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Decided: 18-01-2013

Arbetsförmedlingen’s operational plan 2013
1. Conditions
Arbetsförmedlingen deems that the economic situation will weaken in 2013, which is a result of continued weak financial activity in Europe. It may get somewhat stronger towards the end of the year, however, that will not be enough to turn around the negative development on the labour market. Unemployment will continue to rise, but the pace of the increase may be reduced at the end of the year. The regional differences will remain large. Regions with a large industrial sector will be particularly affected by the weak economic situation in Europe. The low demand for labour will affect groups in a weak labour market position particularly. These are mainly people with brief or non-marketable education, people with a functional impairment, which means reduced working capacity and/or with a history of illness, senior people and those born outside of Europe. There is always a tendency for demands on competence to rise during a dampening of the economic situation, and for some jobs to be lost permanently. Groups in a better labour market position are also affected by increased unemployment, and their share of total unemployment is deemed to be on the increase. Despite a relatively weak demand for workforce, the absence of workforce remains in several professions. Therefore the challenges facing Arbetsförmedlingen in 2013 are thus to: • • • ensure that employers get the service they need to find labour, ensure that people with the least job opportunities get the support they need in order to find work and counteract regional and professional imbalances on the labour market.

Using conditions and current results development as a starting point, the operations during 2013 are to be characterised by a heightened state of readiness for changes on the labour market, and consistent implementation of the government authorities assignments and specified priorities.


good results development and increased efficiency. prioritising those who are far from the labour market and contributing to a continuous increase in employment in the long term. Established methods and modi operandi shall be used. Our assignment Assignment and special areas of responsibility Arbetsförmedlingen’s assignment departs from off from instruction for Arbetsförmedlingen. Established good examples shall be spread and utilised Follow up – Ensure quality and cost efficiency of efforts and programmes • . early efforts and personal meetings. and that the government authority prevents erroneous payments. 2. That means a continued emphasis on assessment support. action plans. link: Regulation (2007:1030) with instruction for Arbetsförmedlingen which states that we shall work to improve how the labour market works by: • • • efficiently bringing those seeking work and those seeking labour together. supportive and driving in relation to other parties. Within the framework of this responsibility we shall be gathering. Central starting points for the completion of our assignment are to: • • • Prioritise – Arbetsförmedlingen’s assignment and customer benefit shall be governing Simplify – Simplify for customers and employment officers and create increased customer benefit Standardise – The degree of standardisation shall increase. The work shall lead to increased trust from those using our services. Arbetsförmedlingen is to ensure that: • • • private providers are part of the government agency’s service offering. 2. the unemployment insurance works as an unemployment insurance that enables jobseekers to receive financial benefits while seeking new employment.2. Arbetsförmedlingen has a sectorial responsibility for disability issues in the labour market policy and for new arrivals..1. Focus during 2013 The focus and the new modus operandi that was established for Arbetsförmedlingen’s operations in preparation for the business year 2012 will also apply during 2013. Furthermore.Page: 2 of 8 2.

The employer relationships are strengthened by more frequent contacts. The government agency’s perspective Customer Arbetsförmedlingen shall match employers who need to recruit and appropriate jobseekers together. The goal of all our efforts is for them to lead to work. The prioritised groups are: • • • • Employers with difficulties recruiting People in need of early efforts to avoid long-lasting unemployment. 3. The trust of the people who use our services is both a condition for and a result of good contacts with our customers. and put down the groundwork for trust to be built. which enable the establishing of mutual knowledge and understanding. where young people are a particularly important group People within the guarantees and programmes People with functional impairment and/or a history of illness . The appropriation warrant for 2013 specifies a continued focus on a stronger labour policy and clearer demands: • • • • • • • Continued focus on the development of employer contacts Stronger follow-up and control Increased demands on quality and activity levels in the Job and Development Programme and the Youth Job Programme Increased focus on young people A widened target group and more efforts within the establishment reform Improved and evolved assessment of the working capacity of people with a functional impairment with reduced working capacity Increased focus on efficiency and trust from those who use our services 3.Page: 3 of 8 • Control – Ensure correct payment and counteract benefit crime. the degree of contact and what happens in each contact with our customers affects the result. and vice versa. and create conditions for us to succeed with both the basic matching assignment and the work with prioritised groups.1. Good availability. and ensure that the unemployment insurance works as an insurance that enables jobseekers to receive financial benefits while seeking new employment. Good employer relationships give us the opportunity to catch the employers’ labour demand early.

Regulations Arbetsförmedlingen’s role as a control function for the unemployment insurance shall be strengthened. and adaptation of opportunities in our toolbox Agreement when receiving vacancies Accessibility in accordance with directives Offer of contact person Offer within the framework of National customers Ensure the implementation of the new modus operandi where the contact with jobseekers encompasses Job suggestion at every contact At least an average of two visits per month for prioritised groups Increased use of group activities Individual action plan one or five days after registration Updated action plan within four months Long-term work for increased trust 3.Page: 4 of 8 • New arrivals and people born outside of Europe with little anchoring on the labour market 3. both in terms of the employers’ needs and the jobseekers’ individual needs.2. Planning .1. Priorities • • • Good employer relationships encompassing Active seeking of vacancies Clear messages around. Changes to the unemployment insurance are expected during 2013. The starting point is the right measure or service for the right person or employer at the right time.1. We will implement changes to strengthen the customers’ integrity and to ensure that Arbetsförmedlingen lives up to the demands of the Personal Information Act. Operations We shall always focus on the customer and ensure that the customers receive the best possible service. The managers’ assignment is to lead and delegate the work in accordance with the commissioning body’s intentions as described in the appropriation warrant. The implementation of these changes shall be planned and ensured.

Frequent meetings with our customers shall make up important support for the individual. Production tools shall be used in planning to achieve the turnover measurement objectives of the score card.1. Priorities • Unified and correct implementation of the rules by • • ensuring high seeking activity ensuring the customers’ integrity ensuring the adoption of changes to the unemployment insurance Actively plan production resources in line with the new modus operandi Ensure implementation of the new modus operandi. what is offered to customers and what results we achieve shall decrease. Follow-up Follow-up of activities shall be developed to enable increased target achievement.2. but also give the employment officer the opportunity for better follow-up and control. Current labour market conditions demand good preparedness for efficient handling of redundancy notices.Page: 5 of 8 The right measure or service at the right time demands active planning of our production resources where every resource is utilised efficiently. efforts from additional parties and more frequent visits to Arbetsförmedlingen shall be important parts of increasing the activity and quality of the guarantees and programmes. Local and regional differences in how we work. and thus break long-lasting unemployment. Modi operandi that lead to good results shall be spread. 3. Activities in the work place. which in our operative activities encompasses Standardised registration process The use of assessment support as part of the labour market assessment Early efforts for those who risk long-lasting unemployment Increased guarantee quality where one part is an increased amount of work place activities . Implementation Arbetsförmedlingen’s new standardised modus operandi has the purpose of preventing and breaking long-lasting unemployment.

Priorities • • • Clear management and leadership Monitor staff turnover Steer staff efforts toward more frequent meetings with employers and more personal meetings with jobseekers. in a clear way. Competence planning is a part of the government authorities’ s operational planning and shall.1. and shall use their knowledge in their professional modus operandi. A good working environment. the establishment assignment and rehabilitation as well as more frequent employment officer contact with jobseekers and employers. especially prioritised groups .Page: 6 of 8 • Increased use of individually adapted effort and programme chains Efficient follow-up of activities by Standardising and structuring activity follow-up Improving register quality Continuously developed result dialogues Ensuring effects of Structure streamlining 3. It is important to monitor staff turnover. use Arbetsförmedlingen’s assignment. priorities. i. Work environment and health promoting work creates better conditions for our employees to use their competence and perform to the best of their abilities.3. A clear management and leadership will lead to good results development and the achievement of common goals. development and target achievement as a starting point. Staff resources are to be directed to the areas that are on the rise. All managers and employees shall have good knowledge of equal rights and opportunities.3. Planning of staff resources based on the challenges facing Arbetsförmedlingen in the coming years is an important part of operational planning on all levels. Arbetsförmedlingen has a large amount of new employees.e.0. employees and managers with the right competence who are committed and take joint responsibility are prerequisites for achieving good results development and increased targets achievement. 3. and support them. phase 1 3. Active work with equality and diversity will contribute to efficient matching in the labour market and lend support to those with the least opportunities of gaining employment. Employees Arbetsförmedlingen shall have the competence and the conditions we need to carry out our work.

The allocation of assignments and resources shall from now on be made using a combination of dialogues and model based allocation. The point of departure is that it occurs once per year and that it applies to all levels jointly. manage and follow up the government agency’s development operations. we carry out our assignment in such a way that the commissioning body has great confidence in us delivering what we have been assigned to.5. This description is available in the document Arbetsförmedlingen’s development strategy. By adapting and developing our operations. The Director General allocates the resources to the head office and to the market areas.1. The Marketing Area Managers then allocate further to the offices in the respective areas. 3. In between. Allocation to the head office shall take basic administration.4. Ensure that processes and routines are quality assured and that risk analyses are carried out with the purpose of decreasing the risk of erroneous payment and benefit crime.4. Priorities The watchword when prioritising development initiatives that are to be part of the Development plan for 2013 is that they shall contribute to an increased level of trust from . Priorities • • • Actively plan financial resources for efficient allowance usage Establish on improved financial management enabling more qualitative cost and result follow-up. During 2013 prepare for the adoption of time measuring as a method for measuring Arbetsförmedlingen’s performance • 3. re-allocation only normally occurs as a result of re-organisation or other similar reasons. Finances The government authority resource allocation for 2013 is expected to adhere to the conditions presented in the Government Bill 2011/12:1. 3. To be able to lead.5. Development Arbetsförmedlingen is a government authority that is constantly developing and changing. we need a description of how we want Arbetsförmedlingen to be and develop during the coming years. compulsory assignments and development/projects and investments into consideration.1. The Director General decides when re-allocation can occur.Page: 7 of 8 • Follow through on measures to ensure the employees’ protection in case of threats and violent situations 3.

Page: 8 of 8 those using our services. 2. Appropriation warrant for Arbetsförmedlingen 2013. make things easier for our customers and streamline our operations. 4. In managing and leading the government authority’s development work. 5. 3. the following is to be prioritised: • • • Ensure the establishment of briefcase management and its connection to operational planning and management model Ensure a systemised result follow-up of development operations Establish forms and routines for calculation of the benefit and effects of development operations Appendices 1. link: Appropriation warrant 2013 Arbetsförmedlingen Allocated grants in accordance with appropriation warrant Arbetsförmedlingen’s scorecard 2013 Focus development operations 2013 Arbetsförmedlingen’s risk analysis 2013 .