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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I write to you today in my professional capacity. I have represented Norman Koshak and Helen Koshak since late 2012. Their story is your story, and on those grounds, you should be concerned. As Mr. Koshak has been recovering from brain surgery and Mrs. Koshak has been battling breast cancer with chemotherapy, I have been battling to save their home from a fraudulent foreclosure.

Mr. and Mrs. Koshak have a much better chance of surviving brain tumors and breast cancer, than I do in saving their home. I have all of the evidence that their Note was forged – a Note that no longer exists. I have the defendants admitting under penalty of perjury that they do not know how much they allegedly loaned these folks, what they were paid, or even what they believe was owed. I even have California legal precedent stating this is forgery, a fraud and a crime.

Yet, we can write as many books as we want. It does not change the reality that our system is no longer broken down - it is simply broken. One can label it public corruption, or political corruption or private corruption. It still comes out to the same result. That result is injustice due to corruption. Out of the three branches of law, the judicial system, which I am a proud member of and hold in high regard, is the one system that needs to answer the public. Today it is as if someone or something has reached down from high above and wrapped a large gag around the voice of justice. Justice is a process – there was no justice. Justice is path – that path was replaced with a puzzle maze. Justice was not the result. A family of four living in a multimillion dollar home on a two-acre lot with seven pygmy goats where the mom sits on the head of the 4H Club and other rotary type organizations. The young adult children are mild mannered who still raise farm animals. This is not the face of homelessness but the corruption and disrepute that has been allowed (by you) to creep into the mainstream media and social discourse of day to day life, has allowed this to become the true face of homelessness. This is permanent displacement of the socioeconomic status of the middle to middle upper class. This not just a constituent within your district, this is a mirror image of you. This family became a victim of fraud. However, such massive financial fraud has been allowed for years to go officially unrecognized that now any fraud, even this fraud by a small group of people who would never pay handsomely for your vote, is allowed to financially and emotionally destroy others for their own greed with impugnity. For me, this is a case that shows up on my professional experience as follows: Koshak v 10675 S. Orange Park Blvd, LLC et al. (Orange County Superior Court). A group of hard-money lenders, forged a note, created the defendant LLC and foreclosed on the property without accounting for any of the money they allegedly loaned the Koshak

family. They failed to endorse the forged Note to the LLC yet locked out the family, using the family’s own chains to do so. The case is still in litigation and the Orange County Sheriff Department has kept the criminal investigation in a stall pattern. For you, this case concerns a controlled group of individuals who take advantage of others like Mr. and Mrs. Koshak. The group cannot overpower you. You have an opportunity to do the ‘right thing’ and have it realized with a real positive impact. As an attorney, I can only do so much. There are three branches of government, and the Koshaks need the support from your branch.

The Orange County Sheriff Department did not issue a new lock out on this home. Someone at the office altered a document and used it to lock out the Koshaks illegitimately. One of the defendants attorneys then went on the premises and took documents. I have never been able to regain access to the home to retrieve the important papers, including legal papers. This was a surprise lock out. You have the power to make this right and give the Koshaks back their home and personal property. The video deposition clips of Neil Leventhal and Gary Schneider have been uploaded to Youtube. They were already filed with the court as a public document.


Lenore L. Albert, Esq.

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