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Eugene’s Parent-Child Preschool Parent Survey 2008-2009

Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation regarding your family’s experience at
EPCP this year. The entire survey is anonymous and confidential. It is very important to
have everyone’s feedback for the preschool’s continued growth and development related to
parents’ needs, our children, and as an organization. Feel free to add your thoughts or
comments below the questions or on the back. Thanks for your time!

Part 1 - General

For new members: How did you find out about EPCP?
For returning members: Why did you choose to return to EPCP this year?

Did the orientations (open house, orientation, general meetings and written information)
prepare you for your preschool responsibilities? Why or why not?

Were board members accessible and receptive to your questions/concerns?

Why or why not? Y/N

Are you satisfied with the amount of time and energy you personally contributed to the
preschool this year? Why or why not? Y/N

Did you participate in any parent education workshops? Y/N

If yes, please list (Taking Charge; CPR; etc.)

If yes, were the workshops helpful to you? Why or why not? Y/N

What parent education topics or speakers are you interested in for next year, if any?

Did you find the newsletter informative and helpful? Y/N

Do you have suggestions for improvements or new topics?

Part 2 – Classroom

I have a child in each of the following classes (circle all that apply):

2’s 3’s 4’s

Please indicate Yes (Y), No (N) or Non Applicable (NA) for EACH CHILD enrolled using
the appropriate column(s). If you don’t have a child in a particular class, leave that
column blank.

Please use the spaces below the questions to elaborate.

Child in Child in Child in

2’s Class 3’s Class 4’s Class

Is teacher able to anticipate problems in the

classroom before they arise?

Have you had enough direction when you are

working in the classroom?

Do you feel comfortable implementing discipline in

the classroom?

Does your child like preschool and feel at ease

with the teacher?

Do you feel comfortable communicating with the


Child in Child in Child in
2’s Class 3’s Class 4’s Class

Do you feel adequate time and emphasis have

been given to each of the following areas of
development (examples do not apply to all

Gross Motor (climber, bikes, obstacle course)

Small/Fine Motor (using scissors, painting,

Legos, marbles)

Literacy Concepts (letter recognition, book

appreciation, rhymes and songs)

Number concepts (counting, patterns,


Spatial concepts (blocks, play dough)

Feelings (talking about, expressing, listening

to others)

Taking turns

Problem Solving (classroom and individual


Group Cooperation (circle time, games)


Dramatic Play (storytelling, puppet shows)

Science (plants/nature, weather, nutrition,


Do you feel adequate emphasis has been given to

diversity (anti-bias) issues?

Child in Child in Child in
2’s Class 3’s Class 4’s Class

Are you satisfied with the division between

directed activities and free playtime?

Were the field trips satisfactory?

In general, has this school year been a positive

experience for your child and would you do it

Part 3 – Fundraising/Theater

1. What comments, if any, do you have about fundraising at EPCP this year?

2. Do you have any advice for members experiencing theater for the first time?

3. After all our hard work, were you pleased with how the production turned out?

4. How could we improve the process for the next production?

5. Please rate overall experience 0 1 2 3 4 5

Poor Excellent

Part 4 - General Comments

1. Would you/Do you recommend EPCP to your friends? Y/N

Why or why not?

2. If you were returning next year, what volunteer roles would you be interested in?
(e.g., Publicity, fundraising, special events, parent education, class representative

3. What other comments would you like to make?

(e.g., organization of responsibilities, remarks concerning general meetings, classroom
experiences, class days/times satisfactory, specific topics you’d like taught, etc.)

4. As part of a strategic planning process begun this year, the EPCP board is planning to
restructure the current board and committee structure for the 2009-2010 school year and
beyond. This restructuring will allow for more input of skills and ideas from the
membership-at-large rather than centered only within the board itself and reduce the
theater commitment by spreading the roles within committees and likely reduce the day-of-
show role (maybe like it was this year). What ideas do you have for how parent
committees (examples: fundraising, classrooms, safety, maintenance, publicity,
membership, and so forth) might be organized to best meet the needs of the preschool
throughout the school year?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this evaluation!