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Check List for Development of an Intranet Site

This is the process that you must undertake when you are setting up a new intranet site, or
extensively upgrading an existing site.

Phase/Objective Task Checklist

1. Planning

Goal: Complete a plan

Define the project owner Project owner defined
Define goals and limitations Goals and limitations defined
Define project team Project team defined
Time frame defined
Define time frame
Plan in place
2. Content and functionality

Goal: Complete information

architecture, navigation and content
Prepare workshop Workshop planned
Complete workshop Workshop completed
Quality control workshop after
the fact
Sum up workshop with report
that includes sketches of
Report in place
architecture, navigation and
Circulate the report among
Receive feedback and make
necessary changes
Report approved by all relevant
Establish consensus around the
report in the organization A report that includes an information
architecture, navigation and content
templates in place
3. Establish information owners

Goal: Determine who shall have

responsibility for uploading and
maintaining information on the
pages or in the sections
Make an information ownership
matrix based on results from the Information owner matrix complete
Ensure that all relevant people
understand their responsibilities Information owner matrix recognized
vis-a-vis the information owner by staff and accepted
Clarify which resources are
necessary for publishing and Resources clarified
Ensure that the necessary
Management accepts allocation of
positions and work force is
available to take on each task
Internal training completed
Complete in-house training on
making and adapting content for Everybody in the organization knows
web his or her role with respect to the new
intranet, and has received formal
authorization to fulfill the new role
4. External orders

Goal: Make orders for necessary

technical solutions and design
Redevelop the contents in the
report from phase 2 into a Technical specification and creative
technical specification document brief in place
and a creative brief
Identify possible suppliers Possible suppliers identified
Send out requests for bids Requests for bids sent out
Consider the offers from
Choose a supplier Supplier chosen
Place the order Order placed
5. Implementation

Goal: Fill the technical solution with

content, implement design
templates and begin using the
Build up a new structure in the
Structure built up
new solution
Implement templates in the new
Templates implemented
Log editorial users into the
Editorial users logged on
Complete in-house course in
In-house course completed
use of the system
Content published (by respective
Place content in database
information owners)
Approve external suppliers
Test to ensure that the technical
properties, design and content
function according to plan Intranet is operational and full of
6. Launch

Goal: Draw attention to

establishment of new intranet
Launch activity planned
Plan launch activity

Establish budget for launch

activity and get approval for Budget for launch activity approved
Launch activity completed
Complete launch activity
Intranet is "officially launched" and in
7. Operations

Goal: Ensure that the intranet is

active and continuously improved
Establish routines for receiving
Feedback from users regularly
and handling feedback from
received and considered
Establish routines for checking Statistics regularly checked and
and following up on statistics followed up
Establish routines for regular
User surveys completed regularly
user surveys
Analyze results of feedback,
statistics and user surveys
Suggest concrete improvements Improvements approved
Complete improvements
Test to ensure that
improvements have had desired
Intranet is regularly improved
effect (regularly, as part of
operational routine)