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The Peninsula-Wide News Publication

Volume 2, Issue NNo.o. 2211 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA March 12, 2004

Area II officials respond Soldiers dig out from storm

Housing officers address housing. “If the charges vary considerably, they
should question the landlord. “If they do not
utility, mold issues get a satisfactory answer, they should bring the
problem to the Housing Office for review.”
By John A. Nowell “Should a landlord present bills for costs
Area II Public Affairs Office exceeding agreed to utilities fees or refuse to
refund deposits without justification, we take
YONGSAN — Area II officials have provided that act seriously and may bar that landlord from
additional information about two articles that future referral,” said George Majerus, chief
appeared in the Stars and Stripes newspaper. The housing officer, Area II Support Activity.
stories were “Unexpected utility bills a shock to “We can also bar the real estate agency,
wallets” on Page 3 of the Sunday newspaper and which represented the landlord. Over-charging
“Yongsan toils to free mold’s hold,” on Page 4 of any of our personnel is an unacceptable practice
the Tuesday edition. and we will not allow our community members
While it may be true that some off-post to be treated that way,”Majerus said. “We highly
residents have had difficulty when clearing encourage all incoming personnel who seek off-
quarters because of inflated utility bills, this is post housing to attend our briefings before they
not the norm, said Area II Housing officials. The go house hunting.”
Housing Office strives to help all residents, Lt. Col. Steve Roemhildt, director of Public
officials said. Works, said, “We conduct periodic meetings
When off-post housing occupants have with the realty agents to discuss problems that
problems with landlords, they need to report it arise to ensure that landlords and lessees are
immediately to the housing office. happy with the arrangements that have been
“Residents are advised to obtain receipts for made. In fact, we have such a meeting
utility expenses so they know what costs are
incurred,” said Fred Moore, deputy chief of See Housing on Page 4 PHOTO BY PVT. STEPHANIE PEARSON

Spc. James Hubbard, Headquarters and Headquarters Company,

Area I, removes snow from the common area in front of his unit March
Leading the charge 5. Warrior Country, like much of the peninsula, was blanketed with 6
inches of snow last week. Read about how Area I officials dealt with
the snow conditions on Page 5.

Speaker advocates voting,

encourages empowerment
By Steve Davis students what it was like being
Area III Public Affairs Office arrested as a 13-year-old for
demonstrating for civil rights in
CAMP HUMPHREYS — the ‘60s.
Though Shirley Harrington- “Whenever I speak
Watson came to Korea to present anywhere, I always ask to speak
an energetic women’s history to youngsters,” said Harrington-
speech to Area III Soldiers, she Watson, African-American
didn’t slow down after the program manager at the U.S.
Women’s History Month Department of Agriculture and
celebration here Tuesday acting director for the Secretary
PHOTO BY PFC. ALEX LICEA morning at Freedom’s Inn. Off of Agriculture’s diversity
advisory office. “I don’t want to
2nd Lt. Bradley Pique, 57th Military Police Company, screams out commands to his Soldiers during a live- she went to Humphreys
be there unless I can touch
fire exercise at Seoung Range near Pohang Feb. 19. Read about it on Page 16. American Elementary School to
tell fifth- and sixth-grade See History on Page 4

What ’s inside... INSIDE

Tennesee Titan Nutrition Month Humphreys Chinook Camp Hialeah opens Blotter....................Page 2
cheerleaders visit kicks off in unit ‘wings it’ to the child development Movies...................Page 14
Chaplain................Page 15
warriors Area II field home MWR Events...........Page 18
Korean Language....Page 30
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Page The Morning Calm Weekly
2 March 12, 2004

MP Blotter Army helps college-bound students

The following entries ere extracted from 8th Personnel Command school can be a public or four-year college or university
the past several weeks’ military police located in the United States.
blotters. Entries may be incomplete and High school students will be thinking about going off to A Soldier is entitled to one government-funded round-trip
do not determine the guilt or innocence
college soon. Some students living in Korea can get help per fiscal year for the dependent student between the student’s
of persons involved.
moving to the United States from the Army. school and the sponsor’s duty station. Travel also can be
The Army authorizes dependent students to travel from another location to meet the family for vacation if the
! An investigation disclosed that a U.S. servicemember
between overseas sponsors’ duty stations and schools in cost does not exceed travel to the present duty station. An
had consumed an unknown quantity of alcohol, causing
him to lose consciousness. The troop was carried by military the continental United States at government expense under entitlement not used during a fiscal year does not carry over
police from a local off-post club to a U.S. community certain guidelines. to the next fiscal year.
medical office call box. After receiving aid, the Guidelines for approved authorization for dependent Students may ship up to 350 pounds of unaccompanied
servicemember regained consciousness and then suddenly student travel include: baggage in connection with dependent student travel.
struck one of the assisting personnel in the chest with a ! Sponsors must be permanently stationed outside the Baggage may only be shipped independent of travel and must
closed fist. The troop then lost consciousness again. Upon CONUS and accompanied by command-sponsored family be shipped within 60 days of the travel date.
regaining consciousness, the troop again struck out, kicking members unless student family members are unmarried Some restrictions apply depending on individual situations
a second individual who was also assisting. This second dependent children under 23 years old attending or will be such as separation from school, travel in conjunction with
individual then attempted to apprehend the servicemember attending schools in the United States to obtain initial permanent change of station, early or advance return
who began kicking again in an attempt to get away. He was undergraduate college educations. of family members, cadets and midshipmen, and students
eventually apprehended and transported to the local troop ! Student must have enrolled in a full-time course of attending vocational or trade school.
medical clinic by ambulance. While at the TMC, the study or program. Full time is defined as 12 semester hours Army Regulation 55-46, Travel Overseas, has complete
servicemember remained combative, biting one of the or the equivalent. Students who will be attending school details on student travel. For more information on application
emergency services personnel on the left hand and spitting must be within 90 days of their school start date. Sponsors process and the eligibility criteria of individual situations,
in his face. The troop was restrained to the examination must provide letters of acceptance from the schools. An contact the Personnel Actions Division in the Theater Army
table by medical personnel for treatment. He was undergraduate school must be an accredited institution that Personnel Services Directorate of the 8th Personnel
administered a command-directed breath alcohol test with offers courses leading to undergraduate degrees. The Command at 724-8368.
results pending and then transported to the military police

Advances cover road expenses

station, where he was released to his chain of command.
The servicemember was not advised of his legal rights
because of his level of intoxication.

! The military police were recently notified of a By Sidney Keyes If the status of lodging or meals accomplished when claiming travel
housebreaking. An investigation disclosed that persons 175th Finance Command changes upon arrival at the TDY advances on a DD Form 1351-2 and
unknown, by unknown means, unlawfully entered destination a statement of nonavailability submitting it to servicing finance office
Primo’s Pizza, located on a local U.S. installation. YONGSAN — Travel advances may will be required to claim lodging expenses travel sections. All settlement vouchers,
Further investigation revealed that the unknown subjects be authorized during official travel, on the settlement voucher if not DD Form 1352-2, require an approving
used a ladder to climb up into the ceiling to gain permanent change of station or authorized on the original TDY orders. official signature before submission.
access to the cashier’s cage. No damage was reported. temporary duty while stationed in Korea. Servicemembers issued government Soldiers may request a PCS travel
The investigation continues. This advance is to offset expenses travel charge cards can obtain TDY advance and dislocation advance at their
incurred while on official travel. advances through automated teller servicing finance in- and out-processing
! An investigation revealed that a U.S. family member centers. The advance will not be paid
Travel advances are requested by machines. ATM fees are reimbursable on
was observed via closed circuit television removing an earlier than 10 days before departure.
taking a copy of travel orders to the the travel settlement voucher. All frequent
Nintendo game cube system video game and a cheat PCS travel advances are intended to cover
system for the Nintendo game cube system from the servicing finance office and filling out travelers – five or more TDY trips per
a request for advance form. Travel expenses incurred while en route to a new
store display, conceal them on his person and then exit year – can apply for a government travel
duty station. Soldiers must settle all PCS
the store without paying. Army and Air Force Exchange advances will not be paid earlier than charge card. Occasional TDY travelers,
and TDY en route advances upon arrival
Service security personnel detained the individual and 10 days before official travel. The less than five TDY trips per year, are at their new duty stations during in-
escorted him to the AAFES security office, where the recommended method of payment is encouraged to apply. Contact servicing processing. It is important for
family member surrendered the items and released them electronic funds transfer. finance offices or resource managers for servicemembers to maintain copies of all
back to AAFES. Upon arrival of the military police, the Servicemembers and civilian local points of contact and procedures advances. This will assist in-processing
individual was detained and transported to the local Provost employees should check their TDY The government travel charge card is personnel in ensuring travel advances are
Marshal Office where he was advised of his legal rights in travel orders to see what type of per for official business only and is to be used properly recorded and cleared.
the presence of his sponsor, which he invoked. In the diem is authorized. If orders state for authorized TDY travel expenses. All Soldiers should consider TDY and
process to seize the family member’s ration control “commercial lodging and meals are TDY orders are required to have a PCS travel advances as loans that are
plate, the individual presented a ration control plate authorized,” a request for TDY travel statement indicating whether the traveler repaid with receipts for authorized
that did not belong to him. The ration control plate
advance may be submitted. If the orders is a government travel card holder or not. reimbursable travel expenses or per
was seized and released to the area law and order
state “government quarters and meals All TDY advances are required to be diem entitlements. Failure to properly
officer along with the video surveillance tape. The
individual was later released to his sponsor. available or provided,” a TDY travel settled within five working days after account for travel advances may result
advance is generally not needed. completion of travel. This will be in payroll deductions.

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The Morning Calm Weekly Page
March 12, 2004 3

NEWS & NOTES Assignment of choice

JROTC Scholarships
The Yongsan Sergeants Major Association will award
five $1,000 scholarships to Seoul American High
School JROTC students. Scholarships are to offset
the financial burden of high school seniors not
receiving four-year ROTC scholarships. JROTC
students who are seniors this year are eligible to
apply. Based on the theme “Leadership excellence
starts here,” scholarship applicants must write 300-
400 word essays on the theme. Applications are
available at the school guidance counselor office
or the JROTC office. The deadline for applying is
April 1.

AFCEA Scholarships
High school seniors majoring in engineering,
information technology, computer sciences and
other related fields are eligible for five $1,000
scholarships from the Seoul Armed Forces
Communications and Electronics Association
Chapter. Seniors from any Department of Defense
Dependent Schools in South Korea are eligible.
School counselor offices have application packets,
or students may contact Easter Bruce, AFCEA
director of scholarships, at 011-9671-0148 or e-
mail Scholarship
applications and supporting documents are due by PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS

noon April 15. Students will be notified by 20 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Darin Hairston (foreground) and other Soldiers work out at the Fitness Annex at Camp Humphreys. The facility
April. opened recently to provide a minigym for Soldiers at Zoeckler Station. Located in building S-1228, it is open 5:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-
Friday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturdays, and 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. holidays. It is closed Sunday.
Black Market Tips Hotline
Anyone observing black market activity or who has
information about black marketing can e-mail or call Chinhae joins with Korean forces for exercise
By Senior Chief Petty Officer Brian Naranjo “Many personnel had to take on not only direct roles but
Fleet Activities Chinhae Public Affairs Office
Frozen Ground Beef Recall support roles. We had great support from the base and tenant
Medical officials in Korea have recalled some frozen command personnel in safety observers, role players and taking
JINHAE — Fleet Activities Chinhae was put to the test the on temporary collateral duties and support within the Emergency
ground beef products because of E. coli food-
last week of February as Exercise Sudden Focus descended on Operations Center,” Girkin said.
borne disease. The frozen ground beef produced
the base. The synopsis of the exercise was that hostile military special
by Richwood Meat Co. from California and was sold
An exercise team from U.S. Forces Korea evaluated Fleet forces had infiltrated the base and planted an improvised
through USFK outlets. This product may have been
Activity Chinhae personnel’s ability to effectively react to a tense explosive device. The device detonated near the command
labeled as Richwood Meat Co., California Pacific
situation involving an aggressive attack by hostile forces, and administrative building, and there were mass casualties.
Associates, SYSCO, Chef’s Pride Brand, Golbon,
the resulting complications and confusion that would surely Base fire and medical departments responded to the scene of
DANCO Quality Foods, Columbus Foodservice or
follow. the exercise explosion, and were assisted by various Korean teams,
Ritz Food Service.
The main departments affected by the exercise were security, including explosive ordnance disposal, chemical detection and
Consumers should check for to see if they have
fire and medical. decontamination.
this product by the United States Department of
Agriculture plant establishment number. Frozen In the event of an actual attack, Fleet Activities Chinhae During the exercise a staged riot ensued at the main gate as the
hamburger from plant “8234” may be subject to wouldn’t go it alone. The base would be assisted by personnel general public reacted to the explosion. Korean National Police
recall. A second identification number is the from the Republic of Korea’s Combined Naval Base, Chinhae, augmented base security to keep the crowd at bay.
packaging date. The affected product was packed including Korean Navy and Marine Quick Response Forces, Two separate evaluation teams, or Red Cells, acted as simulated
on Aug. 11, 2003, or 11-08-03. Both the plant and local city fire and rescue teams. attackers and tried to enter the base. Neither team was successful
number, 8234, and the packing date, Aug. 11, Sudden Focus brought these elements together in an exercise as Chinhae security effectively responded, Girkin said.
2003, must be the package to positively identify designed to push emergency response personnel to their limits. The level of cooperation between the U.S. and Korean
the product as coming from the affected lot. “I believe the exercise was executed and all base personnel elements was “nothing short of exceptional,” Girkin said.
Contact Lt. Col. Bob Walters at 738-3232 or were mentally and physically prepared to fulfill every role placed “All indications and comments from the USFK team indicate
commissary meat market personnel for more upon them and more,” said Chinhae Fleet Activities Security that we are more than capable and have the support from the
information. Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Bruce Girkin, who was the (Republic of Korea) Navy and community to defend and fight
safety observer and controller for the exercise. any attack,” he said.
USA Express Begins Korea
To u r Commission solicts comment on healthcare during survey
USA Express, the all-Army show band, is touring
18th Medical Command JCAHO standards deal with interviews may be made by e-mail to
Korea through April. USA Express is a high-energy,
organizational quality of care issues and or by mail to
top 40 variety show band produced by the U.S.
Yongsan – The Joint Commission on the safety of the environment in which Division of Accreditation Operations,
Army Entertainment Division. Performances are
Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations care is provided. People believing they Office of Quality Monitoring, Joint
will conduct an accreditation survey April have information about such matters Commission on Accreditation of
Today: K-16
19-23 of the 18th Medical Command, the may request public information Healthcare Organizations, One
Saturday: Yongsan Main Post Club
121st General Hospital and outlying interviews with JCAHO field Renaissance Boulevard, Oakbrook
Tuesday: Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s Club
clinics. The survey will evaluate representatives at the time of survey. Terrace, IL 60181.
Wednesday: Camp Hovey Borderline Cafe
compliance with JCAHO standards. Information presented will be evaluated Comments are required at least five
Thursday: Camp Page Community Club
Survey results will be used to determine for relevance to the accreditation working days before the survey, and
19 March: Camp Casey Reggie’s
whether, and the conditions under which process. should indicate the nature of the
accreditation should be awarded. Requests for public information information.
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
4 March 12, 2004

Housing from Page 1

scheduled for next week and this will purchase request for a number of
be one of our items of discussion,” said dehumidifiers to provide to residents
Roemhildt. that have mold problems. These units
Col. Timothy K. McNulty, will be readily available for use at no
commander, Area II Support Activity, charge through the self-help store.”
said, “We will not allow our personnel “We are doing everything we can to
who must live off post to be overcharged minimize or eliminate the mold
for services that have been previously problem,” added Roemhildt.
established by contract through our Housing officials urged residents –
housing office. I don’t condone such whether living on or off post – to report
practices and neither does my housing to the housing office any circumstance
office staff.” needing their help. The telephone
“I urge anyone with an off-post numbers for the housing officer are
housing problem to seek assistance from 738-7531 and 738-7532 or e-mail
our housing manager should they The
perceive a problem when the landlord is work order desk telephone number at the
overcharging for utilities or demanding Directorate of Public Works is 724- 3360
unwarranted charges,” said McNulty. or e-mail
In reference to the mold story,
McNulty said, “We have submitted a

History from Page 1

some young people’s lives. I make that connected. Make a difference. There’s
a challenge to other adults. You should Hope, spelled with a capital “H.”
always be able to talk to some young Her concern: That some people
person and inspire them by sharing how won’t get the message, that they will
you got where you are.” be disenfranchised and lose Hope, also
“Miss Shirley,” as she prefers to be spelled with a big “H.”
called, has more than 30 years “Disenfranchisement of people
experience in civil rights strategy work, comes because people do not have the
Get-Out-the-Vote-campaigns, advocacy opportunity to exercise options or make
work for women and children, and public decisions about who will govern or
speaking, among other pursuits. S h e implement regulations and policy,” she
has taught college-level public policy said.
classes and has two books in the works. Harrington-Watson said it is
As a teenage member of the Medgar incumbent on adults and leaders to
Evers Freedom Choir that traveled the educate others about public policy-
United States raising money for the civil making processes.
rights movement, she taught “Freedom “Understanding public policy came
School” at night to empower potential very early in my life. You create a dialog
voters. Medgar Evers, a prominent civil around a certain issue and create
rights leader and Mississippi field legislation and get people elected to
secretary for the National Association for implement it,” she said. “The only way
the Advancement of Colored People, was you can accomplish that is to make them
assassinated in 1963. understand that they have a part in that
“Back then, Mississippi required decision-making process. They have to
people to read a part of the Mississippi decide who will carry that message on,
Constitution and pay a poll tax if they whether in the legislature, city
wanted to register to vote,” she said. “I government or national government.”
decided to learn the constitution myself Harrington-Watson encouraged
and teach them how to read the required Soldiers serving overseas stay informed
passages.” about important issues and register to
She continues to be an outspoken vote.
advocate for civil rights.
Her message then and now: Get Email


Shirley Harrington-Watson tells Humphreys American Elementary School students about the civil
rights movement in Mississippi during the 1960s.
Page 5 March 12, 2004

Snow blankets Warrior Country

Story, photos by David McNally
Area I Public Affairs Office


snowfall produced up to six inches of
wet snow in most areas of Warrior
Country March 4.
“It came all of a sudden,” said William
Fitzgerald, a supervisor with the
directorate of public works at U.S.
Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud. “This
is up to six inches, so it’s the heaviest
snowfall we’ve had all year.”
Fitzgerald, the chief of buildings and
grounds for the Uijeongbu Enclave, said
he depends on weather forecasts and
information from the emergency
operations center to tailor his team’s
After a night of snowfall blanketed
the area, Fitzgerald said he knew his
crews would be busy. At 5 a.m., about
39 Korean employees reported for
work. By 6 a.m., they were plowing
snow at U.S. Army installations across
Uijeongbu. Snow removal workers from U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud, plow the roads of Camp Jackson March 5.
“We have three snow removal teams,”
he said. “Our mission is to ensure
ammunition haul routes and access roads The three teams of snow removal
to bunkers are clear. We also make sure experts work out of Camp Falling
the snow is removed from the airfields Water, a small U.S. Army installation
and helipads and the main roads.” adjacent to the Uijeongbu train station.
Fitzgerald said responding to Each team is assigned a different
emergency snow conditions is a joint installation depending on mission
effort. Korean Service Corps employees priorities. Fitzgerald said he had one team
handle common areas like the plowing snow at Camps Red Cloud,
commissary and post exchange parking Jackson and Essayons. The second team
lots, and the transportation motor pool. he assigned to Camp Stanley.
“Units are responsible for the company “Camp Stanley keeps that crew
areas, barracks and their dining facilities,” pretty busy with the airfield and ammo
Fitzgerald said. “They also have to take routes,” Fitzgerald said.
care of their unit motor pools.” The third snow removal team ran
Fitzgerald explained how units with snow plows at Kwangsari, a Republic
Humvees have snow plow attachments. of Korea Army installation north of
He said the garrison provided specialized Uijeongbu with a small U.S. Army
training sessions to about 32 Soldiers contingent. They also cleared snow at
earlier in the season. Camps Kyle and Sears.
“We complement each “We had some warm weather,”
other,” Fitzgerald said. Fitzgerald said. “We thought were out Hong Hyong-sop, a Korean employee with the building and grounds division of the directorate
of the woods.” of public works, shovels snow at Camp Jackson March 5.
Right: William Fitzgerald, a supervisor
for U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red
Cloud, directorate of public works,
manages snow removal for the
Uijeongbu Enclave, after six inches of
snow blanketed the city March
4-5. By mid-week
temperatures rose,
resulting in all the
snow melting.
6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004

NEWS & NOTES USO celebrates Women’s Day

CID Offers Reward
Sometime prior to 11:54 p.m. on Oct. 12, 2003, Story, photo by Pvt. Stephanie
person(s) unknown started a fire in the third floor Pearson
Area I Public Affairs Office
storage area of Company B, 2nd Forward Support
Battalion, building 3688 at Camp Hovey. During
CAMP CASEY — The Camp Casey
the fire, numerous soldiers were in adjacent
USO hosted its second annual
rooms. The fire caused approximately $450 worth
International Women’s Day celebration
of damage. The criminal investigation division is at the Warrior’s Club Tuesday.
offering a $500 reward for information leading to About 140 Korean and American
a successful apprehension and prosecution of women attended the luncheon, said Sally
the perpetrator(s). This reward offer expires on Hall, Camp Casey USO director.
Feb 4, 2005. Anyone having information regarding “One of the goals of the USO is to
the individual(s) responsible for this fire can hold two cultural exchange events each
contact Special Agent Stacey Ferrier at 730- year, and the International Women’s Day
4240 or the Military Police at 730-4417. celebration is one of them,” Hall said.
“Last year, it was hosted by the
Audiometryy Clinic Hours Women’s Affairs Bureau of the Kyonggi
The Camp Casey Audiometry Clinic hours are: Provincial Council II, and this year we
reciprocated by hosting it,” she said.
! Monday 1 – 4:30 p.m.
Hall said that the luncheon is a great Margaret Wood, wife of the commanding general of the 2nd Infantry Division, speaks at an
! Tuesday 8 – 11:15 a.m. and 1 – 4:30 p.m.
way to bring together Korean and International Women’s Day event at Camp Casey Tuesday
(annual exams only)
American women.
! Wednesday, Friday 8 – 11:15 a.m. and 1 –
“The idea of bringing together the speakers at the luncheon. She about Korea as they can while they are
4:30 p.m. women here is to enhance the existing introduced Ambassador Dho, Young- here.
! Thursday 1 – 4:30 p.m. sisterhood between Korean and shim, ambassador of cultural After the remarks, the guests enjoyed
A noncommissioned officer must accompany all American women in support of the good cooperation, Ministry of Cultural and lunch and were entertained with
Soldiers scheduled for a chapter physical. Soldiers neighbor program,” Hall added. Tourism, Republic of Korea. traditional dances performed by the Han
who require in-processing and physical exams Margaret Wood, wife of the 2nd Dho talked about a woman’s place Dong Yop dance group.
have priority. First sergeants may arrange for mass Infantry Division Commanding General, in Korean society, and encouraged
testing of their Soldiers by calling 730-4442. Maj. Gen. John R. Woods, was one of American women to learn as much E-mail

St. Patrick’s Day Special

Mitchell’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner special
Wednesday is corned beef ‘n’ cabbage for $8.95.
Camp Page quality of life to improve
The price includes a mug of green draft beer. By Pvt. Stephanie Pearson Work has already begun to remove expanded Army and Air Force
Door prizes will be given for wearing green. Area I Public Affairs Office asbestos from the post theater, and Exchange Services food court
renovations are expected to begin next operations and a bar, which will be
Soccer TTournament
ournament CAMP PAGE— Several renovation month, Bell said. The renovations will moved from the Community Activities
The Warrior Invitational Indoor Soccer tournament include replacing the walls, ceiling and Center, said Lt. Col. Brian Vines,
projects, intended to improve the quality
floor damaged when part of the commander of U.S. Army Garrison,
will be held in Camp Kyle’s Bubble Gym March of life for Soldiers living at Camp Page,
mainframe collapsed in October, he Camp Red Cloud.
13-14. are scheduled to begin in April.
said. “This will allow Camp Page to have
The three main projects, estimated to its own club and provide an alternative
Bell said he is hoping to reopen the
Titans say Goodbye cost almost $1 million, are: asbestos to Soldiers going off post. It also
theater between the May 1 and 15.
The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders will bid removal and reconstruction of the post gives units a place to hold meetings
Work to convert the old bowling
farewell to Korea with their final performance to theater; repair of the old bowling center and hail and farewells,” Vines said.
center into a club is also expected to
be held at the Camp Page gym 7 p.m. Sunday. to turn it into a new club; and renovation begin in April, and should take about “We’d eventually like to see it develop
of the dining facility, said Joe Bell, Camp 90 days to complete, Bell said. into a theme restaurant or somewhere
Town Hall Meeting Page installation manager. The new club will consist of an See Quality on Page 8
The Camp Stanley town hall meeting will be
held at Reggie’s Wednesday at 6 p.m. Everyone
is welcome to attend.

March W arrior
Officials: New mall a possibility
Tournaments By Pvt. Stephanie Pearson going to Yongsan,” she said. “It’s a problem for me,
The Camp Stanley gym will host the Warrior Area I Public Affairs Office too.”
Invitational Boxing competition Saturday at 6 p.m., Soldiers have the same issue with military clothing
and the Warrior Invitational Tae kwon do CAMP PAGE—Installation officials are in talks with and sales, said Joe Bell, Camp Page installation manager.
tournament at 1 p.m. March 27. Registration, Army and Air Force Exchange Services to renovate a “In order to get a uniform item, Soldiers have to go to
weigh-ins and physical exams will take place at post building into a new AAFES mall, with a beauty Casey or Yongsan, two hours in either direction, to get it.
the gym each day between 10 and 11:30 a.m. shop and military clothing and sales store. That takes away from a Soldiers personal time,” he said.
“During a town hall meeting, the females here A new AAFES facility would alleviate that problem,
expressed displeasure at not having a place to get their
March Newcomers hair done. They have to get their hair cut by a barber,
said Vines. Other improvements would include in-store
Orientation or go all the way down to Yongsan or Casey,” said Lt.
bathrooms and a central heating system.
The Camp Page Army Community Services will Col Brian Vines, commander of U.S. Army Garrison,
“The main thing we’re trying to do is improve the
host its monthly newcomers orientation at 8:30 Camp Red Cloud quality of life for our Soldiers here at Camp Page,” Vines
a.m. Wednesday at the 1st Batallion, 2nd Aviation Master Sgt. Denise Dockett, Camp Page installation said of the planned improvements.
Brigade classroom. The Camp Stanley orientation noncommissioned officer-in-charge, was one of the There are 750 Soldiers who work on Camp Page, and
will be at 8:30 a.m. March 20 at the ACS building. females who brought up the issue. an estimated 100 noncommand sponsored dependents
The Camp Red Cloud ACS will hold its “I had a number of females stationed here come up who live around the installation and utilize base facilities.
newcomers orientation at 8 a.m. March 31 in the to me and address the issue of needing some place local
ACS classroom. to get their hair done, instead of getting on the bus and E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
March 12, 2004 7

Titans squad brings cheer to troops

Story, photos by Pvt. Stephanie
Area I Public Affairs Office

CAMP RED CLOUD — They sing,

dance and do community service. They
have full-time jobs like teacher, social
worker and pharmaceutical sales
representative. They cheer on the Super
Bowl-champion Tennessee Titans, and,
in their spare time, travel the world to
cheer on U.S. troops. They are the
Tennessee Titans cheerleaders, and they
want to tell U.S. Soldiers they’re
thankful for all you do.
The Tennessee Titans cheerleader
show squad, consisting of 12 women
and three men, has been traveling the
Pacific region, performing for troops at
military bases in Hawaii, Guam, Japan
and Korea. Their trip began five weeks
ago and ends Sunday at the Camp Page
“I hope the Soldiers ask us back,
because it’s been a blast,” said Jennifer
Hill, one of the cheerleaders. “We’ve had
so much fun.”
The cheerleaders arrived in Korea
March 1, and have since performed four
times in Area I.
“Every show so far has been Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Cabrera, 2nd Infantry Division, Division Artillery senior noncommissioned officer, gets to know some of
successful,” said John Antes, Area I the Tennessee Titans cheerleaders after they pulled him on stage for a surprise appearance in their performance.
entertainment director. “At Camp
Howze, we got a better turnout than I Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, “It’s a high-energy, high-flying cheer clinic for students from the
thought we would; Camp Stanley just 506th Infantry Regiment, who saw the show,” Antes said. “I mean that literally International Christian School, a local
packed the house; and at Camp Greaves, show March 6 at Camp Greaves. “I was – the girls get tossed about 15 feet in elementary school. (See related article
north of the [Imjin] river, they did a just expecting cheerleaders to come out the air!” he said. on Page 18)
fantastic job. The response so far has and do some cheers, but it had a lot more “They’re a great group of ladies and “The cheerleader clinic that we had
been really great,” Antes explained. variety,” he said. gentlemen, they’re very energetic, and here turned out great,” Antes said.
“I thought the show was excellent. During the show, the squad performs they really want to be here,” Antes “Lieutenant Colonel Vines really
It was totally different than what I was a wide range of acts, including dancing, added. supported that. He got the International
expecting,” said Sgt. Christopher singing, gymnastics and even an While in Warrior Country, the
Houchin, a medic with Headquarters, “American Idol” spoof. cheerleaders even took time to host a See Titans on Page 8

Runners take off on their 13.1 mile ruck march Feb. 21. The competition decided who would participate in the annual Bataan
Ashley Tucker, a Tennessee Titans cheerleader, dances Maj.Death
John R.competition.
Wood, commanding general of the 2nd Infantry Division, greets the Titans cheerleaders as they arrive at Dam
to the Village People’s “In the Navy.” Tucker teaches Site West training area March 3. The cheerleaders toured the training area, met with soldiers and received a briefing from Wood
third - grade in Nashville when not cheering. about the 2nd Infantry Division mission in Area I.
8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004

Titans from Page 7

Christian School to come over, and there Headquarters, Headquarters Company, 1st
were about 90 children. They really had a Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, said
good time,” he said. he feels they did just that.
After the clinic, the cheerleaders “It helps a lot,” Loop said. “It gets kind
headed to Dam Site West, where Maj. Gen. of tough out here, and I’m very
John R. Wood, commanding general of homesick,” he said, adding, “It gives us
the 2nd Infantry Division, greeted them. something to look forward to.”
Wood showed them the area, and gave a Sgt. Francis Daskowski, a section
briefing about 2nd Infantry Division bases sergeant with Delta Company, 1st
and operations in Area I. He then let the
Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, and a
group walk around and meet the troops.
Tennessee native, agrees.
Before they left the site, Wood
“It reminded me of home, and made
presented each cheerleader with a
personalized Korean silk jacket. me feel a little more like I was there, even
“Korea has been my favorite part of though I’m not,” he said.
this trip,” Hill said. “The reason I say that The Soldiers who saw the show were
is because the Soldiers here welcomed grateful the cheerleaders took the time to
us so much. We went to a lot of other come and perform for them.
places, and they didn’t really care about “It means a lot to me,” said Staff Sgt.
our well-being. That’s cool, because Tamika Reed, Camp Red Cloud
we’re here for the Soldiers first; but when Installation Transportation Office
we see people are so grateful for us to be noncommissioned officer in charge.
here, it’s overwhelming,” she explained. “It makes me feel everything I’ve done,
Hill added the Soldiers’ excitement everything I’ve given up to come over
keeps them excited. “This is the last week here and protect someone else’s home,
of this long tour, and we’re not even tired has not gone unnoticed,” she said. “It’s
because we’re having so much fun here. nice to know they’ve kept us in their
It keeps our morale going,” she said. thoughts.”
The cheerleaders realize the importance “When you have people come and do
of high morale, said Michael Creque, one this for you, it makes you feel good about
of the men on the squad.
yourself,” Houchin said.
“General Wood told us that you guys
That’s exactly what the cheerleaders
are here for a year, sometimes even two,
want to hear, Hill said.
without your families,” Creque explained
to the audience at the Camp Stanley show. “They shouldn’t be clapping for us;
“I can only imagine how hard that is. I’ve we should be clapping for them and
been away from my family for four thanking them for all they’ve done for the
weeks, and I’m already homesick!” he world, and us,” she said, adding, “We care
said. about you guys, we love you guys, and
Hill said they are trying to bring a little thank-you so much for doing all that
bit of what the soldiers are missing at home you’ve done. You are truly heroes.”
to them here.
Spc. Owen Loop, a medic with E-mail stephanie.a.

Quality from Page 6

Soldiers can go for a nice sit-down to the floor and run through the walls
meal, which is currently unavailable with a fan cooling system to eliminate
at Camp Page,” he added. the mold problem, Vines said.
The post dining facility is the third The plans also include renovation
renovation project scheduled to begin of the bathrooms and replacement of
next month, and also the most the ceiling and floor tiles, he added.
extensive, Bell said. “In the end, it’ll look like a brand
Vines further explained that new facility,” Vines said. “(The
currently, the water pipes at the DFAC Soldiers) are finally getting the DFAC
are overhead in the open. In the they deserve at Camp Page.”
summer, when they have cold water “The important thing to know about
running through the pipes, it creates the renovations is that this has been
condensation. This causes the pipes paid for through productivity
to become a breeding ground for improvement reviews,” Vines said.
mold, he said. When the building is
renovated, those pipes will be moved E-mail stephanie.a.

Next week in W arrior Countr

Warrior Countryy...
Details about the Army and Air Force Exchange
Ser vice opening a post eexx change at Camp Stanley:

# When will it open?

# What will it look like?
# What will it offer? the March 19 Morning Calm Weekly

March 12, 2004 Page 9

Nutrition month kicks off in Area II

Story, photo by Joe Campbell marshmallow eggs. “If nothing else, my month,” said Marion Moses, an Area II “I’m going to exercise more and try
Area II Public Affairs Office table distracted people from going family member. to eat better,” said Joel Lee, an Area II
straight for the candy,” said Goulet. “I really have to watch what I eat civilian contractor.
YONGSAN — The Area II health “Healthy eating is colorful,” said and drink, especially now that I’m The nutrition display will be at the
promotion coordinator along with the Myong Brown, Yongsan Commissary pregnant,” said Pfc. Christina McGrath, commissary Thursday and March 26.
Defense Commissary Agency kicked off store manager. “We strive to find ways Headquarters and Headquarters Additional information is also available
this year’s National Nutrition Month to provide good nutritional choices for Detachment, 498th Combat Support by calling the Area II health promotion
Saturday at the Yongsan Commissary. our customers. The brightly colored Detachment. coordinator at 738-5171.
This year’s theme, “Eat Smart – Stay displays of fruits and vegetables are
Healthy” reinforces the importance of designed to attract people’s attention and
nutrition as a key component of health, promote healthy eating.”
along with physical activity. Among the many brochures for
“This year we wanted to actually get customers were self-care handbooks on
out into the community to raise nutrition eating and exercising for better health
awareness,” said Wendy Goulet, Area II and weight management. These
health promotion coordinator. “The handbooks provide common sense
Yongsan commissary seemed to be the approaches to eating smart and staying
best place to start, and agreed to support healthy and are available at the
the event by offering space in the produce Community Services Building, room 206,
section along with a variety of fruits and on Yongsan South Post.
vegetables for customers to sample.” Throughout the day many customers
Along with the fresh strawberries, stopped by the table to learn more about
Korean pears and garden salads, a healthy choices and National Nutrition
nutrition awareness information table month. Several spoke about changing
was set up with pamphlets and their eating habits in some way or another
brochures. or just doing more exercise to stay fit.
Ironically, the table was set up “I plan to cut down on salt, eat more Pfc. Christina McGrath, accompanied by her husband Spc. Christopher McGrath, Headquarters
adjacent to an Easter candy display fruits and vegetables and I’m not going Detachment, 498th Combat Support Detachment, selects fresh apples while shopping at the
featuring chocolate bunnies and to buy the chocolate bunnies this Yongsan Commisary Saturday.

Scouts host Blue and Gold banquet at Yongsan

Order of the Arrow Lodge 498 The Order of the Arrow is an wear white sashes with a red arrow Eagle Scout and Brotherhood
Honor Camping Society in the Boy across their right shoulder. Member Patrick Wier and Life Scout
YONGSAN — The evening of Scouts of America. Its members are The Dance and Ceremonies Team and Ordeal Member Samuel
Feb. 28 was a special one for the Cub elected by their peers for is composed of Order of the Arrow Kirschbaum. The team also
Scouts of Pack 89. Not only was membership in the order. The order members from Boy Scout Troops 80 performed an American flag folding
their Blue and Gold Banquet held, but is dedicated to the principles of and 88. They study the different types ceremony narrated by Patrick Wier.
the Order of the Arrow Dance and Brotherhood and cheerful service. of Native American Indian tribes and The ceremony highlighted the
Ceremonies Team presented their Its members are elected by their peers learn traditional Indian dances and meaning and importance of each of
awards. from the local Boy Scout troops and make traditional Indian costumes. the thirteen folds of the flag. The
They also perform many different flag was folded by Eagle Scout and
kinds of ceremonies including Blue Brotherhood Member Chris
and Gold Banquets, Eagle Scout Ayersman, Life Scout and
Courts of Honors, Arrow of Light Brotherhood Member Chris
Ceremonies and flag ceremonies. Behrends, Brendan Wier and Samuel
The Order of the Arrow Team Kirschbam. The team also performed
headed by Brendan Wier, an Eagle a few traditional Indian dances much
Scout and a Brotherhood member, to the enjoyment of the audience.
awarded 65 Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, “I think it is great to be doing this
Bear Cubs, and Webelos Scouts their because not only do we have fun, but
badges. Brendan was elected to be it also gives the boys something to
the Ceremonies and Dance Team chief inspire to be,” said Chris Behrends, “
by the members of the team. We are kind of like role models to
“I am really proud of my son Justin them.” Behrends has just finished his
for receiving his Bear patch,” said Eagle Scout project and is waiting for
Ron Outten, an Area II civilian his Eagle Scout board of review.
employee, “The boys all put a lot of The evening was a special one for
time and effort into completing the all, but especially for Chris Ayersman
various achievements required for a new Eagle Scout who performed his
advancement.” The Bear rank is the first official ceremony as an Eagle
PHOTO BY B RENDAN WIER third of five in the Cub Scouts. Scout.
Chris Ayersman, Brendan Wier and Sam Kirschbaum fold the American flag during the Blue and The Webelos Scouts got a
Gold Banquet while Chris Behrends looks on Feb. 28 at Yongsan. traditional Indian face painting by
10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004

NEWS & NOTES SAHS students receive awards for excellent grades
South Post Power Outage Story, photo by Linus Lee superintendent, Charles Toths, gave by Athena Cage. Seniors Justin Bliss,
There will be a power outage on Yongsan South Area II Public Affairs Office remarks about how impressed he was Dukmin Park, Seong Kim and Young Lee
Post, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday. Buildings affected with the tremendous number of students created lyrics for a vocal performance
include all quarters north of X Corps Boulevard YONGSAN — Seoul American High making Renaissance. called “912.”
from Gate 19 to Stoves Avenue, and all buildings School held its Renaissance assembly “I am very pleased with the large SAHS teachers of the quarter were June
west of 8th Army Drive from the Seoul American March 2 during seminar. The Renaissance number of students receiving academic Wilkins, Laurie Clark, Lisa Park, Julian
Elementary School to the Seoul American High assembly is an event that recognizes recognition,” said Toth. “The large Harden and Ellen Kuehl. Students of the
School sports field to include the Falcon Gym. students who maintained a grade point number of students making Renaissance quarter were senior Della Ragonese;
average of 3.0 or higher. The assembly demonstrates a tremendous amount of juniors Cliff Wenzel, Tina Wells, Tasha
Town Hall Meeting is held every quarter of the school year. commitment from students, parents and Collins, Woong Lee, Alex Patton and
An Area II town hall meeting will be at the Approximately 70 percent of the student teachers. The entertainment was simply Amanda Little; sophomores Chanel Curry,
Community Services Building conference room body maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher outstanding. I had no idea SAHS had many Cherie Johnston, Han Na Lee and Aimee
6 - 8 p.m. March 23. All Area II personnel are make Renaissance. talented students.” Miles and freshman Michelle Miles.
invited to attend. Students with a GPA between 3.0 and With several dances, songs and “It is an honor to be recognized as
3.4 received a blue card, with one instrumental performances, the SAHS student of the quarter. I want to thank
Black and Gold Ball homework and quiz pass. Those students students were indeed highly talented, as my teachers and parents for motivating
The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will host its annual who maintained a GPA between 3.5 and Toth mentioned. me to turn in my homework and to study
Black and Gold Ball April 17 at the Dragon Hill 3.8 received a gold card, and the students The performances started with for tests,” said Woong Lee. “Maintaining
Lodge. College scholarships will be awarded to who work diligently and maintain a GPA freshmen Scott Raymond improvising a good grades and not procrastinating finally
peninsula-wide high school seniors during the between 3.8 and 4.0 or beyond will drum line solo. Sophomore Ruth paid off. Participating in sports gives most
event. The ball is open to all U.S. Forces Korea receive a platinum card. Both cards are Sadowitz sang “Ah! Non Credea Mirart” people less time on school work, but
personnel. For reservations and more information, added with two homework and quiz by Bellini and “Il Bacio” by Luigi Arditi. somehow I managed to do both.”
call 738-3037. passes. Junior Cliff Wenzel accompanied The Far East Drama and Speech team
The assembly began with the Sadowitz on the piano. A dance performed a reader’s theatre called “Pop
V oter registration presentation of the colors by the SAHS performance was next with sophomores Music,” a comedic and musical piece
Voter registration has begun in Area II. For more Junior Reserved Officers Training Corps, Connie Choe, Cinae Jeong, Jennifer Shin focusing on popular music from past and
information, contact a unit voting assistance and the national anthems of both the and juniors Naree Park and Shirley Chase present generations. Members of the Far
officer. Republic of Korea and United States of dancing to the tunes of “So Emotional” East team are seniors Alvin Wilkins, Jaimee
America sung by the Far East Show Choir, by Christina Aguilera and “Baby One More Watson-Helm, Jataun Moore and Karin
Spirit W arrior
Warrior directed by Lisa Riehle. Time” by Brittney Spears. Junior Christina Curtis; juniors Rachel Tarvin, Zack
A Christian men’s conference will be held at After the presentation, Department of Gleaves also performed a dance, Moulden and Min Cho; sophomores JJ
the South Post Chapel April 30 - May 1. For Defense Dependent Schools choreographing with “Live your Dreams” Youins, Anna Richardson, Sheena Davis
more information, call 738-4043. and Micah Colombo and freshman
Malorie Sponseller.
OUTH V olleyball
Volleyball Seniors Andrew Shin, Daniel Shin and
Registration James Choi presented the student body with
Child and Youth Services volleyball registration Gumdo, a type of Korean martial arts.
for youth ages 11-18 and coaches continues Gumdo is quite similar to Kendo, a Japanese
through April 2. Registration is in building 4211. form of martial arts. Gumdo is Korean for
For more information, call 738-8117, 738-5567. “way of the sword.” It focuses more on
traditional sword techniques used for battle
KN POSH TTraining
raining rather than dueling.
Area II’s prevention of sexual harrassment training “This quarter’s assembly was one of
for Korean employees scheduled for Wednesday the very best we have done. Our students’
at the Balboni auditorium has been rescheduled talent, like their scholastic achievement,
to 9:30-11:30 a.m. May 3 at the same location. is unsurpassed in any other school in my
opinion,” said Michelle Pell, the
Army Community Ser vice Renaissance sponsor. “Teaching and
A newcomers orientation will begin 8 a.m. Members of the Far East Speech and Drama team perform during Renaissance, March 2. The working with the students at SAHS is
Tuesday at the Community Services Building on Renaissance Awards assembly is held every quarter of the school year for those students who what gets me up in the morning, keeps
South Post. For more information, call 738- maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. me in Korea and keeps me teaching.”

Cancer Support Group

The Facing Forward Cancer Support Group will
Only 33 days remain for filing taxes
meet 4-6 p.m. Tuesday at the Community Services By Joe Campbell The center is staffed by 17 trained tax which they have adapted to customer
Building on Yongsan South Post. For more Area II Public Affairs Office preparers, 12 Soldiers and five civilians. It service and tax preparation is amazing.”
information, call 738-5311. is located on the first floor of the Moyer For more information or to schedule
YONGSAN — The deadline for filing Community Services Center on Yongsan an appointment call 725-1040.
Seoul Hot Jobs 2003 tax returns is coming soon, with only Main Post. Hours of operation are listed at
The Army Community Services Employment 33 days remaining for those taxpayers night.
Yongsan TTax
ax Center hours
Readiness program provides job listings for the who must pay. The extended deadline for
of operation
“I used to pay H&R Block to prepare
Yongsan area and Korea-wide. The program overseas taxpayers to file if receiving a my taxes Working at the tax center has
also assists with resume writing and computers Monday 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.
refund is June 15. been empowering because I actually learn
are available for job search. Appointments are To date, the Yongsan Tax Center has about taxes and how to prepare them,” said
preferred. For more information, call 738-8977. Tuesday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
processed more that 1,332 federal tax Staff Sgt. Tony Madero, day shift squad
returns with refunds of $2 million for Area leader at the center. “The knowledge is
Chosun Gif t Shop II taxpayers. That averages out to a refund great.”
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
The Chosun Gift Shop will be closed April 7 and of just over $1,500 per taxpayer with an According to Dunlop, the center is
April 10. For more information, call 738-5058. Thursday 1 p.m. - 8 p.m.
additional savings of $200,000 in tax scheduled to remain open until the June 15
preparation fees, said Capt. Bonnie Dunlop, deadline for overseas filing of tax returns.
Area II information Tax Center officer in charge. “Being officer in charge of the Yongsan
Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
meeting “This is the best service that I have had Tax Center has been an incredible leadership
Area II information meeting will be at the Community since being in Korea; quick and painless,” and learning experience,” said Dunlop. “I
Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Services Building, 9-10 a.m. March 30. said Sgt. Daniel Gonzalez, an Area II have a wonderful staff of Soldiers and
Sunday closed
Soldier. civilians from Area II. The skill and ease at
The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004 MORNING CALM Page

DoDDS stresses school bus safety

Department of Defense Dependent by taking 10 giants stems when leaving Here are a few safety tips for student ! Securely fasten all book bags
Schools Transportation Division the bus. bus riders and backpacks to ensure nothing falls
Continued familiarization and training ! Be at the bus stop early, don’t rush. out
YONGSAN – The safe transport of help children learn how to get on and ! Wear seat belts at all times while Additional information about school
Area II schoolchildren is the primary off the buses safely parents and teachers on the bus. bus safety is available at the DoDDs
responsibility of the Department of are an integral part of the continuing ! Wait until the bus stops before transportation office located in the
Defense Dependent Schools Pacific process in the prevention of accidents standing up. Community Services Building, room 121
Transportation Division, formerly and safe transportation of Area II ! Do not throw anything out the on Yongsan South Post or by calling
known as Pacific Transportation students. windows. 738-5032.
Management Office, or PACTMO.

March - ‘In like a lion’

Each day more than 1,000 students
ride one of the many buses from
residences scattered throughout greater
Seoul, a city of approximately 14 million
people and 10 million automobiles.
According to the U.S. Department
of Transportation school buses remain
one of the safest forms of
transportation, nearly 2,000 times safer
than the family car.
The reality of school bus safety is
that more children are hurt outside a bus
than inside one. Children are more likely
to be injured by vehicular traffic near a
parked bus during loading or unloading.
The child who stops to retrieve a
dropped item, or who walks to close to
the bus while crossing the street needs
to be aware that a danger zone
surrounds every school bus. In An Army ambulance sits covered with snow on Yongsan Main Post at the corner of Flopes Street and Gaines Avenue following a late winter
communities such as Yongsan, children storm that blanketed much of the Korean peninsula with more than 10 inches of snow March 4.
are reminded to escape from that zone
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
12 March 12, 2004

Cultural Events, TTours

ours and Enter tainment
Greater Seoul

USO Tours Royal Asiatic Society Tours Exhibitions will be at the Hall of Art Tuesday.
Call 02-3487-7800 for more
! Panmunjom (DMZ) and Tunnel ! “Hansol paper museum and ! Jurassic Park Tour in Korea runs information.
– 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday Kumsan-sa tour” will be held by Dr. now through April 30 at the COEX Mall. ! Claude Bolling Jazz Ensemble
! Seoul City Night Tour – 3:45 Dan and Carol Chou Adams – Leave Call 02-6000-0261 for more live in Seoul will be at the Dome Art
- 10 p.m. Saturday from Yongsan Post Office 8 a.m. information. Hall March 27. Call 02-701-2705 for
! Chongdung Temple, Ginseng Saturday. ! Robot World Adventure Exhibition more information.
and Bamboo Market – 8:30 a.m. - ! “Woraksan National Park Kosu is running at the special exhibition hall ! Gary Burton live in Seoul will
4:30 p.m. Sunday Cave and Chungju Lake Boat Cruise” of the Seoul National Science be at the LG Art Center June 6. Call
! Panmunjom(DMZ) and Tunnel – The bus will depart from the Yongsan Museum.Visit 02-2005-0114 for more information.
– 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday. Post Office 8 a.m. Sunday. for more information. ! David Copperfield will perform
! Memorial Hall of Incheon ! “Chunwang-San, Sobaek-San ! Visit the Korean Gugak Record his Magic Show at Se-Jong Art Center
Landing Operation and Wolmido National Park and Pulyong Valley Tour” Museum located at the Bukhangang through March 26 - 30. Call 02-3472-
Cruise Tour – 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. – The bus will leave from Yongsan Post River Cafe town of Serjong-myeon, 4480 for more information.
Thursday. Office 8 a.m. March 21. Yangpyeong-gun. Visit http://www. ! Gewandhausorchester zu for more information. Leipzig Thomaner Chor will be
Call 724-7003 for detailed Call 02-763-9483 for more performing at the Seijong Arts Hall
information about USO tours from information about Royal Asiatic Entertainment Tuesday and Wednesday. Call 02-
Camp Kim. Society events. ! David Benoit Quartet live in Seoul 399-1111 for more information.

SAMS announces new principal

Department of Defense Defendents Mood is currently the assistant degree from Indiana University. He Karlsruhe and Vilseck, Germany,
Schools principal at Yokota, Japan, Middle taught in Indianapolis area schools Wa g n e r H i g h S c h o o l , t h e
School and is expected to make the prior to entering DoDDS in 1982. P h i l i p p i n e s , a n d Yo k o t a H i g h
YONGSAN — Korea District transition from his current His first DoDDS’ teaching School.
Schools Superintendent Charles assignment to Seoul in early April. assignment was at Hahn Air Base, M o o d ’s s p o u s e , P a u l a , i s a
Toth has announced the selection Mood is a native of Bloomington, G e r m a n y. H i s o t h e r D o D D S ’ DoDDS educator. She is currently
Darrell Mood as the new principal Indiana and received both his experience includes teaching employed an educational
of Seoul American Middle School. bachelors degree and masters assignments at schools located in technologist for the Japan District.
14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004

Now showing at AAFES Reel Time Theaters

For additional listings or
matinees call respective theater or
see AT THE
March 12 – March 18 M OV I E S
March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18
Phone No.
Casey Welcome to
730-7354 Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Big Fish Torque Torque
Essayons House Of Sand House Of Sand Disney’s
732-9008 No Show No Show 50 First Dates No Show
And Fog And Fog Teacher’s Pet
Garry Owen House Of Sand House Of Sand Disney’s Disney’s
734-2509 No Show 50 First Dates No Show
And Fog And Fog Teacher’s Pet Teacher’s Pet
Greaves House Of Sand House Of Sand Disney’s
734-8388 50 First Dates 50 First Dates No Show No Show
And Fog And Fog Teacher’s Pet
768-7724 Chasing Liberty 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Big Fish No Show No Show No Show

Humphreys Welcome to Welcome to Welcome to

753-7716 Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Big Fish Big Fish
Mooseport Mooseport Mooseport
Hialeah House Of Sand Cheaper By
763-370 50 First Dates The Dozen No Show No Show No Show No Show
And Fog
Hovey Disney’s Welcome to Welcome to
730-5412 Torque Torque Big Fish Big Fish
Teacher’s Pet Mooseport Mooseport
Howze The Return Of House Of Sand Welcome to
734-5689 Chasing Liberty No Show No Show No Show
The King And Fog Mooseport

Chasing Liberty Barbershop 2

Tired of being The shop is
followed open for
around every business again
moment of at Calvin’s
every day, the Barbershop.
1 8 - y e a r- o l d Gina, a stylist at
daughter FREE TO IDENTIFICATION the beauty shop
(Moore) of the
president CARD HOLDERS next door, is now
trying to cut in on
(Harmon) of the (On U.S. Army Installations Only) his business.
United States Calvin is again
ditches her Secret Service handlers (Piven, Schedule subject to change struggling to keep his father’s shop and
Sciorra) and sets out on a romantic road trip traditions alive. The world changes, but some
through Europe with her boyfriend (Goode). For movie ratings and information visit
things never go out of style.
PG-13 PG-13

March 12 March 13 March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18
Phone No.
782-4987 Barbershop 2 Barbershop 2 Chasing Liberty No Show Chasing Liberty Big Fish Big Fish

721-3407 The Butterfly Effect No Show The Butterfly Effect The Last Samuri No Show No Show No Show

784-4930 Twisted Twisted Twisted Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Big Fish Big Fish

721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show

Red Cloud Welcome to Disney’s

732-6620 Chasing Liberty Big Fish Big Fish No Show Twisted
Mooseport Teacher’s Pet
732-5565 Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Big Fish Big Fish No Show Twisted Torque

Yongsan I
738-7389 Twisted Twisted Twisted Big Fish Torque Torque Torque

Yongsan II Along came

738-7389 Gothika Big Fish Big Fish Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty Chasing Liberty
Yongsan III Disney’s
738-7389 Brother Bear Brother Bear Good Boy Good Boy Good Boy Good Boy
Teacher’s Pet
The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004 15

Plan outlines patterns for work and rest

By Chaplain (Capt.) Chris Floro should we work? When have we done “Six days you shall labor and do all your He did it with parables – gentle seeds of
Camp Hialeah Chaplain’s Office enough work? work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath faith on the soil of my soul. I believe
The Bible gives us basic teachings on to the Lord your God. On it you shall that Jesus’ pattern for work and rest
CAMP HIALEAH — Work and rest work. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says, “If a not do any work.” came from his honesty and simple way
are important to our faithfulness before man will not work, he shall not eat.” So This “law” reminds us that work is of life. We often work too hard whether
God. Sometimes the Bible is very clear: work is necessary at least for physical good and a part of God’s original plan. we know it or not. And too often we
“Thou shall not commit murder.” reasons. 1 Timothy 5:8 says, It also reminds us there is to be rhythm deceive ourselves as we complain about
But there seems to be no simple “Anyone who does not provide and limit to work. Work six, rest one. how hard we work when often what
verse to answer important for his family is worse than an Like tithing, work becomes a we really seek is to be noticed or
questions we may have regarding unbeliever.” And Colossians 3:23 confession of our faith when done with accepted by someone.
life like, “Should I bring my family says, “Whatever you do, work the right intention. It is not so much The truth is, no rule or law can stop
with me to Korea?” We often at it with all your heart, as our effort as it is God’s sovereignty and this. Are you allowing work to
want clear rules to tell us right working for the Lord, not for grace that sustains us. Like tithing, work negatively impact your relationship with
from wrong? men.” is a simple statement of faith that God God, your spouse or your family? Rest
The good news for us is that Floro The problem here is that these can do much more with resources than in God’s grace. Are you being so rested
holiness and righteousness before verses lead us away from laziness we can. and lazy that you have become selfish
God takes much more than rules. Rules but toward working too much. In Exodus As a Christian my role model is Jesus and uncaring about your family and
can’t cover questions like how hard 20:9 we find a pattern and limit for work, and he did not force things to happen. friends? Work hard as unto the Lord.

Area IV W orship Services

Protestant Collective Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Hialeah
Collective Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll 7 p.m. Camp Carroll Mass 11:30 a.m. Camp Carroll
10:45 a.m. Camp Hialeah Korean Sunday 6 p.m. Camp Hialeah Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Camp Walker
11a.m. Camp Walker Korean Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Carroll Area IV Chaplains
Chaplain (Maj.) Richard Bendorf
Apostolic 12:30 p.m. Camp Hialeah Korean Wednesday 6:15p.m. Camp Walker or DSN 764-5455
Collective 12:45 p.m. Camp Walker Catholic Chaplain (Capt.) Chris Floro or DSN 763-7395
1 p.m. Camp Carroll Mass Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker
Chaplain (Capt.) Daniel Cho or DSN 765-8991
16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004

Left: Soldiers from the 57th Military Police

Company and Marines from the 1st Republic
of Korea Marine Division move in unison during
a live-fire exercise Feb. 19.

The United States Army’s Military Police

Corps home station is Fort Leonard
Wood, Mo.

The 8th Military Police Brigade is a 2,000

Soldier unit serving from as far north as
Camp Page to Camp Hialeah.

The Military Police Corps makes up about

five percent of the Army and is currently
deployed all over the world, including in
Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

The history of the Military Police in Korea

traces its roots back to the Korean War.
Story, photos by Pfc. Alex Licea “Our leadership has been great,” said Pfc. Jeffrey Crouch, Throughout the war, MPs played a vital
3rd Military Police Brigade Public Affairs Office 57th Military Police Company. “They have been great every role in the defense of the country. They
step of the way.” fought the enemy behind the lines and
POHANG — It is early afternoon as cool ocean breezes As the military vehicles drove on, the US squad approached protected vital roads, installations,
blow through the coastal city of Pohang. The atmosphere a group of Korean Marines at a designated link-up point. equipment, and supplies. Other duties
is calm, belying the fact that only a short distance away Both U.S. and Korean units prepared to integrate themselves during that time included crime
from this bustling city, Soldiers of the 57th Military Police with the other and continue the fight. prevention, apprehension of absentees
Company wait for the call to engage nearby enemy forces. The Korean Marines provided the “Centurions” additional and traffic accident prevention and
With their load-bearing vests strapped tight and weapons security and firepower and greatly enhanced the investigation.
at the ready, each Soldier conducts a final equipment check. interoperability and performance of the other.
“I have really enjoyed working with the U.S. Soldiers,”
Then suddenly, the radio crackles, the call comes in, the The Military Police Corps celebrates its
said a Korean Marine spokesman. “It is really good to train
Humvees roll into position, and the troops prepare for battle. creation date as Sept. 26, 1941. Prior to
with Soldiers from a different unit and country.”
This was just one of the opening scenarios Soldiers
Suddenly the desperate cry of “Man down, man Down!” that time, except during the Civil War and
faced during a recent weeklong live-fire exercise held at
was heard echoing across the field. Within seconds, MPs World War I, there was no regularly
Seoung Range, Feb 16-20th, near Pohang.
secured and assisted the wounded troop and called in an air appointed Provost Marshal General or
The exercise, which integrated marines from the 1st regularly constituted Military Police
medical evacuation.
Republic of Korea Marine Division, was to train Soldiers Corps, although a "Provost Marshal" can
As the helicopter thundered in, MPs quickly loaded the
from both services at the squad level on the collective be found as early as January 1776, and
injured Soldier onto the “bird” reassuring him of a speedy
tasks of conducting a movement to contact, conduct a recovery. a Provost Corps as early as 1778.
hasty attack and execute a mounted movement. Although the training is all simulated, MP officials said
The exercise began with a squad of U.S. MP troops they must always stay prepared in case they are called into SOURCE: 3RD MILITARY POLICE BRIGADE PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE

firing the MK-19 40 mm grenade machine gun and action.

maneuvering around the bumpy terrain as they reached “No one trains like military police corps does in Korea,”
their objective. Then, as the vehicles maneuvered into place, said Capt. Nile Clifton, 57th Military Police Company
“Centurions” troops dismounted and continued to fire at commander. “We always need to be prepared to ensure we
remaining enemy targets. As rounds flew, platoon leaders are ready to fight and win tonight.”
and squad leaders maintained close communications with
their superiors and Soldiers.

Despite the booming sounds around him, Sgt. Robert McKnight Military police Soldiers assist a medical team to load a wounded troop into a helicopter. Officials said simulations like this
receives radio instructions from his leaders. enhanced the realism of the exercise.
18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2003

Warriors get first-class entertainment

By M. Dujon Johnson run for 50 minutes, McKnight singers of Lt. Dan interacting with the
Area I Marketing Division entertained his audiences for more audience.
than 90 minutes at his Camp Casey The responses and reaction of the
The armed forces, Installation show. Soldiers to these concerts was
Management Agency-Korea Region Although the Lt. Dan band is not overwhelmingly positive, MWR
and the Area I Entertainment Division as well known as McKnight, the lack officials said.
Tennessee Titans continued their mission of raising the of notoriety may not be a future The entertainment division, said
Cheerleaders bar in providing quality and world- concern based on the recent MWR officials, continues to strive to
The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders will perform class entertainment with the recent performances of the band at Camp bring the best entertainment to Area I
Saturday at the Rodriquez Range Morale Welfare performances of three-time Grammy Casey. Opening with the rock classic Soldiers, Department of Defense
and Recreation Facility and 7 p.m. Sunday at the winner Brian McKnight and the Lt. “Boys of Summer,” the band showed civilians and their families.
Camp Page Gym. Dan Band featuring Gary Sinise. its diversity and musical range by The latest group to hit the
The much-heralded McKnight performing a variety of classic entertainment circuit in Area I starts
April TTraining
raining Schedule chose a more intimate and smaller country, rock, rhythm and blues, hip- Tuesday. USA Express is a band of
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, the Month of setting for his performances. hop and pop. active-duty soldiers touring U.S. Army
the Military Child and Child Abuse Prevention McKnight entertained packed and The band, whose most well-known bases for 120 days performing musical
enthusiastic audiences with his member is the actor Gary Sinise, shows.The group’s first show will be
Month. In support of these events, Yongsan’s
command of romantic ballads, rhythm performed with a full complement of 8 p.m. Tuesday at Camp Red Cloud
Community Counseling Center, Army
and blues, and soft jazz. He performed back-up singers, rhythm and Mitchell’s. USA Express will also
Community Services and Family Life Center have
previously unrecorded songs with his keyboard sections. Soldiers described perform at Camp Hovey’s Borderline
combined to offer classes at the Yongsan South award-winning compositions. the two-hour concert by the band as Café at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. For more
Post Multipurpose Training Facility each Thursday Although the show was scheduled to energetic. They often found the lead information call 732-6819.
in April. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Training is planned 8-8:50 a.m., Domestic
Violence Prevention Training will be 9-9:50 a.m.,
Suicide Prevention Training will be 10-10:50 a.m.
Cheerleaders share expertise
and Stress Management is scheduled 11-11:50 Titan Cheerleaders conduct clinic for “Come on down!” called Jennifer Hill, one of the
a.m. cheerleaders.
local school in Warrior Country The children spread out in lines across the gym floor,
Arts and Craf ts Contest with cheerleaders posted at intervals to assist them in learning
Entries are being accepted for the 2004 Korea Region By Soojin Atwater how to cheer.
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Arts and Crafts Area I Marketing Division The clinic began with some warm-up exercises, after
Contest. Competition categories are ceramics, wood, which the cheerleaders taught the children one of their cheers.
fibers and textiles, glass, metals and jewelry, drawings, CAMP RED CLOUD — More than 90 children clapped Several U.S. and Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army
prints, water-base painting, oil-base painting, and two- and cheered from the bleachers at the Camp Red Cloud Soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division were on hand to
and three-dimensional mixed media. All Korea Fitness Center March 3 as the Tennessee Titans escort and assist the children during the event. The KATUSAs
Region MWR Arts and Crafts Centers are accepting cheerleaders performed a dance routine for them.
helped translate instructions for the children who did not
entries. The deadline for entry is April 30 at the U.S. Army Garrison, Camp Red Cloud officials invited
speak English.
Yongsan Arts and Crafts Center. The awards the International Christian School students from
“I appreciate KATUSAs assisting our children so that they
ceremony is scheduled 3 p.m. May 12 at the Yongsan Uijeongbu, to join the cheerleaders for a Morale, Welfare
and Recreation special entertainment sponsored cheer have this great chance to come on post and be part of an
Arts and Crafts Center. More information is available
clinic. Army event. Kids just love it!” said Stacey Boyd, the
from area arts and crafts centers or community activity
After the introduction and dance demonstration, the elementary principal from the International Christian School.
children the cheerleaders invited the children to join them The cheerleaders continued their tour in Korea through
Yongsan YYouth
outh V olleyball on the basketball court. Sunday to provide special entertainment to the U.S. troops.
Yongsan Child and Youth Services volleyball
registration for youth 11-18 years old and
coaches will be conducted through April 2.
Registration is in building 4211, Central
Registration Office. For more information, call
738-8117 or 738-5567.

Coaches Needed
Volunteer coaches are needed for youth baseball
and swim teams in the Daegu area. Coaches for
baseball are needed by the end of March while
swim coaches are needed before the beginning
of the swim season in May. For more information,
call Neil Fletcher at 764-4859.

Talent Show auditions

Auditions for a Better Opportunities for Single
and Unaccompanied Soldiers talent show will
be held 1 p.m. Saturday. The BOSS talent show
contest will be 6 p.m. March 20 at the Hansen
Field House. For more information on the
audition location, contact Herb Pleasant at 730- BY

5124. Top: An International Christian School

student from Uijeongbu tries to get his
Stanley Bowling League moves down while learning performance
Camp Stanley Bowling Center is forming a spring techniques from the visiting cheerleaders
and summer league. League play starts on April March 3.
6. To register stop by the Camp Stanley Bowling Right: Angel, a Tennessee Titan
Center or call 732-5370. cheerleader, strike a pose during a clinic for
local youth at Camp Red Cloud.
March 12, 2004 Page 21

Soldiers look out of the Chinook helicopter on

their way to Tactical Assembly Area Tom.

CH-47 Chinook helicopters fly missions during the 2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment field training exercise. Soldiers arrive at the training area.

Humphreys Chinook unit

‘wings it’ to the field
Story, photos by Steve Davis evacuation, aircraft recovery, fire fighting,
Area III Public Affairs Office parachute drops, heavy construction,
disaster relief, and search and rescue
Janghowon — The 2nd Battalion, missions.
52nd Aviation Regiment’s recent 14-day According to Company A Commander
trip to the field was a chance for Soldiers Maj. Tom Jessee, his unit focused on
to get more acquainted with missions in ground maintenance and air tasks,
Korea. including day and night missions. Clouds move in during the 2nd Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment field training exercise.
“We designed a field-training exercise He said night vision goggle training and
to replicate our wartime mission,” said Lt. long-range air assault and air movement
Col. Rich Juergens, who commands the exercise missions were flown.
Chinook unit that packed up and deployed Company A’s Chief Warrant Officer 1
20 Chinooks and ground support assets James Woolley said he had been logging
to Tactical Assembly Area Tom northeast flying time with night vision goggles.
of Camp Humphreys in late February. “I’m a junior pilot, so they are
It was Pfc. Koral Page’s first trip to progressing me into night flights right
the field in Korea. now,” he said. “I got about 25 hours of
“In garrison, I spend a lot of time night vision goggle training in flight school,
doing paperwork. Out here, it’s more and I am getting some good training here.”
radio and communications,” said Page, He said pilots are allowed to fly up to
an aviation operations specialist who five hours with night vision goggles.
works in the battalion tactical operations Chief Warrant Office 2 Michael S.
center. “It’s way more high-speed and a Gibson, also of Company A, said
lot more pressure. I’m learning a lot.” operations don’t differ much in the field. Above: Pfc. Charles Mann
Page was coordinating missions for “Mission requirements don’t change. totes his weapon during the
pilots flying the twin-engine Boeing Vertol You still have to plan,” he said. “You just field training exercise.
CH-47 Chinook helicopter, the U.S. don’t have all the nice planning tables or
Army’s “workhorse” heavy-lift helicopter sliding maps and conveniences we have Left: A CH-47 Chinook
that can transport troops, artillery, back in garrison. We do quite well with helicopter kicks up clouds of
ammunition, fuel, water, barrier materials, portable tables and maps instead.” dust as it sets down durng a
supplies and other equipment. The mission to Tactical Assembly
Chinook can also support medical E-mail Area Tom.
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
22 MORNING CALM March 12, 2004


Outstanding V olunteers
Nominations are now being accepted for the Area
III Volunteer of the Quarter, Volunteer of the Year Pvt. Micah Money
and Outstanding Youth Volunteer. Nomination makes a friend
forms are available at Army Community Services, during his visit to
building 311. The deadline to nominate is April the Chun Hye
12. For more information, contact Aggie Orphanage.
Rodriguez at 753-8294.

ACS Open House

The Area Army Community Services will host an
open house 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. March 24 to celebrate
National Family Day. Refreshments will be served.
The public is invited.

Area III TTax

ax Center
The Area III Tax Center at Camp Humphreys is
open and ready to assist Soldiers with their tax
filing needs. Tax assistance services are also
available at Camps Eagle and Long and Suwon PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVIS
Air Base. Soldiers must see their unit tax advisor Kids grab for candy as Soldiers from Camp Humphreys arrive at the Chun Hye Orphanage in
before coming to the Tax Center. The Tax Center Pyeongtaek for a two-hour visit.The orphanage is sponsored by the 62nd Chemical Company.
is located in building 734 on Camp Humphreys

Soldiers stage fun-filled

next to the Pegasus Grill. For more information,
call 753-3170.

Water Aerobics
A water aerobics class is being offered Mondays
and Tuesdays at the Camp Humphreys indoor pool
in the Community Activities Center. The class is
bash at local orphanage Pfc. Amanda Rodriguez tickles a smile out
for all fitness levels. For more information, call of this youngerster March 7 during her visit to
Area III Public Affairs Office said as Pvt. Kit Akbar, from the 473rd
753-8807. the Chun Hye Orphanage. Rodriguez is from
Quartermaster Company, danced with a
the the 95th Maintenance Company.
CAMP HUMPHREYS — It was hard youngster in a small room.
Fitness Classes to tell who was having more fun, the kids Some of the children gathered at the
Kickbox on Monday, body sculpt on Tuesday and do or Soldiers visiting the Chun Hye orphanage playground for a group photo
step aerobics on Thursday at the Camp Humphreys Orphanage in Pyeongtaek March 7. before the Soldiers headed home to Camp
Community Activities Center. Classes begin March Screams of glee were coming from Humphreys.
15. For more information, call 753-8807. everywhere as children
wrestled, rode, tickled
Airport Shuttle or just spent some
An Incheon Airport shuttle leaves daily from the quality time with 10
Camp Humphreys Community Activities Center. Soldiers from the Better
Cost is $25 per person. The shuttle will stop at all Opportunities for Single
airline portals. Reservations are required. For more and Unaccom-panied
information, call 753-8825. Soldiers organ-ization
at Camp Humphreys.
Free Patch Sewing Service Out in the hallway,
Area III officer and enlisted Soldiers who have Pvt. Nathan Black from
just arrived or have just been promoted may Company C, 52nd
take their uniforms to the post exchange sewing Aviation Regiment had
shop concession and get their patches sewn on three kids hanging off
for free. Permanent change of station or of him and more were Soldiers and children say farewell at the Chun Hye Orphanage Capt. Noh Joon gets a workout leg-lifting
promotion orders and a valid military ID card are trying to climb on. playground March 7. Soldiers from the Camp Humphreys Better children at the Chun Hye Orphanage in
required, along with the uniforms and patches. “That’s all right. I Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers organi- Pyeongtaek. Noh works with the Area
Contact unit command sergeants major or supply can handle that,” he zation make regular visits to the orphanage. Republic of Korea Army Staff Office.
sergeants for details.

Financial Management
Readiness Training
Mandatory Financial Readiness Training for first-
term Soldiers is offered 1 p.m. every Tuesday at
Army Community Services. A Checkbook Army Community Services
Maintenance Class is offered monthly on the Volunteer Coordinator Aggie
last Friday of each month at 1 p.m. at ACS. Call Rodriguez, left, discusses oppor-
753-8401 for more information. tunities with participants at the
Employment Readiness and
Hometown News Releases Volunteer Awareness Seminar held
Promotions, reassignments, awards and March 2 at Camp Humphreys.
participation in major field training exercises or More than 30 people attended the
sports events are important activities in a soldier’s day-long seminar. Representatives
career that can be recognized in a hometown from Korea-based companies and
newspaper. Let the folks back home know. Area III organiz-ations were also at
Submit a signed DD Form 2266, Hometown the event to promote jobs and
News Release, to the Area III Pubic Affairs Office, volunteer opportunities.
building S-728, at Camp Humphreys. For more PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS
information, call 753-8847.
The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004 23

Discover Tongbok Market

Story, photos by Steve Davis
Area III Public Affairs Office

astronomic treats and
sights of all kinds await
shoppers at the outdoor
Tongbok Market in Pyeongtaek City
near Camp Humphreys.
Whether it’s Korean food,
window shopping or just a simple
outdoor diversion you are after, hop
on Bus 20 at the bus station across
from the Camp Humphreys main gate
and take it to Pyeongtaek City. You’ll
see Tongbok Market on the left as you
near the center of town. One-way bus
fare is 750 won. Be sure to take
enough Korean money for a round- Kimchi and all kinds of other Korean foods are readily
trip and whatever treats or available at Tongbok Market in nearby Pyeongtaek City.
entertainment you may desire.
Tongbok Market stretches for
several blocks, and there are many
sideroads full of shops to explore.
No matter what direction you
take, it’s almost impossible to get
lost. Find a main avenue and follow
it back to where you began. If you
get really turned-about, ask someone
with a kind face for directions to the
train station Say “Pyeongtaek yo, odi
so?” That will take you back to a
main avenue and Bus 20 back to Window shoppers marvel at the colorful wedding The main arch at Tongbok Market beckons to adventurers who want to discover
Camp Humphreys. dresses at a shop near Tongbok Market. the “real Korea” just a few miles from the main gate of Camp Humphreys.
Page 25 March 12, 2004

Hialeah opens Child Development Home

Story, photos by Galen Putnam
Area IV Public Affairs Office

CAMP HIALEAH – Camp Hialeah’s Child

Development Home opened recently, filling a void in
the community by providing supervised care for
children and an opportunity for parents to work or
volunteer their time during the day.
Installation officials speculated that Camp Hialeah
was the only Army installation to have family housing,
command sponsored tours, a Department of Defense
school – and no day care facility.
“We didn’t know of any other installation with post
housing and sponsored tours without a day care
center,” said Harold D. Cody, Camp Hialeah Morale,
Welfare and Recreation director. “This is a big addition
for the community.”
Rather than build a new facility, a family housing
unit located across the street from the Pusan American
School playground was converted into a day care
center. The Child Development Home is thought by
post officials to be the only one of its kind in the Army.
The center, which features a fenced-in play area, will
provide care to eight children on a full-time basis and
six children on an hourly basis.
Barbara Chumbley, lead care provider (left), and Choe Mi-sun, program assistant, comfort Jennifer Schwartz, 3, following a
The response from parents has been
minor dispute over a toy during outdoor playtime at the Camp Hialeah Child Development Home.
overwhelmingly positive.
“It is awesome. We are very thankful. Garrison
and MWR worked hard together for us here in the
community,” said Caroline Brundage, wife of Lt. Col.
Jim Brundage, commander of the 837th Transportation
Battalion at Pier 8 in Busan. “Lieutenant Colonel
Ludwig (Camp Hialeah garrison commander) took
what resources he had and converted them to the best
use for the community. It is a big quality of life issue
getting this here.”
A part of that increased quality of life comes from
the time some parents now have to volunteer within
the community.
“I tutor at the school and this allows me to The newly-opened Camp Hialeah Child Development Home
continue,” Brundage said. “I had a friend who watched consists of renovated family quarters.
my daughter before but she moved so this has allowed
me more hours at the school. This gives people an Because of its smaller size and less institutional feel,
opportunity to volunteer, which is very important to the facility is referred to as a child development home
our community.” rather than child development center.
Parents say their children enjoy the home-style “This is a child development home because it is on
facility, the activities they participate in there and the a smaller scale than a child development center,” said
staff members. Barbara Chumbley, lead care provider at the home who
“My daughter (Jennifer, 3) is very happy. After previously babysat professionally in her home. “Besides
the first day you could see a big difference,” said that, it is a home. It’s not a big, impersonal facility.”
Min-kun Schwartz who works full time at the Camp Although the home is small in scale, it offers many Choe Mi-sun, program assistant at the Camp Hialeah Child
Hialeah Morale, Welfare and Recreation Distribution of the same activities and amenities provided at larger Development Home, pitches a ball to Nathan Keys during
Center. Her husband James is a staff sergeant with facilities. Children participate in cognitive and language outdoor playtime.
the 552nd Military Police Company. “She is really development activities, outdoor activities and play as
becoming independent. With a baby sitter things are well as art and fine motor skills activities. In addition, being with other kids,”
the same every day. Here she is learning a lot of new school-age kids have a homework lab scheduled each “We teach the children table manners, how to wear
things.” afternoon. A healthy, family-style lunch is served each their clothes, to wash their hands after using the rest
Being a converted family housing unit, the home day to help teach the children about table manners, room and things like that,” said Choe Mi-sun, Child
looks much like a typical residence – with a few minor sharing and healthy eating. Development Home program assistant. “Parents say
modifications. An upholstered facade resembling a sofa “The younger children learn social skills and their children really like to come here. When it is time
covers the fireplace which, if left uncovered, could personal skills like how to put on their coats and return for the children to go home, they want to stay.”
pose a potential safety hazard. Also, half-doors keep their dishes after lunch,” Chumbley said. “Besides that
little explorers out of the kitchen and office areas. kids at this age like to spend time together. They enjoy E-mail
26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
March 12, 2004


Camp Carroll Spring Fest
Little Hialeah hosts big tourney
Run and W alk
Camp Carroll Fitness Center is hosting a five- Racquetball enthusiasts converge for championships
kilometer fun run and two-mile walk 8 a.m.
Saturday. Participants can register for the free Story, photo by Galen Putnam
event until 7:30 a.m. on race day. For more Area IV Public Affairs Office
information, call Kim Su-yop or Carlos Algarin
at 765-8287. CAMP HIALEAH – The peninsula’s
top players converged on the Camp
Meet the CPOC Hialeah Fitness Center March 3-5 for
Introduction Sessions the 8th U.S. Army Racquetball
The Civilian Personnel Operations Center has Championships with Area I
scheduled two “Meet the CPOC” sessions for representatives taking first and second
supervisors and managers at Camp Henry Theater place in the men’s open division and
8:30-11 a.m. and 1:30-4 p.m. March 18. The adding another first place in the men’s
CPOC staff members will be available to answer senior division.
personnel questions. For more information and Three of the four championship
questions, call Blanche D. Robinson, CPOC matches in the double-elimination
acting director, at 768-7400. tournament went down to the wire and
were decided by additional “if”
Green and White Night championship matches when players
Taegu Spouses Association is holding its Green from the loser ’s bracket forced
and White Night 6:30 p.m. March 18 at the undefeated players from the winner’s
Evergreen Community Club on Camp Walker. bracket into final all-or-nothing matches.
The event will feature a Mexican buffet for $15 Players competed in four divisions
and a variety of activities. All Daegu American including the men’s open for those age
military community women are invited. For more 34 and younger, men’s senior for those
information, call Cyndi Turner at 472-8682 or age 35-39, men’s masters for those older
Tami LeJeune at 476-7519. than 40 and the women’s open division,
which has no age restrictions.
Area IV Retiree Council Brian Eaton, H Troop, 4th Squadron,
The initial meeting to form an Area IV Retiree 7th U.S. Cavalry Regiment, from Camp
Council will be 1 p.m. April 10 in the Area IV Stanton outlasted Leo K. Mier,
Support Activity Community Conference Room, Headquarters, Headquarters Company,
building 1211, on Camp Henry. All military 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment
retirees who live in Area IV are invited to attend from Camp Casey to take the men’s open
this organizational meeting. For more information, championship.
contact Lt. Col. Wilfred Plumley at 768-8021 The two met three times in the
or tournament with Eaton knocking Mier
Brian Eaton, H Troop, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment takes advantage of a time out during
into the loser’s bracket in their first
a match.
Enlisted Dining-In meeting. Mire fought all the way through
The inaugural Area IV Support Activity Enlisted the losers bracket to face Eaton in the matches in a row to get to the Morris, who has been playing for 24
Dining-In will be held 6 p.m. May 27 at the initial championship match in which he championship game where she would face years and has several post championships
Daegu Grand Hotel. For more information, call exacted his revenge on Eaton for the Morrison again. Scott won the match 15- under his belt. “We’ve had 30 to 40
Command Sgt. Maj. Tony Moore at 768-8700. earlier loss 2-15, 15-13, 11-9. The win 13, 15-10 forcing an “if” game for the people standing here cheering each other
forced an “if” championship match but, championship. The long climb back from on. It’s been a great week.”
Off Limits Establishments hindered by a jammed thumb, Mier was the loser’s bracket was too much “I played a great player. It was a great
The following establishments are off limits by eventually worn down and fell to Eaton however, as Scott ran out of steam and learning opportunity to get on the court
order of Col. James M. Joyner, Area IV 15-8, 5-15, 11-2. Morrison went on to win 15-8, 15-6. with someone of that caliber,” said Ririe
commander: Daegu – Odyssey Club, With Club, “It feels good to win. Both of us came “It feels great – outstanding. She who has been playing off-and-on for 10
Mama Lee’s, Paradise Club and Crown Club; from Area I together,” Eaton said. “He (Scott) gave me a run for my money.” years. “When you play someone that is
and Waegwan – Carnegie Club and The Live beat me there (in the Area I Morrison said. “I’ve been playing for that good you hope to catch them on a
Club. For more information, call James Adamski championships) so it was good to beat 10 years and this is the first time I’ve bad day and hope you have a good day.
at 768-8969. him down here.” ever gone (temporary duty) to play It makes me wish I’d stuck with
“Hats off to Eaton. He played well,” racquetball, so it is kind of special.” (racquetball) more over the years.”
Camp Carroll Mier said. “This is only my second “This is the best, most rewarding Taking third in the men’s senior
Coffee House tournament so I’m happy with the results. second place I’ve ever taken in anything division was Gregory Riggs, E Troop,
The 23rd Chemical Battalion Chaplain’s Office It was a good chance to get away.” because she (Morrison) was such a 4th Squadron, 7th. Cavalry Regiment.
has opened the Camp Carroll Coffee House. It Third place in the men’s open division tough opponent,” Scott said. “I feel like Fourth place went to Michael Watson,
is open every Friday, except the last Friday of went to Matthew Fox, 607th Weather I played my heart out but she was just 20th Support Group.
the month, 6 p.m. to midnight and features Squadron, Detachment 1, Camp Casey. better.” Two-time all-Army racquetball player
meals, movies, games and a place to hang Coming in fourth was Carlos Roman, 55th In the women’s division, Jessica Song Kim, Headquarters, Headquarters
out. It is located in the Chapel Annex, building Theater Support Command (Material Martinez, representing Area IV took Company, 8th Personnel Command was
S-904, on Camp Carroll. For more information, Management Center), Camp Henry. third place and Karen Johnson from Area pushed to an “if” championship game
call Chaplain (Capt.) Darin Nielson at 765- It was a similar battle in the women’s I came in fourth. by Lynn Hansen, 94th Military Police
8256. open division as Connie Morrison, In the men’s senior division Richard Battalion, Yongsan Garrison, who he had
Headquarters, Headquarters Troop, 6th Morris, 2nd Infantry Division Military previously beaten. Hansen took the first
Sexual Assault Cavalry Brigade at Camp Humphreys Police, swept through the tournament championship game 11-15, 15-14, 11-8
Sur vivors Group held off Maria Scott, Headquarters, 4-0 to take the championship. but Kim’s experience and determination
A Sexual Assault Survivors Group meets 1 - Headquarters Company, 307th Signal In the final mtch, Morris topped showed as he went on to top Hansen
2:30 p.m. every Friday at the Camp Walker Battalion from Camp Carroll, to take the James Rrie, Company A, 527th Military 15-5, 15-4 in the rubber match.
Health Clinic. The sessions are open to all championship. Intelligence Battalion, Camp Humphreys, Despite winning the championship,
women authorized military medical care. For Morrison knocked Scott into the loser’s 15-10, 15-8 to take the championship. Kim will not be rejoining the All-Army
more information, call Social Work Services at bracket in their first meeting 5-15, 15-13, “This was a great tournament with
764-5500 or 764-5173. 11-7. Scott was then forced to win four great competition and camaraderie,” said See Tourney on Page 28
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
March 12, 2004 27

American soldiers, Korean students find common ground

Age, interests converge for the 154th Medical Detachment. “I believe we have
a mutual respect for each other and this kind of an
Korea, and also about American college life and their
school system. However, the most important thing was

to reduce cultural gap

event gives us chance to show our respect and do that I got to know a little bit about their way of
some cultural exchange.” thinking.”
The atmosphere throughout the event was friendly. Students were not the only ones who gained
By Pvt. Oh, Dong-keun The hostile emotions that have been directed at times something from the event.
Area IV Public Affairs Office towards Americans by Korean university students “I had a good time getting to know the culture of
were nowhere to be found in the room full of curious Korea, getting to know the people of Korea,
CAMP HENRY – It took them a little while to get young minds. Participants were broken into groups especially the younger generation. We had good
started, but once they did, American Soldiers and of seven students and one or two American Soldiers conversations,” said Spc. Samuel Melendez Jr. “I
Korean university students talked nonstop for two accompanied by a KATUSA Soldier to help keep really got to know what they think about different
hours. communications flowing smoothly. things that are going on, especially with U.S.
Soldiers from the 154th Medical Detachment Soldiers and students started out by sharing their (troops) being in Korea. That was probably the main
(Preventive Medicine) visited Daegu National names and ages then went on discuss their family, subject that we talked about. Other then that, we
University of Education March 5 to meet with Korean hobbies, lifestyles, where they are from and a variety were just talking about getting to know each other
students. The event, which was initiated by with a of other topics. as if we were friends.”
single e-mail between a senior Korean Augmentation Since they were similar in age, comparable interests According to Kim and Korpal, they will try to make
to the United States Army Soldier and a professor at fueled the discussion and they went on to talk about this a once-a-month event based on the feedback they
the university, was the first such event held between additional subjects including sports, music, cell phones, receive from the students and Soldiers.
the school and the unit. and the things that occupy the minds of the young “If we get positive feedback from both sides, I would
“Last year I received an e-mail from Sgt. Kim Dong- generation. like to see the event made into a more frequent
min, a KATUSA Soldier through which he informed “These students are about as same age as the occasion,” said Kim. “What I am hoping for also is
me about U.S. Army Soldiers in Daegu area wanting Soldiers. That’s a positive thing,” said Korpal. “Another maybe having the Soldiers go to elementary schools
to be involved in community cultural exchange events thing is that if you look around, the students are not in the area, where most of our graduates are currently
and suggested a meeting between the Soldiers from only interested in the topics and what we have to say, teaching, since they put an emphasis on teaching
his unit and my students,” said Professor Kim Young- but also the English language. This gives them the English to young kids these days.”
sook, a professor of English education at Daegu opportunity to learn it through speaking and listening, “Professor Kim is trying to get something that can
National University of Education. “I endorsed the idea which is a good experience.” be perhaps a continued program where we can come
and told him to contact the (English Education) The students, especially women students, seemed in here maybe once a month or so,” said Korpal. “We
department, and they worked out the details. That’s to be shy at the beginning, but at the end of the day, are trying to be involved in as many community relations
how this event came about today.” they were the ones who had the most to say. programs as possible. So we will do as much as we
“We came here today to introduce ourselves to “It was really fun,” said Kim Ji-hee, a first-year can to support her idea.”
Koreans, to help them understand us and where we student majoring in English education. “I got to learn
are from,” said 1st Lt. Karl Korpal, executive officer a few things about what they do as Soldiers here in E-mail
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
28 March 12, 2004

Tourney from Page 26

Racquetball Team, which was
TAS Warriors disbanded in 2001.
“I feel a little bitter,” Kim said. I don’t
warm up for know the exact reason they cut the team
but the winners here should have the

Tennessee opportunity to advance to the all-Army

level to represent their units.”

Despite his disappointment at being
unable to advance to the all-Army level,

Kim is happy with how the tournament
turned out.
“There was good camaraderie, fun
Taegu American and sportsmanship this week.” He said.
School junior varsity “The organizers did a great job.”
cheerleaders Grace Joseph Santos representing Area III
Cho, ninth-grade, took third place in the men’s masters
(foreground) and division. Fourth place went to John
Jennifer Jones, Moye, from Area IV.
11th-grade, perform Tournament organizers were happy
before the with how the championships turned
Tennessee TTitans
itans out.
Cheerleaders “We’ve held the championships here
performance Sunday the last six or seven years,” said Thomas
at Kelly Fitness E. Higgins, Installation Management
Center on Camp Agency-Korea Region sports director.
W alker
alker.. TTAS
AS junior “The garrison here does a great job of
varsity cheerleaders hosting.”
not pictured are “The players really enjoyed
Jesse Covan, ninth- themselves,” said Tom Corcoran, Area
grade; Brittani IV sports director. “They even put
Ferguson, ninth- together doubles and mixed doubles in-
grade; and Briana house championships while they were
Wolfard, seventh- here. They really came to play.”