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The Local Church

The local church is something very special. From the earliest times man has been gathering together to form groups, fellowships, societies, clubs, parties, organizations, communities and even countries. People with something in common like a common interest or viewpoint or ideas, similar likes and dislikes have been getting together since a long time. A few examples would be the Lions club, Rotary club, alumni, Alcoholics Anonymous, communist party, resident’s associations, youth groups, fan clubs, charities, etc. have members who come together regularly for specific purposes. Among such myriad groups one stands out – The Local Church. Though it has some external similarities yet it is significantly different in many ways. A fully mature local church is a class apart in function, behavior, nature and results. Some nominal or traditional churches may resemble clubs or other groups but congregations of Christ which recognize and realize their true potential are beacons of light in this world. They exhibit the power of God. It is of utmost importance for us Christians to know the mystery of the New Testament church and to experience this awesome power. Unless we have a true revelation about the local church and what it is capable of we may not achieve it.

Church is a family
Anyone who has been to the right church knows that it is a big family. There are elders, there are kids, there are aged and also the teenagers. Everyone cares for one another, we share our pains and our joys. The entire church in many cases fast, pray and shed tears for one of them who is sick or in despair. The entire church rejoices at the joy or success of one of us. Jesus Himself has said that the people will see the love among us and know that we are His disciples. (John 13:35) When people told Jesus that His mother and brothers have come to meet Him, He replied, pointing to the people gathered together (His Church) that these are my brothers and sisters” (Mar 3:35). Yes, we are one family related through Christ Jesus.

Church is a body
We are all members of the same body with Jesus as our Head.(Ron. 12:4,4) When Saul was persecuting Christians and trying to destroy the church, (Acts 8:3) Jesus appeared to him and asked “Why are you persecuting Me? (Acts 9:4). We are His body and it pains Him when we are hurt. When one part of the body is wounded the whole body is not at ease. Each member or part has its own function and each part and its function are important. One part sees, another tastes, the legs carry the body forward, the hand works. No one part can exist and function alone. (1 Cor. 12:21) No one part can claim to be better than another but we are all together partners and partakers. (Rom. 12:3,5)

and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (1 Cor. the eyes shed tears. Church is a temple The local church is the temple of God. 6:16) is the temple of the Almighty God. heavenly intelligences (Eph. a body an organism and the temple of God. (1 Cor. (1 Tim 3:15) We see that the local church is a family. 4:16) Now the entire local church thinks. 2:22) The church is the dwelling place of God Almighty and is used for manifesting Himself. 10:19) He also said ‘Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. the legs carry to a better place. His victory has to be repeated in every part of the Earth. lame walk. the sick healed. (Mat. 5:29) He will take it to His place. reproduces and brings forth fruit. . Jesus said that where ‘two or three gather together in my Name I am in their midst’. I believe that this church has to manifest Jesus Christ wherever we are.Church is an organism The church is an organism not an organization. 3:10) It is His pillar and ground of Truth. flees. His love. the deaf should hear. 21:4) each Christian (1 Cor. (2 Kin. (Rev. Christ in us the hope of Glory. 3:10) and angels (REF). His sacrifice. The Holy Spirit indwells in us. waits. 12:5) When different parts of the body are joined together as one and has one mind then it becomes a living organism. 10:17) we are one organism. 18:20) He is present among us. initiated and established by God Himself. 2:19) It reacts. moves. (Eph. (Acts 7:38) temples at Jerusalem. 28:19). (Eph. is there anything He expects from us? (Eph. He has endued His local church with great powers and responsibilities. 3:16) The head directs the body and the body performs many functions and needs nourishment. from us? (REF) This church is meant to be a testimony and witness of Him in front of the earth (Mat.’ ( Luk. He constantly watches over it and guides it (REF from NT) . the tongue asks for help. the bonded made free. His power. When one part of us feels pain the hands go to comfort it. (Eph. 5:27) Is He looking for any fruit from the local church. He cherishes and nourishes it. Blind should have their eyes opened. The local church is a habitation of God through the Spirit. We know that Jesus Christ is the head and the church is the body. feels. 3:16) and the local church (2 Cor. He said ‘I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions. REF) God is doing so much on his part. He protects it. (1 Cor. moves.’ God started this church (REF). The local church has to be a Jesus Christ. works. we are one. gave it great and wonderful powers. speaks. 3:9) The church makes known His manifold Wisdom unto the intelligences in heavenly places. (REF) There was a tabernacle (tent) in the wilderness. (Eph. (Col. longs for. talks and acts together as one. This mighty institution was conceived. God bless you in realizing the full potential of your local Christian assembly. We are one body.