Neighbor Bingo

Plays a musical Likes to listen to jazz Instrument, other than music. piano. Owns his/her own business Has visited Alaska. Speaks more than two languages. Is married to High School Sweetheart or First Love Volunteers at his/her church Has been on at least Was Homecoming/ Has the most children three continents Prom King or Queen.

Has acted in school or Has participated in a community plays. march/demonstration.

Has a green thumb (grows plants successfully).

Has received an award for athletics.

Sells a product or service Is CPR certified Still lives in the town where he/she was born Has had an unusual Has been to culinary pet. school.

Has appeared on television.

Has not been late to work once this year.

Is a grandparent.

Has relatives who live Would like to write a south of the Equator. novel.

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