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Miss Virginia, For Your Information & Situational Awareness Just a short note of clarification regarding the intent of the PIB. The information provided to you via the PIB is not for dissemination in the public domain. As indicated in the caveats on the first page, the PIB is solely meant for owners/operators & security personnel associated with our critical infrastructure & key resources. Although an internet forum is certainly a great way to spread the word and receive input from forum participants, it's still in the public domain and thus be accessed by both pro and anti-natural gas drilling folks. Please assist us in keeping the information provided in the PIB to those having a valid need-to-know; it should only be disseminated via closed communications systems. Thanks for your support. We want to continue providing this support to the Marcellus Shale Formation natural gas stakeholders while not feeding those groups fomenting dissent against those same companies. Jim James F. Powers, Jr. | Director Office of Homeland Security 2605 Interstate Drive | Suite 380 Harrisburg, PA 17110-9382 717-651-2715 | Cell: 717-307-5335 This e-mail message, including any attachments, is intended solely for use by the individual(s) and entity(ies) to whom addressed. It may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable laws. If you are neither the intended addressee, nor authorized to receive correspondence on behalf of the intended addressee, you are hereby notified that you may not use, copy, disclose or distribute any information contained in this e-mail message. If you have received this message in error, immediately notify the sender and delete the message.

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One of our researchers identified this information on a pro-gas drilling website. These pro-gas websites are monitored by the anti-gas folks. I'm concerned that some sensitive information may be reaching the wrong hands.

Mike >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1 Educational Facilities Sub-Sector: Security directors, students and faculty of all Pennsylvania-based colleges and universities participating in educational exchange programs abroad need to remain cognizant of emerging, country-specific threats, indicators and warnings. 2

Current-31 August 2010: The anarchist organization, CRIMETHINC., is conducting what they have called "a decentralized convergence." Targeting communications indicate a focus on evading or sabotaging law enforcement. Current-31 August 2010: Black August, promoted by anarchists and Black Power radicals, commences; marking "the advances and sacrifices of Black Freedom Fighters," according to militant literature. Current-31 August 2010: In the general escalation in Irish republican terrorism, Marching Season in Northern Ireland is a period of several serious potential flashpoints for violence. Heightened situational awareness is called for among students and faculty participating in overseas educational programs in Northern Ireland – notably Millersville University and the Pennsylvania College of Technology. 31 August 2010: The Philadelphia branch of the International Action Center (IAC),2 Free the Fort Dix 5 Support Committee3 and Project SALAM (Support and Legal Advocacy for Muslims)4 are planning to hold a rally advocating the release of five Muslims arrested in 2007 for plotting an attack on soldiers at Ft. Dix, New Jersey. The gathering is slated to take place at the federal courthouse in Philadelphia (601 Market St.).

31 August 2010: In reaction to the planned US withdrawal of most combat troops from Iraq, anti-war groups led by Code Pink are planning to hold protests
Pennsylvania Intelligence Bulletin No. 130, 27 August 2010 Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security | 2605 Interstate Drive | Harrisburg, PA 17110 | 717.651.2715 3 of 12

nationwide. The organization's Pittsburgh branch initially announced it was planning a local "action," however, analysts have not identified subsequent communications indicating such an event will take place.

Current-9 September 2010: The lunar month of Ramadan is a period of fasting and reflecting for Muslims. During Ramadan, devout Muslims refrain from eating during daylight hours, generally concluding each day with a meal known as Iftar. Jihadists consider it an auspicious period for attacks in the name of Islam. In the midst of the Muslim holy month, Muslims mark Lailat Al-Qadr (Night of Power) on 5 September 2010. Ramadan is followed by a three-day festival known as Eid Al-Fitr, starting on 10 September 2010. Current-4 October 2010: The following meetings have been singled out for attendance by antiMarcellus Shale Formation natural gas drilling activists: 2 September - a hearing on a proposed Marcellus Shale Formation gas drilling ordinance in Cranberry Township (Butler County) 13 September - a hearing on Marcellus Shale Formation gas drilling in the Pittsburgh City Council chambers (414 Grant St.) 20 September - a hearing in Damascus (Wayne County) on a proposed amendment to zoning regulations regarding drilling 4 October - a hearing on a proposed amendment to the township zoning ordinance to regulate oil and gas drilling operations in Upper St. Clair Township (Allegheny County) 3 September 2010:

A screening of the controversial Gasland movie is slated for the Piazza in Northern Liberties (near the Delaware River) in Philadelphia. 5 September 2010: The Brandywine Peace Community,6 the Atlantic Life Community,7 and other anti-war and anti-nuclear activists, will be marking the thirtieth anniversary of the first direct action of the Plowshares Movement with protest actions in King of Prussia (Montgomery County).8 Protesters are to meet outside the facilities of Lockheed Martin behind the King of Prussia Mall, "followed by a short car caravan through King of Prussia, with a stop at the nearby former GE plant (now: Lockheed Martin) ..."
8 Pennsylvania Intelligence Bulletin No. 130, 27 August 2010 Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security | 2605 Interstate Drive | Harrisburg, PA 17110 | 717.651.2715 4 of 12

Aggressive protest tactics are possible. Furthermore, as the anniversary of the Plowshares Eight "direct disarmament action" approaches, there is an increased risk of escalation in anti-nuclear and anti-war activism by other militant groups in Pennsylvania (See PIB no. 127 for additional potential targets of anti-war protesters). 8 September-1 October 2010: The Jewish High Holiday season may present additional risk factors, with very high attendance at Jewish houses of worship and public gatherings in Pennsylvania. This year, the Jewish High Holidays fall on the following dates: Rosh HaShanah 8-10 September Yom Kippur 17-18 September Sukkot 22-24 September Simchat Torah 29 September-1 October 2010

10-11 September 2010: The following meeting has been singled out for attendance by anti-Marcellus Shale Formation natural gas drilling activists: Pennsylvania Forestry Association, Genetti Hotel in Williamsport (Lycoming County). 11 September 2010: Burn a Koran Day, initiated by Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, where the organization is intending to hold a massive Koran-burning bonfire. 12 September 2010: Burn the Confederate Flag Day, targeted at the Tea Party and 9/12 movements, which are holding rallies on the same day. Proponents of the flag burning have call the Tea Party "racially divisive" and guilty of hosting an annual "hate fest." 13-15 September 2010: The opening days of the trial of a well-known environmental activist, Tim DeChristopher, are expected to draw protesters to Salt Lake City, Utah, from across the US. Solidarity rallies are expected elsewhere; however, as of this writing, there is no specific information regarding planned protest actions in Pennsylvania. 17-19 September 2010: Animal ACTivists of Philly is planning a protest against the Lulu Shrine Rodeo in Plymouth Meeting (Plymouth & Whitemarsh Townships, Montgomery County).9 "This is the worst of the worst," the activist
9 Pennsylvania Intelligence Bulletin No. 130, 27 August 2010 Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security | 2605 Interstate Drive | Harrisburg, PA 17110 | 717.651.2715 5 of 12

material declares
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Feel free to use this as you will, however, please do not attribute it to me as I do not want to compromise the individual who sent it to me. Talk to you soon, V
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