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Assignment for the placed students of the subject Training and Development All the students of the subject

Training and development have to submit the assignment on or before 5th July 2013 failing the same will award zero in the CES of the Subject

Assignment-1 1. Students have to Designs a proposal of Induction programme for the newly recruited members of the organization were they are working. Assignments consist of Schedule of the programme, Need Assessment of the same, Instructional approaches, Cost occurred.

Assignment-2 Submit the answers of the following questions

1. In the changed economic scenario of the country why has training assumed importance? Elucidate. 2. There is a view that training is a waste of money do you agree with this view? Discuss. 3. Employee training has become increasingly important as jobs have become more sophisticated & influenced by technological changes comment? 4. Discuss the role and significance of training & development activity in public sector enterprises in current scenario? 5. How do you conduct training need assessment of a company in the service sector? 6. Describe any four need assessment methods pointing out its advantages & disadvantages? 7. 8. Explain the steps in training need assessment process? As an HR Manager prepare a programme schedule to organize a two day training programme of customer care executive?


What are the important considerations to be kept in mind while designing a training programme? Explain two major categories of constraints in designing a training programme?

10. What purpose does training serve? Explain the ingredients of good training programme for the employees at various levels. 11. Explain nature of learning with principles & component of learning process? Explain Kolbs learning cycle? 12. Explain the Adams equity theory of motivation? 13. Presentation skill when used appropriately. Can motivate learners discuss this statement. 14. What are the drawbacks of lecture methods.Why is lecture method popular amongst trainers inspite of the drawbacks? How can you, as a trainer, improve the effectiveness of your own lecture? 15. What are the skills that a trainer needs in using participants training method? Select a particular training method & illustrate your answer with examples. 16. Elaborate the advantages of On the job & off the job training methods. List out the training approaches with classification of training methods? 17. Explain trainer style sketch Gilleys Model of trainers style. List out the twelve style of trainers identified by Udai Pareek applying the principle of transactional analysis? 18. Explain the power & influence of trainer with the role & required skills for the same? 19. Explain the stages in OD approach of training & development? Explain the model with steps of succession planning process? 20. Explain the need, principles, objectives & approaches of Evaluation of training? 21. Explain Phillips five level returns on investment framework to evaluate the impact of training?


How do you monitor the trainees performance? How do you analyse the faults that may arise during the performance of trainees task?

23. What are the major hurdles in CB analysis? How do you calculate training cost? How do you measure training benefits? 24. Explain in detail the four basic reinforcement strategies employed in encouraging desirable behaviour & discourage undesirable behaviour? 25. Explain training audit with levels, benefits & steps in training audit model?