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Case Study: CHI & Partners

CHI & Partners: Ad Agency
Global marketing and communications agency improved how they worked with clients thanks to Hightail.
THE PROBLEM Creating a great marketing campaign is a team effort. Getting the right message to the right audience involves a meeting of minds between a client’s marketing strategists and an agency’s creative and media teams, plus input from a host of external producers, freelancers and vendors. This is how global agency CHI & Partners has developed successful work for the likes of Best Buy, Samsung and British Gas. “Our process for getting to big ideas,” explains CHI & Partners’ IT Manager Andrew Freiberger, “involves open and honest collaboration between clients, the agency and partners. Key to this is the ability to share large files such as presentations, advertisements, video and audio files effortlessly, rapidly and securely on an ad hoc basis.” The agency had been signed up to an expensive FTP service but, when the license came up for renewal, Andrew decided to investigate other options. “My concern was that it wasn’t being used intensively,” he says. “I felt we ought to have a look at other products that our employees were more likely to use.” THE SOLUTION A number of people at CHI & Partners suggested Hightail and Andrew took a free trial to test it out. After being impressed by its ease of use, he investigated whether it was a solution that would work across the whole agency and found that Hightail could quickly and easily integrate with the company’s existing IT systems. “It meant we wouldn’t have to worry about managing the system on a day-to-day basis,” Andrew adds. The entire implementation process, from deciding to use Hightail to having it up and running across the whole agency, only took a couple of weeks. The service was quickly embraced and used daily by nearly every employee at each office around the world. Andrew reports that CHI & Partners’ 200 employees shared close to 4,000 files via Hightail in one month. A SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGN For the agency’s creative directors, graphic designers and producers, Hightail provided a huge boost to their efficiency and productivity. It was now much easier to share large media files with colleagues, clients and contractors, while all project material could be accessed from anywhere, including mobile phones and tablets. Creative teams can edit high-resolution graphics and raw HD videos, while creative directors and clients can review changes instantly and approve or give feedback.

Founded: 2001 What they do: Global marketing and communications agency No. of employees: 200 Learn more at: www.chiandpartners.com


Every department at CHI & Partners began using Hightail with the same enthusiasm as the creative teams, from account management to finance, IT and human resources. It helped that training or helpdesk support was rarely needed to get an individual started, but Andrew gives a lot of credit to Hightail’s Microsoft Outlook plugin. “One of the things I like most about Hightail is that it’s quite discreet,” he explains. “For our Windows-based users, it sits as a plug-in on your Outlook application and if you happen to send an attachment over 10 megabytes in size, it just kicks in and does what it needs to do. Most importantly, it doesn’t require that people change the way they work; rather, it complements the way they work. They don’t need to learn a new technology. It makes them more productive in their jobs. And that’s really what you want from a solution like this.” MOBILE MARKETING Hightail’s range of mobile apps has also proved popular with staff at CHI & Partners, especially with the executive team. Frequently on the road speaking to potential new clients and other partners, most of the execs now use iPads to deliver presentations. The Hightail app allows them to ensure they always have the latest version at hand and helps them easily communicate any updates with colleagues, no matter where they are in the world. PROVIDING LIFETIME VALUE For Andrew, widespread adoption and increased productivity means joining Hightail has been a huge success. “We even learned that we could custom brand it,” he adds, “which was an added plus from our perspective.” “Hightail is one of those wonderful tools that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it in the first place. Once you start using it, you can’t imagine not having it.”



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Case Study: CHI & Partners

Hightail is one of those wonderful tools that makes you wonder how you ever got along without it in the first place. Once you start using it, you can’t imagine not having it.  
Andrew Freiberger IT Manager CHI & Partners

How Hightail helps: • Creative teams can easily share and work on large graphics and video files with clients and colleagues • On-the-road executives can access to the most up-to-date presentation material on phones and tablets • Microsoft Outlook users can email large attachments without changing how they work • IT can manage everything using existing infrastructure


Why CHI & Partners likes Hightail: • Easy to use and increases productivity • Widely used—4,000 files shared in one month • No training or helpdesk support required • Custom branding helps promote the agency



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