July 8, 2013 Hon. Doug Ose 4013 Park Rd.

Sacramento, CA 95814 Dear Congressman Ose: It has come to our attention that you are considering running for Congress in California’s 7th Congressional District. We have also heard that you do not want to see a “bloody primary” for the Republican nomination. We agree. That’s why we are writing today to encourage you not to run in CA-07. While we respect your commitment to public service, your record in Congress would leave us no choice but to actively oppose your candidacy should you decide to run. As you know, your record in Congress was not conservative. Below are just a few examples of your Leftist stand on issues that conservatives find unbelievable from a professing “Republican.” • You were a strong supporter of earmark spending and voted for billions in earmarks during your tenure in Congress. (Vote #360, 2000; Vote #631, 2004). • You also showed hostility to reducing the tax burden on American taxpayers by joining with Democrats to try and reduce tax relief. (Vote #75, 1999). • You even voted to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. (Vote #439, 2004). These are just a few of the votes that give us concern about your record and more importantly, how you would vote should you somehow get elected to Congress. It’s vitally important that Ami Bera is defeated next year. But it’s even more important that the voters elect a Congressman committed to protecting

Hon. Doug Ose Page 2 of 2 July 8, 2013 taxpayers and reducing the size and cost of the federal government. You are not that man. Your record indicates you do not share the principles we hold dear: fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. That’s why, should you decide to run, we intend to unite to oppose your candidacy and ensure that the Republican nominee is someone who is committed to fighting for these values.

Sincerely, Ginny Rapini, American Ideals Foundation Ron Givens, President, Sacramento Republican Assembly

Carl Brickey, Past President, Consumnes Republican Assembly

Barbara Sloan, President, Elk Grove Tea Party

Jim Ricketts, Co-Founder, Tea Party United

David Joyce, Pam Pinkston, Leaders Carmichael, Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks Tea Party

Aaron Park, Sergeant at Arms, California Republican Assembly* Editor, Right on Daily Blog
* Title for identification purposes only

Jim Donnell, Calif. State Director, FairTax

Barry Pruett

Ken Payne

Dianne Foster

Georgia Beardslee

Leah Cavanaugh

Tim and Bonnie McAdams