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All Bets on Egyptian People

Some are now surprised at the intersection between the US and the Iranian stand regarding the latest events in Egypt: both are not at all satisfied by how millions of young revolutionary Egyptians have forced a tyrannical and autocratic Muslim movement out of power. Although the US and Iran have different plans and different agendas, both, are dissatisfied for the awesome manifestation of peoples power in Egypt for fundamentally the same the reason: both the US and Iran do not wish to see a free, truly democratic, secular, modern and progressive Egypt.

For the US, this means losing a regional power it is quite easy to play dirty games with a family (or clan), like the Mubarak regime, and it is also quite easy to play games with a Colonial-founded (Britain) and supported movement that is anti-progress and antimodernity. But it is quite hard to conspire against Egypt and play games with millions of free Egyptians. Iran is against the recent developments in Egypt for a slightly different reason. The rulers of Iran, like the Muslim Brotherhood, are the side of autocratic and reactionary political Islam. In fact, when the Mullash of Iran stole the 1979 revolution, they did so at the expense of millions of secular, democratic, liberal and leftist revolutionaries that took on to the streets against the Shah. Those young Egyptians that are now forcing Egypt forward have the same profile as those that the Mullahs of Iran crushed in the 1979 revolution. Egypt will awaken that spirit in the Iranian people, and for that, the Iranian mullahs are certainly worried. What should make everyone realize that the Mullahs of Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt (alongside Israel, of course) are all in the same bed when it comes to peoples power and real progress and democracy?

I was not surprised, as I mentioned this before that Iran would be worried at the turn of events in Egypt. In fact, Hezbollah, who is fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria supposedly to quell down the fanaticism of the Wahabis and Salafis are now siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and against millions of Egyptians who took on to the streets to make a better Egypt. It seems that Hezbollah is not fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria to quell down the fanaticism of the Wahabis and Salafis, but to quell down real democratic change. Didnt Hezbollah fight progressive

movements in Lebanon, like their mentor Iran did before in Iran? Didnt Israel help Hamas rise to quell down the influence of progressive and national Palestinian movements? Who believes there are resistance movements fighting for the right of people that are supported by the Mullahs of Iran (Hezbollah) and Qatar and Saudi Arabia (Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood)? Who is surprised that these reactionary movements and regimes are now worried that a genuine and true democratic grass root movement is taking things into its own hand in Egypt?

I am not a bit surprised that these reactionary movements and regimes are worried. In fact they should be, because change is coming to Syria, and it is coming to Iran. But it seems that the battle is now in Egypt it is progress, modernity and peoples rule against tyranny and reactionary movements. What a fight the Egyptian people are against. It is a monumental fight indeed, and the enemies of the people of Egypt are formidable, but I for one have all my bets on the Egyptian people.