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Train Like An Immortal
Secret to having a build even the gods envy? Working twice as hard for it.
To become a little more super for the movie fi'anchise's latest re incarn ation, he turned to Mark Twight, owner of Gym Jo nes in Salt Lake C ity- t he same fitn ess expert who transformed the cast of 300 in toan army of men with washboard abs. Twight uses a punish ing training routine call ed the "tajlpipe": A lOO-repwo rkout that'll smoke calo ri es, to rch fa t, and leave you, uh, exhausted. The tailpipe has two "sides," exe rci se and recove ry, explains Dan John, Twight's colleague and fell ow strength coach. "The exercise portion is designed to get you gassed," he says. "Butthe recovery is jllstas important." Twight's tailpipe recovelY method: The moment you fini sh an exercise, calmly take e ight cOlTb'olled breaths in and out of you I' nose. "Fightthe urge to gasp, throw yoursel f around, or change songs o n your iPod," says John. Then immediately start the next exercise.



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Cup the weight wi th both hands and hold it vertically nextto your chest. John says. a I6-kilogram (35-pound) kettlebeU or dumbbeLL is recommended for the movements that require a weight.ltll comph 65 . Allow momentum to swing the weight. or as an intense circuit you can do almost anywhere. attempt a fundamental sport skiLL.le. push your hips back. jump up from the squat instead of standing up. Perform the exercises in the order shown. downsize. Then sq ueeze your glutes. 3 Burpee Stand with your feet sli ghtly beyond shoulder-width apart. using the tailpipe recovery technique between each move (and after the last).INSiGIIT MUSCLE Traill U/oc III III/II/or/al DIRECTIONS 1 Use this routine at the end of your regular workout. and keep swinging. Goblet Squat Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and sta nd wi th your feet just beyo nd shoulder width. thrust your hips forward forcefully. (If that's too hard. For example. bend your knees .) Do 25 reps of each exercise. Simultaneously raise your arm sabove your head and quickly kick your leg s outto th e sides. Rock back slightly and "hike" the kettle bell between your legs. Reverse the move between your legs. using three basketbaLLs that you've placed nearby ahead oftime." DECEMBER 2011 A c A B MH www "crl. Keeping your back naturally arched. and loweryour body as far as you can . Kick your legs backward into apushup position. and then immediately reverse themove and qui ckly stand up from the squat. Push yourself back to the starting position and repeat. That 's one rep. That's one rep. and swing the weight to shou lder height. Bending at your hips and knees. squat and lower your body until you can place you r hands on the floor. To ad d to the cha llenge. reverse the movement. 2 Kettlebell Swing Bend at your hips and hold a kettlebell or dumbbell with both handsat arm's length down in front of you. and you might suddenly find yourself becoming a clutch player." After your final tailpipe recovery. take three free throws. Without pausing. BONUS The tailpipe can also improve your sports performance. 4 Jumping Jack Stand wi th you r feet together and your hands at your sides. because it helps manage "the stress of extreme fatigue. "Become better at dealing with this stress. your elb ows pointing down.

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