A FAREWELL RENDEZ-VOUS by Luca Dinulescu Centerpiece proposal for the project entitled “Jayme”

Revealed is a big morgue hall, almost cathedralesque in its proportions. The cold light overhead bathes the chrome surface of the refrigerated receptacles, giving an almost translucent aspect to them. Voices float around surreally due to the strong echo as a few visitors wearing medical masks stroll along in the background, staring at the drawers as if it were a public exhibition. Suddenly a man’s silhouette fills the frame looking right at us. He is Douglas, Jayme’s father, a John Malkovich type that looks pretty worn-out. He is speechless for now and sighs occasionally. Tears form in his eyes. At last, Douglas finds his words: “Indeed. Indeed that’s what it feels like… my son. It feels like nothing. Like emptiness and absolute lack of sense. As if everything you’ve ever heard or seen or touched or smelled or… or known… is gone. Oh God. Oh my God. I do not believe you are not here anymore, my son. I do not want to believe.” At this point Douglas chokes with his own tears. A second man approaches him from behind and lays a hand on his shoulder. It’s Thomas, Jayme’s brother, a slimmer Javier Bardem type. The two hug one another and then Douglas steps back a little bit, leaving Thomas to stare at us as well. He barely finds his words: “Yes. I guess this is how you’d paint goodbye, my brother. Goodbye. What a strange word, isn’t it? To some of us – to me – this word is unconceivable, but that didn’t stop you paint it. That’s why I believe that if there ever was a man to paint the impossible, that man was you.” At this point Thomas bursts out crying as well. “Good-bye, then, my dear brother.” A third character moves closer to them as well: Saul, Jayme’s once best friend. The three of them hug silently and then Saul moves ahead to gaze at the same fixed point in space that we don’t see. He has a hard time picking his words: “For some strange reason, I can’t cry. I don’t know what’s going on, but I just can’t. You know why? Because… because even though I thought I knew you better than anyone else… now I realize that I didn’t know you at all, my friend. Otherwise how come that you - you, the living god of every work of art that has been put on display in recent memory… would end up on this wall here?” As Saul grimaces hard trying to hold his inner pain, a fourth character approaches them. She is a beautiful young lady wearing an all-white gown with paint-like stains on it, but mostly red. She speaks through the medicinal mask that covers her mouth: “I’m sorry to barge in… you must be the family. And I must tell you that you were always – always – in his heart.” The others stare at her in amazement, unable to speak. The woman turns to look at the same unseen center of interest that drew the other’s attention. “Do you like it? Indeed, I would say that this is Jayme at his best. In fact this is – Jayme.” Reverse shot – at this point it is the first time that we get to see the object of their examination: a blank, virgin canvas that stands ridiculously white in contrast with the rest of the wall. In fact, at a closer glance it appears that the whole metallic texture of the refrigerators is nothing but carefully crafted wallpaper. The woman turns to face Douglas once again: “Did you have a chance to see the rest of the exhibition?”

“Now I’ll ask you to go beyond this point on your own” continues the woman. trips and falls repeatedly. calling for her son’s name over and over again. she freezes in her tracks as she lays her eyes on the ground. the woman ushers them past the door. I forgot my glasses.” Douglas gasps and yanks himself ahead to face her. Douglas is the first one to see the silhouette of a woman standing still not far from them. Père Lachaise cemetery – The three men are even more astounded to find themselves on the peaceful alleys of the famous cemetery. The woman’s face swiftly decomposes to a deadly mask as she falls to her knees. She stumbles upon various graves that apparently mislead her. Her inhuman shriek breaks the ever present silence of the great cemetery. though. trying to protect her from the ever growing rain. However. continues her search unabatedly. It is just a matter of instants until she vanishes amongst the vast forest of mausoleums towering above them. But the woman’s eyes.” Douglas turns as if about to leave. but each time she gets back to her feet with more and more determination. “But be careful! There’s someone out there waiting for you. her eyes squeezed as if trying to take the edge off the pain. with growing vigor. He paces calmly with his hand sprang forward as if this were the first time in his life that he saw the . there’s no way of stopping her now. Her pain strikes upon the others within seconds. However. commanding door that blocks their further access. fix him coldly. A fresh. At some point. The woman dashes for the tiny alleys of the cemetery. are pointless as to what should be done. recently dug grave with patches of bare soil all around awaits her. but the woman manages to escape. but Thomas grabs hold of him: “Father. he stops as if pulled back by an invisible force. Then. After a moment’s shock. all of a sudden. and grief and longing… but that until the first tears roll down Douglas’ cheeks… and his gentle weep develops into a bitter cry. the landscape of which looks strikingly real. Douglas is the first one to catch his words: “Did you know my son well?” Her eyes moisten: “Yes. Suddenly. she is. while her hands and mouth petrify into a horrifying scream à la Edvard Munch. I guess I could say we knew each other pretty well. At some point Douglas even grabs hold of her. She knows. the woman bursts into an explosion of energy and sets herself on a rampage for her dead son. The woman. He leans in to Thomas’ ear: “Thomas.” Douglas’ words are cut short as they reach a grand. when all these seem to be over. They spend a few moments gazing around with deep surprise. All they can do now is to stare at one another with eyes wide open in awe. a fourth character materializes from the dense sheets of water: Saul. Once he is an arm length away from her. Ext.Cut – The bewildered Douglas. though. The two men. Is she?…” Thomas gives him a blunt reply: “Yes. At the turn of a corner. They just squat down beside her.” Before they even have a chance to say anything. She opens her mouth to speak and the words squawk at him as if coming from another world: “Where is my son?” Douglas freezes and makes a slow turn to face the others. The look on his face changes into great concern. though. The woman writhes on the ground in blind despair. making them react promptly. Their horrified faces attest to the fact that they’ve heard the question. random drops of water start pounding the pavement here and there – the rain sets in. even though washed in tears. Douglas and Thomas track her presence down and approach her with great care. Thomas and Saul are led by this woman through a network of corridors.

Up there.rain. the clouds have formed into the most picturesque panorama the nature could have fabricated. the drops of rain pounding against the palm of his hand are not made of water. the four of them lapse into a balanced mix of laugh and tears while nestling into each other to stare at the gothic sky. but paint. Amazingly enough. . As if Rembrandt and Van Gogh would have made a deal to celebrate the death of this great artist. Staggered. Dozens of gallons of paint coming in all colors pour down upon them from the rebellious sky.

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