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Football World Cup Lesson Idea

Learning Objectives: In the context of the football World Cup – use of abstract nouns and adjectives; awareness of word class and structures used with each; language of discussion Skill: Speaking Grammar: Word class, it takes/you need/you have to Age/Level: Teenager–Adult/Intermediate Preparation Time: None Completion Time: 45–60 minutes or a sequence of lessons using a projectbased approach with stronger classes

Resources: Images of the World Cup, South Africa, famous footballers, etc.

Warm-Up (15 minutes)
Have a look at Football World Cup Stats Warmer for some statistics on the World Cup.

Presentation (5–10 minutes)
• Ask the questions: What does it take to win the World Cup? and What do you need to win the World Cup?

Elicit some answers, then highlight the forms: ‘It takes strength/determination/stamina/talent/bravery/courage/passion, etc.’ ‘You need to be/strong/determined/fit/talented/brave/passionate, etc.’

Draw a two column table on the board (or use a wall poster) and put the examples in each column.

Ask the students what each column is (one for nouns and the other for adjectives)

Practice (10–15 minutes)
Students copy a two-column table and fill it in with as many nouns and adjectives as they can. They can work by themselves or with their classmates.

Discussion (in pairs or groups 15+ minutes)
What does a team need to win the World Cup? Why have Brazil won it so many times? Why have England won it only once, and not since 1966? What is the role of the captain of the team? What is the role of the manager? Can supporters make a difference? What about refereeing decisions?

Author: Dennis Delany r: Jones. ©Katie Pearson Education 2010


passion. Extension activities For more activities on football and the World Cup have a look at: Football Gaffes Football Gaffes Answer Key Football Idiom Pictionary Sports Expressions Matching Cards Game Eight Famous Managers Reading Eight Famous Managers Reading Answer Key Football Pundits’ Predictions Dialogue The Not-So-Serious World Cup Quiz Author: Dennis Delany r: Jones. using pictures or PowerPoint slides. etc. team spirit. Ask each student to write a biography of their favourite player and give a five-minute presentation in the next class. and make a wall poster. bravery. fair play. strength. ©Katie Pearson Education 2010 Page 2 of 22 PHOTOCOPIABLE .Football World Cup Lesson Idea Business Classes can discuss these questions: What qualities does it take to be a successful football manager? What lessons can business managers learn from football managers? Should business managers run their departments like a football team? Why/why not? What business opportunities does the World Cup offer? Closure Ask pairs or groups to give feedback in open class or summarise the main points yourself on the board. Other ideas Ask the class to cut out and bring in pictures of players illustrating qualities such as fitness.