Grammar and vocabulary unit 4

be going to
1 Complete the text with the correct form of be going to and the verbs. We’ve decided what we’re going to do (do) this summer. We (1) ________________________ (not go) abroad on holiday. We (2) ________________________ (spend) a week at a music festival and maybe a few days in a cottage somewhere. Dad (3) ________________________ (not work) this summer so he (4) ________________________ (come) with us to the festival. I (5) ________________________ (introduce) him to my taste in music – I like really weird music! carry have make put tidy Andrew: ‘I’ll tidy up all the plates and glasses.’ 1 Joe: ‘We __________________ the party in Andrew’s house instead.’ 2 Holly: ‘I __________________ some things back to the house.’ 3 Mark: ‘I __________________ some more sandwiches.’ 4 Penny: ‘I __________________ a note on the tree to tell the others where we are.’

will for spontaneous decisions
4 Read the situation. Then complete the sentences with will and the verbs in the box. Andrew and his friends have arranged a picnic in the park. They are waiting for the others to arrive but it has started to rain and everything is getting wet, including the friends.

will and be going to
2 Tick (9) the correct sentences. You’re still in bed. You’re going to be late for school.


1 I think you’ll enjoy your holiday. 2 I’ve already decided. I’ll go to university when I finish school. 3 Oh no, it’s raining! We’ll get wet. 4 I’m sure David will like his birthday present. 5 Your parents will go to Greece next year.

Compound nouns: travel
5 Complete the travel compound nouns. c i t y break 1 travel c__ __ __ __ __ __ __ n 2 l __ __ __ __ y hotel 3 day t __ __ p 4 skiing g __ __ r 5 r__ __ __ __n flight 6 b__ __ __h holiday

Present simple and present continuous for future
3 Choose the correct forms. Andy The meeting starts / is starting at 8 p.m. (1) Do you come / Are you coming? Lisa I don’t know. Dad’s flight (2) doesn’t arrive / isn’t arriving till 6.30 p.m., so I might still be at the airport. Andy You should come if you can. We (3) discuss / ’re discussing a lot of different things tonight. Lisa What time (4) does it finish / is it finishing? ’re going to a café for a drink. Lisa OK. I might see you there. Andy About 10 p.m. probably. Then we (5) go /

Phrasal verbs: travel
6 Choose the correct words. Please put on / up your seatbelts. 1 We were excited when we came / set off on our journey. 2 It’s raining. We have to turn back / off. 3 Did you come / go across anything interesting? 4 She took / put me up in her house for a week. 5 It’s exciting when the plane takes up / off! 


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