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The Peninsula-Wide News Publication

Volume 2, Issue NNo.o. 2277 P UBLISHED F OR T HOSE S ERVING IN THE R EPUBLIC OF KOREA April 23, 2004
Signal hub gets cleanup, upgrade
Story by Alex Harrington secure and nonsecure e-mail users, officials said. much needed facility upgrade,” said Lt. Col. Darin
1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs Office “During the renovation we will continue to provide Talkington, 41st Signal Brigade commander.
the same quality of service throughout Area II,” said “Contractors are on phase one of four that includes
YONGSAN — Northern Node, 1st Signal Chief Warrant Officer Michelle Smith, 201st Signal asbestos abatement, fire suppression installation,
Brigade’s primary automation hub which provides Company, 41st Signal Battalion. “The project does not lighting upgrade and power upgrades to the facility.”
communications support to all U.S. military and affect the 35,000 mailboxes that we provide e-mail The upgrade will add a valued benefit to 1st Signal’s
government facilities in Area II, is undergoing a million- support to, along with connectivity services.” customers, according to Smith.
dollar cleanup of asbestos and electrical upgrade The project, called Northern Node Power and “In the future it will allow us to handle more
through June. Grounding Upgrade, is the first significant improvement equipment within the facility for future upgrades and
Officials stated that the scheduled renovation to the facility’s infrastructure in recent history. Work limit the amount of downtime due to power outages.
of the facility located on main post will not affect commenced on Feb. 4.
United States Forces Korea and 8th, U.S. Army “The Northern Node is undergoing a significant and See Hub on Page 4

L et’s Read Fire chief: safety begins,

ends with individual
Story by Sgt. Andrew Kosterman cause a fire,” said Dumond.
Korea Region Public Affairs Office The use of smoke detectors is
also a fire safety practice .
YONGSAN — It would be According to 8th United State Army
pretty hard to get through life Pamphlet 420-1, smoke is
without fire. When controlled, it responsible for three out of every
allows for cooking and heating. four deaths caused by fires.
F o r t u n a t e l y, f i r e f i g h t e r s c a n Installing smoke detectors and
protect those who lose control of checking them once a month helps
a fire. But they can not erase the alert to the presence of smoke in a
monetary and emotional damage it residence or place of business,
can cause. reducing the chances of succumbing
To shield against the possibility to smoke.
of becoming a victim, one must be Fire extinguishers also can play a
prepared. pivotal role in the event a fire occurs
“Fire safety begins and ends at work or in the home, according
with individual,” said Leopold P. J. to EUSA Pamphlet 420-1.
Dumond, Installation Management Army Regulation 210-50 states
Agency – Korean Region Office that all servicemembers assigned to
chief of fire and emergency U. S. Forces Korea who live off
services. “ We - - f i r e s a f e t y base must have a working fire
professionals--provide the basis extinguisher and smoke detector in
for their knowledge. However, if their places of residence. Soldiers
the people don’t apply the living on post can reference AR 210-
techniques we teach then there is 70.
a good possibility that they will have Installation Management Agency’s
a fire in their homes or work goal is reduce fires by 40 percent
place.” over the next year. To do this, area
Dumond added the best way to fire chiefs have developed plans to
PHOTO BY PFC. DANIEL LOVE prevent fires and practice good fire prevent fires and other aspects
Lynne V. Cheney, wife of Vice President Richard B. Cheney, speaks to third graders at Seoul safety is to use common sense. covering their prevention.
Elementary School during a visit April 16. Cheney stopped in at the school to give a history “People should never do “The plans cover monthly fire
lesson from her book, "America: A Patriotic Primer." See stories on page 16 and 25. anything that they think would See Fire on Page 4

What ’s inside... INSIDE

Korean War vets Soldiers get Commentary.............Page 2
JROTC motivates Area IV children Perpoints, Dollars and
make pilgrimage workout, Sense......................Page 3
SAHS students ‘meet’ VP’s wife Movies...................Page 14
into past move the mail Chaplain................Page 15
See Page 6 See Page 9 See Page 21 See Page 25 MWR Events...........Page 18
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
2 April 23, 2004

MP Blotter Commentary
The following entries were extracted Poem celebrates joys and challenges of being
from the past several week’s military
police blotters. These entries may be
incomplete and does not determine the a militar
militaryy child, tells of unique life
guilt or innocence of any person. The following poem was read by 11-year-old Mary Juergens, a home- My Dad’s a real-live hero
! An investigation revealed that a U.S. service- schooled student at Camp Humphreys, at an assembly of 125 children And my Mom’s a tough one too!
member was observed in a local bar during the hours and adults at the Month of the Military Child Kick-off Celebration on Whatever happens while he’s gone,
of curfew and was approached by the Korean National April 1. It was written by Jennifer Elliott, the prevention specialist at She always gets us through
Police. The troop presented his California drivers license Camp Humphreys’Family Advocacy.
in an attempt not to be identified as a Soldier. While The poem celebrates the joys and challenges of being a military kid When Dad deploys, I miss him
a BIDS check was being conducted, the troop and explains why kids from military families are so unique. They have But I’m as tough as leather
requested to use the latrine, where he then altered courage, loyalty, family pride and strength. They know how to make I’m brave ‘cause I know, near or far,
friends easily and adapt to new places. They know the importance of My family sticks together
his physical appearance and fled the establishment in
counting on loved ones for support and being there to support them
order to evade apprehension. The servicemember’s
as well. At early ages they learn about patriotism and what it truly Every time we move
unit was subsequently contacted and instructed to
means to love your country. Military kids are like no other kids in the I start all over again
have him report to the local provost marshal’s office
world and Family Advocacy salutes them for their service to our But I always feel much better
once located. The troop reported to the PMO later country! When I make new friends
that morning where he was advised of his legal rights For a copy of the poem, visit Family Advocacy at Army
which he waived, and rendered a written sworn Community Service building 311, or call them at 753-6252. Versions Though sometimes I feel sad
statement admitting to the above offenses. He was are also available for active-duty moms and dual-military families. I’m strong and courageous too
later released to his unit. ‘Cause the blood inside my heart
I’m a military kid Runs RED, WHITE and BLUE!
! A Criminal Investigation Division investigation So I stand tall and proud
revealed that a U.S. servicemember attempted to When I pledge to the flag I support my Dad no matter what
defraud the U.S. government when he submitted I say it clear and loud Though the ride’s a little wild
fraudulent orders to finance in order to receive pay I’m proud to serve our country!
that had been withheld due to his absent without I know other kids pledge I’m a military child!
leave status. Preliminary investigation revealed that Because they’re glad they’re free
the servicemember had left Korea on ordinary leave But, you see, my Dad’s a Soldier Jennifer Elliott
but had failed to return and was placed on AWOL So it means much more to me Education and
status. In turn, the Soldier’s pay was stopped. Later, Prevention Specialist
he attempted to sign in at Fort Carson having obtained My Dad defends our country Family Advocacy Program
an apparent set of attachment orders from the He doesn’t wear fancy suits
reassignment section, which were later revoked. While He fights to keep us free E-mail commentary submissions to
at Fort Carson, Colo., the troop submitted the So he wears combat boots! Please keep submissions about a page in length and include your name, rank and duty
station. The Morning Calm Weekly reserves the right to edit letters for length, taste
attachment orders to a unit finance section without and clarity.
revocation orders to receive the pay withheld while he
was AWOL. Investigation continues by U.S. Army
Criminal Invetigation Division Command. Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff:

! An investigation revealed that a U.S.

Why is it impor tant to be a volunteer?
servicemember, for reasons unknown, drove his
privately-owned vehicle into a local market fish tank.
After arrival of the Korean National Police, it was
determined the servicemember was driving under the
influence of alcohol and was administered a blood
alcohol content test, which rendered a result of 0.192
percent breath alcohol content.
The troop’s vehicle sustained no damage but the fish
tank was destroyed. The servicemember was then
transported to the local KNP station where he was “T
“Too show supporsupportt to “Time spent
further processed and released to the provost marshal “Opportunities to people who may need volunteering is time “Too help people that
office. He was later released to his unit and meet new people” — help.” — Sgt. 1st Class Carl well spent.” — Cpl. Kim Do- need it.” — Spc. Helena
subsequently administered a command directed legal Sgt. Lee Han-jin, 501st Signal Fields, Headquarters and Headquarters hyung, Headquarters and Washington, 34th Support
Company, Camp Humphreys Company, 20th Support Group, Camp Headquarters Company, 20th Group, Yongsan
breath alcohol test. Investigation continues by traffic
accident investigations section. Henry. Support Group, Camp Henry.

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publication for members of the private firm in no way connected handicap, political affiliation, or
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Support and Defend
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
April 23, 2004 3

NEWS & NOTES Why Korea is the Duty Assignment of Choice

Army Benefits Center - Civilian
coming to Korea
Representatives from the Army Benfits Center - Civilian
will visiting Korea. They will be conducting breifings on the
Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees
Retirement System retirement systems. They will also
provide information on using the Employee Benefits
Information and Interactive Voice Response Systems. The
FERS Retirement System briefs will be 8 a.m. -noon.
CSRS Retirement System breifs will be 1 p.m.- 5 p.m.
! Area II: Yongsan - Balboni Training Facility
! Area III: Camp Humphreys - Camp Humphreys
Community Activity Center
! Area IV: Busan - 837th Transportation Battalion, Pier 8.
Camp Carroll - Material Support Command -
Korea Command Conference Room
Camp Walker - 36th Signal Battalion
Conference Room

8th Army Half

and Full Marathon
The 2004 8th U.S. Army half and full marathon will begin There are many places to visit in Korea including Samnung Park in Seoul which is the final resting place for three rulers of Korea. Many parks,
at Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House 8 a.m. Saturday. palaces and recreational areas are free or low cost
Race-day registration will be 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 a.m., followed

Actionable intelligence
by a course briefing at 7:45 a.m. For more information,
contact Jim Williams at 730-2322.

relies on every Soldier

Army Birthday Ball Tickets
This year’s Army birthday ball will be June 18 at the Seoul
Grand Hyatt Hotel.
Tickets are now on sale for $40 each and are available from
command representatives in Korea. Call Maj. Olivia Bierman Story by Joe Burlas often filtered. By the time it makes it to where beefed up with a number of ad hoc tactical
Army News Service it might be acted on, it is often too late or HUMINT collection teams as well.
at 723-8265 or Mai. David McConnell at 723-9040 for
incomplete, Alexander said. The greater need for tactical HUMINT is
information on ticket availability. WASHINGTON — Actionable A shared network, with each Soldier because the threat has changed in our
intelligence means providing commanders having a means of digitally inputting and lifetimes, from facing a Cold War adversary
Sexual Assault Victims Hotline and Soldiers a high level of situational sending what he sees, is where Army is armed with lots of tanks and artillery to an
The Department of Defense has formed a task force on understanding, delivered with speed, heading, Alexander said. Progress in the area asymmetrical enemy, Alexander explained.
care for active-duty servicemembers who are victims of accuracy and timeliness, in order to conduct is being made, as he said his action officers The intelligence community is no longer hust
successful operations, according to the are in close coordination with their looking for a bunch of equipment to identify
sexual assault. charter of the focus area task force on the counterparts in information management to where the enemy is and determine what his
Victims may call DSN 312-761-1659 or toll-free 1-800- subject. develop and implement the infrastructure, intentions might be; it is also looking for
497-6261 between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m. to report assaults. Actionable intelligence is not perfect equipment, procedures and tools needed for individual people, Alexander said.
intelligence — commanders need to be that network. The intelligence officer said he is looking
AUSA 3 on 3 Basketball Tourament trained on what intelligence can be Looking at lessons learned from to industry and academia to help better
The 17th Aviation Brigade will host a 3 on 3 basketball reasonably delivered and what cannot, said Operation Enduring Freedom inAfghanistan organize and visually present information
the Army’s top military intelligence planner and Operation Iraqi Freedom from the start from multiple intelligence databases. The
tournament May 8 and 9 at Collier Field House in Yongsan. and policy maker. of major hostilities through recent current system is much like an Internet
For more information, contact Capt. Jesse Berglund at Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, Army observations of current threats, the task search using a standard search tool that gives
723-8084 or E-mail intelligence officer, gave members of the force identified 127 issues that needed to be you thousands of hits. Refining your query
Those interested may also contact Staff Sgt. Beverlee Pentagon press corps a snapshot April 8 of fixed as soon as possible. Interim and until you get what you are looking for is
Burton at 723-4133 or E-mail what Task Force Actionable Intelligence has permanent solutions for the majority of those time-consuming, Alexander continued.
found since it was created last fall and how issues have already been implemented, Situational awareness also means sharing
its initiatives will transform the way military Alexander said. Some of those fixes have information seamlessly across all levels —
intelligence will operate in the future. been changes to procedures, software from national intelligence assets down to the
Army Family Action Plan One of the ways the task force hopes to updates and rapid fielding of new equipment. Soldier on the battlefield. That will require a
Conference change in the Army is making every Soldier One of the biggest intelligence cultural change and a lot of training,Alexander
The 8th U.S. Army and Installation Management Agency- a sensor that quickly reports the Soldier’s shortcomings of both operations was the said.
Korea Region Army Family Action Plan will be held April slice of the battlefield into a digital network. lack of human intelligence assets at the
Combat Soldiers are trained to report battalion and brigade level — something that (Editor’s note: This is the 13th article in
26-28 at Dragon Hill Lodge on Yongsan South Post. Forty a weekly series on the 17 Army focus areas.
what they believe to be critical information is being addressed as returning forces reset
delegates from the four area support agencies in Korea will up the chain of command. However, that into modular forces, Alexander said. This one focuses on “Actionable
review issues concerning family support; force support; report takes time as it makes it through the Warfighting forces currently in the Central Intelligence.” To view a brief synopsis of
each area, visit
medical support; and consumer services, relocation and chain, and the information that is reported is Command area of operations have been
Delegates will make recommendations on issues that require
8th Army or IMA-Korea Region approval for implementation, HRC aims to help Soldiers manage their careers
or that must be forwarded to Department of Army-level.
Story by Jeong H. Park career managers, the Enlisted Personnel Management
Welcome Edition of the 8th Personnel Services Command Directorate uses five tools. These initiatives include
Morning Calm W eekly
Weekly an interactive voice response telephone system
The United States Total Army Human Resources expanded e-mail capabilities, high speed fax machines,
Regular issues of the Morning Calm Weekly will not be
Command continues Operation Engage, a series of mail-grams and a pocket reference information card
distributed on May 7. This issue will be the annually
initiatives designed to increase enlisted Soldiers’ that can be found and downloaded at
published Welcome Edition.
participation in managing their careers.
To help Soldiers communicate better with their See Operation on Page 4
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
4 April 23, 2004

Fire from Page 1

prevention themes and seasonal Moving a pan burning outdoors
campaigns,” said Dumond. “From or to a sink is hazardous, said
these lists the fire chiefs publicize Dumond. The best way to combat
the ‘hot topics’ for each month.” a stove top fire is to put a lid to the
In spring, topics the local fire pan that is on fire and turn off the
chiefs are concerned most with heat source.
include spring cleaning, flammable Putting a lid on will get rid of the
and combustible liquid storage and oxygen inside the pan, thus killing
barbecuing. the fire.
“The most common injury “If they make it to a sink, (they
people receive from fires are 1st-, should) not put water on the
2nd- and 3rd- degree burns,” said burning oil,” said Dumond
Dumond. “Most of these occur The fire could spread as a result
when the individuals have an of this, thus causing a bigger
unattended cooking fire.” problem, added Dumond.
These cooking fires can be on Dumond said added a good
an open grill or a range-top stove. source for finding information
Many of the fires starting from regarding fire safety is
cooking inside the home originate
from burning grease.

Hub from Page 1

It allows us to balance the load damaging particle matter.
of equipment within the facility,” Smith said that the asbestos
she said. removal phase of the renovation will
The inside of the facility is not harm those who work inside the
swaddled in plastic coating that is facility.
used to mitigate the asbestos “The contractors have asbestos
hazard to the Soldiers, Department monitoring equipment in place to
of Defense civilians and Korean monitor the air quality. They also
nationals, while workers travel up have provided the proper safety
into the ceiling via a pressurized gear for each Soldier, said Smith.
passage to remove the asbestos “The removal of the asbestos has
before pulling out the ceiling tiles not hindered the day to day
and lights to expose the inner roof o p e r a t i o n s o f t h e f a c i l i t y. We
to the facility. continue to supply reliable
In addition, the workers lay communications, troubleshooting
plastic over the communications and customer service to our users.”
equipment to protect the servers,
routers and switches from E-mail

Operation from Page 3

w w w. p e r s c o m o n l i n e . a r m y. m i l / e-mail. Inquiries concerning the

enlist/epnew.htm. status of personnel actions, future
The cornerstone initiative is the schooling or assignment are
IVRS. The IVRS is an automated examples of typical information
voice response telephone system exchanges that can be conducted
that provides Soldiers with career 24-hours a day.
information 24-hours a day. Soldiers can also correspond
To u s e t h e I V R S s y s t e m , with their career managers by using
Soldiers must enter their social- fax machines. Soldiers and
security numbers. They are then personnel service centers can save
presented with menu options that time by faxing communications
will inform them if they are on directly to the desired career branch
assignment, scheduled to attend an within EPMD for processing. The
Army school, or provide topical telephone and e-mail directory
information on: retention, located at
recruiting, drill sergeant, special w w w. p e r s c o m o n l i n e . a r m y. m i l /
f o r c e s , r a n g e r, c o m p a s s i o n a t e enlist/epmdlist.htm contains EPMD
reassignments, Married Army e-mail, fax and telephone listings.
Couples Program, Exceptional To help Soldiers keep track of
Family Member Program and these new communication tools,
separations. Soldiers can activate EPMD distributed a wallet sized
the IVRS system by dialing 1-800- information card that lists soldier’s
FYI- EPMD or DSN 221-3763. career manager’s phone number, e-
The 800 number is available only mail address, fax number, and IVRS
in the continental U.S. instructions and phone number.
As an additional means to Soldiers can get their pocket card
facilitate communication between at their servicing personnel centers.
soldiers and their career managers,
EPMD is encouraging the use of E-mail
April 23, 2004 Page 5

Memories linger after 52 years

Story, photos by Pfc. Stephanie Pearson
Area I Public Affairs Office

YEONGCHEON — The month of

April marks 52 years since Gerald
Bottoms and Jess Howard last set foot
in South Korea.
The two, best friends since their
freshman year of high school, served
here together in the Oklahoma National
Guard during the Korean War. Now,
a half a century later, they made the
trip back to Korea the same way they
did so long ago — together.
Bottoms and Howard began their
trip down memory lane in Camp Red
Cloud, where they met with Lt. Col.
Brian Vines, U.S Army Garrison,
Camp Red Cloud commander. Vines’
father was a classmate and old friend
of the men, and when he heard that
the men were planning a trip back to
Korea, he told Bottoms to talk to
Vines, Bottoms said.
“My parents put Mr. Bottoms in
touch with me, and we started
working out how we could plan the
trip,” Vines explained. “Once we got
them involved in a local Korean Gerald Bottoms (left) and Jess Howard reminisce in the hills near Choko-ri, where they served together with the Oklahoma National Guard during
reunion tour, we figured out that we’d the Korean War. This is the first time either has been back to Korea in 52 years.
have about a day to spend together. Right: Bottoms shows the
So we started figuring out what we approximate location of his
could do during that day, and worked former camp to Lt. Col. Brian
with the Republic of Korea Army to Vines, U.S. Army Garrison,
Camp Red Cloud
See Veterans on Page 8 commander.

Howard, in hills just south of the DMZ, today and as a

young corporal in 1952 (inset)
6 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004

NEWS & NOTES Tae kwon do team wows SMA

Eighth Army Half and
Full Marathon
The 2004 8th U.S. Army half and full marathon will
begin at Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House 8 a.m.
Saturday. Race-day registration will be 6:30 a.m. –
7:30 a.m., followed by a course briefing at 7:45
a.m. For more information, contact Jim Williams at

Red Cross Offers Course

The Camp Red Cloud American Red Cross will
hold an adult, child and infant cardiopulmonary
resuscitation and basic first aid course at 8
a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m. May 1 in the Red
Cross office. The course costs $35 and will
certify students in CPR and first aid for one
year. Call 732-6160 to sign up.

Army Emergency Relief

The Army Emergency Relief Campaign is on-
going and will continue until May 15. Contact
unit representatives to make a donation or for
Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston watches the 2nd Infantry
Division Tae Kwon Do Team’s demonstration Monday at the Camp
Incheon Shuttle Added Red Cloud Fitness Center.
Bus service to Incheon Airport is being added
to Camps Casey and Red Cloud. The bus will
depart Camp Casey every hour and 20 minutes P arents seek solutions for childrearing
starting 5 a.m. daily. The bus will stop at CRC
and continue on to Incheon Airport. The ticket Story, Photo by David McNally During the class, Barker explained “They’re not trying to ignore you,”
cost is 11,000 Korean won. Area I Public Affairs Office how parents are models. Barker said. “They just want to have
“Your child will do what you do,” their way. That can be a time when a
Aerobics Marathon Event CAMP GARRY OWEN — In April, Barker said. “If you cuss, guess what lot of children do get abused because
The Camp Red Cloud fitness center will host Area I family advocacy workers sought they’re going to do?” parents don’t know how to deal with
an aerobics marathon and fitness blast event 9 out ways to bring meaning to the month Barker stressed how children look to them.”
a.m. to noon Saturday. The event, open to set aside as the “Month of the Military adults in their lives to guide them. She Barker gave the class some take-
everyone, will feature an hour of aerobics and Child” and “Child Abuse Prevention told the group what a difficult and home books and materials with
an hour of spinning class followed by a weight- Month.” stressful time the “terrible twos” are for suggestions for helping to control
training demonstration. Contact Scott Meredith Although family members make up many parents. temper tantrums and destructive
at 732-7757 for details. only a small portion of the Warrior She said problems can arise when tendencies.
Country population, Army Community parents tell their toddlers to stop doing
W omen ’s V
omen’s olleyball
Volleyball Service found a way to communicate something. See Childrearing on Page 8
Tr y o u t s with them: the Pear Blossom Cottages.
The 2004 Warrior Division Women’s Volleyball Six facilities cater to noncommand
team will hold tryouts Saturday and Sunday at sponsored family members in Area I.
Camp Casey’s Hanson Field House. Soldiers, The Pear Blossom Cottages bring family
Department of Defense civilians and adult family members together for support and in
members are invited to participate. Interested this case, education.
personnel should call 732-6927 or 732-6276 “This particular class is given for an
to register. event month,” said Yasmin Barker a
family advocacy specialist for Area I.
Newcomers Orientation “As this is child abuse prevention month,
we came up with child-centered
The Camp Red Cloud Army Community Service
will hold its monthly newcomers orientation 8
Eight family members and one Soldier
a.m. Wednesday in the ACS classroom. To
attended a Positive Parenting seminar at
reserve a seat, call Christy Allen at 732-7180.
the Camp Garry Owen PBC April 15.
“It was pretty good and helpful,” said
Team Building Class Sgt. David Rolack, Headquarters and
The Camp Casey Army Community Service will Headquarters Troop, 4th Squadron, 7th
hold Army Family Team Building Level II Cavalry Regiment. “She gave me some
Intermediate training 9 a.m. April 30 in the insights to things I didn’t know before.”
ACS classroom. To register, call Cheryl French Rolack has been stationed at Camp
at 730-3107. Garry Owen since June 2003. He said
sometimes it is tough to balance his
Fitness Center Hours career and family in Korea.
Change “It gets stressful at times,” he said.
May 1 will be the last day for extended weekend “But, we plan for it.”
hours in Camp Casey and Camp Hovey fitness Rolack’s wife, Danielle, and their 1-
centers. This is due to staff activities in support year old daughter spend a lot of time at
of ball fields and weekend outdoor sports. Only the Pear Blossom Cottage.
Carey Physical Fitness Center will remain open “You see other spouses over here,”
until midnight Fridays and Saturdays throughout Danielle said. “You have other women
the summer. to talk to, instead of being in your house Sgt. David Rolack, 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment (right) looks over some materials at a
all day.” Positive Parenting seminar taught by Yasmin Barker at Camp Garry Owen April 15.
The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004 MORNING CALM Page 7

Warrior golfers seek out game

Story, photo by David McNally To entice more Soldiers to the game,
Area I Public Affairs Office the Camp Casey Golf Course started
offering free lessons two years ago.
CAMP RED CLOUD — Spring has “We provide golfers with free lessons,
turned the grass green and the weather clubs and range balls,” Cragun said. “We
warm. For golfers, this is the time of estimate we’ve given over 800 lessons.”
the year to bring out the clubs and take To prove the tactic works, Cragun
a swing. offered they have doubled their number
“I’m a big golfer,” said Staff Sgt. of active duty golfers in the past year.
Steven Hunt, Company C, 1st Battalion, He said people interested in lessons
506th Infantry Regiment. need to have SOFA status and show up
Hunt and his friends had just finished at the Camp Casey Pro Shop at 3 p.m.
playing a round of nine holes at the any Saturday.
Camp Red Cloud Golf Course on a “We also offer one of the most
sunny Friday afternoon. successful 10 cent wing nights on the
Hunt transferred on two buses to peninsula,” Cragun said. The Camp Casey
make the journey from Camp Greaves Golf Course brings in customers from 5
to CRC. He said the CRC course was to 7 p.m. every Friday for chicken wings.
worth the trip. CRC offers free lessons as well. The
“For the area and the space they CRC Golf Course manager, Don
have, it’s awesome,” Hunt said. Durden, said any SOFA status golfer
Hunt said he thinks the course is short who wants free lessons can request
for a regulation course, but it still them at the pro shop.
satisfies him. “I don’t know of a better place to learn
“I haven’t had to get a tee time yet, how to play golf,” Durden said. “You can
because I’ve only golfed here during the learn golf here for free, and you can play
weekdays,” Hunt said. “It’s like any golf for a reasonable price.”
course back in the states: you get here Durden explained how a membership
early enough and you can get on.” in the club decreases the costs even
The Camp Red Cloud Golf Course further.
is “first-come, first-served” during the “If you look at a Soldier, a private pays
week, and by reservation during a $100 membership fee,” Durden said.
weekends and holidays. The other “That membership pays for itself after
major course in Warrior Country, Camp only 12 rounds.”
Casey Golf Course, mirrors this policy. Durden also said the CRC Pro Shop
For Soldiers, sergeants and staff offers a wide variety of golfing apparel
sergeants, a round of 18 holes costs $10 and equipment.
on a weekday. The least expensive fee, “We also have lockers available for
$8, is for privates to specialists. Rates golfers to store their gear,” Durden said. Greg Updike, a Department of the Army civilian on temporary duty at Camp Red Cloud,
are slightly higher on weekends. The “There is a small fee for locker rental.” practices on the putting green Tuesday.
course offers rental golf clubs for $5. There is one other golf course in
The fee structure is broken into two Warrior Country: Camp Bonifas. The
groups: members and nonmembers. course is renowned as the “most Camp Casey course undergoes renovation
There is a list of fees and charges dangerous course in the world,”
available at each course. according to a 1988 issue of Sports CAMP CASEY — A $640,000 sod, creating new sand traps, and
“The fees are very reasonable,” Hunt Camp Casey Golf Course renovation landscaping the course to include
started March 15. more elevation.
said. “Five bucks to walk nine holes Asked why he did not golf more at the
“Before, the course here was flat,” “During the renovation we have
actually that’s very good, even Camp Bonifas Golf Course, which is near five holes open,” Pak said, “so we
compared to the states.” Camp Greaves, Hunt responded with a said Pak Song Yong, Camp Casey
are only charging half price.”
“Golf is the fastest growing sport in laugh, “It only has one hole!” Golf Course assistant manager. Officials said the work should
the United States,” said Ray Cragun, The Camp Bonifas one-hole course “When the work is completed, it will continue through the end of June.
Camp Casey Golf Course manager. “It’s faces the demilitarized zone. be a very challenging course.” The putting green and driving
affordable, and it’s a sport you can play Pak said the contractors are laying range remain open.
all of your life.” E-mail

Indianhead Division makes environment a priority

Story by Pfc. Stephanie Pearson this course, they will be able to go back to their units products, or re-using particular items. If we
Area I Public Affairs Office and teach those training elements, he said. encourage units to do this, then we will both prevent
“This training is supported by Army Regulation future waste and also minize the amount of waste
CAMP CASEY — The 2nd Infantry Division will 200-1, which tells us that a unit or installation that we do generate.”
hold an environmental compliance officer training commander is required to appoint and train an This is the first time the class will be held in Korea.
course May 3 - 7 at the Camp Casey schools building. environmental compliance officer,” Wideman “This has been in the planning stages for six months
“The purpose of this course is to encourage explained. “This course is geared toward personnel now,” said Wideman. “It took a noncommissioned
Soldiers and units to interact with the environment in that are assigned additional duties as ECOs at the officer to recognize that there was a void in the training
a manner that is consistent with the Army’s battalion and brigade levels.” requirements, and that was environmental compliance.
environmental strategy,” said Staff Sgt. Marvin “The division has taken a more proactive approach “The Korean people expect us to protect what they
Wideman, primary instructor for the class. “And that to training,” said Staff Sgt. Jack West, 2nd Infantry have entrusted us with,” Wideman said.
is, to do the right thing when it comes to the Division training noncommissioned officer. “The 2ID “Most people get assigned to Korea and think ‘I’ll
environment — accomplish the mission, yet protect has realized that we’re falling short in environmental do 12 months and leave,’” West said. “They don’t
our natural resources.” training, and we’re going to remedy that.” think ‘I’ll do 12 months, and leave Korea better than
Wideman explained that the Army has annual “Prevention and minimization are our goals here,” when I came.’”
training requirements for environmental protection and Wideman said. “We want to prevent pollution and
hazardous materials disposal. When students finish minimize waste by using environmentally friendly E-mail
Page 8 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004

Childrearing from Page 6

!Distraction: Try to redirect your lives and may not want to come forward
child to another activity on a individual basis,” Barker said.
! Separation: Remove the child “Instead, they attend a class and still get
from the place where he is causing information they need without being
trouble singled out.”
!Explanation: Explain why you are Barker also gave a class on fatherhood
acting a certain way. at Camp Red Cloud Army Community
!Compromise: Yes, sometimes give Service Wednesday.
in. “The fatherhood class describes
!Punishment: Yes, there is a place different popular culture role models,
for punishment, such as taking away guidelines, resources for fathers,” Barker
priviledges. said. “It’s a way to be involved in a
“Classes like this are important child’s life.”
because Soldiers and family members
may be experiencing difficulties in there E-mail

Veterans from Page 5

get them to allow us into the area started around that time, and neither
where their battle positions were.” side was making a major push for a
The men were happy for the better position. We were fortunate that
opportunity. we did not get involved in fighting
“It was a moving experience, I more heavily than we did.”
must say,” Bottoms said. “I can’t Both men were glad to be among
express it in words. It’s something friends then.
that I know I’ll remember for the rest “We had an old saying at home
of my life.” about being in the National Guard,”
Howard agreed. Howard said. “‘Go with the boys you
“This trip has been great,” he said. know.’ It was great to be with guys I
“It brought back a lot of memories; grew up with, because I can honestly
it’s an emotional thing. I don’t really say that I didn’t get homesick while I
know how to describe it, but I am very was here and I think that was the
glad that I got to come back and see reason.”
it.” Bottoms agreed. “I wouldn’t have
Vines was glad to have been a part felt comfortable not being there and
of their trip. knowing that my buddies were,” he
“It was an honor for me to do this,” said.
he said. “We are here in Korea as a Now they have made the trip, the
part of their legacy, and I hope we men will go back and share their
can live up to what they started 50 experiences with those same buddies.
years ago. It’s a matter of pride for “We were a close unit, and we have
me to be able to do this.” get-togethers every two years now,”
Both men joined the National Guard Bottoms said. He said he looks
while they were still in high school . forward to telling them about his trip.
Bottoms joined when he was just 16, “That’s when it will get emotional,”
and Howard two years later at the age he said.
of 18. Their unit, the 45th Division of Although the men will finish out
the Oklahoma National Guard, was their week in Korea with tours in Seoul
mobilized in August 1950. They and Panmunjom, their mission has
shipped to Hokkaido, Japan, in March already been accomplished.
1951, and came to Korea to replace “I wanted to come back for
the 1st Cavalry Division in December. nothing but to do what we did today.
“The 1st Cavalry Division had been I may not have been in the exact same
through some rough times,” Bottoms spot as then, but I was close,”
said. “They had been caught in some Bottoms said, nodding his head. “I
really heavy fighting and were in was close.”
pretty bad shape. We were very
fortunate, the peace talks had just E-mail

Bottoms surveys the landscape near Yeongcheon, scanning the terrain for clues to the
location of his fighting position during the Korean War.
April 23, 2004 Page 9

JROTC inspection motivates SAHS students

Photos, Story by Linus Lee
Area II Public Affairs Office

YONGSAN — The Seoul American

High School Junior Reserve Officers
Training Corps held its annual formal
inspection April 14. The “Falcon”
Battalion, which consists of seven
companies, was reviewed by 8th
Personnel Command.
Prior to the AFI, the cadets practiced
several weeks and they also had a pre-
inspection before spring break.
The morning started off with a
briefing from regimental commander
cadet Col. Alvin Wilkins, SAHS JROTC
program. The inspectors evaluated
personal records, weapons, supplies of
uniforms, ribbons and medals.
They also were introduced to their
escorts, who recommended particular
questions to ask the cadets.
Col. Richard Mustion, 8th Personnel
Command commander, gave a positive
remarks of how the battalion matured
within a year.
“This is my second time reviewing
the ‘Falcon’ Battalion, said Mustion. “I Master Sgt. Karl Roberts, (left) 8th Personnel Command, inspects a cadet while Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets Maj. Duk Min Park
noticed great improvement. You (middle) and Capt. Steve Scott wait for his lead. The Falcon Battalion had its annual formal inspection April 13 at Seoul American High School.
students are the leaders of tomorrow.
I want to thank the inspectors, parents, a tremendous job today,” said the
teachers and students. Congratulations commander cadet. “The regiment did
upon completing the AFI.” an outstanding job. I want to thank
After the remarks by Mustion, the everyone, including parents, teachers
regulation drill exhibition followed. The and especially the cadets.”
two platoons that competed were 2nd “I feel like I executed my
Platoon, Headquarters Company commands with precision. Dedication
commanded by JROTC cadet 1st Lt. is the key to perfection,” said Herald
Isabel Chang and 1st Platoon Company Oertwig, Company C commander.
E, commanded by JROTC cadet 2nd “Today was the day to prove that our
Lt. Denise Ocanas. battalion is the best in the Pacific.
Following the drill exhibition, the Hopefully all seniors including myself
“Saber” team, commanded by JROTC will want to pursue military service as
cadet 1st Lt. Robert Hjuler performed a career.”
a 10-minute routine. The purpose of the JROTC program
“This is a unit in which we all as a Staff Sgt. Rhonda Bryant, 8th Personnel Command, inspects a cadet during the “Falcon” Battalion’s
battalion have justifiable pride, we did See Falcon on Page 11 annual formal inspection April 13 at Seoul American High School’s Falcon Field.

Soldiers receive training to prevent substance abuse

By Pfc. Park Jin-woo prevention, stress management, domestic under the influence). So we are behind as two drinks to get you to .05, so you
Area II Public Affairs Office violence prevention and alcohol and drug our last year’s total for alcohol-related can not have a second drink and
abuse. More than 600 Soldiers will military police blotter incidents, but we confidently drive off post here in Korea.
YONGSAN — The Army promotes receive such training throughout the are ahead in DUIs.” I would like people to know that, it is
several activities during the month of April: month on Thursdays. The training program continued with very important,” continued Boyce.
Alcohol awareness, child abuse prevention “In fiscal ‘03 we had 239 alcohol- Boyce emphasizing the dangers of drunk The training involved explanations of
and month of the military child. related military police blotter incidents and driving. alcohol levels and the dangers of DUI and
As a part of a training program for so far in the first half of the fiscal ‘04 “I would like the community to know some cases of prior incidents as warnings
the month, the family advocacy at the we have only had 81,” said Richard A. that the blood alcohol content level for of the dangers of DUIs and showing
Army Community Service, the Family Boyce, prevention coordinator, Area II DUI here in Korea is .05, as opposed to blotter statistics comparing each fiscal
Life Chaplain’s Office and the Area II Army Substance Abuse program. “That’s most states in America which is .08. year.
Army substance abuse program joined the good news, and the bad news is that Another thing that is critical to know is
efforts to provide training on suicide 35 of those incidents have been (driving what will get to .05 and it takes as little See Abuse on Page 11
10 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004

NEWS & NOTES Area II youth learn to lead

Health Fair and Fun Run Jennifer Anderson Character Counts! as a part of all CYS teamwork was a big part of it,” said
A community health fair and five-kilometer fun run Area II Public Affairs Office programs. Michelle Miles, Yongsan youth participant.
will be 9:30 a.m. Saturday. This event will take The six pillars of character were not One of the highlights of the week was
place on the east parking lot and soccer field by new ideas for the youth. Many of the youth the installation presentations, where each
YONGSAN — For some students,
Collier Field House, Yongsan, South Post. For more were familiar with the Army Core Values, installation shares the activities their
spring break may be a week of fun in the
information, call 738-5171. which promotes similar values. Many leadership programs took on throughout
sun, but for 14 Yongsan youth it was a
time for personal growth and maturation. activities were used in order to reinforce the year. Yongsan presented information
Volunteers Needed the information taught, including skits and about topics such as their 4-H club
! Volunteers are needed for the Exceptional
These youth, who are members of the
Torch, Keystone and 4-H Clubs, attended hands-on crafts projects. projects, beautification project, and
Family Members Program June Jamboree Jun. 4
the 2004 Youth Leadership Forum April 4- At each YLF, the youth participated in a Photography and Fine Arts Exhibits.
at Yongsan. For more information, call 738-5311.
9 at Camp McNabb, Jeju Island, as service learning project. The project the Following the installation presentations
! The Rho Nu Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa
representatives for their respective youth decided on for this year was a clean- were the YS website presentations. The
Alpha Sorority Inc. needs 50 volunteers to work
installation. This year, Yongsan was joined up of a local beach. Before the youth took websites were developed by each
alternate shifts May 30 at the Community Festival
by Busan, Daegu and Camp Humphreys their trip to the beach, they were briefed installation’s Tech Team. Yongsan also
from 2 – 8 p.m. Call Tiffany for more information at
the following numbers 721-4477, 011-1726-2521 youth. on what a service learning project was and presented their 4-H website, which is a
or E-mail to WesternTN@State.Gov to sign up. “Live to Lead” was the theme for the what makes it different from volunteering. project other installations plan to pursue
2004 YLF. The youth provided their input They learned about the five steps of soon.
AC AP Briefings on many aspects of the week during its service learning: create, plan, act, reflect Leadership training was only one portion
Army Career and Alumni Program briefings are usually planning process, through design team and celebrate, and shared their own of the week long training. Each installation
one-half hour, depending on unit particitation. They meetings which were held throughout the experiences with service learning. The was responsible for planning social and
are usually held 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through year. youth learned more about the Jeju beaches recreation programs to be held after dinner
Friday. Other times and dates can be arranged. For At the design team meetings, youth from from a local environmentalist. in order to give the youth from the various
more information or to schedule a briefing, call Mr. installations around the peninsula gathered “I think we all worked hard to beautify installations an opportunityto interact and
Broz at 738-7322. not only to plan the week, but also to help the beach because it doesn’t just affect us to boost the morale of other youth.
prepare presentations. They also created now, but it’ll affect us in the future too,” Participants also had the opportunity to
American Red Cross Youth Services’ Web sites that would be said Jane Burtch, Yongsan youth. experience Jeju Island. They went on a
The American Red Cross is offers a variety of shared at the YLF. The Jeju Challenge is a tradition at the tour of the island and learned about its
classes to include a babysitting course. For more All of the youth participants were trained Korean Region YLF. Throughout the week, unique culture and history.
information, call 738-3670. in a program called Character Counts!, youth practice various basic physical Among the activities were a submarine
which teaches the youth the six pillars of activities that prepare them for the tour, horseback riding and the Mongolian
FFPI TTraining
raining character: trustworthiness, respect, Challenge, but the actual events of the acrobat show.
Servicemembers and their families may learn about responsibility, fairness, caring and Challenge remain a secret. The youth participants will take this
the Force and Family Protection Initiative by citizenship. As part of the training, the youth are experience and the lessons they learned to
attending training at 38th Chemical Detachment The program was introduced to the Army taught how to use Global Positioning their own installation. Being
on Yongsan South Post. Classes will be Monday, when Gen. Thomas Schwartz asked in 1999 Systems. During the Challenge, the GPS representatives, they are now responsible
Tuesday, May 26 and 27. For more information, for a character education plan to be was used in order to track the different for sharing the information they learned
call Spc. An at 738-3658. sites of the events. Some of the events for with the youth of their own installation.
implemented for youth at U.S. military
installations. this year included an egg toss, jump rope “This is a memorable experience that
Spirit W arrior
Warrior and balance stick activity. we’ll all be able to treasure,” said Brian
In July 2004, the U.S. Army
A Christian men’s conference will be at the South Kim, Yongsan youth and Army Teen Panel
Community and Family Support Center “I personally thought (the Jeju
Post Chapel April 30 and May 1. For more representative for Korea.
issued a memorandum to include Challenge) was too easy. I sure thought
information, call 738-4043.

3 on 3 Basketball

Fun at the CDC

A 3 on 3 basketball tournament will be hosted by
the 17th Aviation Brigade at the Collier Field House
May 8 and 9. for more information, call 723-4133.

2004 Hawaiian Bash A child attending the Area

The 2004 Hawaiian Bash will be at the Dragon Hill II Community Fun Fair
Lodge 8:30 p.m. May 1. For more information, call held at the Child
724-7781. Development Center on
Saturday has her face
Gospel Music Extravaganza painted by a volunteer
A Gospel Music Extravaganza will be held at the student in celebration of
South Post Chapel 8 a.m. Saturday. For more the Month of the Military
information, call 738-3211. Child. The event featured
food booths, games and
Language Classes give-aways. Several youth
! English as a second language class meets 5:30 performed gymnastic
- 6:30 p.m every Monday and Wednesday, at building and tae kwon do
4106, room 124. demonstrations as well as
! Korean language class meets 10 - 11 a.m., 11 ballet and jazz dance
a.m. - noon, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m., 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. performances.
every Tuesday and Thursday at building 4106, room
124. These classes are open to all ID card holders.
To register please call 738-7505.

Loan Closet
The Loan Closet provides basic housekeeping items
for temporary use to incoming and outgoing
personnel. For more information, call 738-4617 or
stop by building 4106, room 122.
The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004 MORNING CALM Page

Cultural Events, TTours

ours and Enter tainment
Greater Seoul
USO Tours USO office at 792-3380. Entertainment classical music lovers who are UNC/CFC/
USFK members and families at the
! Water Rafting Tour – 7:30 a.m. Royal Asiatic Tour ! An evening with Dream Theater Train Concert Hall in the Seoul Arts Center 7:30
- 5:30 p.m. Saturday of Thought 2004 Seoul Tour will be at p.m. May 11. For more information call
! Kangwha Island Chongdung ! Chollipo and Mallipo Arboretum Olympic Park Olympic Hall Wednesday. 723-6367.
Temple Ginseng and Bamboo Market Tour – 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Saturday. For more information, call 02-3141-3488. ! Sarah Brightman will be holding a
Tour – 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sunday ! Museum Tour led by Renate ! Dance of Desire Musical will be at performance at the Olympic Park
! Panmunjom (DMZ) and Tunnel Kostka-Wagner – 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Dome Art Hall now through Sunday. For Gymnastics Stadium 8 p.m. June 8 and
(Dress Code) – 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. April 29. more information, call 02-1544-1555. 9. For more information call 02-3141-
Tuesday ! The Opera “Carmen” will be held at 3488.
! Insadong Night Tour – 6 p.m. - the Jamsil Stadium May 15 - 19. Call 02- ! The opera - Lucia Di Lammermoor
10 p.m. Thursday. Call 02-763-9483 for more 1544-1555 for more information. will be performed at the Seoul Arts Center
information about Royal Asiatic Society ! The Korean American Association is May 26 - 30. For more information call
For more information, call the Seoul events. sponsoring a special free concert for 02-587-1950

Falcon from Page 9

is to develop an appreciation of the ethical military history, purpose and structure, and “Falcon” Battalion currently has 266 cadets Sgt. 1st Class Marc Burmahl, Sgt. 1st Class
values and principles that underlie better the importance of graduating from high enrolled, including selective eighth-graders. Paul Edgerton and Sgt. 1st Class Donald
citizenship, leadership potential, the ability school. The inspectors were Staff Sgt. Rhonda Andrus.
to communicate effectively, the importance Three full-time certified instructors staff Bryant, Sgt. 1st Class Robert Jackson, Sgt.
of physical fitness, an understanding of the program. All are retired military. The 1st Class Joe Jalal, Master Sgt. Karl Roberts, E-mail

Abuse from Page 9

“We have had offenses that range from Boyce said. making a phone call to 736-3289 and drink. Call a cab or call your unit. Your
curfew violations to aggravated assault, There is no doubt such an incident we will come to your unit whether it is commander or first sergeant will be
stabbing incidents to assault on a will impact a person’s career, no matter at Camp Colburn or K-16,” said Boyce. angry if they pick you up at the club,
military policewoman. We just have a what happens with the law, Boyce said. “Commanders should know that if they but they will be absolutely furious if they
whole range of different kinds of It will take some time to rehabilitate a have a fight in the barracks they probably have to come and get you at the provost
assaults all with alcohol involved. All career, if a person still has a career after do not have a conduct problem. They marshal’s office,” said Boyce.
the people who committed these acts a DUI. probably have an alcohol problem.
were under the influence of alcohol,” “A unit can schedule training by “If you drive, don’t have that second E-mail
12 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004

Claims service offers tips to improve

servicemembers success filing claims
By Capt. Carla A. Simmons expenditures so they can attempt to locate the How to file?
U.S. Armed Forces Claims Service, Korea shipment. The information below will assist you Mail the claims packet registered or certified
in pursuing a claim against the carrier. with return receipt requested directly to the home
Many service members are unaware that they office of the carrier. The carrier’s address may
may be able to file a claim for expenses incurred How to determine the amount of a claim? be obtained from the QC office.
when inconvenienced due to a moving company’s You should only include those out-of-pocket A copy of the claims packet should be
failure to pick up or deliver personal property living expenses that are over and above what provided to the QC office to be maintained in a
shipments by an agreed upon date. you would normally have been spent had the person’s shipment file.
Although these claims cannot be filed against shipment been picked up or delivered on the Legal assistance officers are available to assist
the U.S. Government, claimants may submit a required dates. in drafting letters to the carrier. Also, claims
claim directly to the carrier for reimbursement If possible, notify the Quality Control packets may be picked up, including sample
of expenses. section of the transportation office before claims letters from the U.S. Armed Forces Claims
In the past, the carrier industry has generally incurring out-of-pocket expenses. Service, Korea located on the second floor of
shown a willingness to pay a portion of the The QC office is located at Camp Kim in Army Community Service Building, Yongsan
expenses incurred because of their failure to building 1230. South Post.
perform. Call 738-8111 for more information or to find
Reasonable claims for reimbursement may What documentation should accompany a local claims office.
include expenses for meals, lodging, laundry claims?
service, furniture and/or appliance rental, pots, Your claims packet should include, at a Main Claims Office Hours
pans, and plastic utensils. minimum, a copy of your claim letter, copies of Monday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
However, a carrier will not be liable for these your receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, copies Tuesday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
costs if the delay was caused by acts of God. of the Government Bill of Lading, DD Form 1299 Wednesday 8 a.m. - Noon
These acts include natural disasters such as (Application for Shipment of Personal Property), Thursday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
floods, fires, storms and earthquakes, labor DD Form 619-1 (Statement of Accessorial
disputes, strikes, vandalism, etc. Services performed) and a statement of the Closed Daily Noon - 1 p.m.
Carriers request that they be notified before reason for the claim from the Personal Property
the servicemembers make out-of-pocket Shipping Office.
The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004 MORNING CALM Page
14 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004

At The Movies
For additional listings or
April 23 -29 matinees call respective theater or

April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26 April 27 April 28 April 29
Phone No.
Casey Broken Lizard’s
730-7354 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Scooby Doo 2 Scooby Doo 2 Against the Ropes Against the Ropes Club Dread
Essayons The Passion of the The Passion of the
732-9008 No Show No Show The Ladykillers No Show Miracle
Christ Christ
Garry Owen Win A Date with Win A Date with Welcome to
734-2509 No Show The Ladykillers No Show Catch That Kid
Tad Hamilton Tad Hamilton Mooseport
Greaves Win A Date with
734-8388 The Ladykillers The Ladykillers No Show No Show Miracle Catch That Kid
Tad Hamilton
Henry The Passion of the
768-7724 Miracle The Ladykillers 50 First Dates No Show No Show No Show
753-7716 Home on the Range Miracle Miracle 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Against the Ropes

Hialeah Win A Date with

763-370 The Ladykillers Scooby Doo 2 No Show No Show No Show No Show
Tad Hamilton
Hovey Broken Lizard’s Broken Lizard’s
730-5412 Miracle Scooby Doo 2 Miracle Scooby Doo 2 Against the Ropes
Club Dread Club Dread
Howze Win A Date with
You Got Served Catch That Kid No Show No Show Scooby Doo 2
734-5689 Tad Hamilton No Show

Win a Date with

Scooby Doo 2 Tad Hamilton
An anonymous masked Rosie heads to
villain wreaks mayhem Hollywood when she
on the city of Coolsville wins a dream date with
with a monster machine Tinseltown’s hottest
that re-creates classic eligible bachelor, Tad
Mystery Inc. foes like Hamilton. When Tad
The Pterodactyl Ghost, Free To Identification meets Rosie and gets a
The Black Knight and Card Holders taste of what he’s been
the 10,000-Volt Ghost. missing in the “real
Under pressure from the (On U.S. Army Installations Only) world,” he decides he
terrified citizens of Coolsville, the gang launches an Schedule subject to change wants seconds and moves to West Virginia,
investigation into the mysterious monster outbreak that making Rosie’s dream come true.
leaves Shaggy and Scooby questioning their roles in
Mystery Inc.
PG PG-13

April 23 April 24 April 25 April 26 April 27 April 28 April 29
Phone No.
782-4987 Taking Lives Taking Lives 50 First Dates No Show 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Against the Ropes

721-3407 Hidalgo No Show Barbershop 2 You Got Served No Show No Show No Show

784-4930 The Alamo Catch That Kid Catch That Kid 50 First Dates 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Against the Ropes

721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show

Red Cloud Broken Lizard’s

Scooby Doo 2 50 First Dates Against the Ropes Home on the Range No Show The Alamo
732-6620 Club Dread
Stanley Broken Lizard’s Broken Lizard’s
732-5565 50 First Dates 50 First Dates No Show The Alamo Against the Ropes
Club Dread Club Dread
Yongsan I Broken Lizard’s Broken Lizard’s Broken Lizard’s Broken Lizard’s
738-7389 The Alamo The Alamo The Alamo Club Dread
Club Dread Club Dread Club Dread
Yongsan II
738-7389 Catch That Kid Catch That Kid Catch That Kid Against the Ropes Against the Ropes Against the Ropes Against the Ropes

Yongsan III
738-7389 My Baby’s Daddy My Baby’s Daddy My Baby’s Daddy Calendar Girls Calendar Girls Calendar Girls 50 First Dates
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
April 23, 2004 15

Ability to be taught a mark of authentic humilty

By Chaplain (Capt.) details.” Most of the significant lessons us to be teachable. If a person isn’t open represented him. God removed him from
Theiring Alexander in life can be found in taking the time to to mentoring and wise counsel, it’s his position of power and drove him into
1st Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery dig into the details of a matter. difficult to make progress and grow. the wilderness to live like an animal.
One of my goals in life is to remain What keeps us from learning from others? His hair and fingernails grew long; he
Teachability is somewhat a lost art in teachable throughout life. Being a Pride prohibits us from being teachable. ate like the beasts in the fields; he dwelt in
today’s society. In reality being teachable teachable person is challenging. To be proud and have a healthy self- caves and dirt shelters. He stayed out
is a key to successful living. To be We may not want to learn certain things esteem can be positive. But to be prideful there until he became teachable.
teachable means to allow someone or because of a lack of interest. At times and unwilling to learn from others and to Finally, he fully acknowledged God as
circumstances to impart knowledge, we are considered the expert on certain refuse to be flexible to change can be supreme ruler of the universe. Humility
understanding and lessons for ones subjects and are willing to learn from lethal. became a leadership trait that he eventually
growth, guidance and development. persons with a different point of view. There is a story in the Bible in Daniel possessed.
What new developments have Are you willing to learn from people about a military leader and king named God’s love and mercy impacted his
occurred in your life recently? What who are different from you, younger than Nebuchadnezzar. He proved himself to entire life and once the king returned to
lessons are there to learn about these new or older or someone less educated? be an arrogant and self-centered leader his palace he was a different person.
developments? Are we open to learn lessons from who had all the answers. Becoming teachable can be forced or
When I first joined the military, I often religious or nonreligious individuals? Are God gave him a vision of a huge tree, voluntarily learned, it’s our choice.
heard the phrase, “pay attention to we open to learn from God? It behooves chopped down by an angel. The tree

Area III W orship Services

Protestant Gospel 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Sunday 1 p.m. Suwon Air Base

Lutheran Sunday 8 a.m. Freedom Chapel Later-day Saints 4 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 4 p.m. Camp Long
Collective 10 a.m. Suwon Air Base Contemporary 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Mass 5:!5 p.m. Camp Eagle

10:30 a.m. Camp Eagle Korean 7 p.m. Camp Long Area III Chaplains
Collective 10:30 a.m. Zoeckler Chapel Catholic Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Benson
Collective 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Mass Daily 11:45a.m. Freedom Chapel 753-7274 or 011-9496-7445
Chaplain (Capt.) Darin G. Olson
12:30 p.m. Camp Long Mass Sunday 9:30 a.m. Freedom Chapel
16 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004


Cheneys inspire
A b o v e — R i c h a r d B . C h e n e yy,, U U.. S . v i c e
president (left) and Gen. Leon J.
LaPorte, U U.. S . F o r c e s K o r e a
c o m m a n d e rr,, r e a c t t o t h e c r o w d o f
2,300 servicemembers who filled

troops, children
C o l l i e r F i e l d H o u s e a t YYo ongsan April
B e l o w — G e n . L e o n J. L a Po r t e , U U.. S .
Forces Korea commander (left) and
R i c h a r d B . C h e n e yy,, U U.. S . v i c e
Story by Pfc. Daniel Love oppressive regimes, and together we will win this
president, leave Collier Field House
8th U.S. Army Public Affairs Office essential victory in the war on terror.” after giving a speech that praised
Before her husband’s speech to Yongsan’s U. S . a n d R e p u b l i c o f K o r e a
Richard B. Cheney, vice president of the United warriors, Mrs. Cheney inspired some younger minds servicemembers in Korea and abroad.
States, and his wife Lynne, visited Yongsan Army with her children’s book, “America, A Patriotic
Garrison April 15 and 16, wrapping up their Asia Primer,” during a visit to Seoul American Elementary
tour. School. Mrs. Cheney stressed the importance of
Cheney praised the U.S. and Republic of Korea patriotism, as well as literacy and learning.
forces during a speech at Collier Field House, “This really shows the kids how important it is
mentioning the importance of the mission carried to read and learn about history and its stories,” said
out by peninsula forces. Anne Broihier, a teacher at Seoul American
“All who serve here are carrying out a mission Elementary School. “We’ve been talking about Mrs.
absolutely vital to the security of this region and to Cheney, and looking through the book that she
the interest of our nation,” said Cheney. “You stand wrote. We brainstormed some questions and
ready to defend the people of Korea against a hostile prepared by discussing what her husband’s job is.”
enemy and I’m proud to say your vigilance is Students in Daegu and Busan also watched the
second to none.” presentation through video teleconferencing. Mrs.
Cheney also commended the Republic of Korea Cheney focused on history throughout the session,
for its large role in coalition operations in Iraq. The touching on the women’s suffrage movement and
planned ROK troop dispatch of 3,600 troops would George Washington.
find South Korea behind only the United States and Afterward, she answered the students questions.
Britain in troop deployment to Iraq. “He and I are both proud … so proud that we
“America is grateful for the generosity of the can be associated with the people who are
Republic of Korea, and together our nations will protecting and defending our country now,” said
stand with the people of Afghanistan and Iraq as Mrs. Cheney. “We appreciate the service of your
they build stable, self-governing societies,” said parents.”
Cheney. “We will destroy the remnants of violent, E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
April 23, 2003 17
18 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2003

Boxing Smok
Boxing Smokerer draws
Soldiers into the ring
Story by Mike Mooney “We don’t want to pair someone personnel, referee and judge the
Area III Morale, Welfare and Recreation Marketing Office who has boxed and understands matches, and the health clinic has
April TTraining
raining Schedule boxing with a person making their doctors and medical personnel in
April is Alcohol Awareness Month and the Month CAMP HUMPHREYS — Boxers first trip into the ring,” Howell attendance to take care of any
of the Military Child and Child Abuse Prevention from throughout Korea will gather explained. “That’s how people get problems.
Month. at the Camp Humphreys hurt”. “In the past six years, the most
In support of these events, Yongsan’s Community Gymnasium 6 p.m. Saturday for the Next consideration is given to serious injury we’ve had was a
Counseling Center, Army Community Services quarterly boxing smoker. height and actual weight, though a dislocated shoulder,” Howell said,
and Family Life Center have combined to offer “So far, it looks like we’ll have a category allows for some difference “and that was from a Soldier who
classes at the Yongsan South Post Multipurpose full card,” said Area III Sports in weight, it is better if the never landed a punch. His first
Training Facility each Thursday in April. Director Jim Howell. “In fact, we participants are as close as possible. swing was so hard he dislocated his
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Training is could have our biggest card ever. All participants in the smoker own shoulder without hitting
planned 8-8:50 a.m., Domestic Violence We’ve had as many as 18 bouts in must receive and pass a physical anything except air.
Prevention Training will be 9-9:50 a.m., Suicide past smokers, and we always have and be weighed in the morning of “There have also been a few
Prevention Training will be 10-10:50 a.m. and at least a dozen matches. But, the competition. bloody noses and a lot of exhausted
Stress Management is scheduled 11-11:50 a.m. judging from early sign ups, we may For this smoker, weigh-in time people,” Howell said. “A lot of
end up with 20 bouts.” starts 9 a.m. and continues until people think boxing is easy. It isn’t;
Camp Red Cloud Fitness As with other boxing smokers noon. The Camp Humphreys each round is the longest two
Center Offers Classes minutes that I have ever known. I
throughout the Army, participants Medical Clinic conducts the
! The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center offers
are matched by sex, weight and physicals, checking blood pressure encourage everyone to try at least
indoor cycling classes 7:30- 8:30 p.m every
levels of experience. and general health before giving once; it’s a lot of fun.”
Monday and Wednesday. For more information
The competition is open to all U.S. approval for an individual to Individuals interested in more
call 732-6309.
and KATUSA Soldiers. Civilian participate. information or in joining the smoker
! The Camp Red Cloud Fitness Center offers
employees and family members are Camp Humphreys supplies all the should contact the Camp Humphreys
an aerobic class at 6 p.m. every Tuesday and
barred from boxing by Army necessary equipment, including
Thursday. For more information call 732-6309. Gym at 753-8810, 753-8811 or any
regulations. shorts, jerseys, protectors,
Area III gymnasium.
When developing the fight card, headgear and gloves. Certified
Arts and Craf ts Contest
the first consideration is always Korean referees, coupled with
Entries are being accepted for the 2004 Korea
experience. available certified U.S. military E-mail
Region Morale, Welfare and Recreation Arts and

Area I BOS
BOSSS holds competition
Crafts Contest.
Competition categories are ceramics, wood,
fibers and textiles, glass, meals and jewelery,
drawings, prints, water-base painting, oil base Story by Soojin Atwater most significant community events that Camp Page BOSS
painting, and two- and three-dimensional mixed Area I Morale, Welfare and Recreation Marketing Division had put together.”
media. “How many soldiers have avoided appearing on blotter
All Korea Region MWR Arts and Crafts Centers CAMP CASEY — Many busy hands and feet converged reports due to the opportunities provided by BOSS
are accepting entries. on Camp Casey Reggie’s Ballroom to set up display areas to activities?” added Lt. Col. Brian Vines, Camp Red Cloud
The deadline for entry is April 30 at the Yongsan compete in the Best Better Opportunities for Single and garrison commander.
Arts and Crafts Center. Unaccompanied Soldiers Event and Installation. The 2004 All participants for the competition had a chance to bowl
BOSS Competition was held March 24. at the Camp Casey Bowling Center as judges deciding
Six BOSS teams were entered from Camps Casey and winning teams.
Today ’s Comedy for
oday’s Hovey, Camp Red Cloud, Camp Stanley, Camp Garry Owen, Camp Garry Owen BOSS won first place for Best BOSS
Today ’s TTroops
roops Camp Essayons and Camp Page. Installation while Camp Stanley secured second place. A
MWR is bringing the second Comedy ROK’s Each team included the three pillars of BOSS in its display: hard-earned tie for first place in Best BOSS Event was shared
session to Korea. This 90-minute comedy show well being, recreation and leisure, and community service. by Camp Stanley and Camp Essayons.
will feature Will E. Robo, Rene Garcia and LavLuv. “We had an excellent turn out from the last Halloween
Schedule is: party,” said Pfc. Amber Morse, 542nd Medical Company.
“Many people participating had such a great time, especially
9 p.m. Saturday Henry’s Place, Camp Henry our invited guests from the local orphanages. It was one of E-mail
7 p.m. Sunday Henry’s Place, Camp Henry
8 p.m. Wednesday Main Post Club,Yongsan

BOSS Sponsoring Block

And they’re off
Camp Red Cloud Better Oppurtunities for
Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers is
sponsoring the 2004 CRC Block Par ty
The road between 122nd Battalion
Headquarters and CRC Gym will be blocked.
Food, prizes and games will be available.
For more information call SPC Wayne
Whetzel at 732-6611.

S p e c i a l S h o p p i n g TTo
Camp Stanley Community Activity Center is
offering a special shopping tour to Osan for
Mother’s Day. The tour is scheduled 8 a.m.
Saturday . For more information call 732-
Participants take off at the start of a 10-kilometer Earth Day run Saturday at Yongsan.
April 23, 2004 Page 21

Spc. Idaya Waters hoists a heavy package onto the morning mail truck at the Army post office at Camp Humphreys. Packages may weigh as much as 70 pounds.

Movin’ Mail
A heavy workout at Army post office
Story, photos by Steve Davis “Our top priority is providing Area or a mailbag full of letters, small boxes inbound mail in time for unit mail call.
Area III Public Affairs Office III with excellent, expedious and or large envelopes. As if on cue, unit mail handlers
efficient postal service,” said postal After inbound mail is unloaded and begin to arrive around 10:30 a.m. to

hey hit the floor early every platoon leader 2nd Lt. Nicole Gross. outbound mail loaded in, the postal pick up mail.
morning like a bunch of That means moving mountains of Soldiers hustle to break down and bag See Mail on Page 23
energetic athletes prepping mail that seems to appear each day out
for a workout. Instead of free weights of thin air.
and medicine balls, they push The workday begins for most of
packages that can weigh up to 70 the Soldiers around 5:30 a.m. when
pounds. they arrive to check mail boxes
That’s nearly as much as 4-foot- around post and get ready for the mail
11-inch Pfc. Andrea Brailsford, a 113- truck that arrives around 7 a.m. each
pound mail handler at the Camp weekday and Saturday.
Humphreys post office weighs. The action get intense when the
Brailsford is one of 13 postal clerks mail truck arrives and Soldiers team
at the Camp Humphreys Army post up to unload inbound mail and load
office operated by the Detachment B, pieces of outbound mail.
516th Personnel Services Battalion to “It wasn’t too bad today. Seventy
pass mail to and from 65 tenant pieces in, 130 pieces out,” said postal
organizations at Camp Humphreys. platoon sergeant Sgt. 1st Class Joseph
The detachment also staffs Army post Taylor, as he finished helping load the
offices at Camps Long and Eagle, as morning mail truck with outbound
well as at Suwon Air Base to serve an mail.
additional 28 organizations. A “piece” might be a large package A small mountain of outbound mail waits to be loaded at the Army post office..
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
22 MORNING CALM April 23, 2004

NEWS & NOTES United Club publishes ‘Humphreys 101’

Build a Stronger YYou
ou Area III Public Affairs Office
Freedom Chapel and the Active Relationships Center
will present a comprehensive series of workshops CAMP HUMPHREYS — An updated edition
and seminars for couples May 12-15. Topics include of “Humphreys 101: A Survival Guide” has been
military reunions, healthy life choices, military published by the United Club, a non-profit
couple’s skills training and more. The goal of the community service organization.
workshop, featuring Dallas marriage therapist Kelly The book, available for $10 at the Camp
Simpson, is to promote strong, binding marriage Humphreys Main Exchange and the Painted
relationships. Soldiers should see their unit chapel Door thrift shop, claims to be “everything you
to register. Supervisors or chains of command must need to know to get the most out of your tour at
approve attendance. Camp Humphreys, Korea.” It contains
conventional wisdom collected from the
Harley-Davidson experiences of United Club and other community
Motorcycle Rally members over the years.
Camp Humphreys Exchange New Car Sales will Among top tips for enjoying a tour are:
! Expect to have some culture shock, but
host a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally and barbecue
go with the flow.
10 a.m. until closing Saturday at the post exchange
! Storage is scarce. Bring only what you
parking lot. Prizes will be awarded for the best
really need.
bikes. T-shirts, key chains and koozies will be given
! Make sure your socks and stocking are in
away. Barbecue proceeds will be donated to a local
good shape before you go to a Korean restaurant
orphanage. For more information, call Kevin Nazario
or home, since you may be taking off your
at 753-7713.
Sixteen chapters cover a wide range of
Retiree Appreciation information about Camp Humphreys and Area
Luncheon III, including Pyeongtaek, Osan Air Base and
A Retiree Appreciation Luncheon will be held noon the Songtan area. Information about Yongsan
Saturday at the Nitewatch Cafe at Camp Humphreys. Garrison in Seoul and some of the more popular
The event, hosted by the newly formed Area III Korean destinations are included, along with
Retiree Council, will be an opportunity to recognize detailed strip maps.
the contributions of military veterans. Free finger Profits from the sale of Humphreys 101 are
food and door prizesare included. Military retirees returned to the community in the form of
who plan to attend are encouraged to call Bill scholarships and other donations.
Spearman at 753-8401 or A.C. Scott 753-7337.

United Club Scholarships

The Camp Humphreys United Club will soon award
Area III, Korean friends celebrate Arbor Day
scholarships to Area III high school seniors and Area III Public Affairs Office
continuing education students. Applications are
available at the Osan High School guidance CAMP LONG — Arbor Day was
counselor’s office and the Camp Humphreys celebrated throughout Area III as
Education Center. Submission deadline is April 30. Soldiers, civilians, teachers, students
and members of the Korean
Family Readiness Group community teamed up to plant trees.
Training Scheduled Fifteen Camp Long and Eagle
Family Readiness Group Level I training will be offered Soldiers from the Better Opportunities
2 - 3:30 p.m. May 6 at the Camp Humphreys Army for Single and Unaccompanied Soldiers
Community Service in building 311. Call 753-7439 organization took part in the annual
to register. Arbor Day planting of trees March 31
hosted by Wonju City Mayor Kim Ki-
Free patch sewing service keol. More than 100 trees were planted
Area III officer and enlisted Soldiers who have just in Wonju.
arrived or have just been promoted may take their At Camp Humphreys April 1, Soldiers
uniforms to the Post Exchange sewing shop from the Republic of Korea Army Staff
concession and get their patches sewn on for free. Office helped students and teachers
Permanent change of station or promotion orders from the Humphreys American
Soldiers from the Area III Republic of Korea Army Staff Office team up with Humphreys
and a valid military ID card are required, along with Elementary School beautify their school
American Elementary School students and teachers April 1 to plant trees.
the uniforms and patches. Contact unit command grounds with newly planted trees.
sergeants major or supply sergeants for details. The idea for Arbor Day originated in
January 1872, when Nebraska journalist
Airport Shuttle J. Sterling Morton first proposed a tree-
planting holiday to be called “Arbor Day”
An Incheon Airport Shuttle leaves daily from the
at a meeting of the Nebraska State Board
Camp Humphreys Community Activities Center. Cost
of Agriculture. The date was set for April
is $25 per person. The shuttle will stop at the airline
10, 1872. Prizes were offered to
portal. Reservations required. For more information,
counties and individuals for planting
call 753-8825. properly the largest number of trees on
that day. It was estimated that more than
News & Notes Deadline one million trees were planted in U.S. ARMY PHOTOS
The deadline for submitting items for Area III News Nebraska on the first Arbor Day. Other Above: Camp Long and Eagle Soldiers from the
& Notes is Friday each week for publication the states adopted the idea and Arbor Day Better Opportunities for Single and Unaccompanied
following Friday. News & Notes requests should has even spread to other countries. For Soldiers organization plant trees at Wonju City. They
include who, what, when, where, a contact phone more information, visit the National helped the community plant more than 100 trees.
number and any relevant additional information. For Arbor Day Foundation Website at
more information, call 753-8847. Left: Spc. Paul Downing carries a tree for planting.
The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004 23

Mail from Page 21

In the afternoon, postal workers redirect all the

mail returned by unit mail clerks for Soldiers,
civilians or family members who have moved.
Meanwhile, walk-in customers continue to arrive
at three service desks in the front of the post office
to mail packages. The packages are stamped and
stacked, waiting for the next morning mail truck.
Taylor said mail would get to its destination
faster if senders would use a ZIP plus four mailing
“ZIP plus four will move mail faster whether it’s
coming or going,” he said.
Taylor said some of the common problems that
delay mail are incomplete addresses and mail that is
not packaged properly. Chang Chong-chun, one of two Korean postal clerks, serves
Packages with incorrect customs information a customer at the Camp Humphreys post office operated by
could also cause delays or even spell trouble for Detachment B, 516th Personnel Services Battalion.
some customers. The Camp Humphreys Army post
office now has an X-ray machine to examine
“We have begun to randomly spot check
packages,” said Gross. The goal is to find
contraband such as weapons, ammunition, liquor or
counterfeit merchandise. Packages containing
2nd Lt. Nicole Gross demonstrates the X-ray machine
suspicious items are forwarded to customs
installed last month at the Camp Humphreys post office.
inspectors. The X-ray machine can be zoomed in
and color corrected to accurately reveal contents. The X-ray machine
Gross said a package with “sneakers” written on zooms in on the contents
the customs label was found recently to contain a of a randomly selected
handbag. The package was sent to customs officials package. The machine
for further inspection. can be controlled to get
“It was the first questionable package we’ve seen a clear picture of the
since the machine was installed about a month ago,” inside of small
said Gross.
Pfc. Andrea Brailsford sorts mail at the Army post office at packages.
Camp Humphreys. The APO services 65 organizations at
E-mail Camp Humphreys and others throughout Area III.
24 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004
Page 25 April 23, 2004

Daegu, Busan kids ‘meet’ VP’s wife

Story, photo by Pfc. Oh Dong-keun who serve and defend our country,”
Area IV Public Affairs Office Cheney said. “I really appreciate their
service, especially ones like your parents
CAMP GEORGE – Ashley Rivera, a that serve the country abroad.”
third-grade student at Taegu American “I felt good,” Rivera said after the
School, along with 12 of her classmates event. “I was little bit nervous, but it
and 15 Korean elementary school felt good when she answered my
students from the Daegu area had a question.”
chance to “meet” Lynne Cheney, the The event was held in conjunction
wife of U.S. Vice President Dick with Vice President Cheney’s visit to
Cheney April 16 at the American Corner South Korea. Mrs. Cheney’s enthusiasm
in the Daegu Metropolitan Central about teaching children United States
Library. geography and history, and the available
Although Cheney was physically at technology, made the event possible.
Yongsan Garrison’s Seoul American “Mrs. Cheney expressed her interest
Elementary School for the event, digital in reading one of her books to the
video conferencing technology allowed children at Seoul American Elementary
students in Daegu and Busan to listen to School as a part of her and Vice
Cheney read from one of her seven President Cheney’s visit to Korea,” said
books, “America: A Patriotic Primer,” Kwon Hwa-soon, a program specialist
published in 2002. for security at the U.S. Embassy’s
According to Jo Chang-ho, the Korean and Taegu American School students at the American Corner in the Daegu Metropolitan Public Affairs section. “So we suggested
American Corner manager, the American Central Library watch Lynne Cheney read from one of her books during a video conference. to use this digital video conferencing
Corner in Daegu is the first to have this system, which is installed in Daegu and
kind of technology in the area, and this percent familiar with the equipment yet.” Rivera was one of the lucky children Busan to benefit more students in those
was the second time the technology was The technology allowed the children to from Daegu who was selected to ask a areas.”
used for the public. not only watch and listen as Cheney read question. In addition to 13 Taegu American
“We received the equipment a couple to them, but also to ask a few questions at “Has your husband fought in a war?” School elementary students, 15 Korean
of weeks before the opening of the the end of the session. The students from Rivera asked. children from 12 area schools, including
American Corner,” Jo said. “I think it went all three areas poured out a variety of “No, but he once served as the Kyesung Elementary School, also
quite smoothly, although we had some questions ranging from what her hobbies secretary of defense and both he and I attended the event.
minor difficulties since we are not 100 are to why America is such a great nation. are so proud to be associated with people See Cheney on Page 28

Hialeah recognizes volunteers for contributions

By Galen Putnam volunteers and community members attended. hours were tabulated from April 1, 2003, to March
Area IV Public Affairs Office Awards were presented to the camp’s top military, 31, 2004.
youth, Korean, and military spouse volunteers. In The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year is Louis Hess,
CAMP HIALEAH – In a small community it is addition, the installation’s outstanding volunteer of the who volunteered 427 hours at the auto craft shop.
essential that individuals pitch in for the greater good. year was named. Hess received airfare for two to Jeju Island and lodging
Fortunately for Camp Hialeah, there are plenty of “It is no secret that dollars are scarce,” said Lt. at the Cheju-do Recreation Center for his efforts.
volunteers willing to donate their time and expertise to Col. Jeffery K. Ludwig, Camp Hialeah garrison “(Winning is) kind of embarrassing. I don’t do it
stretch the installation’s resources. commander. “Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t (volunteer) for the recognition. I just like to be part of
The installation recognized those volunteers April have a lot of the programs we enjoy here.” the community,” said Hess who also serves as the
15 at the Pusan Pub during the Camp Hialeah Army At a rate of $6.75 per hour, the 6,631 hours logged installation’s designated Santa Claus. “I like to help
Community Service Annual Installation Volunteer by installation volunteers would have generated a people and it keeps me busy. On a small installation,
Recognition and Awards Ceremony. More than 70 savings of $44,759.25 to Camp Hialeah. Volunteer See Volunteers on Page 28

Army Benefits Center-Civilian schedules briefings for Area IV employees

CAMP HENRY – Representatives The Area IV Army Benefits Center- command conference room on Camp director, Area IV Civilian Personnel
from the Army Benefits Center-Civilian Civilian briefing on Federal Employees Carroll and at the 837th Transportation Advisory Center. “It will be a good
will visit Area IV Thursday to conduct Retirement System will be held 8 a.m., Battalion command conference room at opportunity for them to hear about their
briefings on the Civil Service Retirement and the Civil Service Retirement System Pier 8 in Busan. benefit plans such as (their) retirement
System and the Federal Employees briefing will be 1 p.m. Both briefings “I strongly recommend all U.S. plan, life and health insurance.”
Retirement System. They will also will be at the 36th Signal Battalion Department of Army civilian employees, For more information, call Tom at
present an overview of the Employee command conference room on Camp including all government service and 768-6784. For shuttle transportation
Benefits Information System Web site Walker. Briefings will also be held wage grade employees, to attend the arrangements to Pier 8 for Camp Hialeah
as well as the Interactive Voice simultaneously via video teleconference Army Benefits Center-Civilian briefings,” employees, contact George Clinger at
Response System. at the Material Support Center-Korea said Dean Tom, human resources 763-7479.
26 MORNING CALM The Morning Calm Weekly
April 23, 2004


Red Cross Assistance
Runners, riders hit the pavement
Emergency communications for Red Cross Story, photo by Galen Putnam
assistance in Area IV will be handled by the Kunsan Area IV Public Affairs Office
Air Base Red Cross Station Sunday-Thursday. The
phone number is 782-4601. The Area IV Red CAMP HIALEAH – More than 50
Cross in Daegu will be available for assistance runners, walkers and riders turned out for
again April 30. For more information, call Daegu the Camp Hialeah Child Abuse Prevention
Red Cross at 768-7993. Month Fun Run and Walk & Stroller Strut,
and free bowling Saturday.
Bachelors and Trophies were awarded to the
Bachelorettes Retreat winners in several categories.
The 20th Support Group Unit Ministry Team is First place in the adult male run
presenting the 20th Support Group Geographical category and overall winner was Han
Bachelors and Bachelorettes “Who Moved My Chang-hoon. Latisha Pond was the
Cheese? How to Adjust to Change and adult female winner. Sidney Conner Jr.
Separation” Retreat June 4-6 at Cheju-Do took first place the male child run and
Recreation Center. Section noncommissioned Jordan Carroll won the female child
officers in charge are asked to call Sgt. Rickey run.
Wallace at 764-4351 by May 4 with the names The walk category winner was Paige
of interested Soldiers and civilians in order to James and first place in the stroller strut
sign up. category went to Brenda Conner and her
passenger, daughter Shakira, 4.
Area IV CPAC Renovation “It was a great community activity. It Runners, rollers, riders and walkers head out from the starting line at the Camp Hialeah Child
The Area IV Civilian Personnel Advisory Center was something the three of us could do Abuse Prevention Month Fun Run and Walk & Stroller Strut Saturday.
building is undergoing a renovation through May together since my husband had to work,”
12. During this time period, the Civilian Personnel Brenda Conner said. “We also went community. This event was (intended) James M. Joyner, commander, Area IV
Operations Center training center will be the bowling. My son loves to bowl so it was to promote family harmony and to Support Activity, in a proclamation
alternate assistance location, providing as many an opportunity to do that together as provide families with an opportunity to marking the month stated. “It is for
services as possible. Customers are asked to well.” do something together and with their that reason that the Army designates
schedule appointments in advance. For more Event organizers were happy with neighbors.” April as child abuse prevention month.
information or to make appointments, call Yi Yong- the turnout. Child Abuse Prevention Month and Command and all community members
cha at 768-6580. “We expected 20-30 participants but the Month of the Military Child are share with parents the duty to create a
ended up with 53,” said Chong Ho-tae, recognized together in U.S. Army supportive and secure environment for
NCO Induction Ceremony family advocacy program specialist with communities around the world. children.”
Soldiers, civilians and family members are invited Army Community Service. “So we are “This community is committed to
to attend the 19th Theater Support Command very happy with the support from the putting an end to child abuse,” said Col. E-mail
and Area IV Noncommissioned Officer Induction
Ceremony 2:30 p.m. May 7 at the Camp Henry
Theater. For more information, contact Sgt. Maj.
Lorria Anderson at 768-8532. FAP provides fingerprinting ‘just in case’
Mother’s Day Gospel Play Story, photo by Pfc. Oh Dong-keun us to assist in the process.”
“Mama Mama Me Ma,” a professional gospel stage Area IV Public Affairs Office The parents who brought their
play honoring mothers on Mother’s Day, will be children fingerprinted were aware of the
presented 1 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. May 8 at the CAMP GEORGE – The Area IV importance of recording and securing
Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. Doors will Family Advocacy Program held a the priceless information.
open one hour early for all Soldiers and 45 minutes fingerprinting session April 16 as a part of “I came out with my two daughters
early for all non Soldiers for seating that is first its Child Abuse Prevention Month events. to have their fingers printed and pictures
come, first seated. The play is sponsored by Camp More than 100 area children were taken, just so in case of an emergency,
Walker’s Multicultural Gospel Service, Morale, brought to Taegu American School by I have their fingerprints and pictures
Welfare and Recreation, and the Area IV Better their parents to have their fingerprints available,” said Tricia Smith, mother of
Oppportunities for Single and Unaccompanied and pictures taken. Elizabeth, 4 and Ki, 2. “I don’t know
Soldiers Program. For more information, call Staff “It is very important for your kids’ what’s going to happen to my children.
Sgt. Patricia Walker at 764-4412. protection to have their fingerprints along So I just want to be prepared for the
with their pictures and other information, worst.”
Cancer Awareness Relay such as height, weight, address and “I think (having my children
Teams Needed phone number on record,” said Kim fingerprinted) is important,” said
Celebrate cancer survivors and their loved ones, Song-min, a prevention specialist for the Cindy Shirley, mother of Paige, 8 and
and raise awareness of cancer participating in the Area IV Family Advocacy Program. “So Ben, 5. “Because if (my children) ever
Korea-wide, all-night community event May 21- Kim Song-min, a prevention specialist with the
just in case, if something happens to were to come up missing, then I
22. Team members can walk, jog or run laps as Area IV Family Advocacy Program, helps Kyana
your child such as your child is missing would have (the information) available,
long as one member remains on the track at all Goodman, a Taegu American School
or kidnapped, you will have the child’s so there will be no delay in searching
times. Call Capt. Phillip Christy at 764-4217. kindergartener, while she has her fingerprints
information which can help very much. for them. I had my daughter fingerprinted
Registration deadline is May 15 to sign up. taken.
“There are 750,000 cases of missing back in the states when she was two, and
children in the world each year, said I wanted to renew hers and get my son
Enlisted Dining-In Kim. “There is no guarantee it won’t “Any event like this involving fingerprinted for the first time.”
The inaugural Area IV Support Activity Enlisted happen to one of your children. It’s good juveniles needs military police’s guidance April was designated as Child Abuse
Dining-In will be 6 p.m. May 27 at the Daegu to be ready.” and observance,” said an investigator Prevention Month by former President
Grand Hotel. For more information, call Command The fingerprints and pictures were from 57th Military Police Company who Ronald Reagan in 1982 and it is recognized
Sgt. Maj. Tony Moore at 768-8700. put in a booklet that also has a page to requested he not be identified by name. in U.S. Army communities around the
record the child’s personal information. “It is to make the fingerprinting and world. The Area IV Family Advocacy
Boxing Coaches Needed Personnel from the 57th Military photo identification legal and official.” Program has many activities and classes
Taegu Sports and Fitness is looking for boxing Police Company stationed in Camp “We have to be careful when planned throughout the month to raise child
coaches. For more information, call Darryl Chandler Carroll were present at the event to requesting and handling children’s abuse awareness.
at 764-4225. ensure proper recording of the children’s personal information,” said Kim. “So we
information. have people from military police with E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly Page
April 23, 2004 27

Program promotes Korean culture, language

Story by Spc. Tricia O. Ortiz a language instructor for the program.
19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs Office In addition to learning the language,
the program will help all of the class
The 19th Theater Support Command members understand Korean culture
joined forces with Daegu Health College better.
April 10 to kick off an eight-week Korean “Learning a language is part of
culture course for members of the learning the culture,” Kim said.
Daegu Enclave. He also said the students will have
The course, open to Soldiers, civilians the opportunity to learn how to make
and family members, covers Hangul some traditional Korean meals, such as
language and Korean culture for two kimchi, bulgogi and traditional chicken
hours each Saturday. soup.
Dr. Nam Sung-hee, president of The students will also enjoy a
Daegu Health College, personally friendship tour to promote mutual
welcomed Maj. Gen. Jeanette K. understanding between Korean and U.S.
Edmunds, commanding general of the students, Kim said. During the tour,
19th Theater Support Command, and 23 American students will have the
U.S. students to the course. opportunity to practice their new
“As a small effort to bridge the gap language skills with the Korean
between west and east and to promote university students.
the rapport between Korea and America, Pfc. Margie Wollenberg,
Daegu Health College proudly presents Headquarters and Headquarters
the Good Friendship Program with the Company, 19th Theater Support
19th Theater Support Command,” Nam Pfc. Margie Wollenberg, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Theater Support Command, said she volunteered to
said. “Through the program, which Command, receives the Korean course book from Jang Sun-mi, a student from the Daegu attend this program to learn more about
includes a Korean language course, a Health College. the Korean culture.
Korean cuisine course and a good “I am planning to be in Korea for one
friendship tour, the U.S. Army situated family members the valuable opportunity based, practical Korean conversation more year and learning the language in
in Korea will be able to understand the to learn the Hangul language,” Edmunds with hands-on practice for the balanced a classroom environment will help me
Korean culture better and take one step said. “We deeply appreciate the kind of development of speaking, listening, to better understand and communicate
closer to Koreans.” generosity that your college is showing reading and writing, said Kim Kyung- with the Korean people,” she said.
“Here at the Daegu Health College, to us.” wong, director of the International
you are giving American Soldiers and Korean instructors will teach task- Relations Department of the college and E-mail
Page The Morning Calm Weekly
28 April 23, 2004

Cheney from Page 25

“This event was originally planned for teachers who attended thought it was a High School in South Jeolla Province, centers currently located in the Busan
Korean students,” said Kwon. “But since great gesture for a dignitary like the vice who came to finish reading the book Metropolitan Simin Municipal Library
we have an American school here, we president’s wife to make an invitation where Cheney left off because of time and the Daegu Metropolitan Central
decided to have students from TAS as for Korean students to attend.” constraints. “It was a great opportunity Library that provide area residents with
well.” Teachers and parents, both Korean to share and represent a little bit of open, factual, and accurate information
Approximately 20 Korean students and American, were excited about the America with local children.” about the United States, its people,
from three Busan elementary schools rare opportunity their children had “It was quite amusing to see how the culture, history, government, and
joined nine Pusan American School experienced. technology could make us forget about institutions. Both American Corners are
students at The American Corner in “I think (today’s event) was very the distance,” said Beak Myung-sun, equipped with computers and digital
Busan’s Citizens Municipal Public interesting,” said Tonya Hagander, a mother of Choi Eun-kyung, a third- video conferencing equipment.
Library. third-grade teacher at Taegu American grade student at Kyesung Elementary According to Kwon, there are 100
“It went wonderfully. It was a great School. “I believe it was a good School. “I am sure it was a good American Corners in 28 countries,
opportunity for Korean and American opportunity for the kids. They seemed experience for the kids also.” including the Daegu and Busan locations
students to get to know one another,” to have a good time. It was fun.” According to a press release by the in South Korea.
said Kyong Beach, acting administrator “It was excellent,” said William U.S. Embassy, the American Corners in
at Pusan American School. “Korean Bevins, an English teacher at Sooncheon the Republic of Korea are resource E-mail

Volunteers from Page 25

we all fly together or die together.” 81 additional volunteers for their contributions during of places. There’s the movie crew, the auto craft shop
The Korean Volunteer of the Year is Park Sung-bin, the past year. Volunteers received certificates signed crowd, the CYS gang and lots of others. Regardless
who put in 303 hours at Child and Youth Services. by Ludwig and crystal desk plaques. of what they do or how many hours they put in, every
Linda Martinez, a seventh-grader at Pusan American Installation officials praised the volunteers for their one of them makes an important contribution.”
School who volunteered 235 hours at Child and Youth efforts. Preceremony entertainment was provided by Krystle
Services, was named the Youth Volunteer of the Year. “It is amazing what they do. Without volunteers Wright and Aimee Brown of Pusan American School.
“It feels good to win, I’m surprised,” she said. “It makes this community wouldn’t be what it is,” said Sue They presented their rendition of Whitney Houston’s
me happy to help get things done in the community.” O’Leary, installation volunteer coordinator, Army “The Greatest Love of All.” The Amor band, currently
The Military Volunteer of the Year is Staff Sgt. Community Service. “The movie theater is an all- touring Area IV installations, also entertained the crowd.
Matthew Knudsen, who worked 200 hours at Child volunteer staff. We all love to go to the movies. Without “Even though they don’t do it for the recognition,
and Youth Services. them, the community wouldn’t be able to do that.” this is a way to say ‘thank you’ to our volunteers,”
Jennifer Brooks, who volunteered 207 hours at “What these volunteers do is important to the O’Leary said. “Without them, this community wouldn’t
Child Youth Services and Gifts N Things, is the Military community,” Ludwig said. “It means a lot to me as be what it is.”
Spouse Volunteer of the Year. garrison commander and it means a lot to the
Besides the big winners, the post also recognized community. We have volunteers helping out in all kinds E-mail