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I.Processional II.

Eucharistic celebration Introduction Entrance hymn Penitential Rites Liturgy of the word First Reading Responsorial Psalm Gospel Acclamation Gospel Homily Procession of Faith Prayers of the Faithful GloryVI Imari S. SIoco Caps Cloth of Service Wine and Water Host Presentation of Gifts Eucharistic Prayer Communion Concluding Rites Final Hymn III. Program Opening Remarks Introduction of the Speaker Inspirational Message

Mrs. Gemma Yder Queenie Rose Legayada Alvin Earl J. Estante Fria S. Demaisip, R.N., M.A.N. Melania C. Cenon, Phd Ricky Soledad, R.N

Grace Mhannor H. Gumban Daly A. Deocampo

Eubert S. Babas Rio Sheene L. Libo-on Danna Christine G. Paguntalan Christine Marie M. Calzado Edna Lacre, R.N, M.A.N Maiden Idemne, R.N, M.A.N Mark Angelico B. Ferrer Danilo Parreno Rio P. Inson Rose Eden S. Amuenda Angeli J. Compuesto Antoinette T. Yder Pablo Campos Jay Vincent E. Emilio Mercy N. Duco Michelle I. Centina Ervin P. Espulgar Michael B. Duenas Demetrio S. Ferrer III Larry Adrian V.Castante Eliniza P. Badoy Jo-Ann Mae Navigar Gershom Shaddai F. Gumayan Kevin B. Benemile Mrs. Mercy L. Libo-on Mr. Nerio Espinosa

Offertory Candles Flowers Gifts

Presentation of Candidates Confirmation of Candidates

Melania C. Cenon, Phd Dean, College of Nursing Glenn Arthur Alpino, R.N. Clinical Instructor Levi Gumatas, R.N Quality Assurance Dept. St. Pauls Hospital Iloilo Melania C. Cenon,Phd Dean, College of Nursing Jeanette B. Fabul, MBM Chief Operations Officer

Capping and Candle lighting Ceremony Response Student Catherine F. Tibobos Parent Geronima S. Sioco Class Song Denise B. Buenconsejo UI Nurses Hymn Recessional

Masters of Ceremony: Glaiza L. Lobres, R.N Michael T. Gustilo, R.N. Clinical Instructors

BATCH SONG ONE VOICE, ONE DREAM Various looks and faces From different walks of life Though we are all strangers Walking in same ways Each and everyone Have different roads to take Guided by one light And bounded by one faith CHORUS: One voice, one dream Lets sing our hearts Lets share our dreams One vision hand in hand Together we will soar With strength and pride Each of us is different Unique in every way Divided by our choices In choosing what is right Set aside our differences Unite our hearts as one Lets take this journey hand in hand And reach that shining star (Repeat chorus) Hardships we may face Hard as it may seem Yet we stand hand in hand Along with Christ our King

He will be our light In our darkest times Were voices of Gods angel Lets sing him song of praise Songs of praise