Grammar Starter unit

Present simple and present continuous
1 Complete the text with the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in the box. be complain leave not listen make prefer not see It’s 7 a.m. on the first day of the new school year. Mum (1)_______________ breakfast. Dad has already left for work. He often (2)_______________ very early, so we (3)_______________ usually _______________ him in the mornings. My brothers (4)____________________ that they’re tired. They (5)____________________ the summer holidays to school. Mum (6)_______________ to them!

Past simple
4 Write the past simple form of the verbs. Then match 1–5 with a–f to make sentences. The boys ate (eat) e 1 I _________________ (go) 2 Helen _________________ (buy) 3 Jack _________________ (not finish) 4 We _________________ (meet) 5 You _________________ (not be) a his homework last night. b our friends in the café. c to the cinema yesterday. d very friendly to my brother. e too much ice cream. f some new trainers.

Question words
2 Order the words to make questions. Omit one question word and use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs. you / what time / where / get up / usually / ?

Object and subject questions
5 Correct the mistakes. Two questions are correct. Who did tell you the secret?

What time do you usually get up?
1 why / laugh / when / they / ? ___________________________________________ 2 where / your cousins / how often / live / ? ___________________________________________ 3 what / the dog / look at / how / ? ___________________________________________ 4 she / who / what / talk to / ? ___________________________________________

Who told you the secret?
1 How many people did you invite to the party? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 2 What did happen in the film? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 3 How many people visited you in hospital? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Verbs + -ing
3 Complete the dialogue with the -ing form of the verbs in the box. chat Anna Anna look stay travel visit write

4 Who did score the winning goal? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 5 Which CD you bought? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 6 How many students did finish the exam? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Do you like staying at home in summer? Me too. I love (2)____________ by train. I like (3)____________ out of the window. I also enjoy (4)____________ in my diary.

George No, I prefer (1)____________ new places.

George I like (5)____________ to people on trains. 



But he couldn’t sleep. We’re 4 It’s only 8 p. I didn’t. It’s 5 Football players always have 6 Please be a late for school.30! B Yes. Sam’s mum (7)_______________ him a hug. 7 After the cinema we __ __ __ __ home on our bikes. I’m really hungry. e a look at your holiday photos? f careful with that sharp knife. 2 A What time do you ____________________? B We usually eat at about 7 p. Sam didn’t have to get up early. It’s lunchtime. 5 A Did you ____________________ at the festival? B No.m. Then he (4)_______________ something shiny in the cupboard. 4 A Do enjoy travelling by plane? B No. Let’s have c 1 Can I have 2 You must hurry or you’ll be 3 It’s a sunny day for our barbecue. b very early to leave the party. His parents (2)_______________ there.m. I look young for my age. so he (3)_______________ breakfast alone. 8 I __ __ __ __ __ a great song on the radio this morning. It (5)_______________ a new laptop! Then he (6)_______________ his parents – they were laughing behind the kitchen door. a good time dinner really hungry a lie-in scared sixteen years old A Would you like something to eat? B Yes. 3 Tom’s parents __ __ __ __ __ __ him a new bike for Christmas. g very lucky. he wanted to ____________________. I was really bored! Irregular verbs 3 Complete the sentences. be not be eat get give go hear see On the morning of his sixteenth birthday. 3 A I can’t believe you ____________________! B I know. Use the past simple form of verbs from the summary. I ____________________ of flying. 2 Complete the exchanges with the phrases in the box and the correct form of be or have. so he (1)_______________ downstairs to the kitchen. 5 I __ __ __ __ a cake yesterday. 2 My sister and I __ __ __ __ very young when we moved to London. d a break half way through a match. 1 A Is Dad still in bed? It’s 10. c something to eat. 4 Jack’s grandfather __ __ __ __ __ __ him how to play tennis. but it tasted horrible. 4 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the box. please. 6 Max __ __ __ __ to the zoo with his cousins.Vocabulary Starter unit Summary Expressions with be and have be: careful early hungry late lucky right scared sixteen years old thirsty wrong have: a break a good time a lie-in a look a party a shower dinner something to eat Irregular verbs be (was / were) buy (bought) do (did) eat (ate) get (got) give (gave) go (went) have (had) hear (heard) make (made) ride (rode) see (saw) speak (spoke) teach (taught) Expressions with be and have 1 Match 1–6 with a–g. 1 Nobody __ __ __ __ to me on my first day at school. His birthday was starting to get a lot better!  PHOTOCOPIABLE © OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 2 .

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