of the complex, including: check-ins, check-outs, transfers, apartment inspections and daily desk operations. Assist with advising student government. Assist with coordinating emergency operations and procedures for the department; provides for evening and weekend emergency backup. Assist with serving as a departmental representative to campus committees.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

(Indicate the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are utilized in course of performing this position. These are usually listed on the vacancy announcement and used as selection criteria)

Knowledge of: University Housing and Student Affairs operations Residential life practices Student government issues Standards of due process Counseling techniques Emergency procedures Advanced computer operations Principles of individual and effective group behavior Managerial techniques and personnel practices

Abilities to: Interpret and applies rules and regulations fairly Effectively balance multiple priorities Understand the needs of and work with culturally diverse population Plan and implement programs that contribute to a positive living environment Keep accurate records Produce good written and verbal communication Select, train, supervise and evaluate student staff

Skill in: Effective communication Organizational priorities Individual and group problem solving Analyzing emergency situations accurately and taking appropriate action

Additional Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

(Indicate any additional job related knowledge, skills, abilities, certification, education and experience that are in excess of the minimum qualifications that are preferable.)

(List any professional certificates or other licenses, such as a drivers license, that are required to perform the duties of the p osition.)

Live Scan (Fingerprinting) California Drivers License (Preferred) CSU Defensive Driving (Preferred) CPR/First Aid (Preferred)

Minimum Qualifications
(List the minimum qualifications described in the Classification and Qualification Standards, if appropriate. Indicate the minimum experience and educational qualifications required to qualify for the position. Include experience and educational substitutions, if appropriate.)

Education: Required: Bachelor degree

(Indicate any additional job related knowledge, skills, abilities, certification, education and experience that are in excess of the minimum qualifications that are preferable.)

Bachelor Degree in education, psychology or related field. Pursuing a Master Degree in education, higher education, student development or related field. 2.5 GPA at the time of application as well as throughout the term of the appointment Experience: Required:

(Indicate any additional job related knowledge, skills, abilities, certification, education and experience that are in excess of the minimum qualifications that are preferable.)

Two years of experience working in University Housing and/or experience working in a student services program area or related field Two years of experience working with first-generation, ethnic minority and/or nontraditionally-aged students

Organizational Chart

Acknowledgment of Position Description Receipt and Review

Position Title: Classification:

Assistant Complex Coordinator, University Housing Services

Employee Review I hereby certify that I have received, reviewed and understand the contents of the attached Position Description. Employee: Date:

Administrative Review I hereby certify that the contents of the attached Position Description are an accurate reflection of the position. Supervisor: Administrator: Vice President: Date: Date: Date:

Human Resources Management The classification noted within the attached Position Description represents the appropriate classification consistent with the CSU Classification and Qualification Standards. Reviewed By: Title: Date: ________ __________________________