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The Peninsula-Wide News Publication

Volume 2, Issue 49
Sept. 24, 2004

Soldiers aim for

Air Force restricts Chuseok:
medical flights A holiday
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for retirees of tradition
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MPs fight human trafficking

By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Ministry of Gender Equality Sept. 8. A chief of the USFK Law Enforcement establishments off-limits. In addition,
Korea Region Public Affairs majority, 58.7 percent, of those surveyed Division. These patrols are conducted we are passing out four-language leaflets
believe that the sex trade is a crime that in uniform. Investigations involving advertising the KNP and USFK hotline
YONGSAN – Nightfall in Korea is not harms society. suspect establishments also are done in phone numbers. It’s an ongoing fight and
totally unlike many places around the The survey was conducted to spread plain clothes. we are moving in the right direction.”
world where bar and club owners gear awareness of new laws that went into “Outstanding command emphasis has The ROK has invested millions of
up for the evening’s business. effect Thursday that aim to protect been placed on the subject,” said Hunt. dollars to assist trafficking victims by
Throughout the country it’s also a victims of human trafficking. “We want to get the message out that building shelters, counseling centers
time when partygoers make their way Even though many people don’t involvement in prostitution and human and establishing telephone hot lines,
toward their favorite entertainment areas, support prostitution and human trafficking by USFK-affiliated personnel according to the U.S. Department of
places that include shopping, restaurants trafficking, enforcing laws against these is illegal. Prostitution and human State Trafficking in Persons Report
and hangouts where it’s possible to see crimes is not always easy. trafficking will not be tolerated by USFK.” 2004. In June 2003, the ROK stopped
scantily-dressed women waiting outside “There aren’t the signs here like there In addition to sending out patrols, issuing E-6 visas to foreign
the bars. While some of these women may be in other places,” Stockwell said. military police are trained to recognize entertainers. E-6 visas are what many
may be working there of their own free These “signs” could include a victim situations and identify locations that who become victims use to enter the
will, there are those that may be part of, passing a note or other information about appear to offer sexual favors for money, ROK.
or victims of a human-trafficking the industry on to customers. said Hunt. There are ways to report trafficking
problem in the Republic of Korea. This is one of the various ways that “Off-post patrols are taught to identify in persons to law enforcement.
“That’s part of the reason why we military police and other law enforcement possible locations that may be holding Women who are victims can call 117
conduct our patrols,” said Master Sgt. officials are tipped off to law violations. employees against their will. They carry or 02-723-0183. USFK members
Dennis Stockwell, Area II and III U.S. Forces Korea combined military a checklist to use,” said Hunt. “It’s a should call DSN 333, or 0505-736-
provost sergeant major. We (U.S. Forces police and Korean National Police town tool patrols use to help them know what 9333 when dialing from off post, to
Korea) don’t support human patrols work together to reduce the to look for. Information these patrols report prostitution and human
trafficking.” amount of prostitution and human gather is provided to provost marshals trafficking.
And neither do 95 percent of Koreans, trafficking by enforcing the “zero- and commanders in each area for
according to a study released by the tolerance” policy, said Maj. Howard Hunt, investigation and consideration in placing E-mail Andrew

19th TSC gets new commander Army announces NCO,

By Sgt. Jimmy Norris
19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs Office
Soldier of Year
By Sgt. Reeba Critser
CAMP WALKER — Soldiers from the 19th Army News Service
Theater Support Command bid farewell to one
commanding general and welcomed another during a WASHINGTON, D.C. — After a week of enduring
change of command ceremony Sept. 17. physical and mental anguish, Staff Sgt. Andrew J.
Brig. Gen. Timothy P. McHale became the 17th Bullock and Spc. Wilfredo A. Mendez took home the
commanding general of the 19th Theater Support titles of 2004 Department of the Army
Command after Maj. Gen. Jeanette K. Edmunds Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year in
relinquished command to him at Camp Walker’s Kelly a Sept. 17 ceremony at Fort Myer, Va.
Field. The ceremony featured the 8th U.S. Army Band “Never quit” – was a motto instilled in the 20
and a pass in review of more than 30 units from candidates representing 10 major commands. But there
throughout the Republic of Korea. could only be one winner.
HOTO BY IMMY Bullock is a Ranger instructor with the 5th Ranger
In her address to the formation at the ceremony, Brig. Gen. Timothy P. McHale (right) recieves the 19th Theater Training Battalion, Fort Benning, Ga., and he
Edmunds expressed confidence in McHale’s abilities Support Command colors from Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell represented Training and Doctrine Command in the
as the next 19th Theater Support Command during a change of command ceremony at Camp Walker Sept. 17. competition.
commanding general and affection for the unit she’d
spent the last two years commanding. cherished,” said Edmunds. Mendez is a signals intelligence analyst with
“I am so glad that Gen. (Leon J.) LaPorte, Lt. Gen. Edmunds will go on to work as the Army’s assistant Company A, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, Camp
(Charles C.) Campbell and the Army have tapped you logistician at the Pentagon. Humphreys, Republic of Korea. The 3rd MI Battalion
(and Janice) to be the command team to take on this McHale, while new to the 19th TSC, is no stranger is part of the 501st MI Brigade under the U.S. Army
great organization, there is and always will be much to Korea. He spent the last two years as the deputy Intelligence and Security Command.
more to do. Enjoy your time at the helm, it passes by commanding general (support) for the 8th U.S. Army. “From the bottom of my heart, it’s an experience
all to fast,” said Edmunds. He also served as the deputy assistant chief of staff of a lifetime,” said Sgt. Russell Burnham, the 2003
“Commanding here, in this time, and in this place – for Logistics for the Republic of Korea and United Soldier of the Year. “It’s demanding at times, but I
the same place where I had my first command – has States Combined Forces Command, and the assistant wouldn’t trade it for anything. There are no words to
been an honor and a privilege which I have certainly See “Change” on Page 28 See “Soldier” on Page 3
Sept. 24, 2004
Commentary The Morning Calm Weekly

NCOs key to winning war

key , peace
By Roger W. Putnam It is difficult for the NCOs to see their Soldiers the populace, how to understand and appreciate their
Army News Service attacked by insurgents and not become cynical toward culture, and how to treat them as they would want to
the populace. But, thank God, our NCOs have proved be treated.
History has taught us many lessons on what to do they have the values and ability to put those feelings Trying to understand the rules they live by is as
after a war is won. aside and perform the acts of kindness we see them foreign to our culture as ours is to theirs. A smile to
Germany and Japan are just two examples of doing the world over, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. civilians from one of our troops is a language that
defeated countries that rose from the ashes of defeat Cynicism only undermines our ability to build a rapport anyone can understand, and lays a foundation that
to become leaders in the with the population. reconstruction can build on.
international community with The NCO is NCOs and their troops are crucial to showing the
the direct assistance of the “Earning the trust of the people instrumental in population that America liberates, not conquers; that
United States. In no small ensuring the populace we truly want to help their people gain a better life. It is
respect, the U. S. military’s is essential if any reconstructive understands America’s imperative that NCOs realize that they are the key to
noncommissioned officers effort or peacekeeping mission is values and that it is a winning not only wars, but also the peace.
and their troops became the truly compassionate Editor’s note: Roger W. Putnam is a retired command
ambassadors of goodwill in going to be successful.” country. In Vietnam, sergeant major who participated in the occupation of Japan,
these countries, and played our Soldiers built the Korean War, two tours in Vietnam, and who also served
a major role in winning the —Roger W. Putnam orphanages and as the VII Corps command sergeant major in the early 1980s.
hearts and minds of the schools, treated the
people. sick, and spent untold hours assisting the Vietnamese, Submitting commentaries
Earning the trust of the people is essential if any even while being attacked daily by insurgents. E-mail commentary submissions to
reconstructive effort or peacekeeping mission is going U.S. Soldiers have performed similar deeds in every
to be successful. conflict our country has been involved in, and the NCO Submissions may also be mailed to:
Today’s problems in Afghanistan and Iraq are similar. has always been at the forefront of these activities.
The NCOs and their troops are the ones seen everyday Without the noncommissioned officer, many of these Editor
on the streets of the cities and towns. It is their behavior endeavors would not have succeeded, or even existed. Morning Calm Weekly
that shapes the views of the local population and reflects The NCO has to be the positive influence in both peace PSC 303, Box 51
what America is all about. and war. NCOs make things happen. APO AP 96204-0051
One of the hardest tasks for the NCO is to not blame The NCO must always remember that planning is
all the people for the acts of a few. We have trained our done at a higher level, but implementation of orders is Keep submissions about a page in length and
Soldiers to be war fighters, and justifiably so, but an NCO responsibility. The NCO is responsible for include your name, rank and duty station. The
Morning Calm Weekly staff reserves the right to
America’s Soldiers are still filled with compassion for teaching and training his or her subordinates, not only
edit letters for length, taste and clarity.
children and the downtrodden. in war fighting techniques, but also how to approach

MP Blotter Morning Calm Weekly Soundoff:

The following entries were excerpted
from the past several weeks military
What do people gain from playing sports
police blotters. These entries may be
incomplete and do not determine the
guilt or innocence of any person.
! A Korean National Police investigation revealed that
two unknown Korean men approached a U.S. Soldier off
post. One of the men grabbed the Soldier, who pushed
away in self defense. The unknown man brandished a
knife, cut him on the right arm and fled. The Soldier
returned to his barracks and was transported to the
emergency room where he was treated with 10 stitches
and released. An investigation continues by KNP.
“P eople can develop
“People “They gain a sense of “We can learn self- “If you’re good at it,
! Recently, an military police investigation discovered a
competitive spirit accomplishment by confidence and your confidence and
U.S. Soldier used a false identification card at an off-post
club after curfew. The Soldier used an ID that stated he while playing striving for a goal and teamwork from self-esteem go up.”
was a resident of another country. A few days later the sports.” achieving it.”
it.”— Spc. playing sports.” — Spc. Lorenzo Davis, 102nd
Soldier was observed and identified by MPs. He was — Sgt. Kedric Lanier, 229th Christopher Stephens, — Staff Sgt. Kirk Keel, Military Intelligence Battalion,
apprehended and transported to the provost marshals Signal Company, 307th Signal Headquarters and Headquarters Company B, 307th Signal Camp Red Cloud
office for processing, was advised of his legal rights, Battalion, Camp Carroll. Company, 2nd Infantry Division, Battalion, Camp Carroll.
which he invoked. He was further processed and released Camp Red Cloud
to his unit. An investigation continues by military police.

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Support and Defend
The Morning Calm Weekly Koreawide Sept. 24, 2004 3
ROK,, U.S. work toward proper force levels: LaP
U.S. orte
NEWS & NOTES By Sgt. Andrew Kosterman Infantry Division) relocation to two major and a product and many times you have
Korea Region Public Affairs hubs further south of the major to have an extended process in order to
Chuseok Schedule
metropolitan areas,” LaPorte said. develop quality products. That’s exactly
Many AAFES facilites will be open for
YONGSAN – The U.S. military in the LaPorte added that the ROK has a plan what’s happening now.”
business Sept. 27, but will be closed Sept.
Republic of Korea must transform for to reduce forces by 50,000 and the United LaPorte added that technical
28 in observance of Chuseok. Most facilities intelligence used has limitations and that
the future, the top U.S. commander in States by 12,500 on the peninsula.
will be open Sept. 29. A list of Chuseok the ROK said at a Sept. 17 press briefing. “Both our governments and our there is little human intelligence
closures can be found at http:// “As you may know, there was an militaries are looking at the appropriate gathering, information provided by opportunity to review roles, mission, force levels for the future,” said LaPorte. sources on the ground, inside of North
troop strength, disposition of troops LaPorte also talked about a possible Korea.
176th FINCOM FTX looking to the future, which is really explosion in North Korea. Even though The commander also dismissed any
The 176th Finance Battalion will conduct important,” said Gen. Leon J. LaPorte, the Republic of Korea and United States notion that USFK or Combined Forces
a field training exercise Nov. 1-5. In and U.S. Forces Korea commander. “We intelligence agencies exchange their Command had any information that the
out processing will have normal hours at must transform our military for the findings in a “very full and rapid manner,” north would conduct a “October
the 1st Replacement Company. There will future, not for a war that was fought 50 there is not yet a definite explanation to surprise” demonstration of its alleged
also be customer service at Camp Coiner’s years ago.” an explosion in North Korea last week, nuclear abilities.
Tent City. He went on to comment about the he said. “We do not have any indication that
reduction of U.S. forces in the ROK. “I don’t know the exact purpose, if North Korea is conducting or planning
Osan Curfew Changes “After a long period of discussions, there was an explosion, but we know to conduct a nuclear test.”
The curfew for for the Osan Air Base area we have agreed to the Yongsan what North Korea has said,” said
now is midnight. The curfew applies to all (Garrison) relocation and the (2nd LaPorte. “Intelligence is both a process E-mail
servicemembers. Servicemembers must be
inside the Osan Air Base gate, at their off- Soldier from Page 1
base residence or hotel room by midnight, describe the opportunity or experience I had. It’s a shame
every night. For more information, call 784- only one person can have it.”
4044. “It’s a great opportunity and a chance to meet many
Army leaders and make life-long connections,” said his
AFN TTalent
alent Search wife, Elizabeth Burnham.
The American Forces Network-Korea is During the week-long competition, which started Sept.
looking for talent to star in upcoming 12, Soldiers competed in the Army Physical Fitness Test,
television and radio spots. Log on to written exam and essay, day and night navigation, warrior to find out information for task testing, day and night weapon qualification, a six-
casting calls. mile road march, NBC fire and other events at Fort Lee,
Marine Corps Birthday Then the Soldiers completed the last leg of the
The U.S. Marine Corps will celebrate its competition Sept. 16 in Crystal City, Va. – the board, which
229th year of existence with a birthday ball was presided over by Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O.
Nov. 10 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel Ballroom Preston.
While waiting for the results, the Soldiers toured
in Seoul. Tickets are $60 or 75,000 won.
Washington, D.C., and attend a Spirit of America show at
E-mail or
call 723-7053 for information on purchasing Spc. Wilfredo A. Mendez accepts the award and title of 2004 Soldier of
Then the time came to announce the winner at Fort
tickets. A cocktail reception will start 6 the Year from Sgt. Maj. of the Army Kenneth O. Preson Sept. 17 at Fort
p.m., ceremony 7 p.m. and dinner 7:30 p.m. Myer, Va. Mendez represented Korea in the competition.
“All the competitors are here because they know what
This is a black tie or military equivalent event. it takes to be a winner,” Preston said before he announced
the winners. “Take what you’ve learned in the past week Mendez said, “The whole week has been a perfect challenge.
Absentee Ballots and getting up to the event and apply it to your daily life.” The battlefield replications and timed events are there to show
There are seven weeks until the presidential Both the winners said they felt relief when their name you what you’re made of.”
elections. Voting officials said absentee ballots was called. “It’s an extreme privilege to represent NCOs, especially those
should be in the mail by Oct. 11 in order to NCO winner Bullock is a native of San Diego. He has who are deployed, because I’m sure there are NCOs who
guarantee they will be included in the elections. deployed to Kosovo, Egypt, and various rotations to the wanted to be here but couldn’t,” Bullock said.
For more information, see a voting assistance National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif.; and the Joint The next step for these winners is to accompany Sgt. Maj.
officer. Training Readiness Center, Fort Polk, La. of the Army Kenneth O. Preston in various travels as
Mendez is from Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. He is working spokespersons for the Army.
Correction toward a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and “I’m looking forward to going with the sergeant major of
There was an error in a story about the 8th U.S.
is a graduate of the Combat Life Saver Course and Airborne the Army overseas and visiting troops,” Bullock said. “They
Army Team Triathlon story printed in the Sept.
School. deserve more accolades — by far more — than I did here.
17 edition of the Morning Calm Weekly. Pictured
Still limping from the road march at the award ceremony, They’re putting their lives on the line.”
on the front page is Cynthia S. Dennis, not Kate
Harrison. In addition, Dennis was first out of the
water in heat 1, not Harrison.
The Assignment of Choice
Morning Calm W eekly
The will not be a Morning Calm Weekly printed
Oct. 1 because of Chuseok.

Girl Scouts Registration

Girl Scouts Overseas - Seoul are now
registering and troop meetings will begin
within the next two weeks. Those interested
in being a Girl Scout this year, would like to
be an adult volunteer, or would like more
information, should contact Trudy Heard at
6355-5060 or e-mail
PHOTO BY SGT. ANDREW KOSTERMAN Golfers lug their equipment across the Camp Casey Golf Course. The course is open 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily. Call 730-3424 for more information.
4 Sept. 24, 2004 Koreawide The Morning Calm Weekly

Doctor shares facts

about Tuberculosis
By Col. Brian Allgood within the first two years after infection.
18th Medical Command The risk of developing TB is even higher
for individuals with diseases such as
YONGSAN — It is one of the leading diabetes or chronic kidney failure.
causes of death worldwide, more than Studies suggest that the risk of
one million deaths per year. It is a disease developing TB is 7-10 percent greater
that usually affects the lungs, and is each year for persons who are HIV
spread from person to person through positive. To decrease the chance of
the air. Sometimes referred to as TB, getting active TB disease, one must

this deadly menace is tuberculosis. take the full course of recommended
Germs from TB are put into the air Isoniazid pills.
when a person with an active form of
the disease in the lung coughs and Should one take medication if
sneezes. Active TB can also affect other they have a normal X-ray
parts of the body, such as the brain, Even though the chest x-ray
kidneys or spine. Medical officials results are normal and show no signs
estimate that of active
one-third of the
“General symptoms may TB, the
w o r l d ’ s
population has include feeling weak or sick, course of
l a t e n t weight loss, fever, and night T B
tuberculosis medication
sweats. Symptoms of TB in the will reduce
infection. The

Republic of lungs may include coughing, the chances
Korea is one of chest pain or coughing up of getting
the countries active TB
blood.” in the
with high
prevalence of future.
active TB disease cases. More than
30,000 active cases were reported in the In the event of pregnancy
ROK last year. Medical officials said it is particularly
important to screen for LTBI and active
Symptoms of the disease TB in pregnancy because the newborn’s
Symptoms depend on the particular immune system is very immature,
part of the body that is affected. General putting them at greater risk for
symptoms may include feeling weak or contracting TB from an infected family
sick, weight loss, fever, and night member.

sweats. Symptoms of TB in the lungs The PPD skin test is very safe during
may include coughing, chest pain or pregnancy. If positive, taking Isoniazid
coughing up blood. pills are safe during pregnancy as well,
and is recommended by the Centers for
Testing for TB Disease Control. If there is any reason
The PPD skin test, which stands for to suspect LTBI, such as a positive PPD
“purified protein derivative,” tests for TB or undocumented PPD status, a chest
bacteria. All U.S. servicemembers are X-ray is required to rule out active
required to have an annual PPD skin test disease. If that is not done before
while in, and before leaving the ROK. delivery, there can be a delay in the new
Children attending school or day care mother getting to hold her baby while a
are also required to have proof of PPD chest X-ray is obtained.
testing. Although people cannot isolate
themselves from active TB cases, they What if someone received the BCG
can find out if they are infected through vaccination as a child
the PPD test. BCG vaccination does not
There are two parts to the PPD test. automatically cause a positive PPD
First, a skin prick injects a small amount reaction. PPD skin testing is approved
of solution into the skin of the forearm. for BCG-vaccinated persons. An
A qualified technician conducts the individual vaccinated with BCG and has
second part, which is the reading within a positive PPD result is still considered
48-72 hours of being pricked. to have LTBI. Medical officials said
BCG-vaccinated people should be
What to do if the PPD test is positive treated if the PPD is greater than 10
If a person is PPD is positive, an millimeters and if they had contact with
Army community health nurse evaluates another person with active TB; were
them for active TB. A positive reaction born or have resided in a high-
usually means that the person is infected prevalence country; or are continually
with the TB germ, but does not exposed to populations where TB
necessarily mean the person has the prevalence is high.
active disease. Other tests, such as a For any questions or concerns
chest X-ray or sputum sample, may be regarding TB or PPD, contact 18th
needed. MEDCOM Community Health Nursing
About 10 percent of people with LTBI at 736-6693.
develop active TB at some time in their
life and about half of this risk occurs E-mail
Sept. 24, 2004 Page 5

Markmanship experts aim to train

By David McNally doctrine on marksmanship, but with
Area I Public Affairs Office different teaching techniques.
“We focus on the fundamentals of
CAMP CASEY — Twenty-two shooting,” Singley said. “We really push
Warrior Country Soldiers took careful sight alignment and trigger control. If
aim Sept. 17 during an intensive four- you can’t focus on the front sight and
day training session with U.S. Army be smooth on the trigger, you’ll never
Marksmanship Unit experts from Fort be able to engage the target.”
Benning, Ga. Four instructors taught 74 Soldiers
“Our goal was to help 2nd Infantry from units across Warrior Country. The
Division Soldiers with the techniques Soldiers attended one of the three
they use to train other Soldiers in shooting clinics Sept. 6-17.
marksmanship,” said Sgt. 1st Class “There’s no school in the Army that
Grant Singley, mobile training team teaches this once you get out of basic
noncommissioned officer in charge. training,” Singley said, “There’s the
The USAMU is a specialized team of sniper school, but that’s working with
sharpshooters who represent the U.S. bolt rifles and it’s a different system
Army in shooting competitions. than what we use for small arms like
Since 1956, these Soldiers have won
Staff Sgt. Robert Craft, Company E, 702nd Main Support Battalion, carefully aims his M-16A2 rifle “This is the greatest course I’ve been
hundreds of individual and team
Sept. 17 during marksmanship training at Camp Casey’s Apache Range. to in six years in the Army,” said Cpl.
competitions, including 40 world
championships and 20 Olympic medals. David Talbot, Headquarters and
Most recently, Maj. Michael Anti, a Headquarters Company, Division
USAMU team member, won a silver Support Command. “They brought me
medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics. up five shots from where I was with
While shooting is their specialty, team my qualification.”
members said competing is not their Talbot said he was confident in his
only skill. marksmanship capabilities before the
Singley said they teach Army See Marksmanship on Page 8
Spc. Chris Green, a U.S. Army Marksmanship
Unit instructor (left), gives Craft sharpshooting

Staff Sgt. Gary Wiley, Headquarters and Apache Range prepares shooters in a realistic Sgt. 1st Class Grant Singley, mobile training team noncommissioned officer in charge (right),
Headquarters Battery, 5th Battalion, 5th Air environment. The rugged shooting range is on observes a 2nd Infantry Division shooter and his coach during firing. Four MTT instructors taught
Defense Artillery (left), sets his weapon down. Camp Casey. marksmanship to 74 Warrior Country Soldiers Sept. 6-17.

Only sharpest shooters make Army’s elite team

Area I Public Affairs Office he said. “Right now, there’s 16 The team’s Web site,,
shooters on our team. If we get a also outlines advice for Soldiers who want to join
CAMP CASEY — Because of new shooter, and you’re the lowest the team:
intense competition, getting a spot on shooter on the team, there’s a ! Contact the coach of the team you are
the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit is a possibility you may have to leave.” interested in shooting with. He will want to see all
goal few Soldiers attain. Singley said very few people of the scores that you have shot in registered
“There’s two ways to make the “walk-on” to the teams without
tournaments, your current classification, and
team,” said Sgt. 1st Class Grant Singley, years of previous experience at
major accomplishments that you have had.
a team member for 15 years. “One is if national or international level
!If the coach feels like you have the right stuff,
you had civilian experience shooting competitions. The team does recruit
high-powered rifles, which is what we a few shooters at the All-Army you will get a letter of acceptance from the USAMU
shoot. Or, we have the all-Army competition. commander. It is good for 90 days. The team will
competition each year in March.” “We pick several people from there work your permanent change of station like any
The USAMU shooting teams are elite groups of to be ‘pick-up’ shooters,” Singley said. “They’ll other assignment.
the best shooters in the world, Singley said. He shoot for about four months in the interservice and Singley said the team reinstated the all-Army
agreed the unit is like the “Golden Knights” of national championships with us. After that, if they competition this year. The event had been all but a
marksmanship. look like a real good prospect, we may pick them up memory, with the last such competition held 10
“Actually it’s pretty tough to get on the team,” as a full-time shooter for the team.” years ago.
Sept. 24, 2004
6 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly

NEWS & NOTES Soldiers seek future at job fair

Facility Chuseok Holiday ACAP staff helps troops Infantry Regiment, is separating from retiring in April and also interviewed at
Hours the Army Oct. 22. He said he’s both the job fair.
Most Area I facilities will close or have adjusted
prepare for civilian life nervous and excited about getting out, “If nothing else comes of it, it was
schedules in observance of the Korean Chuseok and he went to the job fair to interview the definitely the experience I was
holiday. Here a just a few examples: By Pfc. Stephanie Pearson with two companies. looking for,” Price said. “It’s helped me
!Area I branches of Community Bank will close Area I Public Affairs Office “It’s going good, so far,” he said get in the mindset of retiring, because
Sept. 28. between interviews. “I feel pretty one of the first things you do to prepare
!The Camp Red Cloud Commissary will close CAMP MOBILE — The Camp confident. The ACAP has been a big for the future is interview for a new
Sept. 27 – 28. Mobile Army Career and Alumni help; they went through a lot of trouble job. This job fair is great, because all
!Camp Red Cloud’s Mitchell’s Club will close Program hosted a job fair here Sept. 14. to set this up to help folks transition. I the other ones I’ve been to or heard
Sept. 27 - 28. The job fair was geared toward was surprised to hear they even had job about were just for job search
!Camp Red Cloud’s Bowling Center will close finding jobs for Soldiers who are retiring fairs here (in Korea).” information. To have the interview on-
Sept. 28. or separating from the Army, said Joan
Before the actual job fair, ACAP site is a great idea.”
!Camp Casey’s Bowling Center will close Sept. Domengeaux, an ACAP career
Price just started working with
counselors helped participants prepare
29. counselor.
for interviews through a series of ACAP, but plans to take advantage of
!Camp Casey’s Reggies will close Sept. 27-29. “We had four companies
workshops. all the programs they offer.
An additional listing of closings can be found online represented, and we invited Soldiers to
“They helped me with my resume, “In fact, I’ll be back here tomorrow
at come interview with them today,”
morningcalmweekly.htm. Demongeaux said. “It’s not like your and gave me pointers on what to do in to get on the computer and start typing
typical job fair, where you just find out an interview,” Smith said. “It’s helped up a resume,” she said.
Soldier Crisis Help Line information. This was the next step, me prepare for transition to the civilian Smith and Price both encouraged
For immediate help call the suicide prevention where you have those companies here world, because it’s gotten me thinking Soldiers getting ready to retire or
hotline at 730-4357 (HELP) or from off-post conducting those interviews, and some about things I haven’t thought of in separate to use ACAP and attend future
0505-730-4357. For an immediate or severe crisis, actually hiring today.” seven years!” job fairs.
any Soldier can reach a health care specialist 24- The Wackenhut Corp., Accor Hotels, Staff Sgt. Michelle Price, “It’s definitely a tool that everyone
hours a day. Call someone who cares and will Vinnell and Anteon were represented at Headquarters and Headquarters getting out of the military should take
listen. A health care specialist will assist and help the fair. Detachment, U.S. Army Garrison, advantage of,” Smith said.
the Soldier in any way possible. For less-immediate Sgt. Sean Smith, a squad leader with Camp Casey personnel administration
situations: A health care specialist will speak with Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 9th noncommissioned officer in charge, is E-mail
the Soldier and set up an appointment at the Camp
Casey Health Clinic.

Camp Casey Shoppette

Medical officials highlight weight-loss solutions
Hours By Pfc. Stephanie Pearson instead of cooking. But the main culprit, Clyde says, is
Area I Public Affairs Office portion sizes.
The Camp Casey Shoppette Friday and Saturday
“The standard size of a restaurant plate 20 years ago
hours of operation have changed to 9 a.m. – 10
p.m. starting today. CAMP CASEY — Soldiers who struggle to meet the was 10 inches,” Clyde told the class. “Today, it has grown
Army’s weight standards have another resource they can to 12 inches. Bagels and muffins are now typically two
Federal Employee Life turn to for help in fighting the “battle of the bulge.” thirds bigger than they were 20 years ago. It’s portion
Insurance The first and third Wednesday of each month, Soldiers sizes that, bottom line, affect how much we’re
The Federal Employee Group Life Insurance open take part in the “Weigh to Stay” class offered through the consuming, and affects our weight status.”
season is now through Thursday. For more 121st General Hospital nutrition department, in conjunction Clyde also blamed inactivity for contributing to weight
information, visit the FEGLI homepage at with Area I community health services. gain. She said there are three steps for successful weight or contact your civilian “The class is designed to provide Soldiers with management: lifestyle and behavior changes healthy eating
personnel advisory center. appropriate knowledge and tools essential for them to lose and exercise.
weight,” said Maj. Shelly Clyde, chief of clinical dietetics She recommends starting by figuring out the maximum
Red Cross Disaster at the 121st General Hospital and one of the class amount of calories a person needs to take in each day to
Training instructors. lose weight. She offered the class the following formula:
The local chapter of the American Red Cross is The program is mandatory for Soldiers on the Army add a zero to the end of your body weight, and multiply
offering an Introduction to Disaster Services class Weight Control Program, Army Regulation 600-9, but is that number by a factor from 1.2 to 1.6, depending on
1 – 5 p.m. Sunday in the ARC classroom on Camp open to individuals who are not on the program, but still your level of activity, with 1.2 being little or no activity
Casey. Call 730 – 3184 for more information. want to learn about weight and 1.6 being very active. The number
loss. someone ends up with is the amount
Town Hall Meeting The class, given via of calories they need each day to
The Area I Town Hall meeting will be 8-9 a.m. video-teleconferencing, maintain their current weight.
Thursday at the Camp Casey Theater at Camp Casey. starts by discussing Clyde explained that to lose one to
The event is open to U.S. civilian employees in the reasons why people gain two pounds a week, a person needs
pay grade GS-11 and above, Korean employees KGS/ weight. In America, to consume 500 calories less each
KWB-9 and above and all Soldiers E-6 and above. Clyde said, two out of day. Clyde had the students
three adults are above a subtract that from their number.
Darr yl W
Darryl orley Concerts
Worley healthy body weight. The final number is the maximum
Country singer Darryl Worley will perform at Camp Several factors contribute calories an individual can take in and
Casey’s Carey Fitness Center 7 p.m. Oct. 22 and in to this, but the major still lose weight.
front of Freeman Hall at Camp Red Cloud 5 p.m. Oct. issue is overeating. “Once you know how much
24. An autographed guitar will be given away in a Overeating occurs you should be eating, keep track
drawing at the Camp Casey show. Participants must be for many reasons, Clyde of your calorie intake,” Clyde
present to win. explained. In today’s urged. “It’s like when you take a
society, snack food is budget class, and the financial
Warrior Bo xing Competition
Boxing readily available and
The 6th Annual “Tough Warrior” Boxing Competition is planner has you write down
advertised in every day what you’re spending
scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 13 at Hanson Field House
s u p e r m a r k e t s , each penny on, so you know where
at Camp Casey. Admission is free. The event, sponsored
convenience stores and it’s all going. It’s the same with
by the 177th Finance Battalion, is open to all
vending machines.
identification card holders. There is a $10 registration weight loss – you have to know
Lifestyles today tend to
fee. For more information call 2nd Lt. Autarie Bivins at where your calories are coming
730-3613. be more fast-paced than from.”
20 years ago, and so
people tend to eat out more S OURCE: U.S. ARMY HIEALTH CLINIC, CAMP CASEY
The Morning Calm Weekly Area I Sept. 24, 2004 7
Korean, U.S. runners sweat for Chuseok
By Pfc. Stephanie Pearson Command Sgt. Maj. Vincent Parisi,
Area I Public Affairs Office 177th Finance Battalion senior
noncommissioned officer, and winner
DONGDUCHEON — Soldiers and of the 8-kilometer race, said this was
civilians gathered Sunday on his first time running along the river trail.
Dongducheon’s Sangpae riverfront to “It’s kind of what got me to come
celebrate the Korean Chuseok holiday out here to run today,” he said. “It was
with a friendship fun run. great.”
“The purpose of today’s event was The Koreans were also happy to
to use athletics to bring our neighbors, participate in the event.
the citizens of Dongducheon, together “I enjoyed running with the
with Soldiers to do a fun run,” said Lt. Americans,” said Yi Ui-ho, a member
Col. Stephen Murray, U.S. Army of the Dongducheon Running Club. “It
Garrison, Camp Casey commander.
was a nice run.”
“It’s also a way of celebrating a very
Yi finished second in the 8-kilometer
important Korean holiday, Chuseok. We
race, and is looking forward to the next
call it the ‘Chuseok Riverfront Run.’”
community race. Garrison officials said
By hosting the event off the
installation, Murray said they had they are planning one for next spring.
increased participation. “I think it does a lot (for the
“This is only the second time we’ve community),” Parisi said. “It shows the
done this,” he said. “We’ve taken an locals that we come out here to do things
event we would normally do on post with them and participate in events like
and moved it off post to tie-in with the this outside the gate, rather than just
Korean community. We had a 50 inside.”
percent increase since the last run, and Event organizers were pleased with
that’s encouraging. We’re looking to do the turnout.
more (of these events) and get more “It looks like we had about as many
participation as people realize how fun Koreans here as American Soldiers – it
it can be.” really does show a great mix,” said Col.
More than 70 Korean and American Jeff Christiansen, Area I commander. PHOTO BY PFC. STEPHANIE PEARSON
participants lined up to compete in the Korean and American runners take off Sunday at the start of the Chuseok Riverfront 5-and 8-
5- and 8-kilometer runs. See Run on Page 8 Kilometer Fun Run.

Warriors to observe Army official explains equal employment opportunity

Fire Prevention Week By David McNally
Area I Public Affairs Office
Area I Public Affairs Office
CAMP RED CLOUD — About 100 civilian
CAMP RED CLOUD — Warrior Country
employees gathered at the Camp Red Cloud Theater
fire departments are joining organizations across
Tuesday morning to discuss equal employment
the United States to remind people about fire
opportunity with a senior Army official.
safety during Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 3-9.
“We have had a great year for preventing “We want a work force reflective of our nation’s
fires,” said Fire Chief John Cook, U.S. Army diversity,” said Luther Santiful, equal employment
Garrison, Camp Red Cloud. “We haven’t had opportunity and civil rights director for the Department
any deaths or serious injuries.” of the Army at the Pentagon.
Testing smoke alarms is the theme of the The official spoke with U.S. Army civilian employees
annual awareness campaign. from all areas in Korea during his visit. He led
“Smoke alarms are the most effective early discussions at Camp Red Cloud on Tuesday, Camp PHOTO BY DAVID MCNALLY

Humphreys on Wednesday and Camp Walker on Luther Santiful, Equal Employment Opportunity and Civil Rights
warning device available,” Cook said. “Since
Thursday. He will conduct a final briefing to the senior director for the Department of the Army, speaks Tuesday to
they were introduced to consumers in the 1970s,
leaders at Yongsan Army Garrison today. Warrior Country employees.
they have helped to reduce the home-fire death
rate by one half.” “I invited him because he is our senior leader in
Cook said fires can spread rapidly, and in equal employment opportunity,” said Linda Galimore, “If an employee sees you mistreat another person,
some cases, individuals may have as little as two 8th U.S. Army EEO director. “We’re taking a pro- they will start to look around and say, ‘eventually they’re
minutes to escape to safety once the alarm active approach, rather than having some major issue going to do that to me so I’m going to leave.’ We don’t
sounds. going on for him to come over here to investigate.” want to loose valuable employees after investing time,
“If an alarm sounds,” Cook said. “Get out of “Equal employment opportunity and diversity are money and training. We want to keep people.”
the facility immediately.” not the same thing,” he said. “Diversity is everything Findings of discrimination are costly and career
Next week, firefighters will be highly visible about you that you bring to the workplace.” damaging to the federal work force.
at schools, units and other Area I public places Santiful said everyone has something to offer if “It is a tremendous loss. We don’t want to do that.
to get the word out about fire safety. given the right opportunity. Again, be careful how you treat people,” he said.
Cook advised people to test their smoke “Affirmative action is not supposed to go on Santiful said he is concerned about getting the
alarms. forever,” he said. “Diversity is the desired end-state information from the senior Army leaders to “the boots
“The biggest problem we have is people of where we want to be.” on the ground.”
not thinking about fire prevention,” Cook said. The Army will not reach that goal, he said, without “We want the employees to leave this discussion
He explained how barracks cooking is a EEO and affirmative action. with a better understanding of equal employment
risk not worth taking, and urged Soldiers to “Those two things are a means to the diversity we opportunity,”Galimore said. “Hopefully they will have
think about fire safety. would like to have.” picked up some new pearls of wisdom from Mr.
“It is so much better to prevent something, Santiful covered the EEO complaint process in Santiful’s briefing.”
rather than have to react to it,” Cook said. detail: who can complain, the basis for a complaint, “Each time I attend one of these classes, I learn,”
“If you take a look around your home, or and how the Army addresses complaints. said E. Dean Shaw, deputy to the Area I commander.
where you work, we can prevent a lot of He said failure to address an employee’s EEO “We may not have heard all of this information before.”
incidents. concerns leads to more problems with other
employees. E-mail
8 Sept. 24, 2004 Area I The Morning Calm Weekly
Marksmanship from Page 5
training, but will take a lot away from “That’s something a lot of Soldiers
the course. don’t get to do,” West said. “A unit
“It’s all about being comfortable,” he going to the range wants to qualify and
said. “When you’re out there and you’re get off the range. Here, they get one-
comfortable, you just go out there and on-one instruction with the experts.”
shoot.” On the last day the Soldiers fired at
West said this is the first time pop-up targets for qualification.
USAMU instructors have trained As a parting gift, the instructors gave
Soldiers in Korea. each Soldier a compact disc with
“We hope to turn this into an annual
training materials from the course. They
training event,” West said. “I’d like to
said they hoped each Soldier would take
bring them back again in the spring,
before we run a sniper school.” the information to share with their unit.
Soldiers spent the first day of training “They focus on the basics,” said
in the classroom discussing Staff Sgt. Jack West, 2nd Infantry
marksmanship techniques. Division G3 schools. “That’s the
On day two, they went to Camp foundation for everything.”
Casey’s Apache Range to fire their M- Singley estimated the Soldiers fired
16A2 rifles at 25-meter targets and more than 7,000 rounds of ammunition
adjust their sights. during each four-day session.
The next day, Soldiers concentrated
on the kneeling and standing positions. E-mail

Run from Page 7

“I would like to see even more people didn’t run still came out to watch.
out here next time, and as we continue “There were a lot of Koreans along
with our marketing efforts, we will the track, clapping for us,” Parisi said.
ensure we have more Soldiers and In all, it was a successful day,
members of our local community officials said.
participate.” “What we’ve done today is bring
together the civilian community of
Christiansen said he was impressed
Dongducheon and Soldiers from Camp
with the community involvement at the
Casey to celebrate Chuseok, the Korean
event. Thanksgiving,” Christiansen said. “And
“I would really like to thank the city what better way to do that than using
of Dongducheon and Mayor Choi for athletics? Today we had both the 5-
the support they provided, and allowing kilometer and 8-kilometer runs in the
us to use the riverfront,” he said. spirit of togetherness.”
Several city council members
participated in the races, and locals who E-mail


Runners from the Dongducheon Running Club warm up Sunday for the run. Local citizens
joined American Soldiers for the early-morning event.

Weight from Page 6

Looking at it on paper helps Soldiers to find “hidden” calories, Clyde said. One
figure out where they might need to such source is beverages. Soldiers don’t
make lifestyle changes, Clyde added. realize how many calories they are
“It might be snacking for some, or drinking, she said.
eating fast food for others,” she said. “I “I’ve worked with Soldiers who have
worked with a Soldier who didn’t realize taken in all or more of their daily caloric
the average fast-food meal is 1,100 needs through beverages,” she said.
calories! Once we increased her “This includes fruit juice, soda, Kool-aid,
awareness of calorie content, it was a sweet tea, lemonade and alcohol.”
matter of seeing if she could be satisfied Editor’s note: This is part one of a
with a smaller sandwich, or get a salad three-part series on weight control.
instead of fries.”
Tracking calories also allows Soldiers E-mail
Sept. 24, 2004 Page 9

Legal advice: Hannam Village festival wows residents

Power of attorney By John A. Nowell
Area II Public Affairs Office

and how it works HANNAM — Residents of Hannam

By Capt. Robert Vedra Village were treated to a day of
U.S. Army Legal Service Activity-Korea entertainment, food, games and cultural
activities Saturday in spite of a rainy
YONGSAN — Servicemembers beginning.
in Korea face many challenges, The Korean National Housing
among them the fact that they Corporation and Area II Support Activity
sometimes have obligations that jointly hosted the Hannam Village Festival
would normally require their presence for the first time.
back in the United States or The corporation provided
elsewhere. Depending on the entertainment, Hannam Village residents
circumstances, servicemembers may provided dancers and the 8th U.S. Army
be able to meet the obligation without Band rounded out the daylong
ever leaving Korea. This can be done entertainment program for the festival.
by using a power of attorney. The ceremony began with remarks
The person giving the power of from housing officials and a
attorney, otherwise known as the representative from U.S. Forces Korea. PHOTO BY JOHN NOWELL
grantor, can give anyone they wish, “It is a great honor and pleasure to Korean folk dancers perform the farmer’s dance before the Hannam Village residents Saturday
known as the agent, very broad introduce Korean culture and traditions during the Hannam Village community festival hosted by the Korean National Housing Corporation
powers to act on the grantor’s behalf. to the Hannam families,” said Cho Dong- and Area II Support Activity.
For example, lae, president of the Korea Housing
if a Management. “The Hannam Village Status of Forces Agreement Division. This is the first festival sponsored by
servicemember community festival is to reaffirm our “This event helps to enhance our KNHC for USFK members. Officials
in Korea commitment to customer satisfaction. understanding of Korea’s culture and said they intend to host similar events at
needs to We assure (you) that this event will traditions and sustains our Korean the housing complexes in Daegu, Osan
register a contribute in promoting friendship American Friendship.” and Yongsan in the future.
vehicle with between the U.S. and Korea.” KNHC provided free Korean food “This is a great opportunity for our
his state Others added their own comments. sampling, rice cakes and drinks as well American personnel to experience
department “On behalf of United States Forces as a kimchi-making class. Children and Korean food, entertainment and
of motor Korea, we thank the Korean National adults learned the art of making Korean- culture,” said 1st Lt. Tom Wenz, a
vehicles, the Housing Corporation for hosting today’s style kites while other residents learned resident of Hannam Village.
Vedra festival,” said U.S. Navy Cmdr. Joseph how to play the traditional Korean drum
can appoint E. Grealish, chief, USFK Real Estate and called “puk.” E-mail
an agent back in the United States.
The agent, with a power of attorney,
can register the vehicle for him. SAMS student wins scholarship to space camp
There are two types of powers of By Alex Harrington Junior Honor
attorney. Area II Public Affairs Office Society. He is also
actively involved in
General power of attorney YONGSAN — “Reach for the stars!” took on a whole Boy Scouts.
The first, a general power of new meaning for 12-year-old Marc Warrior and 11 other The scholarship
attorney, allows the grantor’s agent recipients of the 2004 Bernard Curtis Brown II Memorial is awarded on
to do almost anything the grantor Space Camp scholarship. They had the opportunity to behalf of Bernard
could legally do for himself. For experience a weeklong space camp program at the U.S. Space Curtis Brown II.
example, the agent could bind the and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala., Aug. 15-20. Bernard, the 11-
grantor to a contract with a third Marc is a student from the Seoul American Middle School, year-old son of
party, have access to the grantor’s part of Department of Defense Schools in the Republic of Chief Petty Officer
bank account or sell the grantor’s Korea. and Mrs. Bernard
possessions. Since a general power During his time at space camp, Marc learned how to Curtis Brown, was
of attorney grants such broad power, rescue astronauts from the International Space Station by killed on Sept. 11,
there is significant potential for abuse, designing and programming a robot using LEGO 2001, when the
and servicemembers should be aware Mindstrom software and materials to complete a simulated hijacked airliner on
of giving someone a general power mission to the ISS. which he was a
of attorney. Marc wrote an essay about his goals, patriotism and passenger crashed
community service, but he also indicated how he first became into the Pentagon.
Special power of attorney interested in space. At the time Warrior
With the second type of power “While living in Oklahoma, I took an extra curriculum Bernard was en
of attorney, a special power of class on space. However, my head was in the clouds and route to California to represent his school in a science project.
attorney, the grantor can limit the my imagination awakened when I met the mother of former The Bernard scholarship is managed by the Military Child
power he gives to his agent to Challenger crewmember and schoolteacher Christa Education Coalition of Harker Heights, Texas.
accomplish specific tasks. McAuliffe at the Challenger Learning Center of Kentucky. For more information about the Bernard Curtis Brown II
S i n c e t h e a g e n t ’s a u t h o r i t y i s Her insights and shared dreams were an inspiration to me!” Memorial Space Camp scholarship, go to Military Child
much more limited in a special he wrote. Education Coalition at:
power of attorney, it is usually Marc’s scholastic achievements include winning the
See Attorney on Page 10 Vocabulary Bee last year and being inducted into the National E-mail
10 Sept. 24, 2004 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly

NEWS & NOTES ROK officers complete joint training

Commander’s Hotline
The Commander’s Hotline e-mail address is For more with U.S. at 121st General Hospital
information, call 738-5017.
By Capt. Miguel de Leon coordination between U.S. and ROK “The continued success of this
Area II Soldier’s Retreat 18th Medical Command military health care support systems program stands as a testament to the
The Area II Soldier’s retreat will take place at the in the event of hostilities. The Korean talents of our soldiers, both Korean
Oak Valley Resort Oct. 1 - 3. This is available to all YONGSAN — Six Republic of Army officers worked with their and American, and serves as a sterling
Area II active-duty Soldiers, civillians and familly Korea Army and Navy military health American counterparts for six months, symbol of the vigorous ROK-U.S.
members. For more information, call 736-3018. care officers received their diplomas sharing expertise and increasing alliance,” said Col Brian Allgood,
For more information on the site, visit and were awarded the U.S. Army cultural understanding while gaining an commander, 18th Medical Command Achievement Medal for completing appreciation of the U.S. military health and 121st General Hospital.
training at the 121st General Hospital care system. Since 1954, more than 400
Yongsan Commissar
Commissaryy in Yongsan Army Garrison. This year ’s graduates and their students, including veterinarians,
Operating Hours Four nurses, one physician and one areas of specialty are Maj. Chang Jin- physicians, dentists, nurses and
The Yongsan Commissary will be closed Monday Medical Service Corps officer were ho, Acute Care Clinic; Capts. Jo Cher- medical service corps officers, have
and Tuesday for Chuseok. It will be open 10 a.m. - participants of a joint Korean American jung, Clinical Operation, Min Mi- graduated from the training program
5 p.m. Wednesday. military training program called the young, Operating Room, Yang Ju- and gone on to serve in both the
Integrated Service of ROK Military youn, Infection Control and Cho military and civilian sectors of the
Area II Closure Health Care Personnel Program. Jeong-nam, Inpatient Psychiatric Republic of Korea.
The Area II CSP/CIF will be closed Monday through The program was established 50 Clinic; and Lt. Cmdr. Kim, Eun-jin,
Wednesday because of Chuseok. For more years ago to facilitate wartime Intensive Care Clinic.
information, call 736-7493.
Separating Soldiers can continue to serve – in the classroom
Nelson Denny
By Alex Harrington It also modified the program’s focus by placing emphasis
R eading TTest
Area II Public Affairs Office upon the need to make quality teachers available for high-
Seoul American High School will administer the
need schools and high-need school districts throughout
Nelson Denny Reading Test to all students 11 a.m.
YONGSAN — Men and women separating from the U.S. America.
- 12:15 p.m. Thursday. For more information, e-
Army can continue to serve as positive role models by The goal of Troops to Teachers, McAleer said, is to recruit
instructing, inspiring and motivating young minds in public quality teachers for schools that serve low-income families
school systems through a program called “Troops to throughout America.
Fun Run and W alk
Walk Teachers.” “This program helps relieve teacher shortages, especially
There is a 5-kilometer run and walk sponsored by Troops to Teachers is conducted by the Defense Activity in math, science, special education and other high-needs
18th Medical Command 9:30 a.m. Oct. 2 at Collier for Non-Traditional Education Support. subject areas,” he added.
Field House. For more information, call 737-5001. “This Troops to Teachers program facilitates and assists Active-duty servicemembers interested in the Troops to
separating Soldiers to continue their service to country and Teachers program are encouraged to prepare for the education
Army Competitive Categor
Categoryy community by offering them an opportunity to become career field three to four years before their discharge dates.
Promotion Board teachers in public school systems throughout the United “If within the next four years active-duty servicemembers
There is a promotion board for all first lieuntenants States,” said William McAleer, the DANTES Far East advisor. are planning to leave service, either by retiring or honorable
with a date of rank of March 31 and earlier for United States Army noncommissioned officers and officers discharge, (they) owe it to themselves to look at all their
promotion to captain. Applicants need to update have the potential to be powerful role models, McAleer said. options and begin planning now,” McAleer said.
promotion files. Selection board will meet Oct. “Men and women who wore the uniform are powerful According to program officials, a network of state Troops
26. Contact Personnel Services Detachment for and positive role models because of the many leadership to Teachers offices have been established to provide
records update. positions they held in the military,” McAleer said. “They are participants with counseling and assistance regarding
successful, have sound integrity, commitment and a sense certification requirements, routes to state certification and
OCS Board of service to others, which are all important attributes to be employment leads.
The Area II Support Activity local Officer Candidate an effective teacher in the classroom.” In addition, interested candidates may qualify for financial
School board will meet 9:30 a.m. Nov. 1. at the The DANTES program developed Troops-to-Teachers in assistance. They could receive $5,000 to $10,000 in stipends
Command Conference Room, Building 4305, Room 1994 to provide referral assistance and placement services for teaching certification and teach in public schools with
107. For more information, call 738-5017. to military personnel interested in becoming teachers after children from low-income families, respectively.
their military service. The DANTES program will conduct a briefing at Yongsan
Theater R eser vation
Reser In 2001, President George W. Bush signed into public law on Oct. 15. For more information call 725-5581 or go to the
The Directorate of Plans Training Mobilization and the “No Child Left Behind Act,” which authorized the DANTES Web site at
Security, Area II Support Activity, now provides continuation of the Troops-to-Teachers program for an
Balboni Auditorium and multi-purpose training additional five years, according to the DANTES Web site. E-mail
facility, reservations. E-mail for reservation at or Attorney from Page 9 For more information, the best choice. always work. Some actions, such complicated task.
call 738-7907 or 738-7300. Like any tool, a power of as the execution of a will, cannot Any client who wishes to revoke
attorney can be misused. Agents be done by power of attorney. In a power of attorney should consult
AC AP Briefings can potentially use a power of addition, third parties, such as a legal assistance attorney. Any
Those units in Area II that would like an ACAP attorney to cause a great deal of banks and businesses, are not eligible legal assistance client who
briefing should contact the ACAP Manager, Laddie harm to the grantor. Therefore, the legally required to accept a power wishes to execute a power of
Broz. Briefings usually last about one-half hour grantor must be very careful in of attorney. If a third party does attorney can do so at his legal
depending on unit participation. They can be held 8 selecting an agent. not wish to allow the grantor ’s assistance office.
a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more The agent must be at least 18 agent to act in the grantor’s place, The Yongsan Army Garrison legal
information, call 738-7322. years of age and sufficiently mature there is nothing the grantor or agent assistance office, located in
to handle the responsibilities of can do to make the third party Building 4329 on South Post, does
Oktoberfest Celebrations acting as the grantor’s agent. Most accept the power of attorney. powers of attorney on a walk-in
Dragon Hill Lodge is hosting its annual Oktoberfest importantly, there must be a basis Powers of attorney normally last basis. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
celebration for six nights, Oct. 1- 3 and Oct. 8 - 10. for trust in the relationship between for a specific time period, detailed Monday through Wednesday, 1-4
The festivities begin 6 p.m. for Friday nights, 5 p.m. grantor and agent. Normally, the in the power of attorney itself. If p.m. Thursday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
on Saturday nights and 2 p.m. on Sundays. For best choice of agent is a spouse, a grantor wishes to revoke a power Friday.
reservations and more information, call 738-2222. close relative or long-time friend. of attorney before it has expired,
Powers of attorney will not he can do so, but it can be a E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly Area II Sept. 24, 2004 11

Cultural Events, TTours

ours and Enter tainment
Greater Seoul

USO Tours Royal Asiatic Tour Entertainment

! Cultural Tour – 8:40 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Saturday ! Ullung Island Adventure Tour – 6 p.m. today- ! Festival – The 7th Seoul International
! Lotte World Amusement Park – 8:30 a.m. - 4 Monday. Dance Festival will be at the Seoul Arts Center
p.m. Sunday. ! Hansol Paper Museum and Kumsan-Sa Tour 4 and 6 p.m. Oct. 1 - 2. For more information,
! Panmunjeom (DMZ) and Tunnel – 7:30 a.m. – 8 a.m. today. call 02-763-1178.
- 4 p.m. Thursday. ! Hong-Do and Huksan-Do Island Adventure ! Concert – A David Russell Guitar Concert
! Kangwha Island – 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Friday. Tour – 6 p.m. Oct. 1 - 3. will be at the Seoul Arts Center 8 p.m. Oct. 3.
! Korean Folk Village – 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Oct.1 ! Bukchon Walking Tour – 9:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. For more information, call 02-541-6234.
! Panmunjeom (DMZ) and Tunnel – 7:30 a.m. Oct. 9. ! Art Fair – 2004 Seoul International Art
- 4 p.m. Tuesday. ! Jejudo Tour – 8:30 a.m. Oct. 9 - 10. Fair will be at the Seoul Arts Center 11 a.m. -
10 p.m. Oct. 1 - 13. For more information, call
For more information, call the Seoul USO office Call 02-763-9483 for more information about 02-514-9292.
at 02-792-3380. Royal Asiatic Society events.

Air Force restricts medical flights for retirees

By Soyoung Harleston or priority care are flown via the Air Force’s current fleet of medical evacuation system. This applies to flights to the
18th MEDCOM-TRICARE Marketing and Education mobility aircraft, such as KC-135R Stratotankers, officials continental United States as well as missions within PACAF.
said. Retirees and family members who require in-flight
YONGSAN — Starting Oct. 1, Pacific Air Forces will Military members and their families who do not require medical care en route to a medical facility may be
no longer purchase commercial tickets for retirees traveling in-flight medical care now fly via commercial air for routine transported on Department of Defense aircraft with AE-
outside of the United States for routine medical appointments appointments, with PACAF covering the cost, said Lt. Col. qualified crews.
in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulations. Stephen Clutter, PACAF spokesman. Military aircraft available for air evacuation include the
Overseas retirees and their families are still eligible for Since the retirement of the C-9, PACAF has been working U.S. Air Force’s C-130, C-141, C-21, C-17 and KC-135.
aero-medical airlift when in-flight medical care is required, with U.S. Transportation Command to create a new space If in-flight medical attention is not required, retirees or
said PACAF officials. available category called “MedPAX,” which would be for their family members may use military air to travel to an
The change is the result of the retirement of C-9 people traveling for routine medical services that don’t require appointment if space is available, or use commercial means
Nightingale aero-medical aircraft, which had operated within in-flight medical care. If approved, the MedPAX category at their own expense.
PACAF out of Yokota Air Base, Japan. Before the retirement would give retirees and their families higher priority than There is no charge for military “space-a” flights within
of the C-9, overseas retirees were able to fly on invitational they currently have when seeking “space-a” seats on military PACAF and only nominal customs fee for flights to
travel orders to routine medical appointments. aircraft. CONUS.
The Air Force aero-medical evacuation mission is now As a result of the changes, only patients requiring in-
“requirements based,” meaning those patients needing urgent flight medical attention will be airlifted via the military aero- E-mail
Sept. 24, 2004
12 Area II The Morning Calm Weekly

Community News
touring throughout the Republic of students 5:30 p.m. Oct. 5, at SAHS. information on how to apply for
Korea Oct. 14-18. For more For more information, call 011-9687- funds at afscamericanprojects@
information contact Shirley 0604. All funds are generated
Commander, 723-3749. by the Chosun Gift Shop.
Quilter’s workshop
Chili Cook-Off U.S. Forces Korea members are Essay contest
Command sergeants major are invited to a quilter’s workshop 9 a.m. Korean corporate members of
holding their first Chili Cook-off 11 to 2:30 p.m. Oct. 18 at the South the Association of U.S. Army are
a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 2 at Collier Field. Post Chapel. Attendees will learn sponsoring an essay contest, “Life
The public is welcome. There will be how to make baby blankets for the in Korea,” for active-duty Soldiers,
25 teams of four that will compete 121st General Hospital’s Stork’s Nest family members, and Korean
to make the best chili in Korea. A Unit. Baby blankets are donated to Augmentation to the U.S. Army
School Jam panel of judges will determine the new moms who have had to wait at Soldiers. For more information, call
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. is winner for the event. The public will the hospital for the birth of their 723-6306 or e-mail:
hosting a “School Jam” Oct. 23 at be able to taste all the teams’ chili babies. For more information, call
the Dragon Hill Lodge’s Najia starting at 1 p.m. There will be live 02-319-2683.
Ballroom. This event is accepting music and kid’s activities. For more Sookmyung Women’s University
donations to build scholarship funds information call 02-795-3028. Learn to be a better husband and Sookmyung Women’s Univeristy
for local students. Alpha Phi Alpha leader o f f e r s K o r e a n-l a n g u a g e c l a s s e s
Fraternity was founded on Dec. 4, NCOA Softball Tournament The Men of the Morning Calm t h r o u g h o u t t h e s e m e s t e r. Fo r
1906, with the goal of “service” to The Noncommissioned Officers holds Bible studies for Area II men more information, call 02-710-
all mankind. Associatiton is looking for 16 softball who want to learn to be a better 9623.
teams to participate in a tournament husband s and leader s in their
ARC first aid and safety courses Oct. 9 – 10. Trophies will be awarded community. Bible studies are held at Support group meeting for
American Red Cross is offering the for first through third place. Also, the South Post Chapel 6 a.m. every overweight people
following courses to Area II residents: there are cash prizes for the top three Tuesday. Also, there is a men’s Weight management support group
ARC orientation – 9 a.m. to noon home run hitters. For more breakfast 8 a.m. on the first Saturday meetings are 6:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. the
Oct. 11. (Free) information, call 738-8608. of each month at the South Post first and third Mondays of each
Community first aid and safety – 9 Chapel. month. For more information, call
a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 16, ($30) PTO special program 736-3029 or 736-6693.
Babysitting – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. There is a Parent-Teacher Program funding opportunity
30, ($25) Organization special program The American Forces Spouses Yongsan Sergeants Major
sponsored by the Seoul American Club provides funding to qualified Association
Body fitness king comes to High School Guidance Office. It will organizations that have special The Yongsan Sergeants Major
Yongsan feature several college admissions projects that benefit Soldiers and Association meets 4: 30 p.m on the first
Billy Blanks, the creator of Tae Bo, professionals who are scheduled to their families. Contact the AFSC Tuesday of every month at Whispers
the total body fitness system, will be give a presentation to the parents and project chair to get more Lounge, Dragon Hill Lodge.
Sept. 24, 2004
14 Movies The Morning Calm Weekly

Now showing at AAFES Reel Time Theaters

For additional listings or
matinees call respective theater or
see AT THE
Sept. 24 - 30 M OV I E S
Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Sept. 26 Sept. 27 Sept. 28 Sept. 29 Sept. 30
Phone No.
730-7354 Bourne Supremacy Paparazzi Paparazzi Bourne Supremacy Thunderbirds Thunderbirds The Punisher

732-9008 No Show King Arthur No Show King Arthur Paparazzi No Show A Cinderella Story

Garry Owen
734-2509 No Show Anacondas Catwoman Catwoman A Cinderella Story No Show A Cinderella Story

Henry Harry Potter and the

768-7724 Thunderbirds Prisoner of Azakban Anacondas Bourne Supremacy No Show No Show No Show

753-7716 Paparazzi Paparazzi Paparazzi Bourne Supremacy Bourne Supremacy Thunderbirds Thunderbirds

763-370 Anacondas A Cinderella Story Catwoman No Show No Show No Show No Show

730-5412 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show

734-5689 Anacondas Spider Man 2 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show

Bourne Supremacy Thunderbirds

When a Chinese When dangerous
vice-premier is situations exceed the
executed by limitations of ordinary
notorious assassin military and
Jason Bourne, it international security
causes serious forces, the world calls
trouble and hubbub upon the high-tech
in the CIA. Why? assistance of
There is no “Jason International Rescue -
Bourne”, as that a mysterious band of
name is just a cover for CIA agent David Webb, so fearless adventurers and their fleet of awesome,
it appears that someone has taken the “Bourne imaginatively engineered vehicles known as:
identity” away from him, creating a diplomatic crisis Thunderbirds!
between the U.S.A. and China. Schedule subject to change

PG-13 PG

Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Sept. 26 Sept. 27 Sept. 28 Sept. 29 Sept. 30
Phone No.
782-4987 Without a Paddle Without a Paddle Bourne Supremacy No Show Bourne Supremacy Thunderbirds Thunderbirds

721-3407 Collateral No Show King Arthur Anchorman No Show No Show No Show

784-4930 Resident Evil Thunderbirds Thunderbirds Bourne Supremacy Bourne Supremacy Thunderbirds Thunderbirds

721-5499 No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show No Show

Red Cloud
732-6620 Paparazzi Bourne Supremacy New York Minute Thunderbirds Thunderbirds No Show Resident Evil

732-5565 Thunderbirds Bourne Supremacy Bourne Supremacy Thunderbirds No Show Resident Evil Hellboy

Yongsan I
738-7389 Resident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil Bourne Supremacy Bourne Supremacy Bourne Supremacy Bourne Supremacy

Yongsan II
738-7389 Thunderbirds Thunderbirds Thunderbirds Man on Fire Man on Fire Man on Fire Man on Fire

Yongsan III
738-7389 Thunderbirds Thunderbirds Thunderbirds Troy Troy Troy Troy
The Morning Calm Weekly Chaplain May 14, 2004 15
Stress: Don’t let the animal get you down
By Chaplain (Maj.) Shawn Connors have to be truthful with ourselves and admit we all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in
2nd Infantry Division Support Command Chaplain have limitations and once we realize that, we will find Christ Jesus.”
ourselves admitting we can’t be and do everything Often times we don’t take the Apostle Paul’s advice,
CAMP CASEY — Stress is all too common in our people expect. and when we don’t, that animal we call stress comes
lives. Have you ever asked why this is so? What is I was stationed in Korea almost seven years to date. out. We must not let that animal control our lives. In
stress? It’s a biochemical response to performance One thing I realized while stationed here was that I had the event we allow that to happen, we open up ourselves
that results from a combination of many factors to learn how to depend on God to handle all my situations. to the many negative stress problems such as mental
involved in one’s work, health and social environments, We have little or no control over many situations that unrest, physical problems, short temper and a host of
among other things. occur in our lives, which can and does bring about stress. other problems that will control our thoughts, actions
Stress is caused by demands placed on us by We must then follow the advice the Apostle Paul wrote and behavior. We must at all costs be as Paul and
individuals, situations or simply ourselves. When we in the book of Philippians 4: 4-7, “Rejoice in the Lord realize we have limitations!
can’t fulfill those demands we become frustrated and always: I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness Once we realize that we have limitations, then that
anxiety and unrest begin to set in. be evident to all. The Lord is near. animal we call stress can be a positive thing in our
Every individual is faced with that problem we call Do not be anxious about anything, but be in everything, lives.
stress, however, the most important thing to ask by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your We then can begin to learn that God is in total control
yourself is “How am I handling stress in my life?” In requests to God. of our lives, which will bring about a total peace in our
answering the question, we must first realize that we And the peace of God, which transcends all lives.

Area I Worship Services

Distinctive Faith Group Services Protestant ROK/KATUSA Services
Islamic Prayers Fri 1 p.m. DISCOM Chapel Sunday 8:30 a.m. Happy Mountain Chapel Monday 7 p.m. Howze Chapel
COGIC Sun 12:30 p.m. Warrior Chapel 9:30 a.m. DISCOM Chapel 7 p.m. Castle Chapel
Eucharistic Episcopal Sun 5:30 p.m. Stanley Chapel 9:30 a.m. Essayons Chapel Tuesday 7 p.m. Stone Chapel
Latter-day Saints Sun 1 p.m. Crusader Chapel 10:30 a.m. Kyle Chapel Wednesday 7 p.m. Hovey Chapel
Catholic 11 a.m. Warrior Chapel Thursday 6:30 p.m. DISCOM Chapel
11 a.m. Howze Chapel 7 p.m. Stone Chapel
Daily 11:45 a.m. Stanley Chapel
11 a.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 1 p.m. DISCOM Chapel
11:45 a.m. Stone Chapel
11a.m. Stanley Chapel 6 p.m. Warrior Chapel
Saturday 6 p.m. Stanley Chapel
11a.m. Crusader Chapel 7 p.m. Stanley Chapel
Sunday 9 a.m. Warrior Chapel
noon Castle Chapel
9 a.m. Howze Chapel Protestant Contemporary
1 p.m. Jackson Chapel
9:30 a.m. Hovey Chapel
10:30 a.m. DISCOM Chapel Protestant Gospel Saturday 6 p.m. Crusader Chapel
11 a.m. Essayons Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. Memorial Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Stone Chapel
noon Crusader Chapel 1 p.m. Stanley Chapel 6 p.m. Reggie’s
noon Stone Chapel 1 p.m. Howze Chapel 6 p.m. Crusader Chapel
16 Sept. 24, 2004 Feature The Morning Calm Weekly

Chuseok: K orean Thanksgiving

By Pfc. Oh Dong-keun Since a majority of Koreans live in metropolitan areas, millions

ost countries and ethnic groups throughout the world of vehicles pour onto the nation’s highways during the holiday period
traditionally celebrate the fall harvest with holidays, such leading to near gridlock throughout the peninsula.
as Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and Korea is Once travelers arrive at their ancestral homes, often after 12
no exception. Chuseok, along with the Lunar New Year, is one of hours of driving or more, the true celebration begins. The first
Korea’s most important holidays. item on the list of things to do is to visit the ancestors’ graveyard to
Koreans traditionally celebrate a plentiful harvest, pay respect to mow the grass and spruce up the site. This is referred to as beolcho.
their ancestors and wish for another good year on Chuseok, which It should be done at least a day before the actual holiday. The night
falls on Sept. 28 this year. The holiday falls on a different date each before the holiday, family members gather together to prepare special
year because it is celebrated in accordance with the lunar calendar. holiday food to bring to the grave for charye, an ancestral ritual
Chuseok is the 15th day of lunar month of August, which may be the service. Charye is conducted early on the morning of Chuseok,
reason for the holiday’s other name, Hangawi. “Han” meaning great with everyone in the family dressed in their hanboks, the traditional
or big, and “gawi” meaning middle or center. Korean costume.
The origin of Chuseok goes back to the times of the Shilla Dynasty The most important aspect of the holiday, however, is to have
(57 B.C. - A.D. 935) of the Three Kingdoms Era. According to the the opportunity for everyone in the family to visit their ancestral
book “Samguk Sagi” or “The History of Three Kingdoms” by Kim homes and have a good time together. In modern Korean society
Bu-sik, written in A.D. 32, Chuseok originated during the ancient where people are so busy dealing with day-to-day issues, the holiday
Shilla Dynasty, when a month-long weaving contest was held. For provides them with a time to relax and to think about the importance
the contest, the king divided the capital city into teams and appointed of family.
princesses to lead them. The king announced the winner on the day For foreigners who would like to get a taste of what Chuseok is
of the eighth full moon and the losing team had to provide food, all about and enjoy the holiday “Korean style,” the Korean Folk
drink and entertainment at a party for the whole city. Village near Seoul offers various holiday activities Saturday-
The tradition gradually evolved into celebrating the annual fall harvest Wednesday, including special performances, traditional games and
and remembering ancestors. By the 15th Century Joseon Dynasty, the opportunity to experience traditional lifestyles. For information
the holiday evolved to the format that is observed to this day. regarding transportation, hours of operation and others, visit the
Traditionally, families travel to the hometowns of their forbearers Korean Folk Village Web site at or call 031-
to celebrate Chuseok. 286-2116.


Many Korea graves adorn the hills on Camp Casey. The families who owned the land on are allowed special permission
to visit the graves and perform ceremonies. On the Korean Chuseok holiday, it is customary to visit ancestor’s graves to
pay respect.
Sept. 24, 2004
MWR The Morning Calm Weekly

Redskins play host to military

youth-football teams in D.C.
By Tim Hipps 28 through Sept. 4. following the opening kickoff. He is
USACFSC Public Affairs Fort Belvoir Bulldogs running the son of Marine Gunnery Sgt. Paul
back/linebacker Ricky Morgan Jr. Bishop, stationed at the Defense
W eight Loss Support Group LANDOVER, Md. — Three got an up-close view of the coin toss Information School at Fort Meade.
Yongsan Weight Support Group is now military youth-football teams were before the Redskins’ 27-0 victory Benjamin Mitchell, a youth-
guests of the Washington Redskins over the Falcons. football player from Quantico,
accepting new members. The group is a free
for their exhibition season finale Morgan, who plays in Fairfax retrieved the tee from the field after
weight loss support group offering exercise
Sept. 3 against the Atlanta Falcons County Youth Football League’s the second-half kickoff.
and workout options, healthy eating support
at FedEx Field. anklebiter division with father/coach The inaugural “Play Football
and weight loss support. E-mail Teams from Fort Belvoir, Va.; Sgt. Maj. Ricky Morgan, Week” was created by USA Football, or call 011-9699- Fort Meade, Md.; U.S. Marine Corps accompanied referee Jeff Tripplette the NFL and the NFL Players
7064 for membership information. Base Quantico, Va.; and Palmer and the NFL teams’ captains onto Association to celebrate the sport
Park, Md., Boys and Girls Clubs of the field for the pregame ceremony. and to recognize folks involved with
All YYou
ou Can Eat Buffet America were part of numerous Paul Bishop, a member of the 75- the game at the grassroots level.
Camp Red Cloud Mitchell’s All-U-Can-Eat- “Play Football Week” celebrations pound Cougars of Fort Meade,
Lunch Buffet is available 11:30 a.m. –12:30 conducted around the league Aug. fetched the kicking tee off the field
p.m. on weekdays. For more information
call 732-8189.
Monday — Italian buffet
Tuesday — Barbecue ribs
Trophy shop offers gif ts, memorabilia
Soojin Atwater
Wednesday — Oriental buffet Area I Marketing Division
Thursday — Mexican buffet
Friday — Variety buffet CAMP RED CLOUD — Those looking for a farewell
gift have a place to add to list of establishments that offer
Playgroups For Children personalized gift.
Yongsan Playgroups is now accepting new The Camp Casey MWR Trophy Shop offers not only
members. The group plans play dates, trophies, plaques and coins, but also T-shirts, umbrellas,
educational activites and field trips for mounting frames, special crystal gifts and more.
families with infants, toddlers and pre- “Generally, our price is equal to or less than other
schoolers in Yongsan and Hannam Village venues,” said Christopher L. Bishop, the chief of Service
areas. E-mail for Division, Area I. “The quality of the material we are using
membership information. here is different from the ones in downtown.
“We focus on detail and specification of customer
Outdoor Cookout needs, Bishop added. “(The) MWR Trophy Shop is a part
Camp Casey Warrior’s Club presents Special of service division. If coming to our office to pick up the
Outdoor Cookout, St. Louis Baby Back Ribs order is trouble for you we will deliver to your preferred
11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. every Wednesday. Corn camp for your convenience.”
on the cob, beans, salad and drink are The Camp Casey MWR Trophy Shop takes pride in
included. For more information, call 730- not only variety of items its offer but also excellent
2193. customer service that it provides for each customer’s need, PHOTO BY SOOJIN ATWATER
said Bishop. Addie McDuffie, Trophy Shop sales clerk, assists Capt. Todd Buchheim,
“If you have an idea on how to make your gift more Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Infantry Division
Hispanic Hertiage Month
special, just let us know. We are glad to work with you Support Command, at the trophy shop.
Those interested in Hispanic Heritage Month may
check out the book display and reading list about and that is one way for us to learn new skills” said Addie
about the month at the Camp Casey Library McDuffie, MWR Trophy Shop sales clerk. Currently, the MWR Trophy Shops in Area I are located
Saturday through October 15th. “Sometimes Soldiers would like materials only we have. at Camp Casey and Camp Red Cloud. For more
They want to design their gifts on their own. I provide information call 730- 6278 or 732- 7519.
Tae Kwon Do them what they need. I am here for Soldiers” said Jin
Championships Baek, MWR Trophy Shop manager. E-mail
The 8th U.S. Army Tae Kwon Do Championships
will be 1 p.m., Oct. 2 at Camp Casey Hanson
Field House . This event is open to active-duty
Family Advocacy to hold classes for domestic violence
military personnel stationed on 8th U.S. Army Family Advocacy community to prevent domestic Family Advocacy officials. Domestic
installations. Weigh-ins and medical exams are violence.” violence permeates all aspects of family
10 a.m., Oct. 2. For more information, call YONGSAN — October is domestic The military has a policy of no and community dynamics. Domestic
732-6276. violence prevention month in the Army. tolerance for domestic violence, as it violence not only encompasses a husband
This year’s theme is, “It takes a negatively impacts military readiness, said and wife, but also other personal
Soccer TTournament
ournament relationships, officials said.
The Camp Casey Carey Fitness Center is hosting a Day Time Class Camp Location Prevention helps change attitudes and
Warrior Post Level Invitational Soccer Tournament in turn changes lives. Family Advocacy
2nd Tues 10 - 11 a.m. Stress Management Stanley ACS Classroom
on Oct. 2 – 4. The tournament is open to post- said it teaches the prevention of domestic
2nd Tues 11 a.m. - noon Anger Management Stanley ACS Classroom
level soccer teams from Warrior Country. Each violence through educational programs.
2nd Wed 9 - 11 a.m. Stress Management Casey ACS Classroom The group is sponsoring stress and
camp desiring to enter a team must register through
their respective Garrison Sports Director no later 2nd Wed 1 - 3 p.m. Anger Management Casey ACS Classroom anger management classes and return and
than today. For more information, call 732-6276. 3nd Tues 10 -11:30 a.m. Stress + Anger Management Page ACS Classroom reunion classes at Camps Casey,
3nd Tues 1 - 3 p.m. Return & Reunion Page ACS Classroom Stanley, Page and Red Cloud. Family
Osan Shopping TTour
our 3nd Wed 9 - 11 p.m. Stress Management CRC ACS Classroom
Advocacy programs and classes are
Camp Casey Community Activity Center is hosting available to all members of the military
3nd Wed 1 - 3 p.m. Anger Management CRC ACS Classroom
an Osan Shopping Tour 8 a.m. Oct. 2. For more community.
3nd Fri 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Return & Reunion Stanley Stanley Reggie’s For more information on scheduled
information, call 730-4602 or visit the Camp Casey
Community Activity Center to sign up. 3nd Fri 2 - 3 p.m. Return & Reunion Casey ACS Classroom classes and programs, call Eunice Oh
4th Wed 1:30 -3 p.m. Return & Reunion CRC ACS Classroom at 732-7326.
Sept. 24, 2004 Page 21


Twin towers of a new six-story barracks and dining facility rise above the Camp Humphreys
fence line. Projected completion date for the $26 million project is February 2006.

Humphreys Rising
Quality of life continues to climb
Area III Public Affairs Office Bowling Center and Augusta West
miniature golf course were opened
CAMP HUMPHREYS — Camp during the past year.
Humphreys, once a sleepy little post Recent force protection
amidst the rice fields near Pyeongtaek, enhancements include security upgrades
is starting to look like something new. at the CPX gate and perimeter fence
Almost gone are the temporary 1950- improvements.
era Quonset huts and slap-’em-up Many other projects are in progress,
barracks that for many years defined the including the construction of twin six-
post’s architectural style. One-by-one, story barracks and a consolidated dining
they are being replaced by more facility at Zoeckler Station at a cost of
attractive permanent working and living $26 million. Each barracks tower will
facilities. house 204 Soldiers and the dining facility
“It’s a somewhat slow, but steady will be able to serve 800.
and deliberate process, but Camp Outdoor basketball and volleyball
Humphreys is starting to catch up with courts and a covered picnic area will
some of the larger Army posts in terms also be included in the project, scheduled
of quality of life,” said Bart Mirabal, Area to open in early 2006.
III director of Public Works. “What Upgrades to existing barracks
people are seeing now is a major upgrades are currently underway in
infrastructure overhaul.” excess of $21 million to provide quarters
Most of the 37 major projects now for senior-enlisted Soldiers currently
underway have little to do with the living off post. New barracks
planned relocation of troops north of the construction at a cost of $33 million is
Han River to a proposed “hub” around scheduled this fall at “MP Hill” in the
Above: Work continues on a
Osan Air Base and Camp Humphreys. Butler City area of Camp Humphreys.
$7 million, 230-car under-
“Most of these improvements are part Pizza Hut and Subway concessions
ground parking garage for the
of an ongoing five-year plan to are scheduled to open next month at the
three-phase Army family
modernize ‘old’ Camp Humphreys to Zoeckler Station Exchange.
housing area. Phase one
meet a long-term defense commitment The ongoing upgrade of electrical,
opened last year.
and make a better quality of life for water and communication systems,
Soldiers, civilians and families serving replacement of old underground fuel
Left: A construction worker
here,” said Mirabal. tanks with environmentally friendly
totes insulating material at the
Some of the improvements already above-ground systems will continue for
site of the $7.2 million, 20,450
completed are a new post exchange and at least another year, Mirabal said.
square-foot commissary
food court, opening of the new On the drawing board are Army Family
slated for a summer 2005
Humphreys Lodge and a youth center, housing phases two and three at a
conversion of the old post exchange into combined cost of about $36 million, a $7
a consolidated bank-credit union-postal million above-ground two-story parking
facility, construction of unit work and garage, sports fields across from Beacon
living areas, officer and enlisted quarters Hill, a water park near the main gate, the
upgrades and the construction of installation of artificial turf at existing
additional parking areas and a new road sports fields, transformation of the
in the Camp Humphreys “Downtown” Nitewatch Cafe into an “Alaska Mining
area. A one-stop in-processing center is Company” franchise, construction of
scheduled to open in October. additional single-Soldier quarters and a
The first phase of Army Family theme restaurant in the Freedom Field
Housing was completed in 2003 and the area, among other projects.
old bowling alley next door was Many other projects have been
converted into the kindergarten through initiated to beautify Camp Humphreys,
sixth-grade Humphreys American including walls, sidewalks and improved Scaffolds surround one of five barracks being A banner heralds the opening of Pizza Hut and
Elementary School. The new Strike Zone bus stop shelters, said DPW officials. renovated to house senior enlisted Soldiers. Subway concessions at Zoeckler Station.
22 Sept. 24, 2004 Area III The Morning Calm Weekly


Movie Theater Renovation
The Camp Humphreys Post Theater will close
Thursday for renovation. An Area III Directorate of
Public Works spokesman said 470 seats will be
replaced, walls and the ceiling will be painted,
epoxy will be applied to the floor and rubber matting PHOTO BY STEVE DAVIS
placed in the walking areas of the floor and add Above: Sgt. Tiffany Richards
acoustic paneling on certain wall areas. The $42,000 maintains communications.
project is expected to be completed by Oct. 16.
Sgt. 1st Class Kim Fawley, left, and Pfc. Shandell McClain Left: Pfc. Sally Ashley stands
Holiday Greeting Videos at the entrance of the 6th
Area III Soldiers, civilians and family members can work in the 6th Cavalry Brigade war room. Fawley is assigned
to Company D, 58th Aviation Regiment. Cavalry Brigade plans van.
record a holiday video greeting from 9 a.m.-noon
Oct. 5 at the Camp Long helipad or from 8 a.m.-
5 p.m. Oct. 7 at the Camp Humphreys Community
Activities Center. A team from the Army and Air Hi-tech Soldiers staff 6th Cav operations center
Force Hometown News Center will record the
greetings and distribute them to local television Area III Public Affairs Office working 12-hour shifts. Battalion’s Team 11 were providing
stations in the United States. For more information, “We can display any information the satellite imagery and other space-based
call 753-8598. YONGIN — Even in the thick of battle battle staff needs,” said Pfc. Shandell information.
during exercise Ulchi Focus Lens 2004, McClain, one of several video wall The TOC also has a tactical airspace
Area III Receives 6th Cavalry Brigade officers are quick to operators. integration system operated by Sgt.
CFC Money say that important decisions would be The information may include live Lorena Ruiz and others to keep track
Area III has received $2,778.92 from the Combined tougher without enlisted Soldiers who help feeds from unmanned aerial vehicles, of air traffic for the attack helicopter
Federal Campaign, Overseas Pacific for family and run the attack helicopter brigade’s tactical artillery targeting information, three- brigade.
youth programs. The check was presented Sept. operations center, or TOC. dimensional airspace management “We all work with programs that
10 by Renee Acosta, president of Global Impact, “The TOC used to be in five tents information, situational map and produce routes and graphics for the
the corporation that administers the Combined and we used paper maps and charts,” overlays and other information crucial exercise,” said Pfc. Sally Ashley in the
Federal Campaign. The check was presented to said Sgt. Andre McAdoo, an air missile to battle decision making. plans van.
Area III as a means of returning contributions from defense workstation operator who has In addition to the war room, the TOC Ashley has participated in five field
donors who had identified family support and youth helped the hi-tech TOC evolve. “Now has secure plans, communications and training exercises with the brigade in her
programs on their CFC pledge card. The Combined it’s in four expando vans joined together briefing areas. six months in Korea.
Federal Campaign will be Oct. 4-Dec. 3. Area III and we use a video wall and other hi- In the commo van, Sgt. Tiffany While officers huddle over
will host a kick-off ceremony Oct. 8 with a tech equipment.” Richards, Sgt. Robert Hernandez and information, plan mission objectives or
ceremony and activities in front of the post “We’ve come a long way in a short others provide telephone, radio and respond to simulated battle situations,
exchange. For more information, call 753-8618. time and are now fully in the digital era,” video teleconference capability to the Ashley and other enlisted Soldiers keep
said Staff Sgt. Tim Long, the TOC battle entire TOC complex. the information flow going.
Fire Prevention W eek
Week noncommissioned officer. “We are able “We can have communications up “The plans van is always crowded, but
The Area III Fire Department is hosting Fire to move to any location and set up in a and running within no time,” said I manage to make little miracles happen
Prevention Week activities Oct. 3-9. Activities short time to present real-time battle Hernandez. from my spot in the corner,” she said.
begin 11 a.m. Oct. 4 with an opening ceremony at information and teleconferencing.” In a large work area between the “It’s a great experience,” she said.
the Camp Humphreys Fire Department. The 12-panel video wall in the war interconnected vans, six Soldiers from “I feel like I’m a part of the exercise
! On Oct. 5-6, Fire Prevention Week handouts room is operated by enlisted Soldiers the 193rd Army Space Support instead of sitting on the sideline.”
will be available in front of the Camp Humphreys
Post Exchange. Sparky the Fire Prevention Dog Area III boxing smoker
will be roaming the area. There will also be activities
at Humphreys American Elementary School. draws capacity crowd
! Sparky’s Annual Cookout will offer a free lunch Area III Public Affairs Office
on Oct. 7 at the fire station beginning at 10:30
a.m. CAMP HUMPHREYS — A capacity
! On Oct. 8, informational material will be handed crowd watched 40 boxers duke it out
out at the Camp Humphreys main gate. Saturday at the post gym.
“At 20 bouts, this is the largest boxing
Infant Care Class smoker we have had here,” said Area III
An infant care class will be 11 a.m-1:30 p.m. Oct. Sports Director Jim Howell.
5 at Room 7 in the Camp Humphreys Education Results of the boxing smoker, which
Center. Preregistration is required. For information, included a women’s exhibition bout, are:
call Family Advocacy at 753-6252. Bout 1: Jonathan Mejil over Earl
Glasco; referee stops contest.
Troops-to -Teachers Bout 2: Javie Medina over Brent PHOTO STEVE DAVIS
All Area III servicemembers and civilians are invited

Arancio; referee stops contest. Rory Fitzgerald (right) connects with a jab to the jaw of opponent Gabriel Rodriguez. Fitzgerald
to attend an all-day “Troops to Teachers” workshop won the bout in a split decision. Both Soldiers are from the 304th Signal Battalion.
Bout 3: Miguel Vega over Larry Fortner;
Oct. 11 at Osan Air Base. Troops-to-Teachers
unanimous decision.
representatives will facilitate a morning informational Bout 10: Eric Raymon over Richard Bout 15: Alejandro Delbrey over
Bout 4: Ciro Garcia over John Charles;
seminar. Individual counseling, including transcript Hernandez; referee stops contest. Timothy Nash; unanimous decision.
referee stops contest.
review, will take place in the afternoon. For more Bout 11: Princess Finn and Malaia Bout 16: Ricky Clay over Christopher
Bout 5: Randy Collins over Rellie
information, call Beverly Suenaga at 753-8904. Vaiau; both women declared winners and Henry; referee stops contest.
Lorenzo; referee stops contest. receive first place trophies in this exhibition Bout 17: Rory Fitzgerald over
Bout 6: Rosalio Gomez over Jon
Protestant W omen
Women bout. Gabriel Rodriguez; split decision.
Russell; unanimous decision.
of the Chapel Bout 12: Dexter Phillips and Lawrence Bout 18: Gavin McBean over Alvin
Bout 7: Mario Carranza over John
Protestant Women of the Chapel invites all Area Blackwell; both declared winners in this Baker; split decision.
III women to attend Bible study and fellowship Pickard; referee stops contest. out-of-weight category exhibition bout. Bout 19: Matthew Loebs over
9:30-11 a.m. every Wednesday at Freedom Chapel Bout 8: Josh Kidwell over Michael Bout 13: Matt Miller over Joshua Davis; Brandon Wainwright; referee stops
at Camp Humphreys. Childcare will be available. Scadden; referee stops contest. referee stops contest. contest.
Bout 9: Quadi Hudgins over Marlon Bout 14: Jeremy White over Jason Bout 20: Theodore Nelson over
Anthony; split decision. Lewis; referee stops contest. Kingrobert Brooks; unanimous decision.
The Morning Calm Weekly Area III Sept. 24, 2004 23
Community fair draws
health-conscious crowd
Area III Public Affairs Office message and probably some
CAMP HUMPHREYS — Health- “I came to get some health
conscious community members information for Sugar Daddy, my
braved wet weather Saturday to dog,” said Rosalinda Mazon, who had
attend a health fair held at the Camp Sugar Daddy, a two-month-old pup,
Humphreys Community Activities comfortably stuffed in a handbag.
Center. Spc. Terrance Ellis, a chaplain’s
“The health fair was held to give assistant at Freedom Chapel, had a
Soldiers, civilians and family couple of messages.
members an idea of programs and “The chapel program is here for PHOTOS BY STEVE DAVIS
services the community has to offer everyone,” he said, adding that the Nutrition booth volunteers Spc. Andrew Colburn, Staff Sgt. Rod Bost and Pvt. Choi Seung-jae talk
to further personal health and chapel hosts a free brunch every with Health Promotion Coordinator Marci Torres,holding models of five pounds of fat and muscle.
welfare,” said Health Promotion first Sunday of the month at the
Coordinator Marci Torres. Nitewatch Cafe.
Representatives staffed more than Medics manning the nutrition and
12 booths, including blood pressure, health promotion booths said they
nutrition and carbon monoxide wanted everyone to understand
screening stations, Army Community benefits of regular exercise and to
Services the American Red Cross, avoid tobacco products.
the fire department and installation While Spc. Andrew Colburn and
safety offices, the post chapel, the Spc. Shannon Fredricks talked to Soldiers, civilians and family members take part
Osan Veterinary Clinic and the United visitors at the blood pressure in the aerobathon held at the post gym.
Club, a community service screening booths, Area III Fire
organization at Camp Humphreys. Chief Anthony Marra and Chief Fire
The Community Counseling Center Inspector Barry Becton talked
and volunteers from the Osan Drug about fire prevention.
Abuse Resistance Education program One of their tips:
passed out literature and an “Don’t hang clothes on barracks
“Aerobathon” was held in the post sprinkler heads,” said Becton. “If
gym. you break the sensor, it will trigger
People left each booth with a the system and flood your room.” Rosalinda Mazon and dog Sugar Daddy visit Area III Safety Officer Jim Bellware passes out
the Camp Humphreys Health Fair. safety information during the health fair.
Sept. 24, 2004 Page 25

Soldiers remember Edmunds as ‘one-of-a kind’ leader

By Sgt. Jimmy Norris reputation for herself among the Korean
19th Theater Support Command Public Affairs Office people. She was even featured on the
cover of “Woman Life” magazine, a
CAMP WALKER — Following a two- Korean magazine focused on women’s
year stint as commanding general of the 19th issues.
Theater Support Command, Maj. Gen. “With her superior leadership and
Jeanette K. Edmunds left the “land of the thoughtful consideration she has taken the
morning calm” for the Pentagon where she’ll lead to strengthen friendship between U.S.
serve as the Army’s assistant G-4. Soldiers and the local community,” said
During her tenure as the head of Team Daegu Mayor Cho Hae-nyoung. “She has
19, Edmunds steered the unit through many contributed much to the local community.”
changes. It was during this time that the 19th “The Korean people love her,” Taylor
Theater Support Command handed its said.
installation management responsibilities over According to Edmunds, the feeling is
to the Installation Management Agency- mutual.
Korea Region, initiated Good Neighbor “The Korean people are very hospitable.
Program events and sponsored several They’re kind. They’re generous and hard
incentive programs throughout the peninsula. Incoming 19th Theater Support Command commanding general, Brig. Gen. Timothy P. McHale working. They’re definitely interested in
Despite these and numerous other (left rear), deputy 19th Theater Support Command commanding general, Brig. Gen. Charles their future and the future of the alliance
changes and improvements in the way the Barr (left front), 8th U.S. Army Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Charles C. Campbell (center) and and continuing to maintain strong
19th does business, Edmunds swears she outgoing 19th Theater Support Command commanding general, Maj. Gen. Jeanette K. Edmunds, relations,” she said.
didn’t accomplish a thing. inspect the Soldiers in formation from the back of a High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Despite her admiration for the Korean
“I don’t accomplish anything. The during the 19th Theater Support Command change of command ceremony Sept. 17 at Camp people and her dedication to the 19th
organization accomplishes everything, and Walker’s Kelly Field. Theater Support Command, Edmunds
the people in the organization have said. “If on the other hand, you have a who’s as caring as she is and holds to the said she’s looking forward to her
accomplished a lot,” she said. “They’ve participative type of environment, we bring standards and believes in the Army values as assignment at the Pentagon where she’ll
accomplished the reduction of command together every one, all the senior leaders. We much as she does. She stands by them, and get to play a part in shaping the Army
and control and eliminated an area support collectively agree on where we’re headed. anybody that knows her would not tell you transformation.
group. They’ve accomplished multiple We collectively agree on what the problems different.” “The Army’s transforming. I’ve been
Connelly Awards. We’ve written new are to begin with, and we collectively agree It’s not just members of the military on the receiving end of that transformation.
operational plans … I could name a litany of on what we need to do. Once we agree on community who’ve learned to think highly Now I’m going to go on to the developing
different things in the well-being arena. The what our vision is, on what our goals are, I of Edmunds. Through community outreach end,” she said. “I’m looking forward to
organization has accomplished a lot, but I merely hold them accountable.” initiatives such as the Friendship Circle it. There’s a lot going on in the Army.
do not take personal credit for any of that.” But Edmunds’ leadership has left the Program, in which American and Korean Between the transformation, the Global
Edmunds explained that her participative Soldiers in the19th with more than just lasting community members joined together to War on Terrorism, our equipping issues
style of leadership allowed for more lasting results. It’s left them with lasting impressions. sponsor groups of students in cultural and our personnel issues I think there’s a
results in policy and practice. “I have never met a general officer like activities, and Operation Apple Pie, in which lot of work to be done. If there’s a lot of
“You can have a dictatorship, and this in my 26 years in the Army,” said American community members showed their work to be done I might as well be in the
whatever you change will only be changed Command Sgt. Maj. Larry Taylor, 19th appreciation to the Korean National Police middle of it.”
for as long as you’re there, because it’s Theater Support Command command with a gift of more than 100 apple pies,
important to people to have a choice,” she sergeant major. “I have never met an officer Edmunds has garnered a favorable E-mail

for Scouts
Col. Mark Ferretish, Marine Corps
liaison officer for the 19th Theater
Support Command Support
Plans Office, teaches scouts how
to tie a variety of knots during the
“Scouting for Scouts” recruiting
and school-year kick-off event
Saturday at Taegu American
School. More than 50 Cub, Boy
and Girl Scouts attended the
event in which they learned about
fire safety, created crafts and
participated in a variety of other


Sept. 24, 2004
26 Area IV The Morning Calm Weekly

NEWS & NOTES POW/MIA Remembrance

Holiday Greetings Videos
An Army and Air Force News Service video team
will be visiting Korea to tape holiday greetings
from servicemembers, Department of the Army
civilians, contractors and their families. The
videos will be sent to hometown television
stations to air over the holidays. Servicemembers
need not be in uniform, but must wear the top
half of their uniforms. Area IV tapings are
scheduled 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Oct. 2 at the Camp
Walker Main Exchange; 8 – 11:30 a.m. Oct. 4 at
the Camp Henry Shoppette; and 2 – 5:30 p.m.
Oct. 4 at Camp Hialeah Army Community Service.
For more information, call the Area IV Public
Affairs Office at 768-7604.

Office Closure
The U.S. Army Contracting Command Korea –
Taegu Branch will move to a temporary location
while undergoing renovations. The temporary
office will be a container building (with no
assigned building number) behind the Camp
Henry Lodge, Building S-1712. The U.S. Army
Contracting Command Korea – Taegu Branch PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAM
will be closed Oct. 4-6 during the move. Regular Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hill 303 Memorial Post 10033 render honors to their captive and missing comrades during the
business hours will resume at the temporary POW/MIA Recognition Day ceremony Sept. 17 at the Images Teen Center on Camp Walker. About 25 guests attended the ceremony
location Oct. 7. For more information, call Maj. featuring gust speaker Wilfred J. Plumley, Camp Carroll installation manager. More than 88,000 American servicemembers are still missing
Melody Charles at 768-7430. from World War II through today.

Bus Route Change

The shuttle bus between Camps Walker and
Carroll now has an additional stop at Camp Henry
Camp Carroll focuses on community relations
on Friday through Sunday and holidays for the By Kevin Jackson peninsula for its neighborly endeavors. praises of Camp Carroll Soldiers.
midnight bus through the last bus at 3 a.m. Area IV Public Affairs Office Its Soldiers have been teaching English “This Commander ’s Advisory
Area IV taxis will also be available 2:30 – 3 a.m. to Seokjeon Middle School Students for Council contributes greatly to Chilgok
Friday through Sunday and holidays in front of CAMP CARROLL — He’s only nearly a year and a half and the program County in various areas. I would also
the Camp Walker Hilltop Club. For more been on the job one month, but to steal has received national news coverage. In like to ask you what Chilgok County can
information, call James Adamski at 768-8969. a line from television host and master addition, the unit has conducted do for you,” said Chilgok County
chef Emeril Lagasse, the Area IV beautification projects along the Nakdong Governor Pae Sang-do through Pak
Commissar y Closures Support Activity’s new commander River the past two years. Plumley hopes Chong-ku, Area IV Support Activity
All Area IV commissaries will be closed Monday wants American and Korean leaders in it can be undertaken as an installation- Camp Carroll community relations
and Tuesday for the Chuseok holiday. Plan ahead the Camp Carroll area to embrace the wide project in the future. officer, who served as a translator
and shop early for holiday needs. All U.S. Forces Korea Good Neighbor “It shows the Korean community our throughout the meeting.
commissaries will reopen Wednesday with normal Program and “kick it up a notch.” concern for our host nation and our For starters, Hendrix hopes Korean
operating hours. For more information, call Col. Donald J. Hendrix, who intention to be good neighbors,” he said. council members will involve Soldiers
Celine Ruiz at 764-5311. assumed command in early August, “It also demonstrates how important we in activities around the community. He
chaired his first Commander’s Advisory think the environment is whether its in said that once the Head Start Program
Chuseok Hours of Council meeting at Camp Carroll Sept. the (United States) or Korea.” is imported to Camp Carroll, he hopes
Operation 13. The council consists of 25 Korean Plumley used the forum to unveil council members will assist with
Many Area IV AAFES stores will have holiday and U.S. Army leaders who advise the plans to import to Camp Carroll an developing a tour of the local area for
operating hours during the Chuseok holidays. him on matters that influence the English Camp he organized for the 20th new Soldiers. The Head Start program,
Check with stores in local areas for specific Republic of Korea-United States alliance. Area Support Group in Daegu last which was incorporated into the
hours of operation. For more information, call “I am thrilled to see all the people January. Tentative plans call for it to be monthly newcomer’s orientation and
Kim Chu-song at 768-7384. around the table,” Hendrix said in his available to three students and one Korean community tour in Daegu in
opening remarks. “This is a grand teacher from each of Chilgok County’s May, is a three-day program that includes
Developmental opportunity and that is in essence what seven middle schools and five high Korean language, history, and culture.
Screening the Good Neighbor Program is all schools between Jan. 10-14, 2005. Gyeongbuk College of Science
The Camp Hialeah Army Community Service Plumley also mentioned plans to host President Choe Gae-ho is prepared
is offering a developmental screening for an open house for students at Camp to assist and offered to ease Soldiers’
Camp Carroll Installation Manager
children up to 36 months old 2 – 5 p.m. Carroll next spring to show U.S. and transition to Korean culture by
Wilfred Plumley opened the meeting, the
Thursday at the Camp Hialeah Army Community Republic of Korean military equipment. providing a tour of the Waegwan
fourth since the council formed on July
Service. The developmental specialists will Waegwan Lion’s Club President Cho campus. Choe also suggested
21, 2003, by providing the members
screen and monitor the children’s growth at Jin-hyon thanked Camp Carroll for the goodwill sports events between his
with an overview of the USFK Good
their age levels and provide information, advice Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers students and the Soldiers.
Neighbor Program. It was the first
and resources to help parents. For more members who participated in activities “I heard some great ideas – events
council meeting since Lt. Col. William
information, call Chong Ho-tae at 763-7416. in the community the past year. Last with significant enthusiasm,”
King, 23rd Chemical Battalion; Lt. Col.
William Ackerman, 16th Medical November the Soldiers served a Hendrix said in his closing
Catholic W omen of the
Women Logistics Battalion; and Lt. Col. Jobie traditional American Thanksgiving meal comments. “I applaud it and I’m
Chapel very happy to see it. I will export
Roach, Combat Equipment Battalion- for elderly residents at Saint Bundo
The Area IV Catholic Women of the Chapel
Northeast Asia, took command of their House in Waegwan. Earlier this year, some of these ideas and use them
will have its first meeting 6 p.m. Oct. 5 at the
respective units at Camp Carroll. the Soldiers assisted elderly Waegwan throughout Area IV so the people in
Camp Walker Chapel. Subsequent meetings
While King is relatively new to Camp residents who are too frail to attend Busan and Daegu will also benefit
will be held 6 p.m. every other Tuesday. For
Carroll, the 23rd Chemical Battalion has medical appointments in the community. from this meeting today.”
more information, call Marie Raglind at 621-
already developed a reputation not only Jo praised their efforts, but he wasn’t
9124 or at
in Waegwan, but also throughout the the only council member extolling the E-mail
The Morning Calm Weekly Area IV Sept. 24, 2004 27
Job fair helps Soldiers go from green suits to pinstripes
By Pfc. Oh Dong-keun “It was a good opportunity to find out about what
Area IV Public Affairs Office kinds of jobs are available for me once I get out, because
I plan to retire soon,” said Master Sgt. Jose Torres,
CAMP HENRY – More than 100 job seekers in Area Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 19th Theater
IV attended the Army Career and Alumni Program Job Support Command. “I got a lot of information today. It
Fair Sept. 17 at Henry’s Place on Camp Henry, the second was an excellent event.”
job fair held in Area IV, according to Carl W. Reed, According to Harris, the job market for the ex-military
Army Career and Alumni Program manager at Yongsan personnel is improving, and being ex-military has
Garrison. advantages over others when competing for a job.
“We try to have (a job fair) at least twice a year for “The economy is in an upswing, and companies are
each area,” Reed said. “What we do here is that we hiring,” Harris said. “They are slow to hire, but they are
bring in employers, both local and the states, to offer hiring. They like to hire military personnel because of
jobs around the world for the Soldiers who are about to their work ethic. (Military personnel) show up on time,
get back into the civilian life.” they do a good job, and they get promoted fast.”
The job fair was sponsored by Military Oversees The Army Career and Alumni Program is planning to
Sgt. Alexander R. Mistretta, Company A, 307th Signal Battalion
Recruiting Events, Inc., the company that sponsors job offer more job fairs for Soldiers in Area IV, according
from Camp Carroll, speaks with Norman Soucy, a representative
fairs each year for U.S. military around the world to Reed.
from Northrop Grumman Information Technology, regarding
including Korea, Germany and on several stateside bases. “The reception for our vendors in Area IV has been
potential job opportunities with the company.
The company has 67 public and private clients listed very well,” Reed said. “The Army Community Service,
including corporations such as Federal Express, 1,200 hotels in U.S., Canada and Mexico. the Army Career and Alumni Program and other related
Lockheed Martin, Sprint and Verizon Communications. “I try to find companies that are user-friendly and organizations have worked well together to put (the job
“I used to be the program manager for the Office of like to hire military (personnel),” Harris said. “I try to fairs) together. We’ve been having excellent turnouts
Secretary of Defense from 1992 to 99 where I put tailor the companies and keep the numbers small so we and excellent support in Area IV so far, and as long as
together Department of Defense job fairs,” said Larry have something for everybody that walks in the door.” we have good participation, we hope to continue with
Harris, one of the co-founders of Military Oversees Soldiers liked having a chance to get some information it.”
Recruiting Events, Inc., “When they were terminated, on what they could be doing to make a living after they The Area IV Army Career and Alumni Program Office
I decided to create the company that works hand-and- leave the service. They also like being able to meet is located in Building 1307 on Camp Henry, across from
gloves with the Army Career and Alumni Program in potential employers, particularly since they are overseas. the Area IV Support Activity and 20th Support Group
putting together military job fairs in Europe, stateside “I am leaving Army next February,” said Spc. Jeffery headquarters. The office provides transition assistance
and Far East.” R. Dunnagan, Company C, 307th Signal Battalion on and job assistance services for officers, warrant officers,
A total of 15 organizations were represented at the Camp Carroll. “At the job fair today, I learned what enlisted Soldiers, Department of Defense civilians and
job fair, including U.S. Department of State, U.S. kind of jobs I can have with the skills that I have from their family members.
Department of Defense Troops to Teachers Program my MOS. They had a good variety of companies
and Accor North America, which manages more than represented.” E-mail
Area IV
Sept. 24, 2004
28 The Morning Calm Weekly

CFC to kick off in October

Korea Region Public Affairs Office “Last year, U.S. military members and federal
Toy Time
employees pulled together and generously raised over
YONGSAN — “The charities of the Combined $14.1 million overseas,” said Renee Acosta, president
Federal Campaign give gifts education, nutrition of the campaign management organization for the CFC-
and other life-giving support to those who need O. “This year we know the tradition of giving will
it.” continue.”
Those are the words of Deputy Defense More than $249 million was donated in last year’s
Secretary Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon in 2001. campaign. Of those donations, more than 1.25 million
Those in the Republic of Korea who wish to pledges were made from U.S. Forces Korea, according
donate to the CFC this year will have their chance to CFC-O officials.
starting Oct. 4. An Executive Order signed by President John F.
The annual fund-raising drive’s theme for this Kennedy made the CFC a reality and turned an
year is “Service to Others.” innovative idea into a uniquely effective way for federal
During the campaign season, donors can employees to help those in need close by and throughout
designate contributions to a variety of deserving the world.
American and U.S.-based international charities For more information about the Korea region CFC,
through the CFC-O. visit the CFC-O Web site,

Change from Page 1

chief of staff for Logistics for U.S. Forces Korea. strategic studies from the U.S. Naval Wa r
During his remarks following the traditional College. PHOTO BY GALEN PUTNAM

passing of the colors, McHale expressed His military education includes transportation Caleb Heighway, 2, accepts a balloon sword from a
excitement about his new position leading Team officer basic and advanced courses, the U.S. Naval performer as his mother, Bridget, with sister Trinity, 2
19, while at the same time praising the success Command and Staff College and the Senior Service months, looks on at the Toy Land Grand Opening Sept.
of his predecessor. College fellowship program. 17 on Camp Walker. The event, which attracted more than
“I’m taking over an absolutely outstanding During his 27 years in the Army, McHale has 100 shoppers, featured performers, special discounts and
outfit; a high-performing organization that has earned many awards and decorations including the a live radio remote broadcast by AFN-Daegu. The opening
been brilliantly led by one of the Army’s finest Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of day posted a 57 percent increase in sales over last year.
leaders and logisticians,” he said. Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Meritorious The early opening gives patrons plenty of time to do their
M c H a l e h o l d s a b a c h e l o r ’s d e g r e e i n Service Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters, the holiday shopping, according Chester R. Hires, Area IV
p h i l o s o p h y f r o m St . J o h n ’s U n i v e r s i t y i n Ranger tab, the Senior Army Aviation Badge, and exchange business manager. Hires also pointed out that
Minnesota, a Master of Science degree in the Divers First Class Badge. items placed on layaway will be stored for customers until
management from Salve Regina University and a the holidays arrive.
Master of Arts degree in national security and E-mail
Sept. 24, 2004
30 Korean Language The Morning Calm Weekly

Learn Korean Easily

“It’s a happy Chuseok.”

Language Instructor
Minsook Kwon

Word of the week

The phrase of the week
“Are you going to your hometown for Chuseok?”

Choo-suhk-ae goh-hyahng gah-sae-yo?

Chuseok -for (your) hometown are you going to

Conversation of the week

Choo-suhk hyou-eel-ee


Choo-suhk-ae mwuh


Choo-suhk nohl-ee-roh
mwuh hah-seem-nee-ggah?

(Yout-nohl-ee) hahm-nee-