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The Hope of Love AUTHOR: Angela FEEDBACK: Duh! Of course I want feedback!!

Why do you think I write this stuff?? Purely for my *own* entertainment? Get real! So yea, send it over to RATING: Uh, gee I don't know. Seeing as how all the people who know me know damn well that I'm a sick, twisted nympho… So from that little statement you figure it out. CONTENT: Angel and Buffy! What the hell else would I write about? They are living quite happily and have a great fucking-non-stop relationship. Until they encounter a stump in their path so to speak, and it has a God-awful name. RILEY FINN! There are some very depressing and disgusting parts with Riley in it. Also, this story asks the question if Angelus has ever met a Slayer in his life. But never fear my dear B/A FOREVER fans. Believe me, I would not give you a story about yucky Riley unless I had a damn good theory behind it! So hold tight and give the story a chance… NOTES: This little alternate universe I created for Buffy and Angel is working out quite nicely in all my stories so I'm sticking with it. No curse, no Angel leaving for LA, no evil Joss to muck things up. Just good old fashion fucking and relationship gooiness. Ok, so my little universe sounds a little complex but I assure you it's not. All you need to know is Angel and Buffy slept together in Season 2 as planned, but Angel doesn't turn evil. When Buffy wakes up he's there and all is cheery. Everything still happens; the only difference is that Angel and Buffy have a kick-ass relationship through it all and they are still going strong. Jenny is still dead though. She was killed by the Judge. Faith still came to town and went Psycho-Skanky-Bitch on everyone and is now vegging out in a hospital bed. Wesley comes to Sunnydale but goes back to England for good. Spike still is blackmailed into helping the Scooby gang. Ok, wait, I lied. There is one difference here. Whistler is here in Sunnydale fighting the good fight with the Scoobies. Angel and him are good friends. Everything else is pretty much the same though. This takes place in Season 4, but of course in my version Angel and Cordelia don't leave for LA. Cordy and Xander are in college along with Buffy and Willow and Oz. They are all in the same Psychology class together. And yes, unfortunately so is Riley… Oh, and one more thing. Angel lives in that awesome mansion as well. I mean, come on, he has to own that cool-ass mansion to have any sort of manhood here. :) DEDICATION: To all my BSC people! I love you guys! And yes, even you Miss Riley-Lover-And-BrittanySpears-Wanna-Be! :) And to Barb, who is my source of relief for all my anger and frustration at Joss. Thanks soul mate! And to Trish, Nat, and Dr. Sus, all of which are the coolest, sweetest friends a girl could have! DISTRIBUTION: Ask please DISCLAIMOR: UGH! All right, all right! You caught me, ok? They are not mine and I'm technically stealing, but hey, no one is honest anymore these days, so no big deal. :) It's only for entertainment purposes and I know I'm not THAT good of a writer so for me to make money off this crap that I write about would be unimaginable, so chill out. I ain't taking the show away from Mr. Evil Genius himself. Although, I do think he deserves to be smacked upside the head or something… MINOR NOTES: // // denotes internal thought ** denotes Italics.

Part I Buffy made a high-spin kick in the air and sent the vamp sailing back against the gravestone. She was calculating in her head all the battle tactics that could be used here as she looked around her, seeing 20 vamps closing, and fast. She was surrounded. She flung her blowtorch over her shoulder with a swing of her

hand, and with one single shot every single vamp was dusted in an instant. Everyone watching cheered. Her mother was there, along with her father, Giles, Xander, Will, Oz, Cordy, and most importantly Angel; they were all rooting for her. The whole town was watching. But the most crucial audience was the Watcher's Council, marking her and scrutinizing her every move. That's why she had to make this time count. She was kicking ass so far. Another vamp came up out of the ground with a growl. She was moving with the speed of a skilled Slayer. //Just one kick and then a nice clean stake to this one should finish the job nicely.// Suddenly she heard a horrific sound of laughter coming from all angles. She looked around the crowd and finally made the distinction that they were all laughing at *her*! //Why? I'm doing everything right…what are they laughing about?// She suddenly felt a cool breeze all over her body and it felt a little more chilly than normal. She gazed down, and with much horror, realized that she was only clad in her underwear and bra. Her head shot up and she frantically looked from left to right at the crowd in hysterics. She could feel herself blushing. //This is *sooo* mortifying!// The vampire she had been fighting had stood up and was now looking her up and down and was soon rolling on the ground roaring with glee. "Don't take this the wrong way Slayer, but you're kind of small for a Slayer, if ya know what I mean." The vamp chuckled. She could hear all the hoots and howling whistles of sexual lust from the guys, all the sexual innuendoes and cut-downs from people. She stared at her mother and father in complete shock as they were laughing so hard tears streamed down their faces. Willow, Giles, and Cordelia were all snickering at her as well. Oz, the guy that never opened his mouth except when he ate, was just silently smirking away. Xander just stared at her in amazement, and when her wide-eyed mortified face caught his he smiled at her and called out to her over the laughter. "DAMN! THANKS BUFF! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME! I HAVE DREAMED OF THIS MOMENT FOR ALL MY LIFE AND DAMN, WHAT A BODY YOU HAVE! WOO-HOO!!!" Buffy couldn't believe this. She slowly turned her head to Angel and saw that he too was laughing. He actually turned around and high-fived *Xander*!? //HUH!?// She thought he hated Xander! She tried to cover up her nakedness with her small hands, trying to smother every inch of exposed flesh. She heard an earpiercing whistle and Angel's voice suddenly yelled out. "NO, NO! FLAUNT IT BABY!" She closed her eyes and put her hands up over her ears, hoping to be sucked into the grave dug next to her. Suddenly, as she stood there helpless, she heard an annoying sound, somewhere in the distance, ringing in her ears. ***** Buffy's hand idly drifted over to the nightstand, and with her eyes halfway open she pushed the wonderful, Thank-God-For-It snooze button and rolled over. She heard a mumbled moan from behind her and smiled. She turned to gaze at the man she loved more than anything and snuggled into his chest a little deeper. His arm familiarly came around her, his eyes still closed, as he pulled her close, the only thing moving on his face was his wonderful mouth. It curved into a sexy little grin and a heavy grumble came from his smooth chest. "I hate that stupid alarm clock. It always wakes me up from a good dream about you. And what worse is it means you're going off to class in less than an hour and will be gone from my sight for the remains of the day." Angel sighed and gave a little pout. Buffy rolled her eyes while smiling up at him. "Well would you rather me not sleep here anymore and then you wouldn't have to hear the alarm clock. If it's really a problem for you then I could just sleep at the dorm." She smirked, knowing that he would never agree to that. His eyes popped open as he stared at her incredulously. "Are you kidding? I wouldn't be able to sleep without you being in my arms." He rolled on top off her suddenly, pinning her beneath him. He grinned down at her as she started to pretend to squirm. He bent his head to press his lips against hers, inviting her tongue to play with his.

She really ought to get ready for class here. That's very important. "I mean it. holding them above her head. She giggled relentlessly until she caught his stern look. pinning her with his arms over hers. could motivate me to like that class. You're sooo bad. for some subjects. She started to giggle at all the sensations he was causing." He gestured to her neck. He finally let her up for breath. this is my favorite place on the body because it’s the most sensitive." He laughed. Now. I don't think anyone. letting her feel his growing bulge. I bet I could stimulate you to find Anatomy quite full-filling…" He grinned down at her. When she realized where he was going she shut her eyes tightly and let out a little squeal of anticipation. He bent down to her ear yet again. "Oh. I always loved Anatomy. "What class do you have today?" "Psych and Anatomy. pay close attention. It depends if I desire you to…or not. especially when your line of work consists in all these certain areas. indulging in the pleasure he gave her. "Ooo. Thinking you could leave before you I finish my lesson. "Well when you've been around as long as I have stuff starts to sink in." He began to kiss her neck as she giggled beneath him." She looked at him peculiarly and wondered what he was up to. He loved to tease her like this. ah. huh?" "Who me? Nah. and suckle a little at the base of her neck. not the ear!" She screeched out. "What can I say? I devote myself to my career and enjoy what I do. "Ya know. near her collarbone. "Now. This is very vital to your education. not the ear. "Ah. no one skips out on a lesson here in my classroom." She snorted. He hovered just above the destination and blew softly onto the lobe. Buffy smiled a little. Oh. which connects to the lower border of the jaw. "Oh God. right. He whispered sensuously. He liked it when she couldn't really tell if he was being serious or not. no more interruptions." He started to edge toward her ear. "How in the hell do you know all this junk?" He stopped to smirk up at her." She sighed." Her voice had a sarcastic tone to it. "Maybe." He flashed her a smirk before concealing it quickly. and his face fell to its serious tone again. yea. I doubt it. Here we have the side of the neck that presents a somewhat quadrilateral outline. you. and an imaginary line extending from the angle of the jaw to the mastoid process. UGH! Talk about a fun-filled day. "You naughty little girl. alternating between the two. He chucked a little. driving her . He began to kiss her neck again. trying not to giggle. Pay attention. You're *my* student and *I* say when you leave." He smirked. Oh." He held her tightly with his body. "Uh-huh. He cleared his throat before continuing." His voice had become firm. knowing that if she did that would only turn him on even more. and she knew he knew. Learning about the body and all that. and the clavicle. "Hey. She wiggled a little and moaned." "Let me try. "Oh I don't know. "What are you going to do? Keep me after class?" She shot him a sexy little pout. Tsk-tsk. why does that not surprise me? You probably were a real trouble-maker in school. "I found it very stimulating. He began to suck and kiss." He chuckled a little. ah. moving up the side of it. She tried to sit up but he tugged her back down. deciding it would be fun just to tease her for a little bit." He started to kiss. Angel smiled a little mischievously. not even *you*. "Now. foregoing the previous action of getting ready for class. I'm sure. and decided to immerse herself for a little bit in the wonderful pleasure he was giving her." He knew her ear was her spot.She grinned against his mouth. I was a complete Angel. and started to caress it with his phrases of passion.

" His smile broadened. She was all ready growing wet just by this little ministration he was giving her. Angel please don't…I can't…" She twisted her neck. what. "Hey no fair! I was under a spell!" "Yea. I mean now that I think about it. while pushing his hand up her nightshirt and diving his finger into the scalding heat between her legs. Buffy smile faded and she averted her eyes to the floor. She pushed him away and looked at him firmly. he does look pretty cute when he reads. a couple months ago? And then there was that time you were going to take all your clothes off for that loser-boy Xander. well that is." He softly chuckled as her little pants and moans were all that answered him. it's now or never. What's he going to do? Just ask him all ready. "Oh. Yea. Just go head and ask him. *that*. "Um Angel. ***** When she came out from after taking her shower she saw Angel sitting on the couch reading a book.. "UGH! Are you going to tease me about that now for like the rest of my life?" Angel grinned. //All right. I want to talk to you about something. don't you start anything. Especially that night that she developed a keen sense of hairiness. You know you were talking about marrying *Spike* no less than. . "Oooh. I mean talk about disgusting. fuzzy feeling ya know?" " He smirked at her. well…" Angel gave a pained look. She felt her stomach clench and her whole body began to shake at its own will.crazy and mad with frustration. Seems to me you’re a little indecisive on what you really want. "Not finished with the lesson yet…" he murmured." Her eyes shot up to meet his. I might remember saying something like that. well ya know. "I don't know though. knowing she should be getting ready. That doesn't exactly give me a warm. She vaguely caught a glimpse of the numbers on the clock..// She licked her lips and cleared her throat. He looked up at her and smiled. "Or I mean…that is…uh. "Come on. when you said that thing about…living together. She tried desperately to get herself to come back to reality. happy that she was in his life. "Well I was wondering if you were um." "See? Anatomy can be fun. I have to be mature about this. She let her head fall back as desire took hold of her body." He let her up slowly with a rueful sigh and watched her go into the bathroom with a smile on his face. "Oh Angel…oh yes…please. He was silent for several moments before he spoke. She grinned a little and bit her bottom lip. kissing her passionately on the mouth." She watched him through shielded eyes as he watched her. "Yep. //Figures. trying to close her ear off to his playfulness. He's always reading something… Although.// She smiled." He smiled a little. intent on teasing her this morning. well still. He took hold of her jaw and turned her non-resisting head back to him. It was quite weird to see her like that. serious when you said you wanted. yea. I'm always late because of you! I have to get ready for class here. right up until the day you die…" His voice trailed off as he realized what he had just said. loving to tease her about that night.

He had his viewpoint and she had hers. She desperately loved Angel though and wanted to be with him. ought to be staked. "Hi Riley. Cordelia came up from behind her and made a sound of disgust. There was no point in talking about it with him so she decided to change the subject. ***** Buffy dragged herself up from the chair that she felt like she had been sitting in for the last four days." "Hey. . sure" She smiled at him. She'd have to give up her dorm her with Willow (as if she ever used it anyway) and move all her stuff to Angel's. "It's ok. walking toward her Psychology class. like she so much wanted to have. Can I walk you to class?" "Uh. "I just don't see how you can trust a guy that is a vampire for God's sake. idle smiles. I think he. That's like being married to him…and I can't marry him. "Yep. Now she would think about it all day and see how impossible it was for her to have a normal life with him. "So we going to kick some demon ass tonight?" He threw a punch into the air." He listened as the door shut behind her and mentally cursed himself for the zillionth time that he couldn't join her. She couldn't believe that this guy was fighting against vampires and demons. Riley Finn. She smiled sympathetically at him. Angel will come to the cemetery as soon as he can. She felt drained and cranky. He certainly didn't look like a Military force of any kind." He gave a little clearing of his throat. as always. ya know?" She gave him a strange look. the guy from her Psych class was running up to her. //Would it be worth it though? Of course it would but… Would it change things between Angel and me? I mean living with him… That's a pretty big step." Buffy sighed. but it still hurt her. duh. "We'll talk about this later then… Have fun in class." Riley stopped and suddenly became serious. he *is* my boyfriend. she wouldn't even be thinking like this if he just kept his mouth shut and didn't say anything about her dying and all. so what kept her from saying yes? "Hey Buffy!" She turned to see who was calling her. She thought about living with Angel. "Well… I should get going to class…" "Yea. "Well yea. He's a vampire and I'm a human. right along with that Spike. and most of all she wanted to see Angel so she could talk with him about this morning. that's your boyfriend. laughing. They began to talk about the papers that were due next week and how she had no idea what she was doing. well that would be a little off-center…// Ugh. She was tired of having this conversation with him. I know what you meant.She gave a little smile. They are demons ya know. well. //Damn it!// She knew he didn't mean to. Buffy looked at him closer and decided he *definitely* did not act like a demon hunter." They both gave each other little. I have my duties as a Slayer and living with a vamp. "Oh right. She smiled politely and greeted him as he came face to face with her. ***** Buffy made her way onto the campus. He comes with you a lot huh?" He stared at her dully. and slowly reached for her bag.

Giles came in the front door with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. They stared down the stairs after them. Angel. "Yea well at least my knowledge surpasses shopping malls!" He called out as he hurried to catch up with her. Buffy sighed. and a cup of the caffeine high with my pals three days out of the week at the old Bronze. talk about a boring class. You don't even have the brain to examine!" She started down the steps. //Nothing is ever going to change in my life. Ya know. "Nope. And this girl who just came out is the brother's fiancée. his breathing hard and fast. Xander's face formed into an evil look from behind. "Absolutely. not Spike. "So anything new in the Hell we call home?" Willow looked to Buffy.// Not that she really minded her life now…she just wished for some sort of unexpected event that knocked her on her ass. trying to remain calm. I've never been so bloody repulsed in all my life. Slaying. sweat pouring down his face. "Come on now! Kick that bitch's ass! She slept with your mate!" She peered at him oddly before letting her head drift to the screen. but Angel *is* and he's my boyfriend so watch what you say ok???" She shot an authoritative look over the crowd before heading out of the room." Buffy's eyes widened. no mention of make-up or hair. Oh the excitement. so to speak She wanted a thrill… "But you're going slaying tonight still right?" Willow questioned. They all just stared after her in question. "Oooh yea! I've seen this one! This is a good one!" They both sat with their eyes glued to the television. He gave Buffy a little disapproving frown." "Yes. ok??? Well no. blaring through the speakers. She rushed in. Its called 'Family Members Turn Lovers." Xander snickered. Willow and Oz all shook their heads in unison. "Which one is this?" Spike shook his head in disgust."God. He looked to both of the inanimate objects deposited on his couch. "Why the hell are you taking this class Xander? Like you could have a conception of what Psychology is. We're kicking demon bootie. nothing that I know of. much more out of pity than anything else. he just shagged his brother. "What happened?" She asked interested. she really needed Angel… ***** Buffy got to Giles house right after Anatomy let out. And this wanker over here.' This girl just slept with her husband's mum." She gave a little roll of her eyes out of boredom. Before she put her hand to the door she could hear yells and wails of a man from inside the walls. Of course I haven't been to Giles' house yet so that's likely to change as soon as I get there. "I tell you. Right along with the demons themselves." Riley came to meet them at the bottom of the stairs. "Riley come off it will ya? For the last time Angel and Spike are friends. This is it. Buffy. well I suppose it would be a boring class to you. The Jerry Springer Show was on. sitting in front of . only to find Spike on the couch jumping up and down in front of the TV set. She came around to sit next to him with on the couch.

" Riley replied quietly. "You bet!" Riley replied grinning widely." Cordelia patronized. fed up. sitting down. especially some pudgy cop. "Oo. Spike and Buffy nearly nodded mechanically. turning to Buffy. flipping her long hair back off her shoulders. "Hey people!" Spike's and Buffy's eyes both shot to him and hissed out. Giles came down from his shower and was pleased to find everyone there. making Spike give an over-acted." Oz spoke his first phrase. "Well I don't care! No one. "SHHH!" "Sorry. were soon to follow in the door. He knew better though than to say *anything* while the TV was on. I always found Jerry to be a little on the empty side. He laughed and took her hand. well right now our priority is to keep the world safe from demons. we should get down to business." Buffy absently replied. you do that. He looked to the TV." Xander tried to explain. Spike and Buffy shot Cordelia and Oz evil looks before returning to watch the show. I'm lost. "I suppose. along with Cordelia. If Buffy. Just then Riley walked through the door cheerfully. and probably his last for the day. Who's Jerry? Is he some sort of God you humans worship?" Anya looked to Xander. He's more like a really cool person we admire. ignorant people do anyway. Well except for Angel. "So where's Giles?" Willow asked. coming in and carefully sitting on the couch. Buffy sighed and turned off the TV. "Oh good now that everyone is here. Both Spike and Buffy shrugged idly. dramatic sigh. "Fine. "Not quite Babe. He quietly went up stairs to start his shower. Oz and Willow. is this Jerry?" Xander asked excitingly. . "Don't you people have any priorities?" Spike whined.the idiot box and silently shook his head. gives Cordelia Chase a speeding ticket! I'm arguing this in court!" Cordelia scrunched her brow and pressed her lips tightly. "I concur. "Ok." Xander rolled his eyes. Spike. I like my shows to be stimulating my mind in some way. but he did have that little problem of being out in the daytime. Xander and Anya. eyes still glued to the TV. "Yes. Angel and Riley are up for some patrolling…" Giles looked to the three of them." "Or at least the small-minded. "I don't understand how you could not see the sign Cordy! It said the Speed Limit was 50 mph. no?" Giles looked to Buffy and Spike questionably. That's why you got the speeding ticket.

"Hey!" Buffy and Xander both called out in their defense. come on! Let's go have sexual intercourse!" Anya said with glee. "Hi. "Well then. "Where are you going?" Buffy asked." She said timidly. which she chose to ignore. She could hear Spike's groan from the kitchen. She ran to the door to answer it." Oz took Willow's hand and led her out to his van. G. Spike snickered from the kitchen. you need us for anything?" Xander asked. . The remaining party just shook their heads. Angel smiled at her. Joe Commando over there and your great poof I'm going to need a shit load of liquor to keep me from killing myself. Nothing to research really since nothing has happened lately. Buffy gave a sound of disgust and rolled her eyes. She waited impatiently for his arrival. looking at him through her lashes. "Can we go now Xander?" Anya looked to him pleadingly. "If I have to slay with your slutty-ass. "Uh. "So Giles. "How in the hell are you going to have sex with Xander when he ain't even a man! Can someone please explain that to me!" Xander shot him an indigent look. if you don't need us here I'm leaving cause I got better things to do than to hang with you losers so later. I. "Well guess we should go too Baby. "Hi." "Cool! Then we can go? Xander.Spike got up and headed toward Giles' kitchen and got a shot glass out. Buffy smirked. Xander stood and Anya anxiously got up quickly and followed him out. //She certainly loves that sex routine." He poured himself some gin before gulping it down quickly and shuttering. Buffy looked to the sky and realized with much relief that the sun would be setting soon and then Angel would come. "Sweetie." Cordelia waved. A slight knock on the door and Buffy knew right away who it was. grinning and giggling. actually no. can you focus for a minute?" Xander shook his head as everyone stared at him with amused looks." "So…you wanna go outside and talk for a few minutes before we go to work tonight?" She questioned.// "Damn! You're girlfriend is more of a shag-magnet than Slutty and Angel-boy are! That's pretty bad!" Spike called.

"You're so full of shit Whistler. He put his arms around her and pulled her into a tight. "Yea. I'm yours forever. but then I think of what I'd be without you and I wouldn't be anything at all."Yea. and you can't lose me Angel. rubbing her face along his jacket. It seemed like home to her." She frowned. inhaling its subtle scent of men's cologne." He looked away up to the dark sky. Cuddling and making joyous musek. "So listen. He started to make loud. //Ok. Angel gave a little laugh." . "Aww man. we have to be realistic too. but he can be really sweet and kind as well. That was not what I meant. as if searching for something." He shifted his eyes to hers. his hands clapping and applauding loudly. His voice suddenly switched to a fake. I'm sorry. horrible French accent. ya know. Suddenly they heard a loud smacking sound that both made them jump back with widened eyes and startled glances at each other. lovers in the night. "Buffy. and with me you'd never have that. because a life without you would be no life at all. I love you more than anything. Buffy answered back with a small moan and nestled her head into his chest. I do. I'm sorry about this morning. When they broke apart they smiled at each other. over-dramatized cries. I mean it might work. and I'm a human that's going to get old and wrinkled and look like a raisin. let's do that. She liked Whistler. disgusted. you twos make a cute little couple!" He sniffed again." "Whistler! Jesus! You startled us!" Angel gave him an admonishing look. My life without you is no life at all." Buffy just stared at him not convinced one bit. For a long time they walked in silence." His voice had switched back to itself. hugging and squeezing them close. I mean it would be nice to live together but well. you would *not* look like a raisin! Never!" "Well you know what I mean. She loved the smell of it. Angel lifted his hand up to her cheek to caress it. loving embrace. "Couldn't help it. I mean I try and tell myself to let you go have as much of a normal life as possible. But I'm sorry about the comment I made too today. as much as you are mine." He went up to both of them and put his arms around them. "I tell ya man. man that's just fucking beautiful!" He sniffled. and I know that's being selfish. a jerk. built man. "Buffy. "Ah. just occasionally glancing at each other and smiling. Out of the bushes came a short. Just saw you twos out here and got all teary-eyed and shit." She was near tears.// "Aww." She took his face in her hands and brought his close to her own. before he spoke again. "I don't either. I know… We have to face the fact that you're a vampire with the eternal looks of a Teen magazine poster boy. "Aww. It's just that…" He looked to her. I don't want to lose you Buffy. I didn't mean to spring that on ya quite like that. and maybe it's wrong but it's how I feel and I can't help how I feel." Angel wrinkled his face in thought. and then quickly looking away again." He took her hand in his and they headed out into the night air. He bent down and pressed his lips to hers. don't you see I don't care about that kind of life." "Yea. His cologne. Buffy smiled and rolled her eyes. "Angel. "So…salt." Angel said at the exact same time she said "Pepper" They both gazed into each other's eyes and chuckled at their little secret. sure he is sort of a…well. "Well I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea. just look at you twos love birdies! I just love love! It makes life all worth living and fills my heart with song. Buffy was the first to speak.

" She rolled her eyes and shook her head. But for the moment Spanish is the top on my list! So enough about me! Tell me about you twos. well um. "Whistler. "What I meant to say was they have *boobs* there that make you want to be a infant again. "Uh-huh. if ya know what I mean. I would love to live there! All those senioritis. ok?" He smirked winningly at her." Buffy smiled re-assuredly at Angel when he grabbed her hand to try and force her to stay. But woo! I tell ya. "So you and the Buffster might be moving in together huh?" Whistler questioned. A man can go crazy from living there too long! And Spanish? Ah." He smiled as she walked away. but that's just between us now. "Yea." He laughed lightly and full of life. "Ok. causing her to laugh. you do that Babe! I promise we won't talk about you too much. Uh." He smirked wickedly. let me tell you." Angel smiled dreamily. I feel so used. "Anyway. you'll have to find a hotel or somewhere else. Angel rolled his eyes. There's a lady on the premises. "I'll see ya later?" "Yea. almost skipping." "Yea…but she's worth it. "True. I forgot. "What?" Whistler cried defensively. I bet. Whistler put his arm around Angel's shoulder and held tight." "Man! You're harsh! Leave your best friend out in the cold for a drop-dead beautiful Slayer!? Who the hell took your smelly ass in and taught you everything he knows? Who trained you to do some serious ass whooping on vamps? And this is how you repay me? Tsk-tsk. across the border there are women there that give your groin a size of fucking Atlantis! I MEAN THEY GOT HOOTERS THERE THE SIZE OF WATERMELLONS!!!" He suddenly quieted and cleared his throat. moving on here." He snickered." "WHAT!? No shit!! Wow. Whistler could be a little too much for him at times.Whistler suddenly got a deviant smile on his face. "Oh shit." Angel smiled slyly at Buffy. big step. "WHISTLER! For Heaven's sake!" Angel gave a sound of disgust. that's groovy man! That's--hold up! Hey now! If she moves in with you whose couch am I supposed to conk out on after a heavy night of some serious drinking?" "Sorry." He started to pretend to cry and pout. excuse my French there Sweetie. "So what are you doing here anyway? I thought you were living it big in Mexico?" "Aww man. "Yea. Whistler was hopeless. She took hold of Angel's hand for a moment of good-bye and smiled sweetly. I'm just going to talk to Whistler and I'll meet you by the graves there. shooting a distinguished-gentleman stance over them." "Yea. as she gave him a sexy grin back. Whistler chuckled. I haven't seen you guys for more than a month. I can see you guys need some manly time together so I'll just be going now." Angel shook his head in mocked sympathy. El hablas Espanol es bella muy. "Man. But a good friend when it came right down to it. I know Sweetie. what a language of love. . "Buffy and I might be moving in together. I hate to say this but you think every language is the language of love." He looked to Buffy and grinned.

' "After that we just got in a routine of saying it every time we got in a fight." "Well duh.' She had said. So we sat there in silence waiting for her food. "I reached over and took her hand across the table and said. That was one of the best nights I had with her. But now I know. His hand made a shaking motion in the air. who was staring at him as if he were a ghost. "You really shouldn't eavesdrop. We were in a major fight by the time we reached the restaurant. 'What do you mean?' I asked. knowing right then and there that we were both sorry. You're my little seasoning." "Man. intending on emerging myself in its interesting exterior. I'm sure she is. It's just a little saying we have for each other. "You're my little pepper shaker. 'You're my salt then. I can't even remember what it was about but it left us not on speaking terms." Angel smiled and looked over at Whistler. remembering back. while at the same exact time she was reaching for the salt. Honey. "Angel. always by my side and giving my life the extra little flavor it needs." He faked in a little girl's voice. 'Angel. they always come right back to each other in the long run. every story is long! Ever notice that? Oh well. and all I wished was for the night to be over. "Well you asked! Now you know!" Angel crossed his arms about his chest. Of course it didn't start out that way. working together and if they don't. Whistler just laughed harder.' So I told her. Then Buffy said the strangest thing." Whistler laughed." Angel sighed." Whistler smirked. "What?" Angel cried defensively. When her food arrived we still were not speaking. They always act together. It's rude.' We were both laughing by then. We realized how foolish we were acting. you ever notice how salt and pepper are always together? Reminds me of you and me. "So what's up with the Salt and Pepper thing anyway??? That's a new one on me. the other dark. Our hands brushed up against each other and we both looked at each other. 'Well I mean they are always side by side. without a doubt. instead of saying sorry. I used to think you and Buffy were a pretty strange couple. 'Buffy." He started to howl with laughter. that you twos are nuts!" He laughed and shook his head. She loved it. "Yea. "Well it's a long story. "Out of sheer boredom I reached for the pepper holder. well I'm sorry I did! Damn! You twos are really messed up!" . a little embarrassed he told Whistler.' "I looked at her oddly. "She said 'You're my pepper Angel. My other lighter half."Oh. I got time I guess to hear your pathetic story so lay it on me!" Angel sighed and smiled. "I love you Pepper. "One night I took Buffy to this little Italian restaurant in LA. one light. I think you've had a little too much of that wine. but never really existing without each other.

" She turned her head to smile at Angel flirtatiously." Riley sighed." They both chuckled in amusement. Looks like it's normal-town tonight." "That's wonderful Spike. "Well that's the thing about vamps. He returned the smile. so he put up with him for her sake. Angel swiftly grabbed her waist. Something about him just made him sick. You never know when they are going to show up. "Meaning he has a date to get laid?" "Exactly. "Well have a good night Rye." Buffy rolled her eyes. peering over his shoulders. She whipped her head around to find Angel's hand there. "Yea. I'm so glad you chose to share that story with all of us." Angel answered back with the same enthusiasm. "Hey Angel. He quickly reached for her hand and started to pull her home." Buffy suddenly felt something brush against her back. and most of the time it's when you least expect it. simply said his good-bye to the boy. and instead just nodded his head. as he did everything else in his life. letting only him see the little twinkle in her eye that told him *exactly* why she was cutting out early. She smiled up at him. where's Whistler?" She said. He was doing it for her. so we can call it in early. "So now that you're big poof is here can we go??" Spike whined. After they were out of sight Spike slowly shook his head. "So what exactly are we doing here? I mean this night is getting pretty boring. and Spike was working on her last nerve. ***** Buffy jiggled her foot against the gravestone causing a loud tapping sound. "So I remember this one time I bit this girl's neck and the girl hadn't showered in bloody weeks! UGH! Talk about bloody disgusting! She tasted like a fish gone bad. But of course Buffy seemed to like him all right. making a world of echoes in the quiet of the night. Riley merely stared after where Buffy and Angel had gone and slowly he hobbled. his growing immensely. Huckleberry that I thought his book kicked ass. This had been the most boring stakeout she'd ever been on. "Hey. Buffy giggled as she felt him rub up against her discreetly right before he set her gently on the ground. Whistler was only silent for a moment." Riley didn't say anything. She sighed in relief. "Hello Riley. lifting her off the gravestone with a swing of his arms. She turned back around just in time to shout out a good-bye to Spike and Riley."Shut up!" Angel barked. but noticing his mood nonetheless. not really caring enough to ask him what flew up his butt." With that Spike walked off laughing and whistling a little tone. staring at Angel with a mere smirk on his face before he fell into roars of laughter again. . "I swear those two mate more than damn monkeys do. He didn't like this Solider Boy whatsoever. making his way home. Always for her. "He said he had an important appointment that he couldn't miss so he had to go. I suppose." Angel smiled. Spike. gazing at his eyes." Riley said dully. Go on back to the farm and tell your pa. Something about them just made her weak at the knees.

is that a promise?" He grabbed her. hitting him playfully on the arms. well what can I say? Love hurts. She gave a sound of fake disgust as she rolled toward him and straddled his abdomen. Buffy moaned and grumbled as she hit the button. It would be more than lovely to know that she would always be there when he got in." He grinned. "Come on Buffy. inches from his. which he latched onto in an instant. Even though deep down he knew he should be letting her live a normal life as much as possible his own need for her finally got the better of him and he knew the answer." "You keep talking like that Mister and you're going to get more than just physical abuse. She turned over to face him and kissed him softly." He shot her a playful smile. "After what we did last night I would think you'd be a little tired out. He glanced over at the clock. He grinned and scooted up behind her." She giggled. You were all ready late b/c of the other day as well…" He shot her a smirk. "Well what can I say? You make me go the extra distance in our relationship. I promised your mother I'd try to do better with getting you to school on time. I could never get tired of you. When she started to rub her warmness against his groin he stopped her suddenly and pushed her back earning him a hurtful look." He said in all seriousness. suckling the sensitive skin there. Mostly because I know you would more or less do *anything* for me. *His* home would be her home. "Talk about an abusive relationship!" "Yea. and kissed her hard and full of passion on the mouth. Take it out on you in *other* ways. She moaned against him and brought her head back to give him access to her slender neck. . Waking up to you and just merely looking at you is enough to get me started. He sighed and continued to think more on Buffy living with him. to get back at you for your physical abuse. "Ooo. rolling over on her side and turning away from him. don't you?" She smirked. "Well then maybe I'll just have to punish you for it later. only half-awake still. The buzzing sound of the clock made him shake his head and come out of his contemplation. Somehow that made it seem all worth it. "Make me" She stated with a wicked grin." "Well duh. "Morning. Her whimper turned more and more audible until it became an outright giggle-fest." She brought her face down. "Come on Buffy you have to go to class. He laughed. faking an excruciating amount of pain. while Buffy was snuggled quite contently against his chest in sound sleep. and that this would be her home. "OWW! What was that for?" He grabbed his arm. noticing that in less than 5 minutes the sound of that confounded machine would take his Buffy away from him once again." "Morning Sweetie. while sliding his hand under the covers to reach her knee." "So what turned your motor on? You're quite frisky this morning.***** Angel peered up at the ceiling of his bedroom. letting his fingers pinch the sensitive soft skin on the backside.

teasingly. None of that…” She groaned out in frustration and looked up at him pleadingly. he made no further advances after that.” “Yea? Well those people can kiss my ass! I want it NOW!” She tried again to move against his hand. stern look and held them tightly. my. making him groan out a little in the process. and threw them up over his head. and making it almost unbearable for both of them. this always causing her to become helpless in his strong arms. “Ah. However. Buffy opened her eyes with a start and looked at him full of passion. but he suddenly grabbed her hips with a determined. I'm beginning to think that. You had to look so damn good. Most definitely. He smiled." "Hey. while she was being tortured to death. She gave a little cry out. He held her tight and close."You should know. to which he couldn’t help but chuckle." "No. who's the one that couldn't help their urges the other day?" "That was your fault I'll have you know. She moaned softly. You’ve certainly become impatient. he thrust up his hips a little. sucking on the little lobe with his warm mouth. most likely she will get me back ten times harder. I'm a bad little girl. She felt his hands skimming down to in-between her legs.” He could only imagine all the “pleasurable torments” she would do to him and with that. holding them at bay with her strength. while stretching out and smothering his body with her own. //What nerve the bastard has! Oh. the sensations making her woozy. for he only held her tighter. I'm just getting such a thrill at killing you here. “What the hell are you waiting for?” He only smirked up at her and replied softly. She captured his hands holding her hips. If you didn't do all those cute things that drive me crazy and make me love you I wouldn't have this problem. no it was *your* fault. I *will* get him back. She giggled as he brought her down to kiss her. making her crotch mash down hard on his hardness. He clasped the back of her head and slowly moved his mouth to her ear. her head thrown back with her eyes shut. occasionally feathering her clit." "No. his fingers softly brushing against her all ready moist. ah." "Well if you weren't so irresistible. She proceeded to rub up and down slowly with the lower portion of her body against his hardness. nuzzling her neck and licking at a little. it's *you*! You do that thing with your eyes and I'm toast. //No. You looked too darn handsome.// She decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. it's deadly!" Angel smiled at her and laughed a little. "UGH! See??" She glared at him. causing her all the more to become aroused. "I know." He smiled relentlessly. Some people believe that patience is the only virtue ya know. but instead merely grinned up at her." "You know. She panted and cooed. “My. ah. outer lips. . Now.// He knew from personal experience that she was a firm believer in “Payback’s a real bitch. unable to stand it when she came into contact with his manhood but when she felt him stop she glared down at him. letting her get a delicious taste of things to come and then stilled. now little Slayer. And your smile? God. She pushed harder on his hand and rubbed up against it. He tactfully bit back his own groan of pleasure and wondered how much more she would take from him before she beat the shit out of him for being this cruel. The familiar tickling sensation began and she felt a tremor rip through her. However today he seemed not in the mercy type mood. intending on him continuing. outraged that she found him to be merely *smiling* innocently up at her. wiggling against his hardness.

heaving gasp. He didn't want to kill her after all… Buffy gave a long-drawn out sigh and felt like nothing on this earth could ever stop her from feeling this good. and she wrapped her arms around him. and suddenly the games seemed to be over as he quickly flipped her under him with a playful growl. holding him so close that Angel's face became lost in her chest. I guess you suffered enough. He decided to play it safe for a while and caught one of her pink. his brown eyes slowing turning to a flashing yellow. He carefully took her arms that were almost smothering him (good thing he didn't need to breath) and moved them away from him slowly so that he could move back up to her face. please…you know what I want…enough with the games…" Her voice was becoming forced and almost incoherent. She screamed hoarsely. "Angel please. taking her lips with his own. He started at a slow pace. gently moving in and out of her. She groaned out and lifted her head to give him a menacing glare.He groaned out. She was thrusting up into his mouth with each little whimper she made. softly licking and biting when she squirmed beneath him and moaned. and went back to tormenting her breasts for a while before she whimpered pathetically and he finally slid between her thighs and kissed her softly. He was busying himself with her ear. carefully avoiding her clitoris. the searing sensation of it making him hiss loudly. then switching to flicks with his tongue." He moved down to her neck. and pulled at his hair. She was on fire. just tell me what you want. He had to remember to go easy on her sometimes. He bent to lightly lap up the wasted juice on her beautiful legs. to which he responded to by merely pushing his tongue onto her clit. begging him. He was trying to decide if he should still tease her or not. While she was calming down somewhat he had gotten off the bed and removed his boxer shorts in a flash. "What Baby? What do you want?" "God." "Please…make love to me…now…need you…want you…" "Ok. He pounced on her quickly. Come on. the echo of her cries bouncing off the mansion walls making it seem to go on forever. He sucked gently on the areola before he switched to the other breast to do the same. He drank down her juices as she came. softly sucking on the skin he found there as well. He arched into her scalding heat. He spread her lips apart slowly to gently moisten and tease the inside of them. He began to inch his way down again. "Shhh…Shhh…" He slowly came up and kissed her neck smoothly and gently. As soon as his tongue connected with her skin she shouted out and shot up like a bullet in bed with a giant.// He idly began to lick around her swollen lips. Her fluids had run down all her thighs and glistened against her soft skin. He only smiled. her whole body quivered and convulsed. The coolness of his skin embedded in her burning center causing both of them to shake. and proceeded to suck as if it was his own lifeline. . his taste buds softly tickling her. decisions. He finally was giving her what she wanted. She breathed out blissful sighs. "Just hang on a second Baby. which soon escalated to deafening moans. "Just say it for me Baby. uncontrollably panting in and out. pert nipples in his mouth. and yanked up her nightshirt. pausing briefly to torment her some more before he stopped at her full glistening center. "OOOOH…ANG…STOP…stopstopstopstopstop" She was mumbling and heaving great breaths of air. but as soon as she met him for each thrust it caused him to buck into her more and more wildly. It seemed all too soon that she was climaxing underneath him again. shouting his name. reaching down into her mouth with his tongue to bring out hers in the process. causing her giggle." He bent his head to her ear and purred softly. I want to hear--I *need* to hear you say it. She was thrusting her hips up now. biting at it softly. He gave her slender neck a long lick. //Hmm…decisions. He was holding her and whispering to her that it was ok. her stomach muscles tightening frantically." He gave her a little grin. Sweat poured off her brow and she felt like butter melting in his arms.

his holding and pushing tightly against her hand as he neared his release. //Oh God…this is just *so* not good. "Oh Angel! This is going to be so perfect! We'll have Christmas and Thanksgiving--uh. "Buffy let's do it. we can do that. "Oh man. Walsh." He gave her a little grin. that's what the desks are for. minus the turkey and food and stuff--and we'll have to get a dog! Oh yes! A big huge cuddly dog!" He laughed and nodded his head. that was nice. For a while both surrounded themselves in the great quiet of the room with Angel idly running his fingers along her arms and back while Buffy held him tightly. "Don't worry Sweetheart. "Ok Baby. Miss Summers. "Mmm. Buffy pressed her lips tightly together and looked to the floor. suddenly coming up out of her embrace of warmth to look in her eyes with loving adoration. "You don't expect me to go to class now do you? I can barely walk!" He laughed softly. DAMN!" "Hey! Be quiet!" She smiled. She stilled. With that he merely smiled at her. just make me suffer why don't you! You Scourge of Europe!" She gave him a playful pout of her lips. ***** Buffy stealthily turned the knob of the closed door and winced when it made a soft creak. admonishing. Walsh. "Oh Angel. You found time in your schedule to pencil us in. She was the first to speak. A dog did sound nice.They interlaced their fingers. sure. did you?" "Mrs.// She slowly turned her head to glance at Mrs. That was enough to bring her there again as well and she flung her head back crying softly. "Really? Are you serious?! Oh my God!" Buffy shot off the pillow her head was resting on into Angel's open arms and hugged him fiercely." Angel laughed "I can see you're all ready turning those little wheels together in your head. I can explai--" . //Damn!// She cautiously stepped inside and froze while all eyes gazed upon her in deadly silence. Let's move in together. feeling blissfully drained and peaceful. He always had loved them. moaning and growling harshly against her smooth neck. who was eyeing her relentlessly in an authoritative and silent. So nice of you to *finally* join us." She huffed in annoyance. we're going to just be so happy! I just know it! I love you!" She shoved her lips on his and they both fell back on the bed in a state of bliss. "Ah. He came hard inside her. He chuckled and held her close. harsh tone. with Angel in her arms snuggling close to her heart." She sighed in absolute contentment and sniffled while the tears formed in her eyes. He growled and moved his face to the crook of her neck where he sank his teeth into with a ragged groan as he felt her warm beautiful blood come pouring into his mouth." Angel simply let his smile broaden." "Yea. "Oh my God! I can't believe it! This is going to be great! We'll have to get little patterned dishes and cups and a little closet organizer!!" She giggled excitingly. you could say that. "Fine. I'm going to regret this.

"What?! You didn't seem to have a problem with it yesterday when we talked about it. "God damn it!" He hopped over to her on one leg. She stuck her head out from around the wall and peered to see him. doesn't she? UGH! She *is* the Evil Bitch Monster of Death. He stood completely still for several moments hoping that his mind would pityingly take these images away from his sight. but for some perplexing reason it did. //She just has to always belittle me. So Angel had the pleasure of checking it out and nearly getting his ass whooped. ***** "You shouldn't do it man! It's such a mistake! It's a marriage license just waiting to happen! Women have ways man! They weasel their way into man's lives just to fuck em up! How could you do this to yourself?" Whistler was going on and on. "Buffy!" He called out in annoyance. Shit! She was a hottie. He walked into the room only to find boxes and trunks and suitcases spilled and scattered over every square inch of available floor space. "What is going on here?" His voice was on the very edge of his usual patience and understanding. "Wha…" He whimpered out. what a great day this is going to turn out to be…// She sighed as she took her seat. I wonder if there's a petition on that one…// She noticed Riley looking at her with disappointment written all over his face. as I'm sure you've caused enough disruption and disturbance for one afternoon. "Well where are we going anyway? I mean damn man. did you really have to wake me up from the gorgeous redhead." Her voice as sugary as ever." Buffy slowly trudged up the stairs. damn it!" "I want to get Buffy a present. then I can get back to teaching *my* class. As he made his way over to the sound of her sweet song he toppled over a near-by suitcase and cried out in pained fury as his foot became wedged in-between the crack of the two suitcases. . "Hi Baby. See me after class. Now if you would be so kind to take your seat. He had no idea where Buffy was but he was plenty beat enough not to really have it his chief concern." Angel smiled a little. you are late to my class almost every single time. furtive glare. //Oh. cause it's true. and I'm sick and tired of it. "Something she's been wanting to have." And he made his way into the Pet Store."You know. He heard humming coming from his bedroom and gave a disgruntled huff. holding his other aching ankle in humble acceptance." Angel smiled. Walsh a narrow-eyed. but not before shooting Mrs. His muscles ached and his vision was slightly blurred. He knew that wherever she was more than likely she was able to take care of herself. His head throbbed. ***** Angel put his key in the door and groaned in utter exhaustion. gripping to him that his girlfriend was nowhere to be found and there was a demon from beyond the Hell dimension that came here to do some damage. She didn't know why it bothered her. He sighed. Then Giles paged him. " "Well shit! I didn't think you were serious about it then! I mean when you said Buffy and you might move into together I just thought it was like me saying something like 'I love all women!' I can't believe this!" "Well believe it. He'd been looking at dogs all damn day and didn't find one that he liked or thought that Buffy would either.

He began to roar with laughter. no! We don't want to do that. Buffy gave a detesting disgruntled huff and seized the book while Angel was rolling on the floor uncontrollably howling with choking gasps. ignoring his scrunched eyebrows and warning glare." She looked to him sweetly. who fight vampires by night read BabySitting Club Books by day!" He laughed so hard his face was becoming red. "It's my stuff!" She cried defensively. bringing his face close to hers when she spoke. and giving her head an idle shake and rolling her eyes went back to measuring the sides of the closet with true concentration gleaming in her eyes. All its contents spilled out over the floor. ok." He flashed her a smug grin. She turned away from him. Cordelia was right. right? The whole approach to vampires is really to cuddle up with them with a good book and a glass of milk and cookies. "You said I could move in…" She lowered the tape measure she had been holding up to the closet in discouragement. "However…" She grinned. She felt a hand grasp her wrist and pull her around. "Ooooh." He snickered some more. The house was filled with the sounds of their laughter. "BUFFY! OH MY GOD! This is a Baby-Sitting Club Book. "Well ya know I've never had a problem with it before so maybe we could just get rid of some of your *so* many black dresses. stop! Ahhh!!!" He grabbed the first thing that came into vision and started to examine it."What?" She looked at him blankly. He wrestled her off and jumped for a box this time. They help me with a lot…" "What? Don't tell me! Slaying. come on. "Well maybe we could just put some of your stuff in storage." He smiled. "Oh Angel. He was just about to take her lips in his. I do not! I *used* to! Ok??? I used to love them as a kid! They're just good books. don't be so silly!" "Well what the hell is all this stuff?" His hands gestured to the adjacent room with incredulity. we'll have to get one of those little closet organizers. How many different pairs of different black dresses do you actually need?" "Angel! We can't do that! All my clothes are very important to my Slayerness. causing it to topple over off the table and land with a thud on the floor. with a furtive smirk on her face. I suppose I'd be able to get rid of my Victoria Secret garments…so if that's ok with you…" She turned around. "What?? *My* stuff? Ha! Are you kidding? We aren't going to be doing that! If anything we'd be doing that to your stuff! I mean let's see what we're up against here." He suddenly ran into the other room with a chuckle and leapt right for one of her suitcases before she hopped on his back and tackled him playfully to the ground. We'll just…well like you said. You? You. "Look. "No. but I said *you*! Not you and the whole damn neighborhood!" She gave a light laugh. heading toward her suitcase. He heard her giggle and begin to loosen her hold on his neck." She pressed her lips together and put her hands on her hips. . "If you insist." She gave him a stern stare. "No!" Buffy leapt onto his back and wrapped her legs around his waist tightly. "Well yea. "I mean. He got a devious smile on his face and started to tickle her feet and calves. Your closet is not going to be big enough. "You know.

"You and Spike weren't chums then. Great Expectations. "Ok Mr. "And ya know I think it's uncanny how Miss September looks kind of like me in a way… I mean with the blonde hair and the blue eyes. What a pervert. "No. miffed that he couldn't get it away from her. "But why not?" Buffy giggled naively and tried to hide her smirk. Let's see what you read by day shall we?" Angel halted his choking snickers and quickly gathering himself together bolted up right and jumped towards Buffy. almost as if that page had been looked at an *awful* lot--" Buffy suddenly felt the magazine being ripped out of her hands with a menacing growl. "This says the issue is September of 1996…" Buffy protested." She softly called to him. that's it. //Yea. It has a lot of crinkles and everything on them. no!! You don't want to do that. Angel looked over and sucked in a breath and waited. he left it over here.// Buffy carefully bent to pick up the magazine and examined it slowly. "Ah-ha! So here we have Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire. Spike. . "Come on. "Because…it's just boring stuff…really." She turned it over." She said as she held the magazine out his reach. Shakespeare…" "Doesn't sound so bad to me. large magazine that had been folded up and stuck into the book tumbled out in all its travesties and slapped down on the floor. Her eyes became wide and full of shock. Let's just have a look and see…" She shrugged him off and bounded over to the bookcase. "Hmm?" His tone was unsteady and full of apprehension." He started to pull her away by the arm. seizing the first one. "Look. It looks like this page has been through a lot of damage. Irish Man. I mean we're talking…ya know War and Peace. yes…that's Spike's!" He justified quickly. Actually. you just wouldn't understand ok?" She was beginning to become annoyed but suddenly. "Oh God!" Angel closed his eyes and wanted to die. time to finish unpacking. You know him. //Oh SHIT!!!…. And it's funny how you can just open the book and it just goes to that page. "This-um-this is a Playboy magazine. "Angel."NO!" She grumbled." She giggled. her face formed into a feline grin and she leapt for his bookcase. Suddenly there was a following thud as a thin." He laughed nervously. isn't that when you first saw me??" She looked up at him peculiarly. Good play…// "Yea. were you? Cause you had your soul then. her mouth hanging open." He went over to her to try to pry the blasted magazine out of her hands. //God damn it!// "Um…yes…" He squeezed his eyes tightly closed as he heard the flip of the pages. so?" He asked in exasperation. "Uh. "Yea. "But Angel.

" Angel replied softly. staring out over his shoulder. She continued as if she didn't hear him. make her orgasm every chance I get…" He began to kiss her soft neck. lets just see what you have to amuse yourself besides Baby-Sitting Club books shall we?" He leapt over to her boxes of stuff before being squeezed by a feminine arm and a burst full of giggles. "Did you ever…meet any Slayers in your time?" He continued to smile. I met one. ." She tried again. "I want to know… When…you…when you were Angelus--I mean that is to say--did you ever run across any Slayers?" She bore deep into his pained face. Miss Slayer. yes. until she slowly stopped and looked back to him. with the candlestick in the library. "Yep. Buffy suddenly turned her face away from him and became quiet. "I…I don't know… I guess I just want to know your story…I mean if we're going to be living together and stuff." Buffy rolled her eyes and chuckled under her breath some more. "Buffy."All right. "I suppose you killed her…" Buffy sighed heavily as she got off the bed and headed out to the door. gazing down at the color of his black sheets. "Why do you want to know?" He asked finally. "Well." He didn't realize she was being serious. I guess that answers my question. staring at her straight in the face so there was to be no misunderstanding. now understanding that she wasn't in the mood to be playful. where he then proceeded to kiss her feverently. Angel bowed his head and was silent for a while." Her tone was hushed and wavering. "Why can't you just admit to the fact that you had a Playboy to get by without me after you saw me?" "Because that's not what happened!" "Oh ok whatever you say." He chuckled." He called to her. "And what may I ask is so funny Missy?" She shot him a flirtatious grin. He laughed full of life and whisked her over to the bed. "I didn't. and I know you were the Scourge of Europe and all. He heard a burst fit of giggles behind him. but there's no stories of if you ever killed any Slayers. pushing him away. "I didn't. muttering under his breath the whole time. I know Spike has a rep for killing two…but then there's you. "What's the matter Buffy?" He asked softly. "All right. "Angel…" She started. it was me with Coronal Mustard. "Ok. to which she gave a disgruntled groan and sat up." He said again. "Angel I have to ask you something. let's just finish unpacking shall we?" Angel threw the magazine in the garbage." He shunned away from her. "Oh no you don't!" Angel gasped in mocked astonishment before being tackled to the floor. Angel sighed. before suddenly getting a mischievous smirk on his face. "Angel. fell in love with her.

I am a monster…// "I didn't kill her…I never have killed a Slayer. "Yes. looked at her. He knew when he came back from his little "conquest" of this one particular Slayer and he told Darla about the incident she would be none to happy that he left the poor girl merely broken and crying in the ally. Not even Darla. I was the manipulator. When she staked him I knew she was a Slayer. Buffy looked up at him with a dim questioning look until reality set in. She had such skill. "I said I never killed one…I have run into them…one. I have had a run in with a Slayer. When he opened his eyes her cheek was laying softly on his outstretched thigh. running through her blood more deeply than she ever knew. and I---I grabbed her from behind before she had a chance to do anything…" He stopped abruptly. a deceitful one at best. Angel cringed violently as he shut his eyes. I left that up to Spike to fancy Dru with his wild tales of terrific bloody deaths and sorrowful fates. and her body beyond bruised because of *him*. Spike was always the bragger of the group. oblivious to her quivering. shutting out all that wanted in. Perhaps forever… She'll never forgive me for this. You should have seen her Buffy. feeling the tears welling in his eyes. "I was on a nightly feed like any other night. flowing to a rhythm that I couldn't hear. When I ran into her she was already into fighting mode with another vampire. they barely escaped with their fangs still intact. gazing at the hobbling vampires on one leg in the demon bars. For what she stood. their rantings of a strong girl with superpowers had done it to them. not wishing to reveal myself. in fact…" His dark. silent as the grave. She felt an icy-hot. I watched slightly from the shadows. I felt the need to…I wanted to hurt her… Not kill her…just scare her. "What happened Angel?" She inquired gently. the Slayer??" She asked harshly. "I'll tell you if you truly want to know…" His tragic face fell to match hers. "Well…" Buffy began for him. for the hold she had over me as a demon. the thinker. //His floor is so dirty. growing pain. But for his demon-self it wasn't the thrill of killing the girl that Angelus got off on. Clean. Angel went on. However. He realized what he was about to tell her he had never told anyone. brushed passed her in the street. disbelieving him. He lifted a hand to his temples. Something inside me twisted. He really should have it cleaned… There are so many scratches and nicks in it…// "You want to know?" Angel's faded voice raised her from her reverie about Mr. His voice proceeded to be soft and measured." He stopped. stroking her hair. He inwardly took in a shaky breath." Was all the reply Angel gave. bitter-cold fire burning. Because of *him* she would shutter each time a man touched her. I found these stories fascinating as a demon. "She was like a dancer almost. the planner. I had heard about such a thing. grave eyes suddenly shifting in the light. He heard Buffy's gentle moan. My one immoral wicked sin that I wished to keep from her as long as possible."You mean to tell me that in all your years of wondering you never once met a Chosen One. raging much like jealously. I…emerged from the shadows. her soft patter of footsteps and her tender. It was the matter that she was damaged. Reading legends of books. but I wasn't going to brag about my conquests. Buffy cast her head. I had never seen one at that time. . //This was it. I was mesmerized. She was a magnificent fighter. He gently settled his hand atop of her head. examining the floor. "You raped her…" She whispered. for what she did to the other vampire. soft skin touch his hand on his forehead. such pose…" Buffy winced at his statement. than breaking her neck and draining her dry. That was Spike's job.

I swear." "Well. please don't…" His distressed. She twisted her head as if trying to find stable ground. as if frantically looking for something. "Tell me you'll be back and I'll let you go!" "Angel!" She warned. nor seek thou to allure My thoughts with beauty. . and kiss. I…" She suddenly swiveled her head from left to right. pushing it shut. For all those rosy ornaments in thee.Buffy shut her eyes in gut-wrenching despair. She sniffed as she tried to blink away the stubborn tears away from her eyes. empty mansion surrounded with boxes and crumpled clothing. were it more divine. Nor fair nor sweet. "Uhhh…it's about 11:00. I just…I just want some time to…to kick some demon ass…" She stopped and bit her lip. She sat up precariously and put her hand to her mouth. "I'll be back by 1:00. in despite.-Embrace. Buffy lowered her head." Angel pressed his lips together in an act of trying to keep from saying anything more. Now shew it if thou be a woman right. I will not soothe thy fancies: thou shalt prove That beauty is no beauty without love. I want to go patrolling alone this time. Or let me go with you. "Just stay here. forbidding her to go out. She turned back to stare at his tortured face. what time is it?" She got up and headed to get her coat. "I promise. before leaving him there in his big. and love me." She waited for him to slowly back away from the door. I'm up for some patrolling and I'm sure Giles is like frantic on where I am. "I'm not angry. "Oh God. "Buffy.unless thou pity me. Don't go now. She was desperately afraid she was going to leave him because of this. She continued putting on her coat." Her eyes held his. "TELL ME! This is your house now too Buffy… Please! Tell me when you're coming home and I'll let you go. quivering eyes pleaded with hers silently. won't you? Buffy…" He leapt for the door and leaned on it. Buffy. just call him. She proceeded to go out before she stopped again. She didn't stop for a second. She sighed. "No. though made of mere delight. Thou art not fair for all thy red and white. Buffy. Why? Where are you going?" Angel got up in concern to follow her. I've been here all day moving in and I haven't even left him a message. Thou art not sweet. Yet love not me. "But you will be back. "Well…another secret has been unfolded…" She softly echoed in the suddenly big. Thy smiles and kisses I cannot endure. "I have to go. I'll not be wrapt up in those arms of thine. it's late. empty room." She held out her hand in a sign of aversion." She headed for the door.

His mouth. Riley kept looking over at Buffy to make sure she was all right. Buffy was taken aback. Riley merely smiled. She wanted to talk to Angel about it. . both seeming content to just look about for evil goingons. She sat on the prickled bed of grass and cried for a long time. you don't have to… You can patrol with me if you want.By: Thomas Campion (1540-1581) Buffy sluggishly trampled the graveyard. lick. until finally Buffy caught him in the act." He pulled a stake out of his pocket. "What?" She asked. causing her to choke and heave up her supper upon one particular gravestone. "Ah. along with any other undigested foods. "Riley. whisk around. "Whoa there." Buffy sighed. It's just I was wondering what Angel did to get you like this. "Well. "Thanks. I know you better than you think. Particularly after hearing what he did to another Slayer. You're not usually out this late…alone. "Yea. His body slamming up against the other Slayer's body… Buffy could feel her abdomen muscles clench and tighten as her stomach acid juices rose up in her throat. She looked to this boy from her Psychology class and bit her bottom lip. taking heed of nothing but her growing obsession with objects peacefully establishing their rightful place on the ground. do you?" Buffy challenged. Her vengeful eyes took recognition and softened before she spoke. "What?! What makes you think that this has to do with Angel? Nothing is going on even!" "Come on Buffy. little lady!" A familiar voice mocking a cowboy's tone and hand grabbed the stake just in time. She began slowly. striking them clear across the cemetery. I…I guess I just wanted to be alone…" She risked a glance up at him." Riley replied casually. but a Slayer. that is. however she didn't seem in sharing mode. "And I want to know what Angel did to hurt you this badly. He looked into her red. what are you doing here?" "Well I was going to ask you the same question. "You never know when you might need it." "Oh. He could see the tear stains on her cheeks. Especially with Riley. grabbing her sides as she did so." Riley simply stated. on that Slayer. She fell upon her knees. but I've learned to carry my own protection. I do. I see. kiss. well ya know. her foot seizing havoc on the items. One of her own kind." He slowly started. and whatever else he did. the same mouth he used to bite. "Yea. but now she felt weird with him. Until she heard a small twig snap behind her." She came up to him to hand him a stake. "Oh nothing. and hold it up to the prowler. "Then…I'll leave you alone…" Riley turned to go when Buffy's voice called him back. which caused her to whip out a stake from her back pocket. gasping and sobbing loudly." He was quiet. The hands he used to touch Buffy had been the same hands he used on that Slayer." For a while there was merely silence between them. And not just any girl." He searched her face for an answer. She cast her head to the ground. moist eyes deeply. "No! I mean. She really shouldn't be talking about this. suck. Her mind swam in utter chaos and confusion on how to feel about what Angel did to that girl.

His kiss was different from Angel's. He was silent. I only wish. "Oh my God! Why did you do that??!!! HUH? ANSWER ME!" "I thought you wanted me to!" Riley shot back. "Oh Buffy. and began to stomp about back and forth in a line. putting her hand over her mouth."Well it's nothing really. But Buffy was already fleeing from the graveyard. cool rain. I see. His hand went to stroke her hair. "Oh. It didn't happen. "He…well. despite her startled gasp. I'm in love with y---" "STOP IT!" She stung him with an evil glare. to try to explain. She suddenly felt Riley's hand gently touch her own. She clumsily wiped at her nose. "Buffy!" Riley came near to her. "No. She burst into sobs onto his shirt. …A real taste." He softly responded. Riley made a grab for her again but she quickly hopped off the gravestone. . Buffy gazed into Riley's tender eyes and suddenly felt a pain strike deep into her chest. passion-filled ones. "Abused her…psychically. //This was wrong…// But Riley grabbed her head and gently pressed his lips to hers. trying not to sob again. shhh…" She could hear Riley's voice trying to console her. I suppose I was just curious. "What did he do to her?" Riley's voice dropped another notch. so sorry. "Ha." He put an arm around her shoulders. I was moving my stuff into Angel's and somehow we got on the subject of if he had ever met another Slayer. not caring anymore about being strong or hiding her feelings." Her eyes looked up to his. Do you understand?" She looked at him with a grave face. yet so hot at the same time. I'm so. "Buffy. It means nothing. "Do you hear me! Just stop it! I'm with Angel! Now maybe you got confused tonight because I invited you along for the hunt but I didn't mean it like that! I was just… lonely…I just needed a friend to talk to! I love Angel!" "Buffy! He's a demon! Don't you get it!? He *raped* a Slayer! Doesn't that mean anything to you!? GOD! Isn't some sort of warning sign going off in your head!? Christ!" "Shut up! You don't know him! He isn't like that! Not at all!" "Buffy…" Riley's tone calmed a bit. causing her whole body to tingle all the way down to her toes." She could feel the tears prickle her eyes. "NO!" She moved away from him and held his eyes with her fire." Buffy bitterly barked. It was like tasting fresh Christmas snow or gentle. "Did he kill her?" He whispered. Riley bowed his head in defeat. "So I suppose our boy Spike isn't the only one notorious for running into Slayers." Buffy sighed as she sat atop a gravestone. "Yes. silently listening. Riley's face dawned in understanding. like kissing hot milk or warm water… Angel's kisses were always so cool. She suddenly broke away with a cry out of shock. merely staring at Buffy's ever falling composure. "Shh. Just don't mention this to anyone." He whispered. he…" She stopped. Angelus has had a share of them too. Riley followed her and sat down next to her. She suddenly felt very odd and started to pull away. searching for the right words. His lips were warm. I shouldn't have asked now that I think about it.

"I just…I mean that if you want to…I will understand…" Buffy swallowed hard and silently condemned herself till the end of time. tragic-stricken eyes behind her. but then how would she explain that to Angel? She already caused him so much pain for one night. coughing and gasping between words. She was nothing in here. But now. //Damn Riley! This is all his fault!// Refusing to take the initial blame upon herself she continued scrubbing her face. with his soft. she felt his masculine arms come around her waist and wrap around tightly. //Damn that prick. She felt him pull back her hair away from her neck and kiss the bare skin there. However. ranking his brain how exactly to go about this. unknown to her Angel was far from sleeping contently. trying not to sound too emotional. He sighed. She creeped her way into the bathroom to start her nightly routine. hoping the running of the faucet wouldn't disturb Angel sleeping contently. and she didn't want him to worry about her. He rubbed his temples. As she watched his troubled eyes mirroring her own internal. as Buffy felt something brush her back the toothbrush got shoved down her throat simultaneously. driving her out to the real world. "NO!" Angel's face begged with her in stricken pleading. Riley.******* Buffy stealthily put the key in Angel's door. She probably wouldn't have to deal with Angel till her alarm clock did its work in the morning. she promised she'd be back here…to his home…or their home rather…or whosoever home it was. Just the one woman Angel loved. //God damn Riley! Why did he have to kiss me like that!?// All was dark when she entered through the doorway. perceiving as they stood in front of the mirror the only guise that showed was hers. mindful not to make a sound. He averted his eyes to the floor and felt disgustingly dreadful. She leaned back against him. Besides. bending over the sink while choking and spiting up the last of her humanly fluids. Now all her walls and boundaries were crumbling and disintegrating around her. It was something that always calmed her after a long day. Suddenly. All the vampires and slayers and apocalypses couldn't touch her. //Well what do you expect Casanova? When you tell a girl you raped and beat the shit out of another she's not going to swoon. "You want me to go?" She asked. He grumbled and softly swung his feet out of bed till they hit the cold floor. Damn him." His whispered reply tickled near to her ear. I completely under---" Buffy's eyes shot open and she spun around to stare at him in horror. secret shame she couldn’t help but suddenly surge with a bolt to hug him to death. She turned back around. "Listen. "I'm sorry. She looked upset about something. "What…are you…trying…to do??!! …Kill---me?" She wheezed out. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness… I don't want it either… I'm only saying this because if you want to move out. He stood in the doorway right in front of the mirror watching her brush her teeth. She sniffed back a choked sob catching in her throat. antagonizing her mind with what she was going to do about this mess she was in. She whipped around to see Angel's hunched up form. as she started to hack and choke to death. turning towards the lighted pathway coming from the bathroom and making its way into the bedroom. She had thought about going home and sleeping in her own bed for the night.// Buffy lifted her eyes slowly up to match her lover’s guilty stare. heading to the bathroom. She carefully hung up her coat. now is she?// He mocked himself. here she felt like nothing out there would ever go wrong. just so long as she was inside this house with Angel she would be safe from the entire world and all its evils. Poor Buffy was probably terrified now to even crawl into bed with him. "Buffy…" Angel's voice stung a sore cord in her chest. He reached his hand out to softly touch her shoulder without thinking. He had heard her put her key in the door all the way to the bathroom faucet. He had to apologize to her. As she dried her mouth with a towel and sighed. as she closed her eyes and felt the tears stream down her face it only seemed to confuse things. She felt his chin rest tenderly on her shoulder. It was strange. and .

” Her whimpered gasps caught in her throat. I have my grand ride of Uncle Rory's caddy! And boy. Angel with a long. ****** "So Daddy is grounding me from my car! Can you believe it?! ME! Cordelia Chase has take public transportation. can that baby move. you have to talk to me baby. "Uh…well. sweet Queen of Hooker-Wear. PLEASE! Don't talk anymore! Just hold me! Just hold me and everything will be fine. I hear has some great rates. "Plus I have all my band equipment in the back so there's really no room. "Fine. causing breathing to become difficult for her. little board with wheels to school to understand my pain. completely content on ignoring her for the rest of the day." "Like I'd accept a ride in that horrid thing! NOT EVEN TO MY OWN FUNERAL. Until finally. heartless bastard! The man has no standards!" Xander mocked her. She finally agreed to ease off a little when Angel tugged at her wrists forcefully. I can’t just have you—“ ”Forget it! Let’s not talk about it anymore! PLEASE! I just want you to hold me tonight and not talk about anything! Just hold me in your arms and everything will be all right. uncertain sigh." "I don't believe this! I am being passed over by all my loser associates that don't even seem to care about me making enough public appearances!" Cordelia eyed the three of them in disdain before swinging her hair to the side and standing up perfectly. . "Do you think I could ride with you. so wrong you are. He looked back over to Cordelia. It’s not right that—“ ”Oh. I take Will to school now. Greyhound. "SHUT UP XANDER! I don't expect someone that rides a pathetic. Xander merely grinned. Angel. She squeezed with all her might and couldn’t will herself to let go. Too bad I hate you so much. Otherwise. I don't think you'd fit Cordy. That night went harshly for both of them. patronizingly shaking his head at her. "Oz. "All because you only got your sixth speeding ticket in less than one month? God." Cordelia suddenly scooted over to Oz and pushed Willow out of the way none too gently. since the temptation of not provoking each other in idle bantering would be too much for them to handle. my dear. my dear friend. "Ahhhhh. “Buffy…you know I can’t make everything ok again. please. From behind him Oz could hear Xander's annoyed grunt. "FINE! Be that way!" Xander huffed and turned the other way. Angel let out a small. I might have just considered giving your worthless butt a ride. Oh well. in your van?" She batted her eyelashes at him. even when she heard Angel’s soft groan and bones start to crack." Cordelia scowled at him. heart-felt sigh squeezed her body so close to his that to the naked eye it was hard to tell that there were actually two separate entities there." Cordelia put her head in her hands and shrieked a pitiful cry. PLEASE ANGEL!” She rubbed her forehead against his chest and leaned heavily into him. ”Buffy. PAL!" Cordelia spat at him. when pretty much he'd have to talk to her again.cling to his every muscle." Oz shot a sly smile over to her. frightened suddenly that he would mysteriously vanish somehow without a lingering trace. grateful when his weight cradled her surely. what a cruel. we'll just see who else I can ride on then?" And before heading off to class she gave a little wink at Xander's appalled face.

and she didn't look too happy either. Buffy certainly was the Glamour Girl. not anymore. ok?" Buffy's tone was right on the edge of harsh firmness. "Oh. "I kissed Riley. "Now there's another guy I'm going to have to hate and be spiteful too. Earth.. while her hair bounced free. agonizing Buffy to the max. and Xander knew right away to back off. guess Xander doesn't have much luck in the dating area…// Just then she saw Buffy with a short. Buffy took a seat next to Willow and Oz. Willow smiled. if only it were that…" "Damn. The pain was eating her up. It suddenly struck Willow as an odd occurrence that Buffy was actually *early* today to class. How are we this morning?" Xander greeted her cheerfully." Buffy cynically replied. Actually. "OOWWW! I was only kidding!" Xander massaged his shoulder in moaning pain. well. what's a matter?" Willow consoled." There was a long. nothing that you tell me will ever have me think any less of you. Willow waved in her direction and caught Buffy's small smile and glittering eyes from underneath her sunglasses. you have a bad sexual experience with Angel again?" Xander tried. "I told you that him being envious of a toothpick would only come back to haunt you later in the relationship." "Xander. Never. Buffy sighed again and decided to come clean. she was a vengeance demon…so… but…Cordelia is no better." "Which I would fully support. …Well. …Um. "Willow. as always was the first to get his say in. It was obvious Cordelia still had a powerful grip on Xander. She sighed and ran her hands through her hair. "Thanks ever so much. striped baby-doll dress on and boots to match. She couldn't stand this any longer. your savior of the planet is not doing to well right now. . "Oh no." Xander jumped into the conversation again with a winning grin. Willow looked to Buffy in all honesty. unbroken silence through the group for several moments. how much of a hoochie would you think that I am if I told you something?" "Come on Buff! You can tell us. She began to walk over toward them. for God's sake! Ain't getting anymore crazier than that!" Xander received a loud smack across his shoulder from Willow. "Hey Buffy-woman. "Oh my God! Buffy…that's--I mean…does Angel know???" Willow cut off Xander. I mean unless like you became like a stripper. Xander."Slut!" He called out after her. not today. We all know you slept with a vampire. savior of our planet." She frowned.." He huffed. "Hon. whether he liked to admit it or not. "Buffy. //Poor Anya probably doesn't even realize. She usually could talk to Angel about anything that was bothering her…well. by the way. "Hey guys. you had me hoping there too…" Xander hung his head. She can be pretty awful too… Hmmm. Willow slowly shook her head.

Just explain to Angel that---" "WHAT!?" Buffy head shot up in disbelief. you have to do me this one favor! All of you!" She frantically eyed her three shocked friends in turn. right." Buffy put her head despairingly in her lap and covered herself with her hands. "Of course you did!!! Look. "How did this happen? When? How could you? Did you feel gut-wrenchingly horrible afterwards? Are you ever going to tell Angel??? I think you should!!! Oh my God! What if Angel like goes psycho and like kills Riley??? What are you going to do?? WHAT IF YOU'RE PREGNANT---" "WILLOW! For Christ's sake!!! I said I *kissed* him! ONLY KISSED! You can *not* get pregnant from kissing somebody! Wake up!" "Oh. "I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry about last night and if I misread the situation wrong in any way---" "HELLO!" Buffy's voice was full of condescending anger. She stopped for a mere moment. Ok. until everyone agreed in solemn response to play their part. "This isn't the end of the world. but I don't need saving! I *like* where I'm at!" Buffy's eyes glowed at him. But before long. demented fantasy that you save me from him or something. I won't bother you anymore. "You think I'm actually going to tell him what happened??? No! No way! I'll just make like an amnesia-freak and forget it ever happened!" "But Buffy…!" Willow tried to object. "Oh God. waiting for her to turn around and making sure he had her attention before he continued. "Please! Willow. "Now. hoping no one would notice. She put an arm around the hunched over girl and gave her a little hug. "Buffy…" He called softly." Willow giggled a little and smiled nervously. Now maybe you have some sick. I love Angel. "Please! I need you guys to *not* say a single word about this to *any*one! Ok??" Buffy waited with tears behind her eyelids."Well not exactly---" Buffy tried. "You're right. He's everything to me." She coaxed. now. Nor did she hear Riley come up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder. ****** "So for tomorrow have your chapter assignments done and ready for grading…" Buffy's attention was too much engrossed on the crumpled piece of paper on the floor that she didn't even hear when class was over. Willow scooted over towards her in true sympathy. "What do you think you're doing? Don't touch me!! Stop coming up to me like we're friends! We're not!!" She ripped free from his hand and started down the stairs. Willow was off on a tangent. Everyone makes little boo-boos now and then. If you want to be obsessed with a demon…fine…" . and she turned and hurried off to class. not giving anyone the chance to take a breath. Buffy's eyes shot to his in an embittered glare. "I just---" Riley shouted.

.. deciding to go home.Riley's last little poke of his opinion in his statement agonized Buffy more than she could stand and she fled from the room. To be Cont'd. She was hoping her mother wouldn't be there. .. She didn't want to be with anyone right now.. *Her* home. Anyone.