What is International Marketing? International marketing is simply the applicati on of marketing principles to more than one country.

What is Global Marketing? Global marketing refers to marketing activities coor dinated and integrated across multiple country markets. Difference Between International Marketing And Global Marketing? Most people out in the field will say they mean the same thing. But we do actually see a slight difference, Hereâ s an example of Global Marketing: Hereâ s an example of International Marketing: McDonaldâ ut que jâ aime s Slogan U.S.A: Iâ m lovingâ


Basically, Global Marketing is selling one product all over the world - like an iPod - and all the exporting and logistical things necessary to do that - basically a course on specific tactics to export stuff made in one country to many countries International Marketing is adapting your product, to sell all over the world - l ike a Big Mac - this course would take a lot of time to help students understand how you can l ean about different markets and cultures and what is needed to adapt the product /service - keeping in mind that marketing is the 4P's (Product, Price, Promotion, Place), Int'l marketing is how you change those P's to satisfy your international custo mers in difference segments - international marketing usually includes some FDI Foreign Direct Investment in setting up overseas offices, factories, warehouse facilities, service centres e tc. International marketing can be segmented by country whereas global would indicat e the "entire" globe, basically "all" countries. How can we differentiate international and global marketing? Global marketing is defined by the Oxford University Press as "marketing on a wo rldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational d ifferences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives." Basically global marketing is selling your product all over the world. It sounds a lot like international marketing or like the two are exactly the same but her e are the differences. Global marketing is basically when a company looks at the entire world as one ma rket.There are no differences between a local market and the market 10,000 miles away. It views everything in the same way and not like it is any different in a ny specific ways. Global marketing is used by huge chain stores that sell only c ertain products. They usually won't bring anything different or new to the store near to you that might cater to a certain religion or cultural group, because t hey are based somewhere else. They usually won't bring in cultural foods or prod ucts, just because they are a general store. They sell the same exact products a ll over the world and the exact same things in every single store. To become a global company a company has to use the Four P's of marketing. They are price, promotion, product, and placement. They have to have a global team. They have to have a global marketing plan. It t akes time for a company to evolve from a local company to one that sells product s all over the world. International marketing is when a company that is based in one country decides t o sell products in another. It sets up offices and headquarters in the other cou ntries. International marketing is almost like a franchise is being built, just

. International marketing means marketing between particular nations. but it sells mostly items that a re specific to the country. but has things that are say French as well.in another country. [*]They still make most of the marketing and business decisions but have to repo rt to the main headquarters in the country where the business started. The advantages of the international marketing is that : [*]The executives are usually native to the country and so are familiar with cus toms and ideas that are best suited for the area. Global marketing means a blanket campaign that must be understandable and accept able to many different countries and cultures. Answer If your business is more than 50 countries its called Global. It isn't based off of things that are say just Ameri can. but the headquarters in the specific country cater the business to the country's needs. The chain s tore still has its name and logos and products. otherwise it would be international. You can still have a huge chain store using international marketing.The company still owns and operates the business in the other country.

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