Strategy for finalizing scope of works In general our overall strategy for finalizing scope of works for the site will adopt the logical sequence described in the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK 5). As this is a Project with Multi-disciplinary inputs, and much correspondence with various parties, following a logical sequences and structured process will ensure that our Team will have the right focus and finalize the scope of work comprehensively.

In detail we plan to adopt the following key policies:

1. Appointment of key personnel with multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of engineering and management. 2. Setting up of a dedicated office and staff for the support of the key personnel who are being entrusted with the "finalizing the scope of work" and to liaise with various government authorities. 3. Setting up of communication channels with the key stakeholders in order to gather relevant information for finalizing the scope of work. 4. Finalizing scope of work with the Approval of the Client/ Project Manager.

c. Methodology and strategy for development and coordination of the design

1. For co-ordination of design work, we will continue to have a dedicated office including a key technical person, whose main responsibilities would be to liaise and coordinate with the external and internal professionals and agencies. In this aspect close co-ordination with the architectural and service consultants as to be highlighted here.

2. For the development of the Design work, we will appoint engineers, and or personnel with correct knowledge and experience to lead the design development work. In addition we will have our own dedicated drafting staff to support this function.

for the principal designer as well as for our design team. we believe our professional approach to the Project from the inception has been contributed for the success of our involvement to the project. Presently piling is in progress and we will be carrying out the supervision of the superstructure as well. In addition we have been entrusted the responsibility of “Engineer Representative” at site and our staff is assigned there full time to supervise the construction work.3. We are currently engaged with the Altair Project and we wish to quote this project as our "Case Study Project” though it is at the beginning stage. d. In this project. e. We will engage an exteranl consultant who could review our Concept of the Design and then to review our design development work on agreed time intervals. This approach has been fruitful for the Project. In this project we have been entrusted to carry out the peer design review of the two towers and we have adopted the strategy of carrying out an independent design of the same and compare the design values and parameter of our principal design. We will be using computer aided soft ware and packages that will help us to carryout work effectively and accurately. Case Study for Projects of similar nature Note: The information provided in this part to be treated confidentially and for Client / Project Manager review only. Here too we have teamed up with an external design member from the University of Moratuwa and carryout the work with highly responsible manner. Quality Management Procedure: . 4.

We will adopt Quality Assurance and Quality Control strategies which are suitable for the project of this nature. . 3. BS. 2. ex. Any changes to the quality policy required will be duly notified to client and others. We will have our quality policy document make available for client and also for the relevant parties to refer and adopt. ASTM etc will be used to implement our quality procedures. ACI. The relevant standards.1. SLS.

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