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selected image macros from I AM NOT ALT LIT june 2k12may2k13 edited by j spilker

editors note seems like I AM NOT ALT LIT started in june 2k12 its an off-shoot of I AM ALT LIT it was started to document the conversations around the term alt lit specifically ppl claiming to like or not like alt lit seems like terms like alt lit develop around movements, ppl first embrace terms, and then seek to go beyond that term for fear of labels or losing their individual identity as an artist also in these movements ppl begin calling themselves or identifying themselves as the certain term and longtime members begin to feel that these new ppl are interlopers who do not understand the true spirit of the movement this happens in almost every niche everywhere; whether its hippies or hipsters or new ppl moving into an area (youre not from around here, are you?). ppl become defensive; some drop out; some say they were never really a part of it. w/ alt lit i saw an opportunity to monitor the term and see how ppl respond to it w/ alt lit i saw an opportunity to participate in the discourse as well ive paired comments abt alt lit w/ humorous photos of ppl & celebrities for somewhat comedic effect. what you see here are selections from the past year; not every image macro is included. also, I AM NOT ALT LIT includes other screenshots etc of conversations & comments that are not image macros, along with other alt lit promotional posts. they also exists as art in themselves, part of the modern image macro movement of composition ** I AM NOT ALT LIT has ebbed & flowed & I didnt do as many as these as I first thought. Theres also a lot more screenshots, etc. over there. submit something if you want & help us keep track thankks rlly thankks -- josh spilker, founder of I AM ALT LIT & I AM NOT ALT LIT, date: may 2k13

words / photo

go go go (via popserial) Source: liefplus 6/30/12 -- used by permission

destroying q // words

no choice // words

i just rly wanna b famous in the alt lit scene // words


community mantra // words


mixed msg from inuential member // words

simulacrum // words

full embrace // words by @helpimburnt


that is what you are // words by @laurennmmarie


dont call me mebbe // words by @Horse_Crimes


meaning i guess // words


phased out // words by @amyszzz 1/23/13

cant decide // words by @RushRice


get out // words by @sadderall


followed you words by @kem_marr


people who make fun // words by @sadderall


being positive & making friends // words by andy moreno 5/4/13