Write an essay expressing your opinion on the following topic: Greater freedom does not necessarily lead to greater happines. Support your ideas with relevant arguments and examples . (250 words/25 lines) 2.Comment on the following statement: People are never satisfied with what they have, they always want something more or something different. (250 words/25 lines) 3.Write an opinion essay in response to the following topic: Earning money is more important than getting a good education.(250 words/25 lines) 4. Your name is Julie Riley. You have been abroad for a week. Write a letter to your parents describing your holiday so far. (250 words)


Earl's Court Hostel London Saturday, 2nd May

Dear parents,

Thanks for your last letter. I hope you are both fine. I'm writing to you from the beautiful rainy London. I'm absolutely fascinated by this city, it's really awesome! I am staying in a nice youth hostel, very close to the city center. I am having a lot of fun here and I’ve already made new friends. They also helped me to improve my English and I’ve become more confident when I speak this language. They all seem so friendly and everything seems perfect, except the fact that you are not here with me. On the first day here, I spent a fortune on a ride on the famous London Eye. In only 30 minutes I saw more than fifty London's most famous landmarks! The Eye, which is the symbol of the city, is the biggest observation wheel worldwide. Next days, I went to watch Changing the Guard, which takes place inside the railings of Buckingham Palace. The Queen's Guard is always accompanied by a band and the ceremony lasts 45 minutes. I also took some photos of the Houses of Parliament, of Big Ben and of Westminster Abbey. I can’t wait to show you all of these. You’ll be astonished! Next days, I had a nice walk along the riverside in the evening. I was mesmerized by London by night. Tonight, I would like to go to a concert of my favorite band, ACDC, which, by chance, is going to perform here, in London. I can’t wait to see them! That’s all for now. I’ll write to you again soon. I miss you! Your daughter, Julie Riley

But. something new seems to be much better than something old or old-fashioned and easily obtained. when we own something and we are convinced that we can’t lose it. In addition. especially the superficial ones. there is a possibility to lose it. we don’t appreciate it as it really deserves. They always see the darker part of life and forget to be happy and grateful for what they still have. most of the time. In conclusion. you can create yourself a culture font and you can exercise your mind. Getting a good education is forever. there are some persons who can earn money and education at the same time. One of the world’s major problem is that we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone. we have to be grateful to God for the reason that we have family. I personally believe that without a good education. today you can have it and tomorrow it can be lost. because. To sum up. For most students. You can earn money with good education. 3. . but that unfortunately. I personally believe that this statement expresses the ugliest truth about the real human being. In my opinion. there are people richer than us. but with money you can create just an impression based on money. Paid work is seen as a good defense against total penury and some students are very pro-active about finding it. but. People get bored very easily. First of all. I don’t agree with the statement because having a culture is way more important than having money. in case of the students. In my opinion. We need ambition. maybe at some point in our lives. one can’t earn money fair. are in a seriously medical condition and all the money in world can’t replace their life with a normal one. but this kind of respect is passing by. on the other hand.2. as long as we are alive and healthy. overdrafts and part-time jobs. We can earn respect just by our clothes and our appearance. loans. someone by our side. but you can’t buy education with money. savings. And my opinion is that with good education you can make a good impression and we can earn respect. their finances come from a complex balance of parental contributions. I think we should look for happiness in every corner and never forget what once made us happy. we have the power to change our lives. courage and most important. without money we can’t have a good life and we have to give up many beautiful things. Most of the people are pessimistic ones. On the other hand. On this word. maybe we are not the richest ones or the most beautiful ones. But. friends who are always by our side. money is a dream. I think that once people get what they want. they are not as much interested in that thing after they got it. people are always looking for something new. I don’t agree with the idea that earning money is more important than getting a good education. Secondly. because. Indeed.

It s an illusion and sooner or later every person can find that out.I believe this is the only way we can grow up and understand that this is not the way to happines and that is does not truly make us happy. I consider that most people in society have their own freedom in domain and I think that it is enough for them. We must decide and put a line to our own freedom. If it could be aquired I think it can’t be by freedom.Most people have a bad habit at early age to not appreciate things and think that all that comes to them is earned rightfuly.Not more none the less. More freedom to people will bring bad things such as misunderstanding and chaos. My argument for sustaining my opinion is that if people would do what they want in life there will be chaos.For example we could think about children. .If you give a child too much freedom he abuses of it and grows up in a bad way. I also don’t believe that greater happines can be aquired.Too much freedom ruins us and makes us like some small children.In my opinion I believe that greater freedom does not bring greater happines.That is one example that must be jumped. I consider that in society there must be a set of unwritten rules that keep us from falling appart. First of all.

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