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1. Which researcher was famous for classically conditioning a dog to salivate at the sound of a tuning fork? A. Watson B.

Pavlov C. Longman D. Skinner 2. Which is the best example of an unconditioned response? A. Salivating at the sight of a delicious veggie burger B. Clapping your hands to get a Skittle C. Hitting Tori with a baseball bat to avoid an irritating sound D. Slamming on the car brakes when you hear an ice cream truck tune 3. Which is the best example of an unconditioned stimulus? A. Waving a cut of meat above a dog B. Tying your shoes C. Punching a wall D. Licking a light post 4. What was the neutral stimulus used on Jordan whilst getting sprayed in the face with water? A. A Bell B. A Picture C. The Word Can D. The Word Splash 5. A conditioned response is A. An answer enrolled in Fitness and Conditioning. B. Pancakes smothered in bananas and syrup. C. Learned response to a previously neutral stimulus. D. Hate mail. 6. The best example of a conditioned stimulus is A. Attention. B. Drink. C. Food . D. An ice cream truck tune

7. ___________ is the initial stage in Classical Conditioning in which a response is first associated with a neutral stimulus. A. Oh. My. God. Becky, look at her butt. It B. Sharon, he proposed! Im so happy! This C. Is that a type of fungus? Oh no. It D. Acquisition 8. Extinction is when A. all the dinosaurs have a party and then Mr. Comet is like, No way. Im crashing that so hardcore! B. a response diminishes or dies out. C. Steve Irwin plays too rough with the lil critters. D. too many people log onto the internet at once. 9. The reappearance of a diminished response is called A. spontaneous recovery. B. Facebook stalking. C. cow tipping. D. open heart surgery. 10. Discrimination is A. calling the cops cause some chick wont get out of your seat on the bus. B. calling a person of another race or gender a derogatory slang term. C. distinguishing between similar stimuli. D. hunting wabbits instead of ducks. 11. Operant conditioning uses A. reinforcers B. generalization C. aversion therapy D. taste aversion 12. B.F. Skinner is known for __________ conditioning. A. Classical B. Fitness & C. Shampooing &

D. Operant 12. What is the name of the containment unit used to operant condition babies away from audio and visual distraction? A. Toaster Oven B. Skinner Box C. The Kennel D. Mini Prison 14. Shaping is A. using positive or negative reinforcement to influence behavior development. B. molding pottery on a wheel until it reaches the desired form C. when two people love each other very much D. choosing what to name the baby, Squarisse or Octagona. 15. In which type of schedule are responses sometimes reinforced and sometimes not? A. A-B Schedule B. Partial Reinforcement C. Continuous Reinforcement D. 6 Period Schedule 16. Punishment A. builds character. B. includes making a small fat child eat an entire German Chocolate Cake in front of the whole student body. C. corrects behavior. D. suppresses behavior, doesnt correct it. 17. Modeling is A. looking hot while some creepy little man takes pictures of you. B. the imitation of an observed action/ behavior. C. a species of clay that only grows on shelves at Michaels. D. influencing the development of a child by means of negative reinforcement. 18. Primary Reinforcers include A. food, water, and attention.

B. food, money, and water. C. concert tickets, food, and pennies. D. cake, Dasani, and hugs. 19. Money is an example of which reinforcer? Select all that apply. A. Positive B. Negative C. Primary D. Secondary 20. The which of the following is not a positive reinforcer? A. Giving a kitten a new pair of mittens for having not bitten your hand the whole day. B. Giving Gertrude some candy for acting quite handy by building a boat for her best friend Mandy. C. Going to see a movie for having acted so groovy and giving an old man a smoothie. D. Hitting some idiot because he keeps coming up with stupidly simple multiple choice questions.