Different I knew that I was different when I saw him.

I never really went out with anyone, just a few girls but nothing serious. But when I saw him I thought the sun blinded me. He walked into the class like a god, blond hair and light skin, untouched my the California sun, deep blue eyes, like the ocean, a perfect smile with white teeth, and I saw a bit of muscle hidden under his shorts and shirt sleeves. I know that this guy was my perfect opposite with myself having black hair, pale skin, nice teeth, hazel eyes, and a skinny body. But still he was beautiful and I knew he would be trouble for me. His name was Jay Lars and he just moved from Idaho because his father got transferred here. I saw that a lot of people liked him because he was handsome and nice, a lot of girls approached him as well at lunch. I hung out with my friends a Gothic girl named Luna who was straight, Mary and Dex who was bi, Ben who was gay and myself. We were the weird group because even through we liked different sexes or the same sex we were still together. We always sat under a big tree outside. When it was really hot or warm out we would sit there or the roof top if it was taken by someone else. Not a lot of people approached us because we were different and all but we really didn't care. After lunch we all split ways and went to different classes. I found out that Jay was in almost all my classes and my teacher Mrs. McDee said, "Ethan, since Jay is new and you both seem to have most classes together, could you show him around?" I really didn't want to but if I didn't I know my mom would here of this because she's good friends of the McDee family, so I said, "Um, sure Mrs. McDee." "Wonderful! Then Jay!" Jay walked into class and heard Mrs. McDee call and said, "Yes?" while waling to the front. "This is Ethan and he'll show you around since you're both in the same classes." "Okay." said Jay while giving me a curious look. After class we both walked to history together. I told him the names of the places that we past. Where his locker is, where the gym and changing room is, the bathrooms and the drinking fountains, classes that he might have in the future, what events that we have,

The bell rang and we went our separate ways because it was the last class of the day.what kind of sports they're. While we were walking he asked. . it seemed like he was following me so I called out." "Oh well I live with my mom and dad. Ours were next to each other. Tomorrow he'll forget about me because all the students will tell him about me and my weird group. yet that's it. "Where did you get this car?" "I've had it for a while since we moved here. Jay shifted gears and we were on our way to school. On the way I asked. After thinking about those things I quickly changed and got to work with dinner before my mom came home. ." I answered." "Oh then we can walk together. Then we headed to the gym lockers. I made pho and dumplings." We both reached class and sat in different seats. but first we stopped by the cafe to get breakfast and to out lockers. a sleek black car pulled up in front of me. The next day. The inside smelled like chocolate and the seats were made of tan leather. Jay parked in the student parking lot and I waited for him as he got his stuff out of his car. I live in this direction. Thanks. it seemed like Jay was interested in me. because he doesn't know me at all yet. my dad died. "Hey Ethan. everything looked so advance." as I slide into the seat. "Why are you following me?" "I'm not following you. Then we walked together to Physical Education." "Oh god. sorry. cook. It was Jay. So we both said by and went home. "So what do you do on your days off?" "Usually I hang out with my group. or just sleep in. "Okay. After eating I went to my room to study because I had a big test tomorrow. and I didn't want to wait around for the bus because it was so slow. I'm so sorry!" "I said it's fine. ." he answered. read in the library or at home. . want a ride?" I really liked the car and riding with him would be awesome. when I was waiting at the bus stop because I didn't get my license yet. him with a group of people wanting to know him and me by myself with a bunch of loners in a corner. etc. I thought today was a strange day. I walked home and found out that Jay walked home too. but then again I could be wrong." I found out that we were neighbors too." "Nah it's okay. "So you cook?" he asked "What kind?" "I can cook anything because I live with my mom.

I also told Jay about which sex they liked but it seemed like he took it well so I didn't say anything else. before Jay caught me staring. etc. I turned away quickly. saying that he should sit with them or hang out with them after school or try to ask him out but he would turn them down saying he was already eating and didn't want to get up or that he was busy after school helping unpack his things from moving. They were really surprised to see someone.We got to our gym lockers. When the lunch bell rang we threw away our trash and my friends disappeared into the crowd of people who were trying to get to class or catch their friend in the hallway to chat. I didn't notice that Jay was watching me change cause I was too busy getting ready. basketball. then we went to work on volleyball. A few girls and boys would occasionally come up to Jay. soccer. the clouds covered the sun like a blanket and it was really warm but the light wind breeze kept us cool. After gym we both went to different classes so we split ways. Jay didn't seem to care but listened to them anyway. Jay and I met up by the big tree outside where I usually sit with my group. . We all sat in silence eating and looking around us. some of them started talking to Jay about trying out for football. I introduced my friends to Jay and him to them. would sit with them because they were all weird. Jay was still beside me and we walked the History together. "Yeah. that was the center of attention to the whole school. baseball. in our group. It was hard for me cause I didn't have control of the ball at all on the other hand Jay had it easy. We finally went inside the gym and started stretching." The rest of the day went by fast. and got changed. he had muscles in all the right places. sure. which were right next to each other. and got dressed. We then went to get lunch and sat underneath. I ignored all of them and just stared at a wall. etc. what more is that he wasn't buff or anything just lean with muscles. I watched as Jay stripped off his blue t-shirt. Jay and I were paired up. It was sunny but cloudy. "You wanna meet up together for lunch?" I thought about it for a minute then answered. As we were going Jay asked. Anyway we finished changing and just waited around for the other guys to get done and head to the gym.

"Sure. "They just wanna have a good time and I'm just busy. "Hey Ethan. like they couldn't believe that Jay would sit next to a weirdo and loser like me." I answered." Jay answered. The angry girls were watching me with utter disgust. to tutor you?" "Yeah. I got through the crowd of pushing girls and went to the far right corner of the room and sat down. you didn't take notes. basketball." I injected. Telleworth. what? You wanna start tutoring now?" I asked. I stopped and looked at him in the eyes and said. Whatever. and some people were taking notes throughout the lecture because Mrs. I liked this spot it has a nice view of the growing trees and flowers and the sunlight was just right so it didn't blind me and when I looked outside I often find myself dreaming about something or in a daze. so what time should we meet?" Jay asked. "You. Even thorough History is a boring class why does she have to be so cheery? I thought. "Ok class today we're having a review on the American Revolution!" said the cheery History teacher Mrs. "Really? Then could you teach me. "That it? Cause they look pissed off. she even showed us a video. sure. Telleworth usually has a pop quiz about her lectures the following week. "What happened?" I said as I was watching at the disappointed and angry girls sat back into their seat." Jay said while getting his notebook and pencil out." said Jay. I heard a noise beside me and turned to see that Jay decided to sit next to me. it's like I hear of see whatever is going on and memorize it so I have photographic memory of something of the sort. "Yeah we can schedule a daily meeting at my house. so what do you say?" "Um. I guess. "Wait. "I rejected them all." I said and dropped the topic and looked outside the window. well tutor me?" asked Jay. Telleworth went on and on about the American Revolution. The bell rang and everyone packed up their things and headed to their last class of the day. So we all sat in silence as Mrs. want me. We packed up and started walking to Math. cause well I'm trying out for football. pushing and shoving one another. it's the only thing interesting about me. I already know it and stuff. baseball. "Yeah. "Great." I said. and maybe soccer and I need good grades to be in it. I really didn't care about the quiz cause I already get good grades without trying. trying to talk to him and offering a seat next to them and to ask him out since he was single. .At the door a bunch of girls suddenly came up to Jay.

what kind?" "Um." he said as I was walking getting out of the car. "Anytime works for me." Jay smiled. what time do you wanna meet at?" I asked. Maybe on the weekends if we have time. ok then how about ice cream?" "Ha!" "What?!" "I didn't peg you for someone who eats ice cream as food. I was going to tutor Jay!!! My mom woke me up the next morning and I told her that I was going to start tutoring my friend so I wouldn't be around to cook dinner when I get home sometimes. ok. . "Get in. I told her that I was fine. I saw that Jay was already outside in his car waiting for me. ." Jay said. ." So I did and then we went to school. . so ice cream it is for tutoring. "Oh no! You don't have to pay me! I can do it for free and plus I'm your friend!" "Oh? well I can't just let my friend just tutor me for free now can I?" "Um . ." "That doesn't give much to pick from ya know?" "Um . His car door was opened and he said. anything is fine as long as it's good. . "Ok. She said it was fine and asked how I was doing these days cause she's been busy with work. I looked shocked. "So this tutor thing. and Friday. I ate breakfast and after I gathered my school supplies and went outside. .Monday. what about you?" "I'm good with anytime too. how much do you want me to pay you?" Jay asked. can you treat me to food then?" embarrassed. "Um . "Food?" Jay thought for a minute. "I'll see you later then." With that it was settled." "Shut up! I just love the stuff!" "Ok. "Yep. maybe we'll get together? ." Who knows. Wednesday.

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