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EW Data Management System

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THURBON is an advanced EW Data Management System (EWDMS) specifically designed by professionals for professionals and building on many years of operational experience. THURBON can meet user requirements ranging from a National Intelligence Database capability through an integrated EW Support Centre to smaller-scale support based at the front-line. Whatever your needs THURBON will provide you with the capability to maximise the effectiveness of your front-line EW systems.

Designed from the outset to be a fully integrated EWDMS, THURBON can maximise the efficiency of EW Operational Support (EWOS) by providing a seamless flow of data in the areas of:

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Data Management EW and Mission Planning Intercept Analysis Data Exchange

THURBONs server based design enables its operational users to conduct multiple EWOS functions simultaneously without the need to transfer data across networks with non-integrated IT systems. THURBON can even support the conversion and export of data to OEM Mission Data Generation software tools.

Data Management Features

Because it is recognised that data assurance and configuration control are vital to operational data management, THURBON provides the user with:

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A fully-relational Platform-oriented data management structure Electronic Order of Battle management Comprehensive parametric data definitions In-built configuration control and audit features Controllable user-access rights Wizard-driven data entry Integral context-sensitive user help tools Advanced data-security features

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EW Planning
The extraction of data for analysis, or for the production of Mission Data libraries, is a key requirement for any EWDMS. THURBON maximises the efficiency of data extraction by providing users with an intuitive and fully integrated ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS). THURBON users can address the data in the data repository through a number of searches and queries, however, perhaps the most intuitive route is through the GIS where users can interrogate geographic areas and extract EOB data and supporting parametric data for platforms, emitters and weapons. The THURBON EW planning tools can be summarised by the following key features and capabilities:

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Integral Geographic Information System (GIS) EOB analysis GIS-driven data searches Visualisation of platform locations Mission Data content definition EOB change analysis

Intercept Analysis
When you need to know just what was looking at you during your mission, THURBON provides the capability to automatically match recorded intercepts with data stored in the EWDMS. THURBON provides:

9 In-built tools for the analysis of Track-file data, PDW data and Digitised IF 9 Automated rule-based matching of intercepts against data stored within the EW-DMS to:
o Confirm intercept identity o Provide probable identity of unidentified intercepts o Provide probable identities of ambiguous intercepts 9 EOB analysis and comparison through the GIS 9 Intercept bearing triangulation on the GIS 9 Intercept comparison against known sites

Data Exchange
Data exchange into and out of an EWDMS is critical to the operational efficiency of the organisation it supports. THURBON maximises efficiency by reducing operator workload and human induced errors. This is achieved through the use of open architecture XML interfaces that ensure connectivity to 3rd party tools and rule driven input/output data converters to automate the exchange process by converting data formats as necessary.

Key Technical Features

THURBON has been designed to be an advanced and professional EWDMS that is future proofed and has the capability and flexibility to grow to meet the expected data support requirements of future EW systems. A summary of its key technical features is:

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Oracle 10g operating system Java rich client Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) Designed for COTS Client Server operation (Windows and Linux) Fully compatible with MS Windows software tools and products User-friendly with intuitive GUI and on-line help MS Windows look and feel

MASS is a leading Electronic Warfare systems company specialising in EW Operational Support and EW Data Management Systems. Of our ~130 staff, some 80% are professional engineers with first degrees, typically, in systems engineering, electronic engineering, cybernetics, communications, computing, mathematics and physics. These are complemented by a strong cadre of ex-service personnel who provide essential domain knowledge in areas such as Electronic Warfare Operational Support, Information Operations, ISTAR, Aviation, and Military Communications.