Fascinating. Mostly about mundane things. It contains different stories of Kate's life as she remembers them. triumphant.1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars3 of 5 stars4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars Me: Stories of My Life by Katharine Hepburn 3. 2013Leon rated it 4 of 5 stars · review of another edition . One of my favorite autobiographies. etc. She lead a life without compromise. A must have book if you are a Kate fan. directors. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they're really into that time period . A NEW YORK TIMES Notable Book of the Year A Book-of-the-Month-Club Main Selection From the Paperback edition. Spencer only came in at the very end and there was no new ground covered. 2013Sharon rated it 5 of 5 stars Shelves: before-goodreads I loved Katherine Hepburn and have read a lot about her. 5 likes · like · see review Mar 15. However. 2 likes · like · see review May 13.88 · rating details · 5. Lee rated it 2 of 5 stars I've always admired Katherine Hepburn for being ahead of her time and unconventional in many ways.. how much she loved and admired her parents and siblings.. She was a symbol of the social circle she was brought up in and the times she lived in. etc.her anxieties about trying to sing in several roles.the actors.(less) 2 likes · like · see review Ashley rated it 5 of 5 stars This is my favorite actress so I will try not to be too biased lol. four-time Academy Award-winner Katharine Hepburn is an American classic.88 of 5 s tars 3.694 ratings · 328 reviews Admired and beloved by movie audiences for over sixty years. This is a very interesting account of her life. It isn't a chapter book. her growing up years. sad. written with honesty and humility. Now Miss Hepburn breaks her long-kept silence about her private life in this absorbing and provocative memoir. Thought surely this book would focus on her nearly 30 year love affair with Spencer Tracy. I barely managed to get through it. Lots of tidbits about making of various movies and the people she worked with . producers.lots of rambling on.

Her personality came through tremendously and I found the inner dialogue that she has with herself interesting. She doesn't divulge much personal content. I found it was actually very interesting and the writing style came across as more of a casual. unlike other people. I also... From Publishers Weekly Beloved actress Hepburn's episodic autobiography spent 24 weeks on PW 's hardcover bestseller list and was a BOMC main . I have been a fan of Katharine Hepburn. but. I would recommend this book only to diehard fans of Katharine Hepburn. since I read several reviews that said it was completely jumbled and very difficult to follow since events weren't retold in chronological order. A NEW YORK TIMES Notable Book of the Year A Book-of-the-Month-Club Main Selection From the Paperback edition. whether they were full of comedy or bogged down with drama. To be honest this is the first biography that I chose to read for myself and I completely enjoyed it. After visiting a used bookstore. I found this biography and knew I had to read it. I have always wondered about her life and this seemed like the perfect book. Now Miss Hepburn breaks her long-kept silence about her private life in this absorbing and provocative memoir..Admired and beloved by movie audiences for over sixty years. Everything about her was unique and I really enjoyed watching her movies. Katharine was completely candid in this biography and I enjoyed it very much. I thought that the format was easier to stomach. 2012Penny rated it 4 of 5 stars · review of another edition Ever since I discovered the appeal of classic movies. She chose the moments in her life she liked the best and wrote them down. It was a little like listening to a wise and quirky grandmother telling you about her life. I had never really known much about Katharine Hepburn and I only recently became rather interested in her life and work. You really have to be a fan to appreciate everything about her biography.more like · see review Jan 05. conversational tone. However. The letter she wrote to him after he died and the preceeding chapter was so touching that I found myself almost crying. didn't mind the fact that there was so little about Spencer Tracy in this book.. (less) 1 like · like · see review . They had a complicated relationship that I don't even think Katharine herself understood.more 1 like · like · see review Jul 05. Although there may be some people that would fault her for the fact that she chose to do a nonlinear biography. 2013Vicky rated it 4 of 5 stars I was initially undecided about reading this autobiography. What little she mentioned about him was just right because she managed to get across her feelings about him completely. four-time Academy Award-winner Katharine Hepburn is an American classic.

but I did want to know about it. a mold noone could break. memoir I wanted to love this book. Original. and her ability to just be who she is through it all.Patrick rated it 5 of 5 stars · review of another edition I am forever fascinated by this icon of filmdom.. not really for juicy intimate details. but perhaps the only person she cared to share her wholeself with. Hepburn had huge portions of her life which she did not wish to discuss. dictate her life.. sums up the book and the lady. She didn't share much detail. from her personal trials and survival skills. Maybe that was her plan though. It's a good book. considering that the author clearly possessed a gift for expository writing. or weak. I'm big on studying human behavior. Just being able to experience the childhood that carved out the hollow mold. what brought her to it. I wouldn't particularly celebrate their relationship. She looks at life through a telescope. and it served her well. Don't let that keep you from reading it though. was the one that she wasn't fond of sharing intimate details about. just one with lots of open endings. 2012Jennifer rated it 3 of 5 stars Interesting. virtually nothing is written of Spencer Tracy). Some of the descriptions approach poetry in their expression. she made damn sure that she got it. she shows at times sharp insight into the real characters around her. and celebrated by many. and that tried to destroy the original few. as though Ms. Eccentric. her yankee engenuity. are chosen because I enjoy getting into the details of choices made and what's behind them.flawless talent. but 3 stars because I can't. This is Kate. that would eventually be filled with what became the woman. a certain age. One thing that can always be said of Ms. Many of the passages are tedious. it's part of my life's work. great leaps in time. I so admire Katharine Hepburn. She celebrated her uniqueness. and that's the way she wanted it. as others have said. She has an uncanny almost dry wit about her. with vast gaps.. as well. shared those intimacies with candor. Which is a shame. too uneven in style. due to the fact that he was still married. to her trailblazing fashion style. not a great book. I really feel that her words always ring far truer than any bio done on her. and although their relationship was quite tabu. Ashamed of being different. even including recipes in her narrative. who in this book.yes. that many of us will never see through. but I liked it instead. Hepburn. and at times an assessment of her opinion of others. This is a self analyzation of the contents that filled that mold. and frankly. and so.pulling no punches. Many think her a snob. that can be at times self deprecating. and so many of the books I read. So I guess we'll never truly know the woman. it was still known about. Ms. what convinced her to stay in it. (For example. by virtue of their staccato. all the while the author remains ethereally charming.never. for her judgements of people and life.is an homage of what it takes to become great. Here is this remarkable woman who devotes a great portion of her life to one man. 3 1/2 stars if i could give it."she chose to ignore them completely. but I felt that she had difficulty sharing her personal life after a certain point. the book is overly cagey. or impossible to leave. Where it is forthcoming. in an industry that wanted greatness on it's own terms. magnanimous and first-class. Hepburn consequently bulks up the book with quotidian remembrances. (less) Kim rated it 3 of 5 stars Shelves: non-fiction. . but I find her as a refreshingly honest individual who hasn't let listening to others. the information is highly engaging. There wasn't much of that in this book. because Katharine seemed to be a guarded human being with secrets that perhaps were too uncomfortable to share. is that if she wanted it a certain way. It's a worthy read. what made it strong. Too.definitely. always leave 'em wanting more!(less) 1 like · like · see review Sep 25. but to know about "her" in it. The problem is. That for me.. and always will. if a bit too quirky in its delivery. I found that annoying. about the relationship she had with Spenser Tracy. These examples are in the minority. rather than providing a smooth and fluid connection through these more-relevant stretches of her life with "ordinariness.

she says. the lil sh*t disturber. but oddly Mom could not whole heartedly like her. To borrow from one of her own phrases. patience.. after a 30-year love.." A "so-so" book. It was interesting to hear about her life growing up on the East Coast. She has a very odd and very unique writing style .. But as she said. dance.it's as if she's in conversation with herself." WOW. (less) 1 like · like · see review Jul 12. (Ugh. "more on Spencer later. There were two very brief chapters about her relationship with Spencer Tracy. he wouldn't have hung around. Spencer was already separated from his wife when Katharine met him and got shot by cupid's arrow. She occasionally doesn't include all of the details. The wife wouldn't let go. I can only say that I think that if he hadn't liked me. and wanted me to stay and watch I think." but then the second "Spencer" chapter didn't deliver-it sort of left me wondering if their relationship wasn't a great one. At the end of the first one. and how she got into theater and movies. She lived in a different time. She lowered herself to be in a long affair with a married man. "I have no idea how Spencer felt about me. Put that in the Catholic pipe and smoke it. 2010Kelly rated it 3 of 5 stars · review of another edition Katharine Hepburn is someone I admire greatly and I fully admit to reading this to figure out a little bit more of just what it was that made her tick. I had to wait til the end of the book to learn of her affair. Why? Forty odd years ago Katharine Hepburn was on our tv in The African Queen. The first 3 parts were pretty good. I mean." Pleasant enough. I had to finally get the story from the horse's mouth. Very fragmented sentences--just trailing off into nothing--em dash here--em dash there--random person talking here. regarding disappointment in a personal endeavour -. ellipses--another em dash. Times have sure changed. But by part 4 it turned into a random bunch of rambling stories about this person.she has "done it but not DONE it. So. what Paris Hilton's autobiography won't disclose?) So this is it. I have to say (because it drove me nuts the entire time) that her writing style was SO ANNOYING. how sad to not know how your husband of almost 30 years feels about you!!!). or that strange conversation. I wanted to scream WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING???? It got really old and I got older trying to stick with it and figure out what she was talking about. their stubborn refusal of an "editor. It's not a tell all. but don't bother with the rest. In my Catholic confusion. i asked why not? Oh the horror. I was passing through the family room on my way to do something better than to watch one of mom's favourite actresses kissing on some hunky actor in stupid black and white. soon they'd be breaking into song. She had to wait 33 years to meet Spencer Tracey.epigrammatic phrasing. She had talent and class.. Also. but too random and "scattershot" to be greatly valuable. 2012Mary Bellus rated it 2 of 5 stars I would recommend this book through part 3. Yes! w(less) Jun 17. name-drops without . Kate couldn't even go to his funeral . she didn't have much else to say. or worse. because it seemed like she didn't have much to say about him (the saddest part to me is when she said. (less) 1 like · like · see review Lisa Parker added it I picked this up for three bucks in an antique shop while on a road trip last weekend. Mom. Basically it seemed like after she talked about making the movies. My mother raved about her.

She spent a lot of the book telling little stories about producers and directors from her early years in show business. even when she was "box office poison". were fascinating. Essentially. though. Fenwick and growing up in Connecticut. and frequently interrupts herself. One obvious quality of Hepburn is her self-confidence.meaning to. it showed that she put herself aside for the man she loved. It was presumed an accident but no one knew for sure. I'm not quite sure exactly how to respond as of right now. Me is a book of stories and I was interested in hearing those stories (read by Kate herself in her unique way). already having known about each other. The very last part of the book is a letter to Tracy. The parts that I was interested in. but part of me wants to be like her and a part of me wants to start writing her into a story as a character because that's what she truly came off as: a character. Kate also covers her early acting career. I wanted to know what made her who she was and how her personal life went from there. In 1921. She never seemed to struggle for parts or self-esteem. I was semi-familiar with a few of them and I think that I would have enjoyed the book as a whole far more if I'd known most of the people she talked about. Tracy was married but Hepburn and Tracy had a complex relationship that lasted until his death in 1967. She saved Spencer Tracy for last. However. unique character that I don't think can ever be replicated. it is very much her. it's just personal stories from her life. They met filming in 1941. (less) like · see review . This isn't her biography per se. It is absolutely her voice and I could almost hear her talking to me as I read. This books covers some of her childhood. but I feel that it merits a third because of just how special it is. She was an extraordinary.(less) like · see review Amanda rated it 3 of 5 stars I'll be upfront in saying I never watched many Hepburn movies even though the woman is a legend. she found her brother Tom hanging by the rafters. read with her voice breaking throughout. I would only give this two stars due to the vast amount of material that held little interest for me. She lived to be 96 so you know she had some stories to tell. Listening to her account of time with Tracy. She dearly loved her parents and siblings. The parts that I was most interested in were her childhood and her commentary on her time spent with Spencer Tracy.

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