Cipla was established in 1935 with the vision to make India self-reliant in healthcare.

Today, we are one of the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical companies with over 2,000 products in 65 therapeutic categories, and a global presence in over 170 countries. We are renowned for making affordable, world-class medicines and have a reputation for uncompromising quality standards across the world. Cipla is about caring. And just as we care for our patients, the medical fraternity and our business partners, Care defines our relationship with our employees. A testimony to this fact is that in a recent Business Today survey of'Best Companies to Work for' Cipla was ranked the No. 1 company in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector. We employ over 20,000 people who have been handpicked for not just their knowledge and experience but their zeal to make a difference to the world of healthcare. We do not just give you a job, we take pride in helping you build a career for yourself by giving you opportunities to learn, perform and grow. So do you...

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Want an opportunity to work with the best in industry and be mentored by them? If you share our values of integrity, commitment, care and passion, send us your CV to Current Openings: Find out if our Vacancies match what you are looking for. Cipla was established in 1935 with the vision of making India self-reliant and self-sufficient in healthcare. Today, we are one of the world’s largest generic pharmaceutical companies with a presence in over 170 countries. We are renowned for making affordable, world-class medicines that meet the needs of patients across therapies. We also offer services like consulting, commissioning, plant engineering, technical know-how transfer and support.

Incorporated Corporate Office Chairman Managing Director

1935 Cipla Ltd., Mumbai Central, Mumbai 400 008, India

Dr. Yusuf K. Hamied Mr. M.K. Hamied

caring manifests itself in a safe. There’ll always be a better world. That’s been Cipla’s belief since 1935. For patients. which truly laid the foundation for the Pharmaceutical industry in India. NDA-Uganda. among others Highlights     Contact One of the world’s largest generic companies. ANVISA-Brazil. HE WORLD OF CIPLA There’ll always be a healthier way to live. Department of Health-Canada and MOH-Saudi Arabia. WHO-Geneva.000 US FDA. For business partners. caring means the assurance of world-class medicines and support across multiple therapeutic areas. For employees. and so have our capabilities. over 40 dosage forms. About Us : Caring for Life Since inception in 1935. TGA-Australia. a calmer way to sleep. APVMAAustralia. Over the years our commitment to heal. over 20 world firsts. INVIMA. 34 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities approved by major international regulatory agencies. Over 2. 65 therapeutic categories. equal-opportunities' workplace that fosters innovation for a healthier world. caring brings the confidence of always getting world-class quality and competitive prices. And by the 1960’s Cipla pioneered Bulk Drug manufacturing in the country.Colombia. caring is a promise that we will do whatever it takes to ensure they have continued access to the highest quality medicines at affordable prices. whether a disease affects millions or just a few hundreds. The War that followed saw Cipla rise to the challenge of meeting the alarming shortage of essential medicines. protect and enrich lives has only grown. a warmer way to care. Continuous innovation in R&D. caring has been at the core of everything we do at Cipla.000 products.Listing Equity Shares: BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited Global Depository Receipts: Luxembourg Stock Exchange Turnover* Employees* Approvals USD 1. PIC-Germany. with . MHRA-UK. To the medical fraternity. a surer way to heal.4 billion 20. for those who have the passion to create it. MCC-South Africa. when we began as a small In dian enterprise committed to the nation’s quest for self-sufficiency. SUKL-Slovak Republic. CIPLA TODAY Today we have 31 world-class manufacturing facilities spread across the country. Danish Medical Agency.

tackling the newer dimensions of diseases. Equally inspiring has been Cipla’s fight against asthma. we have set standards for the world to follow and have contributed to more than 125 monographs in the last 15 years . seven decades ago.Canada. spread awareness and empowered asthma patients to lead a fuller life. nasal sprays. and thermolabile foams. across 170 countries. In their cure and relief lies the ultimate purpose of what we do. Cipla opened the doors of hope to millions and millions of patients by becoming the first company in the world to offer the Triple-Drug AIDS Cocktail for less than a dollar a day. capable of complex multi-stage syntheses. You’ll see concern for the environment in our manufacturing processes. Carbapenems. Over the years. TPD. This relentless commitment to asthma inspired us to set up the Chest Research Foundation. we have taken on the challenges facing the world. We believe there’s no use in developing life-saving medicines if we can’t make them affordable for the patient. lyophilized injections. we even help countries set up their pharmaceutical infrastructure and train their professionals. air and water systems. like AIDS. and produce over 120 API’s from high potency actives in grams to those made in several tonnes. And quality is an obsession here for the 7000 people who walk into work every morning. We partnered with the medical fraternity to shatter myths. One out of every three HIV-AIDS patients under treatment in Africa uses a Cipla drug. such as that of US FDA. In a small way. the mission is always to make the life of the patient better. medical devices. everything from metered-dose inhalers. BFarm–Germany MCC–South Africa. Today. In fact. We have the world’s largest range of asthma medication and delivery systems . among others. from Chemical Synthesis. Hormones. At Cipla. in our people. trans-dermal spray patches. to cure. to meet what we call the Cipla benchmark. pre-filled syringes. Animal Health Products. safety practices. or for relief from suffering. European. It’s one of the few Institutes in the world that’s dedicate d to clinical and allied research in the . Today companies from around the world seek strategic alliances with Cipla for product development. Our research capabilities are extensive. to excel. US and international British. Neutraceuticals and Biotechnology. but to exceed. what makes us different is our multidisciplinary approach to research. contributing to their quest for self-reliance just the way we began healing India. Whether it is constantly extending our product range or consistently introducing innovations. We strive not just to meet international specifications. TGA Australia. Cipla produces one of the widest range of products and dosage forms in the world today. and above all. MHRA–UK. WHO. this has been the driving force behind our continuous quest for quality.dedicated plants for Oncology products. CIPLA RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT While our skills are among the best in the world. Inhalers. At a time when it was a death sentence and medication was unaffordable to most. World-class quality is reflected in everything we do – from start to finish. They more than meet the stringent international standards. Delivery Systems and Medical Devices to Process Engineering. technical support and marketing. there are millions of patients who get to use a Cipla product to prevent. and Cephlosporins. Our API manufacturing plants are today among the most sophisticated in the world.

With full-fledged marketing capabilities. they should be never beyond care. ANVISA-Brazil. CARE BEYOND CURE While there’ll be patients who are beyond cure. formulation development and commercialization. the company has been able to market its products in over 138 countries across the globe. At Cipla we enjoy challenges and creating change for the better – for patients and doctors. and for our own people. And along the way realised. look up our Careers section HETERO. arising from a belief that if we can’t heal their disease.. we could contribute to making the world a healthier place. Australian TGA. we must try and heal their pain.. Hetero showed a tradition of excellence and deep sense of commitment in developing cost effective processes to offer wide range of affordable drugs. Ever since its establishment in 1993... Majority of them are approved by the various regulatory authorities of USFDA. Intermediate Chemicals & Finished Dosages... that in our own small way. . If you are looking for a mission for life. Hetero is building on the strengths of vertical integration in discovery research.. Hetero’s manufacturing facilities are cGMP compliant meeting global standards in terms of infrastructure and systems. Hetero is a research based global pharmaceutical company focused on development.. OUR VISION Cipla started with a vision to build a healthy India. Hetero is a leading international supplier with a rich portfolio of over 200 products from wide range of therapeutic categories both in active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosages. Hetero is building on the strengths of vertical integration in discovery research. Hetero showed a traditionof excellence and deep sense of commitment in developing cost effective processes to offer wide range of affordable drugs. and still rising because they work with energy and passion. The Cancer Palliative Care Centre for the terminally ill is Cipla’s labou r of love for the patients and their families. WHO-Geneva. A training institute for the medical community.. Ever since its establishment in 1993..field of Chronic Respiratory Diseases. manufacturing and marketing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Because there’ll always be a better world out there for those who have the passion to create it. API manufacturing. formulation development and commercialization.. IDA-Netherlands etc. Intermediate Chemicals & Finished Dosages.. process chemistry... 1 About HETERO Hetero is a research based global pharmaceutical company focused on development.. We’ll continue to bring a smile on as many faces as we can to heal the world as much as we can. Spanish agency of medicines & health care products.. process chemistry. Some of our most successful managers are in their 20s and 30s.. API manufacturing. manufacturing and marketing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

more effective drugs. 17 years later. A medical representatives job description may include the following:  Develop and manage an assigned territory with the goal of maximizing sales . Without medical reps.. An entity that is grown in stature by virtue of its combined strength in research..P. During the said period Dr.S. devices. Dr. Today.. is the driving force behind this growing pharmaceutical phenomenon called “HETERO”. Dr.S Reddy has the credit of introducing many new molecules for the first time in Indian pharmaceutical market. B.P...."  yesterday.P. and devices that provide enhanced treatment opportunities. Medical reps bring new products.P. B. This can be as small as a few city blocks and as large as a country.    Dr.Reddy steered Hetero towards the forefront of global pharmaceutical industry with his vision to be recognised as an aggressive company that combines its strength of R&D and manufacturing with definite advantages in terms of cost and chemistry with a strong emphasis on quality of the products.Reddy.Reddy’s dream child. B. the name is synonymous with leadership in pharmaceuticals with more than 18 manufacturing units and 8000 employees.S. Chairman & Managing Director of Hetero group is academically endowed with a Post Graduate and Doctoral degrees with distinction in the field of synthetic chemistry.S.B.Founder A Visionary Scientist "Where the future started .S. Dr.. B. A visionary the world knows as Dr. His sharp analysis and ability to synthesize various chemical compounds lead to the discovery of new processes.P. Bandi Parthasaradhi Reddy.P. Dr. manufacturing and marketing. works a day ahead of future. Most territories are sized so that you can drive to most of your sales locations in less than a day. Medical reps are usual assigned a geographical territory in which they operate. and drugs designed to cure and aid a multitude of illnesses and ailments. Prior to founding of Hetero Drugs Limited.S Reddy had a stint in leading pharmaceutical companies as the head of the Research & Development division. cost effective schemes for manufacturing of various pharmaceutical products..Reddy is now focusing on giving new dimensions to Hetero in terms of research and innovation programs in discovery research to take the company to greater heights. Hetero was born in the year 1993 as a small API unit. A medical representative is above all a provider of information to make doctors and other medical professionals more knowledgeable.B. doctors would not become aware of new advancements in treatments..

Source(s): To handle yourself. to handle   The job of a medical representative in India is to represent the medical company which manufactures the medicines. He has to go to doctors and medical shops to sell drugs and promote drugs.      Achieve quarterly and annual sales goals Meet target call goals with a focus on top customers Host product presentations to designated customers Understand and address both business and scientific needs of healthcare professionals Engage in meaningful dialogue with customers  Medical rep has to sell products of pharma companies or drug manufacturers. He will ask physicians to refer his drugs for the patient.So the representative shall have the pamphlets about the new etc 3) Interacting with the AREA chemists to track sales Source(s): .and also samples with which he shall go directly to doctors and medical institutions and canvass about the medical product. . use your head.Now a days the manufacture of medical instruments is also included.Fixed salaray as well as commission based on the volume of sales generated is being given to the representative 1) Promoting the brand or the drug of the company he represents 2) Encouraging the doctors to prescribe drugs of their brand by giving them attractive incentives. He will give some free samples etc.

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