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JU N E 2 0 1 3 V OL U ME 5 , IS S U E 6

Courtney Hawkins, Independent Senior Executive Director
e-mail: phone: 727-631-5274

Please take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this space. - Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor

Note From Courtney!
Dear Thirtyonederfuls, As we enter into the month of July, the following words come to mind: sparkle, shine, explode, firecracker, ignite.. and so many more! These words all have one common theme.. .energy and excitement! I am SO excited about so many things this summer and looking forward to the coming months! I am SO excited about our amazing catalog, our phenomenal products, the life changing Thirty-One opportunity, the fabulous customer special and so much more! I am ENERGIZED by my connections with each of you and the unbelievable successes that YOU are achieving in your Thirty-One business! You inspire me! I recently read a book that I would like for you to join me in discussion. The main principles are outlined in the article in this newsletter. I am inviting YOU on my bus! Are you ready? If so, please SHOUT it out on our team Facebook page and email me.. .be LOUD and proud that YOU ARE ON THE BUS!!!!! Looking forward to seeing many of you at National Conference! HAPPY July! With Thirtyonederful Blessings, Courtney

This is a very powerful book with a simple message: you control the positive energy around you! Jon Gordon outlines 10 rules to controlling your happiness: Here are a few of my favorite bits, pieces and thoughts from the book: Rule #1 – You are the driver of the bus! This is the most important rule because you can only control yourself and the path you choose to take. As the driver, you are the one who must choose your vision of where you want to go. You have the best seat and the best view of your life so it’s up to you. Rule #2 – Desire, Vision and Focus move your bus in the right direction. Focus on your vision each day for 10 minutes and see yourself creating everything you wrote down on that paper. It is the law of energy, the law of attraction - the more we focus on something, the more we think about something and the more it shows up in our lives. Thoughts are magnetic. What we think about, we attract. What we put our energy and attention on starts to show up in our life. And the energy we project through our thoughts is the energy we receive. We are winners, not whiners! Rule #3 – Fuel your ride with Positive Energy! E + P = O (Events + Perception = Outcome or Events + Positive Energy = Outcome) We can't control the events in our life but we can control how we perceive them and our perception and response to the events determine our outcome. It's how we choose to deal with the events in our life that means everything. Negative energy - Let it go, release it, throw it out, transform it… ex when the work is piled high, be thankful you have a job Rule #4 – Invite People on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead Keep asking people to get on the bus. The worst they can say is "no". If you don't ask, they won't know to get on. Plus, the more people you pick up along the way, the more energy you create during your ride. "I am not bound to win, I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the light that I have." - Abraham Lincoln Rule #5 – Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t get on the bus Don't worry about the people that get on your bus. You can't drive anyone else's bus. You can only drive your bus. The more energy you spend worrying about the people who did not get on your bus, the less you will have for the people who are on the bus, plus you won't have the energy to keep asking new people to get on. Ultimate Rule of Positive Energy - Our positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone's and everyone's negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone's doubt. Positive energy is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Repetition is the key and the more you focus on positive energy the more it becomes your natural state. Rule #6 – Post a sign that says NO ENERGY VAMPIRES ALLOWED on your bus Meet with the people not on the bus and tell them we need a "positive and supportive team and whoever is negative will be kicked off the bus or left at the station" You give people a chance to change and they don't get it, then you got to kick them off Rule #7 – Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energizes them during the ride Enthusiasm comes from the Greek "entheos" which means "inspired" or "filled with divine". If you maintain your enthusiasm, more people are likely to get on board your bus! Rule #8 – Love your passengers! To really tap the power of your heart and lead with positive, contagious energy, you must love your passengers. You must be a love magnet. You become a love magnet by sharing your love generously. Enthusiasm gets them excited about being on your bus, but love is what keeps them on your bus. Love takes time. It is a process, not a goal. Love is something that needs to be nurtured. Focus on bringing out the best in each member of your team. When you love someone, you want the best for them, you want them to shine. And the best way to do this is to help them discover the value inside them. 5 Ways to Love your passengers * Make Time For Them * Get To Know Them As People, Not Numbers * Cultivate Your Team With Love * * Listen to Them * Recognize Them * Honor Them For Who They Are And What They Do Rule #9 – Drive with purpose When we drive with purpose, we don't get tired or burned out. When you fuel up on purpose, you find the excitement in the mundane, the passion in every day, and the extraordinary in the ordinary. As the driver of the bus, you have the best view and vision so you will need to communicate your vision and purpose to your passengers. Rule #10 - Have fun and enjoy the ride! Don't forget - Too blessed to be stressed. Ask yourself, "What can I learn from this challenge? What is it teaching me?" REMEMBER, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE RIDE THROUGH LIFE SO GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

Happy Anniversary!

New Consultants!! Ivette Drumgool Janie Walker Kelli Reichenberg Sharon Green Cynthia Howell Meagan Storey


LET US CELEBRATE! Who Had 2 or more Parties in JUNE?
Kim Washington Karen Lanier Dawn Divine Debra Moczek Ashley Coleman Rose Pearcey Nancy Palluti Cristi Smith Lauren Brigman Codi Mister Beth Reed Karen Hoskinson Kim Fanning 8 7 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Annette DiSanto Gretchen Manmiller Traci Crockett Shannan MacDonald Kristen Margason Ivette Drumgool Buffy Nordstrom Jen Cardamone Beth Karklel Perez Connie Keeton Nancy Klein Laura Riley Katie Oberndorfer 7 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2


Our Dream Builders are Thirtyonederfuls who have recruited at least one girl this month.

Woo To The Who
We are so excited to celebrate you and all that you do. You will be receiving Woo To the Who cards to celebrate your awesomeness; for example, you might receive one whenever you participate in a training call, attend a Celebrate & Connect, have a great party, etc. When you receive 6 WTTW (Woo To The Who) cards, mail them back to us and indicate $25 worth of Thirty-One products that you would like. Mail your cards to: ThirtyOnederful Central 2140 Bow Lane, Safety Harbor, FL

EARN woo to the who cards FOR July BY:
You will earn a Woo To The Who card if you complete any of these following activities (yes, you can do more than one!!): 1. As you fill a row of Snowballs/Beachballs on your Christmas in July card, post of a picture of your filled in Snowballs in the Facebook Group or email to me! ** Details on our Christmas in July Incentive coming soon! ** 2. [[DOUBLE]] Woo To The Who Cards per recruit. (Only Consultants & Senior Consultants Eligible) 3. Submitting 2 or more parties.

June Sales Celebration!
celebrating consultants with over $1000 in sales
A NNE T TE DIS A N TO Kim Washington Gretchen Manmiller Cristi Smith Ashley Coleman
Shannan MacDonald

$5 , 5 65 !!! Courtney Hawkins
Karen Lanier

$4,484 $3,809 $2,561 $2,326 $2,151 $1,484 $1,409 $1,263 $1,211 $1,160

$4,229 $3,735 $2,330 $2,187.50 $1,855 $1,434 $1,377 $1,228 $1,186 $1,055

Rosemarie Pearcey Ivette Drumgool Traci Crockett Nancy Palluti Dawn Divine Katie Oberndorfer Nancy Klein Shelly Rusk

Jen Cardamone Lauren Brigman Beth Reed Kristen Margason Debra Moczek


8.0 million!!!!

Total Team Sales: $ 62,976.50 Total Team Parties: 102 Total Downline Parties: 14,925 # of downline directors: 483

Total C4 Earners

EARNERS $100 & OVER! Kim Washington $400 Annette DiSanto $350 Ashley Coleman $325
Gretchen Manmiller Karen Lanier Beth Reed $150 $125 $100

Total C4 Earners

EARNERS $25 - $75!
Katie Oberndorfer Lauren Brigman Casey Schardan Kristen Margason Beth Karklel Perez Karen Hoskinson Kim Fanning Nancy Klein Shannon Lynch $75 $75 $50 $50 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 Kim Tarasovich Shannan MacDonald Cristi Smith Traci Crockett Debra Moczek Kellie Hollyfield Lauren Dix Nancy Palluti Tina Lay $75 $75 $50 $50 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25

Thirty-One News
* Use Girl, Go, Girl this month in order to increase your recruits! * Pre-Sale: Girl-On-The-Go!
July 26 6PM EST - Aug 1 3AM

New Consultant Checklist: Order Business Supplies Watch the Start Strong Video from me on our website: Listen to 31 Min. Training Calls Review Start Swell Familiarize Yourself with Schedule a one-on-one call Courtney Order Business Cards (vistaprint is a great resource!) Develop a list of potential hostesses Share your excitement about your new business on Facebook! Share your new business with everyone you know! Request to join our team Facebook Group: Thirtyonederfuls: TEAM HAWKINS


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