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State Records Retention Law Local Government Records Retention Law Open Meetings Act Open Records Act Definition of a Public Record

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Public Records Statute!2240!2E21!22/doc/%7Bt15422%7D/hit_heading Archives & Records Management Services regulation!224+aac+59!2E005!22/doc/{t16515}? Public Records Disclosures law!2240!2E25!22/doc/%7Bt16369%7D? Uniform Electronic Records Act!2209!2E80!22/doc/%7Bt3348%7D? Personal Information Protection Act!2245!2E48!22/doc/%7Bt19885%7D? Disposition of Original Records: Policy Statement.dgs. .az. Copying and Maintenance of Certain Public Records" What Constitutes a Public Record? http://www. General Letter 96-2 What is a record? http://www.colorado.pdf California • • State records management act Arizona • • • • Public Records Standards and Laws http://www.htm#calrim Colorado • Colorado Laws Concerning Public Records http://www.American Samoa • • Chapter 11: Public Records http://asbar.htm#1 Connecticut • GL M 97-1 PA 97-89 "An Act Concerning the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act http://recorder.htm Current statutes and the definition of a "public record" • • Required Minimum Microfilming Standards for Public What is a record? (tip sheet) http://www.htm#chapter11 Chapter 12: Archives and Records Management http://asbar.delaware.pdf Delaware • • Delaware Freedom of Information Act Delaware Public Records Law

state.cfm o Chapter 119.asp?ActID=86&ChapAct= 5 ILCS 160/&ChapterID=2&ChapterName= GENERAL+PROVISIONS& Shortcuts%20to%20laws%20on%20records.state. Florida Administrative Code--Electronic Recordkeeping o Chapter Florida Rules of Judicial Administration -. Florida Administrative Code--Real Property Electronic Recording o Chapter 2.pdf Law regarding government electronic records http://hawaii.htm Open Records Act http://www.asp?ActID=699&ChapAct= 50 ILCS 205/&ChapterID=11&ChapterName= • . Florida Administrative Code--Public Records Scheduling and Dispositioning o Chapter 1B-26.Judicial Branc records retention (PDF) Georgia • Summary of Georgia Record Keeping Laws http://www.sos.htm • Hawai`i • Hawaii Laws that Apply to Retention & Disposition of Government Records http://hawaii. The Local Records Act (50 ILCS ACT 205) best_practices_resources/ best_practices_resources/ 2008 Florida Statutes--Public Libraries and State Archives o Chapter 1B-11.430-2.htm Georgia Microforms Act http://www. Florida Administrative Code--Microfilm Standards o Chapter 1B-31.pdf • Idaho • Idaho Code best_practices_resources/open_records_act.fl.0021.Florida • Statutes and Administrative Code Rules Relating to Archives and Records Management http://dlis. Florida Administrative Code--Use of Archives and Archives Facilities o Chapter Regarding%20Government%20Electronic%20Records.state.440 and Retention best_practices_resources/georgia_records_act.htm • • Georgia Records Act http://www.html# Illinois • The State Records Act (5 ILCS 160) http://www. 2008 Florida Statutes--Public Records Law o Chapter 257.

gov/kar/ Code of Iowa Chapter 305 .htm Kentucky • • • Managing Government Records: An Introduction to Kentucky's Public Records Management Law http://www.pdf Maine • Guidelines for Your Records Management Kentucky Administrative Regulations.dll/ic?f=template&fn=default.Examination of Public Records (Open Records) http://search.asp?ActID=88&ChapAct= 5 ILCS 170/&ChapterID=2&ChapterName= GENERAL+PROVISIONS&ActName=Filmed+Records+Reproduction+Act.HTM Louisiana • Records Management Policies and Practices (LAC Chapter 171. . Illinois School Student Records Act (105 ILCS 10) http://www.sos.• • • • • LOCAL+GOVERNMENT&ActName=Local+Records+Act. Indiana • Indiana's Public Records: The Legal Framework of Records and Information Management in State Government 105 ILCS 10/&ChapterID=17&ChapterName= SCHOOLS&ActName=Illinois+School+Student+Records+Act. Filmed Records Destruction Act (50 ILCS 215) http://www.asp?ActID=85&ChapAct= 5 ILCS 140/&ChapterID=2&ChapterName= GENERAL+PROVISIONS& Filmed Records Certification Act (50 ILCS 210) http://www.ia.state.ilga.legis.ilga.pdf Kentucky Revised Statues.Chapters 1-15) http://www.louisiana.state.ia.asp?ActID=700&ChapAct= 50 ILCS 210/&ChapterID=11&ChapterName= LOCAL+GOVERNMENT&ActName=Filmed+Records+Certification+Act. Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS ACT 140) http://www.pdf Iowa • • Code of Iowa Chapter 22 Title 725 http://www.410-740 Records & Archives http://search. Filmed Records Reproduction Act (5 ILCS 170) 50 ILCS 215/&ChapterID=11&ChapterName= LOCAL+GOVERNMENT&ActName=Filmed+Records+Destruction+Act.

mo.asp Montana • • What is a Public Record? http://sos. The Records Management Program for the State of Maine is authorized by MRSA Title Chapter 6. Subsection 7 (see page 3 of the manual). Section 95. / The "What Is a Record?.us/recman/sgrap.state.sos. 216k) http://www." a Guide to Missouri's State Records Management Program 508k) Mississippi • State Government Records Assistance What is a public record? http://www.msa. and regulations http://www.sec.opi. records Management Division home page .msa.pdf A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law (PDF. Montana Administrative Rules http://www.maine.asp Montana Codes Annotated • Nebraska • Secretary of Minnesota • What do you need to know about government records? Section 1 in "Managing Your Government Records: Guidelines for Archives and Agencies" Presents the definition of government records and summarizes the laws that govern Maryland • • Records management http://data.html Massachusetts • • Public Records Law ( Missouri • • Laws and Codes Pertaining to State Records 15:3 Subchapter 4: Image Processing of Public Records http://www.pdf o Summary history of N.nmcpr.A.shtml#_What_are_records North Carolina • • • o N.http://www.C.C. 15:3 o o N. 15:3 Subchapter 2: Records Retention http://www.C. 15:3 Subchapter 1: General Provisions N. 15:3 Subchapter 5: Certification of Imaging Processing Systems http://www.html o o § 121 The Archives and History Act New York • • Laws and Regulations Relating to Local Government Records New Jersey • • • New Jersey Public Records Related Legislation http://www.html New Jersey Open Public Records Act http://www. 15:3 Subchapter 3: Standards for Microfilming of Public Records http://www.J.S § 132 The Public Records Act 15:3 Subchapter 6: Records Storage New Jersey Administrative Code Title 15 Department of State Chapter 3 Records Management Complete text of Guidelines for Public Records .A. 15:3 in PDF format [767kb] http://www.shtml What are records? Nevada • Nevada Administrative Code .nv.html o N.html New Mexico • Governing statutes http://www.Records of State Agencies http://dmla.njarchives.

ok.sos. Oklahoma • Rules of the Oklahoma Archives and Records Commission http://www.htm • Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act Oregon Administrative Rules http://arcweb.ogp.or. Oregon • • Oregon Revised Statues 192 and 357 http://www.pdf Records Laws: Local government records http://www.sos.or.sos.state. Sections of the Ohio Revised Code respecting the creation.aspx?tabindex=0&tabid=77 North Dakota • Laws related to records (Appendix A) and Definitions of records terminology (Appendix B) in North Dakota Records Management Manual http://www.htm Rhode Island • • • Records Laws: State records Study of Access to Public Records in Cities and Towns of Rhode Island .odl. and disposal of Pennsylvania • Records Law.icp.state. http://www. maintenance.pdf Ohio • • Ohio Public Records Laws and Legislation 3820/laws%2C_management_directives%2C_manuals/493878 Puerto Rico • Public Documents Administration Act

edu/Departments/Taubman_Center/foi_html/Default.leg.HTM Washington • Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act Vermont • • Vermont Public Records and the Right to Know: What is a Public Record? http://vermont-archives. confidential. Utah • • Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) http://le.state. archival.wa.brown.SL.html Vermont's Public Record Law South Carolina • South Carolina Public Records Act http://www.htm Tennessee • Rules of the Public Records Commission Includes definitions of records (permanent.pdf Texas • State Records Management Laws http://www.wv.tsl.utah. essential) Virginia • Virginia Public Records Act Public Recods Management Act http://le.pdf West Virginia • • Records Management and Preservation of Essential Records Act citations of relevant statu temporary.wv.lib.pdf Regulations of the West Virginia State Records Administrator http://www.lva.pdf .

Museums. Last updated: November 28.aspx?file=titles/Title9/T9CH2AR4.htm Top | Back to Archives Resource Center home | CoSA home Questions or concerns? Contact CoSA at info@statearchivists. 2011 .us/Record/ Article 4.state. .Wyoming • • Is It a Record? http://wyoarchives.wy.state. State Archives.wy.asp Wyoming Statutes. and Historical Department

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