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Swimming with the Fishes

by Laure Alexander
Answer to Carrie's challenge: What if Angelus had rescued Buffy instead of Xander? Fish boys and the coach have to have their necks broken, use of "If anyone's going to kill you, it'll be me" and "I have needs, too", and smut. Treading water, Buffy watched with growing trepidation as the onetime boys, now fish guys circled around her, drawing ever closer. She stole a quick glance upwards and saw the coach leering down at her, and felt her heart sink. One of the guys reached for her and she lashed out, kicking her feet in the disgusting water as she tried to land a blow. Another of the trio caught the shoulder of her shirt and Buffy felt it rip. Taking a dip breath, she dove beneath the water, wondering frantically if she could outswim them. As her ankle was caught in a clawed hand, she thrashed valiantly, finally breaking the surface to gasp for air. She found herself backed up against one of the slimy walls, three grinning monstrosities within a few feet of her. "You don't want me. I'm lousy in bed," she yelled in desperation, trying to keep her head above water and preparing to go down fighting. "Oh, you just need more practice, lover," a familiar voice came from above her, followed by a loud splash. Gasping, she saw that the very dead coach, bleeding from several wounds and with his head at a weird angle, was slowly sinking below the brackish water. The three sea monsters dove for the fresh meat, and Buffy paddled backwards, cursing her luck. Sure, rescue was great, him? She looked up into Angelus' grinning countenance. "I think I'll take my chances down here with the fishes." "Did I mention anything about rescuing you?" He looked down at the creatures quickly devouring parts of the dead man, and said in admiration, "I always did love messy eaters." Angelus looked back at Buffy and gave her a wicked, calculating look. "Once they've satisfied one hunger, they'll be turning to you to sate another. Think I'll hang around and watch the show."

"And after they're done with me, they'll kill me, too. Thought you wanted that pleasure for yourself," Buffy yelled, her eyes swinging around the cavern looking for another way out that wasn't past the savagely feeding trio or up with her greatest enemy. Angelus scowled and gracefully dropped into the water, his body hardly making a splash. "You're right, if anyone is going to kill you, it'll be me." Buffy rolled her eyes, then widened them as Angelus reached for the first fish boy, easily snapping his neck. The other two howled and hissed and fought back, but he made short work of them, too. Buffy was soon surrounded by three dead sea monsters with severe neck dislocations and one half eaten human, whose broken neck bones were sticking out of his torn flesh. She made a face and looked away. Angelus grabbed her and before she could protest, he dragged her through the tunnel, swimming strongly. Buffy squirmed, but she was caught under his arm and had to struggle to keep her head above water. After several minutes, he pulled her up onto a narrow ledge, then flung her over his shoulder. "Put me down," she yelled, pounding her fists against his back. His only answer was a sharp smack on her butt which made her howl in fury. "Cut it the fuck out," Angelus finally yelled back. "Show a little gratitude. You'd be well-fucked fish food by now if I hadn't rescued you." "Oh, yeah, and I'm sure you saved me out of the kindness of your little black heart," she replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Scowling, Angelus kicked open the door to a maintenance room and reached for the light switch. A dim bulb hanging from the middle of the ceiling came on, illuminating the rusting machinery, a desk, and a cot with a bare mattress. He dumped his burden on the cot and glared down at the sodden heap she made. "No, I did it because you're mine. No male, not human, not vampire, not fish, is going to fuck you, except me." Buffy gaped blankly at him. "Huh?" Rolling his eyes, Angelus stripped the shirt from his wet body, as he toed off his shoes.

Breath catching in her throat, Buffy stared at his glistening chest, watching rivulets of water run over his pectoral muscles and down to his navel. An unwanted tingle of desire flared to life deep inside her, a tremor ran through her body, and she gasped softly. "You don't want me," she whispered. "Not anymore." Angelus smirked and reached for the buckle of his belt. "I had to let you stew, lover, until you reached the boiling point." He watched as she nervously licked her lips, her eyes fastened on the movements of his hands as he undid and removed his belt, link by link. "I was always planning to have you again, to teach you the way *I* like it." "I don't want *you*," she whispered hoarsely. He flexed the belt between his two hands, testing the supple leather. "Tough shit." The dark heat in his eyes belied the casualness of his words. "Just like the fishies, I have needs too." "I'm sure you can find someone else to take care of those for you," Buffy snapped as she scrambled off the bed. Angelus watched her dash for the door and snagged her before she could reach it. Pinning her to the door, he pulled her hands behind her back and lashed them together with the belt. With an easy move, he picked her up by her armpits, and tossed her back onto the cot. Buffy landed on her arms and the breath was driven from her. Gasping, she watched as Angelus casually stripped off his pants. Her eyes widened and she forgot about breathing. On her birthday, she hadn't really looked at him. The lights had been dim, they had been in each others arms... She gulped visibly. Angelus smirked and cupped himself, gyrating his hips obscenely. "Like what you see, lover?" "Go away. You really don't want me. You were going to let the sea monsters have me, remember?" Chuckling at her desperate attempts to throw him off, Angelus shook his head at her. "Can't you tell when I'm teasing, lover? I'd never let anyone else touch you." Blowing her a Marilyn Monroe style kiss, he placed one knee on the bed and reached for her kicking feet. One by one, he pulled off her tennis shoes and socks, tossing them over his

but it took her nearly ten minutes of exhausting struggles to accept that. as Angelus straddled her struggling body." she swore bravely." Buffy muttered. He chuckled. beginning to squirm and struggle again. "You're mine." Smirking widely at the bitter resignation in her voice. "Why do you want this?" she moaned sadly. if I just fuck you. "See?" "Fuck you. Angelus murmured in her ear." "Bastard. sliding up beneath her shirt. Buff. Buffy felt cool air hit her legs and fear filled her." His lips brushed the sensitive spot behind her ear and she moaned as a jolt of pleasure hit her. Angelus jerked her pants and underwear down her legs. Angelus scowled and flipped her onto her stomach. Angelus sighed and sat up to watch her. "You bastard. son of a bitch. he whined. His weight and the awkward position of her arms effectively pinned her down. When his hands went to her waistband. While Buffy fought to drag in deep breaths. let me go!" "I saved your life. As she kicked him in the ear. Just as she began to gasp violently for air. Get it the fuck over with and take me already so I can go home. Buffy bucked wildly.shoulder. "Fine. you won't get off and I so want you to come so I can rub your nose in it." His hands stroked over her arms and back. "You'll learn to crave my touch as much as you craved that weakling's.. and he felt her shiver. cock sucking. lover." One hand cupped the nape of her neck and smashed her face into the mattress.. You owe me a reward. and it's time I reclaimed you. you asshole. trying to force her body to stay still and resist his surprisingly delicate touches. "You don't stand a chance. Leaning down. Sliding one hand between ." "Never. all mine." Buffy's inarticulate sound of hatred made him laugh as he jerked her up onto her knees. he released her head. trying to scissor her legs up to wrap around his neck. "But.

Slowly Angelus slipped one finger inside her and pumped it. She was soft and dry. lover?" "No." she panted in one last attempt to deny him. Angelus pressed a hard kiss on one trembling globe of her ass. Angelus kept up the steady thrusting of his fingers. she tried to stop her body from reacting. no. but his light touches quickly changed that." Buffy begged softly. Buffy couldn't believe that he was being tender with her. before dancing kisses over her lower back.her thighs. When one long finger brushed over her clitoris. Angelus tsked and shook his head. as she surrendered to the unwelcome desire. and very. her heat nearly burning his hand. he added another digit. her sensitive flesh swelling beneath his experienced touch. Desperate." she sobbed. he caressed his erection. He grunted as he pushed forward. he stroked her gently. stretching her and thrumming along the slick walls of her inner passage. you're tight. hot sensation began to grow deep between her legs. "Damn. biting into her lower lip as her stomach convulsed and her hips bucked. "Oh please. very wet. Very quickly she felt her body growing warm. and that his tender caresses were arousing her. he pulled his fingers free and replaced them with the head of his thick cock. Slowly. he leaned down and licked the nape of her arched neck. and her flesh moistened. "Please stop. No longer having to hold her down. and hot. no. A tight. before parting her folds and slipping inside her heat. circling his fingers around the curl rimmed outer lips." Driving to the hilt. as his thumb rubbed her sensitive clit. "Ready. "Do you always have to be contrary?" With one quick movement. then ran his tongue along her crevice. his finger never stopping its motion. sliding it through his fingers as her hot channel clamped around the digits of his other hand. Pushing her legs apart and moving between them. . no. she gasped and shuddered. but she was too young and inexperienced to know how to control her responses. thrusting it as deep as it would go.

.." As Buffy gasped in outrage.gel. he smacked her butt and rose from the cot. Angelus pounded harder. driving her down into the mattress. Nuzzling the torn sleeve of her shirt out of the way. Buffy gasped. soothing her sore. as pleasure swamped her.As he filled her. He draped himself over her back. only felt incredibly hot and made her feel so very full. She felt Angelus' pelvis smack her bottom. quivering flesh." and shuddered into orgasm. trembling flesh. smirking at the sight of their combined juices sliding down her legs as she dropped onto her stomach. her eyes wide. her knees bouncing on the bed. "Angelus. "Wrong. Growling. my lovely the pleasure in her spinning her body out of control. shuddering as her hot blood spilled into his mouth. stretching her tight inner flesh. as her inner muscles squeezed and released in an erratic rhythm. Smirking. he pulled back and slammed forward. "Angel!" she cried. nipping and licking at her sweaty. Angelus sank his fangs into her shoulder. Angelus' hands wrapped around her waist and lifted her up slightly. he clamped his mouth on her shoulder. It didn't hurt this time. and moaned deeply. driving them both towards orgasm. eliciting gasps of pleasurable pain from her with each thrust. With a possessive growl. he slid one hand between her legs and manipulated her clit until she cried out. . Eyes nearly crossing. With his cool semen jetting into her. "Who is fucking you. trembling thighs. Angelus caught her hips and pumped wildly." Lifting his head and admiring the bleeding wounds. realizing he was all the way inside her. throwing his head back as his own climax overwhelmed him. As her pussy clenched tightly around his throbbing cock. She met his next thrust." she grunted in time with his thrusts.. Buffy yelled and thrashed wildly beneath him. Buff?" "An. his knees pressing her legs farther apart. very wrong. and pulled free of her.. Buffy moaned and sank beneath him. Angelus pumped hard and fast. "No sight finer than cum oozing down sleek. Angelus sighed softly in pleasure. angling her for his deep thrusts. his pelvis bruising her tender bottom.

only when I tire of you." He grinned as she reacted just as he expected." He smacked his lips together and made a lewd gesture. "You came. Buffy made a face and shoved her feet into her shoes. Angelus yanked the door open and disappeared into the sewers." Angelus flashed her a wicked grin. And. right?" "I don't understand you. stamping her foot." "I won't let you touch me have potential. Angelus dressed. "I'm just gonna head on out of here. right? Don't think you want me walking you to *daddy's* door and having him see me kiss you good night. so that might be a while. "You're a pig. Buffy stared after him." "I do. Buffy ignored the pain in her arms and wrists and jerked on her clothes. lover. watching her carefully to see if she would attack. How was she supposed to deal with this new complication in her life? How was she was supposed to handle the fact that she had fucked her worst enemy in the body of the only man she would ever love? ." she swore. shoving herself up onto her knees where she swayed dizzily. you look like a half-drowned kitten." she finally yelled.. "Ditto." Angelus replied cheerfully. "But. Still smirking at her. do we fight now?" "Nah. keeping his eyes on her squirming body and her bright red face. Gulping down sobs of outrage. Makes the sex spicier. "I hate you. he stepped quickly backwards.. beginning to shake in reaction. and slowly sank down onto the cot. You can find your own way home.Whistling tunelessly. Dressed. A well-dicked kitten." Buffy cried. Freeing her. resisting the urge to hug herself. she finally looked up at him. "So. her voice vibrating with emotion. "I thought you wanted to kill me." he said with a shrug and reached for the buckle of the belt. spitting and glaring at him.

he'd do anything to get some. Buffy hopped up on a tombstone and tapped her stake on her naked leg. And Giles! Giles had decided to forgive Jenny. Sighing. fear and sorrow and curled into a ball. It was unseasonably warm for February in Sunnyhell and she was wearing only a skimpy miniskirt. Buffy gave in to the confusion. even her mother were on dates. unless he was so damn horny. while all her friends. End V-Day Sucks By Laure Alexander Valentine's Day sucked when you were single. The last time Buffy had seen him. she herself was about ready to jump the first handy man. No one had ever told her that one of the consequences of losing your virginity was that you would really want to have sex again and often. Buffy snorted and kicked at a loose tuft of grass. As she visually scanned the cemetery. As she remembered the details of their lovemaking. her mind wandered back to that one glorious night with Angel. How he could forgive her. . a warmth filled her and she squirmed slightly. Her skin flushed and moisture leaked from her as she pictured Angel's head between her legs. he had been tugging at his too tight collar and smelling of Obsession for Men. acquaintances. weeping softly.How was she supposed to accept that he had made her body sing with barely a touch and not even a kiss? Tears leaking from wide eyes. as he headed out of the library to find the gypsy witch and probably beg her forgiveness. Of course. she didn't know. crop top and light cotton jacket. his tongue licking her most private places. That was Buffy's determination after a very boring two hours patrolling the dozen cemeteries in Sunnydale.

this is a pleasant surprise. Buff." . don't try to deny it." She blushed bright red and began to stammer denials. don't think so. Angel?" Buffy asked harshly. "Now. He stopped about five feet from her. his eyes burning. dressed in black leather pants and a dark red silk shirt. Slayer. "You don't want me. I can smell it. She was doomed for another night spent twisting and turning in her bed. "No. you know. lover?" "Go to Hell." Buffy muttered. Buffy scanned the dark for the cheerfully annoying and very familiar voice."Damn." she replied through gritted teeth. I'm having way too much fun here on Earth. one sniff of you. never satisfying her enough. her hands between her legs. "Nah. why would I want to expend all that energy fighting when it can be put to a much better use?' Her look of confusion made him chuckle. well. grinning. and I can tell. You made it quite clear what you think of my abilities. trying to stay calm. I think it's more a case of what you want. "What do you want. "So. You're horny as all get out." Jumping off the tombstone. "Oh. inhaling sharply as her arousal only grew at the casual beauty of the man before her. gripping the stake tightly. "Well. Angel sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. making a frustrated noise. seemingly unconcerned that she might try to kill him." "Can we fight already?" Buffy snarled. He strolled towards her. "What are you talking about?" "You want me. who has you all hot and bothered." Buffy blushed." "So?" she answered. Angel stepped out from behind a tree. pulling a second stake from the top of her boot. Just one look at you. Angel laughed and shook his head.

"Oh. growing angry and more and more frustrated." . Buffy." Buffy answered darkly. "At the time." Buffy found herself backing up. "Wanna bet?" Angel asked jovially." "Oh. confused. "So much potential in you. His eyes gleamed darkly at her and a smile played on his sensuous lips. trying to look sincere. you're of no further use--a necrophilic I'm not--and if I turn you." "I'll live. I was confused. Angel?" "To fuck you silly. She felt her knees grow weak from the look he was giving her. Maybe I'll thank you now. girl. Buffy. "I don't think so." he tsked. you're so hot and wet. But. "What do you want. "You're too much fun alive. why would I want you dead or even a vampire? Dead." "I don't squeal. come on. Buffy. I let you fuck me and in the middle of it you bite me and kill me. I had just returned after one hundred years of being buried beneath all that nauseating goodness." He grinned and stopped just outside her reach. you'll just become one more fawning minion. All I have to do is bend you over that tombstone." "This is not a convincing argument." "True. I should have thanked you for giving soul boy his moment of happiness and setting me free. I don't think that will be necessary." He shook his head. as Angel slunk closer to her. All that teenage lust burning inside you needs a release. "Sure. rip off your panties and you'll be squealing in pleasure in minutes." At that Buffy laughed. You just need the right teacher. lover." Buffy turned bright red and stumbled up against a tall tombstone. "And you think you'd be a good teacher? I can't see you wasting any time kissing me from head to foot.

" Buffy glanced around the empty cemetery and nodded towards a secluded tree." Angel replied cheerfully." "Mr. silently sizing up the other." Angel began." Side by side. I'm not going to make love to you. Angel dropped down next to her and immediately reached for her. romance. lover. in a soft voice full of steel. It has nothing to do with love or any other sappy emotions. leaving her in a black." "That's the spirit. You're going to fuck me. Buffy slipped off her jacket and spread it on the ground. she bared his chest . you want it over the tombstone." One hand slid off her shoulder and cupped one of her heavy breasts. "We have to get something clear. drawing her against his hard body. the thumb massaging the nipple through the lace. Finally. until finally Buffy sighed and tucked the stakes back into her boots. Buffy's hands found his shirt front and she struggled to unbutton it as he sucked and licked her nipples until they hurt. "I always have loved your choice in underthings. This is about sex. Gasping in sudden pleasure. Angel's eyes grew even darker and his voice thickened with lust. Got it?" Buffy nodded wordlessly and reached down to pull her top over her head. their faces only a few inches from each others. Buffy arched into his hand and wasn't disappointed to find her other breast cupped and caressed. wrapping her arms around her knees. A tug on the lace and her nipples popped free. then sat down on it. "Over there."I risk my own life here. "I guess if I have to die some night soon. "We'll leave this on. pure and simple." he said as he bent to run his tongue over her exposed flesh. yet keeping a few feet between them." They stood there for a moment. You never know who might stroll through the graveyard at night. lace bra. "So. I'm going to fuck you. I might as well do it while fucking the body of the man I love. "I'm not Angel. She whimpered and felt herself grow wetter between her legs. they walked over to the darkness beneath the old oak. You could stake me in the middle of things. you're not. Buffy. hard and erect.

"You have one beautiful ass. driving towards her core. Angel thrust his cock into her tight passage. He grunted in lust. and his eyes nearly crossed at the sensations flooding him. Buffy yelped and pushed into his hands. Her arms began to shake and she lowered herself to her elbows. her tight heat was driving him insane. Right now. "Good Slayer. Buffy slowly moved onto her hands and knees in the soft grass. then squeezed her silk covered bottom cheeks. "Get on your hands and knees. Buffy moaned and dug her fingers into the grass. Her mind hazy with lust. babe. holding her still. "Oh God. as his hands released her breasts. "And dripping with lust. and unconsciously spread her legs. holding his cock inside her." Angel teased as his thumbs hooked in the sides of her panties and he dragged them down to her knees. Her muscles clenched around him." she groaned. At the feel of his cold lips on the small of her back. Digging his fingers into her flesh. grinning at her whimpers of need. and ran his cock up and down her glistening channel. Grimacing at her reference to God. making him hiss in pleasure. biting her lip as he filled her. He'd punish her later for calling to God." Buffy flushed at his compliment. wanting to leave marks so she wouldn't be able to deny this had happened. stretching her and sending sparks of ecstasy through her. then moaned as his tongue ran along the crack.and ran her short fingernails over his nipples. his pelvis slapping against her ass. He pushed it up over her back. . throbbing flesh. thrusting her bottom higher into the air. At the feel of his hard cock pressing against her wet cleft. opening herself for him. feeling her heat nearly singe his cold. Angel thrust harder. then whimpered as she felt him caressing her bottom through the thin skirt." he said thickly against her throat. Angel grabbed her hips." Dimly she heard the sound of a zipper being drawn down.

I love a tight ass too much to forgo this pleasure for long. He pinched her clit and she yelled. Angel began to pound into her. flooding her with his dead seed." Pinned beneath her own legs. Angel slid one hand between Buffy's legs and rubbed her clit. lover. then on his cock and her eyes grew wide as she finally realized what he was planning to do to her. The next time I hear you calling out to Him. she bucked against his fingers. holding in further got it?" She nodded wordlessly and watched him grab her bag. There is no God here. "Wha.. driving her into the ground. his fingers digging deeply into her soft flesh.?" She rolled her head and looked up at him. thrusting hard. his cock still hard and hungry for more. he shoved them towards her head. Slowly. rolling her hips up. please. her climax seizing her and sending her into quakes of pleasure. panting for air. Buffy sank to the ground. and Angel collapsed next to her. driving him deeper. Slayer. Feeling his balls growing tight as his release neared. knowing they would be useless. pawing through it until he found the Vaseline she used for her lips. Growling. "Do you have any Vaseline in that bag?" Angel growled in anger and lust. ." Buffy tried to scramble to her knees. but he pounced on her.." she begged.I'm sorry. "It would have happened sooner or later. then flipped her onto her back.. Buffy moaned and whimpered and thrust back against him. I won't do it again.As her muscles relaxed slightly. "We're going to have one quick lesson. she saw that he was still erect. I beat your ass with my belt.. He smeared some on his fingers. She bit her lip. Angel thrust hard and yanked her against him as his own orgasm hit. and rolled her head.. Glancing down. freezing at the anger in his eyes. Mewling in pleasure. "Angel. She pulled up clumps of grass as the tension inside her grew and perspiration began to drip from her body. please. Grabbing her knees. all Buffy could do was squirm. "Oh God. looking away from him.

"Do you think there's no pleasure in this for you. Buffy yelled and her muscles squeezed his cock until he yelled. His other hand played with her nipples. Gasping for breath. His fingers continued to play with her throbbing clit as he began gently to thrust in and out of her almost unbelievably tight ass. the pain in her ass becoming more and more bearable as she grew accustomed to him. another orgasm hit her. babe. Pleasure slammed through both of them and Buffy arched against him. Suddenly. "It won't hurt so much if you relax. she collapsed. Grunting in lust. rubbing her clit with his thumb as two of his fingers slid into her slippery vagina. Angel reached down and tugged Buffy to her knees. not wanting to tear her. As his balls brushed her trembling ass. making her yell and buck her hips against him regardless of the pain. but forced herself to stop squirming and let him do this." "I hate you. shaking. As satisfaction flooded her. He wanted her to enjoy it. allowing the head of his cock entrance. she grabbed her knees. As her pleasure built. Remaining still inside her. a lax smile on her face." he said. Grinning. Looking down. stretching her. pulling them towards her."Oh. With her holding her legs out of the way. he saw her face flush. lifting her ass higher in the air. Angel grinned and moved one hand down her legs. groaning at the pain in her ass and the ecstasy building in her womb. Gritting his teeth. watching her anus continue to clench and unclench as his hand wiped the remaining Vaseline from his erection. then thrust forward carefully. although her muscles did relax. Buff? Leaving you wanting doesn't fit in with my plans." Buffy said bitterly. Angel pulled his cock free of her. tweaking them until they were nearly purple with her lust. her nipples harden again." Leaning forward against her legs. Buffy began to squeeze and release his cock. he found her wet clit and caressed her. playing the martyr. . his voice dripping with sarcasm. She gasped at the pain of his invasion. to become addicted to his cock in every hole. too. Angel filled her slowly. Angel rubbed his cock over her ass until he found her tightly puckered anus. Angel was able to concentrate more fully on her pleasure. Angel drew his cock back. Forcing himself to his feet.

"See you around." he said as he turned and disappeared into the darkness. he kissed her hard. Dragging herself to her feet. drawing her head back.Limp with pleasure. then pulled her panties up over her tingling flesh. He would fuck her until that was all she wanted to do. he would surely have grown tired of her and he'd take her home and throw her to the boys. Buffy gagged. she pulled her mouth free and watched his cock begin to sink. you had to love her? Well. bruising her tender lips. "See. mingling with the lingering pain in her bottom. What had he told Spike once? To kill this girl. Running his eyes over her. Buffy picked up her bag and turned in the other direction. Angel's hands tightened on her shoulders and he thrust into her hot mouth. As her passion began to fade. then swallowed quickly. her mouth instinctively sucking at his hard flesh. With a loud smack. By then. trying not to think about what she had done and let be done to her. The incredible heat was too much for him. he was no where near ready to kill her. she felt her wet panties rub against her tender flesh and little sparks of pleasure burst in her. She had too much potential to turn into one hell of a fuck. As she swallowed all his emission. she swayed weakly and looked at him. he pulled back. . the wellpleasured expression on her face. Buffy felt embarrassment flood her and she wrapped her jacket around herself tightly. As he covered himself." Snaking one hand out. then she sighed and opened her mouth. Unable to prevent his release. taking in her trembling body. unable to meet his amused eyes. As she walked. then noticed that his throbbing cock was right in front of her face. Her mind blanked for a second. sliding it over the sensitive tip. the Slayer wouldn't die any time soon. Buffy blinked up at him. yelling as he spilled his semen down her throat. watch her take on four or five of them at once until they killed her with sex. No. tucking his cock away. Angel staggered back against the tree and slowly drew his pants up. Angel smiled. you have a lot of potential. Angel grabbed the front of her shirt and jerked her against him. Slayer. babe. Crushing her mouth beneath his. Buffy languidly reached for and put on her shirt.

they belong to Joss and Co. but true. It's my therapy for dealing with Angel-leavage. slept fitfully. she headed home. I don't think he deserves them either. It was a fine line he walked between good and RATING: I'm one of Lex's people. What do you think? [NC-17] SPOILERS: Everything up to "Enemies". . unaware of the watchful eyes of The Powers. NOTES: Set to the lyrics of "Do What You Have To Do" by Sarah McLachlan. No. the one with the angelic face. this fic contains major angst. you do what you have to do. a line delineated only by a moment of happiness. They were keeping a close watch on this anomaly. and with good cause. // what ravages of spirit conjured this tempestuous rage?// // created you. and if you don't want to be sad. End Do What You Have To Do AUTHOR: aimeless EMAIL: aimeless@earthlink.Hugging herself.// The Vampire Angelus.. go away now! Don't say I didn't warn you! Text in // denotes lyrics FEEDBACK: Please. a monster. this vampire with a soul. It does not have a happy ending. the possibility existed. And wanting him again. The Powers feared it happening again. DISCLAIMER: Sad. His very presence created a disturbance in the balance which They worked so hard to maintain. but the demon within craved dominance. broken by the rule of love?// // and fate has led you through it. SUMMARY: Angel realizes why he must leave Sunnydale..a line that had been crossed already. As long as the ensouled demon remained near the Slayer. totally lost and confused. His soul bound him to the side of good. of the polite variety.

Someone was down there. secluded place where he could bury himself in her until neither of them could move. They were meant for each other. He must never again experience the true happiness only the Slayer could give him. "Buffy. . Evil had always held more appeal than good. His cock went from dormant to half-mast in a heartbeat. He was so tired of this battle between them. Not bothering with a shirt. She looked so peaceful. He glanced around the room. and the balance had been slipping for thousands of years. He halted as a shiver of awareness danced up his spine. torn between wanting to wake her and wanting to simply watch her as she slept. Her heart had been given to him freely. Angel rose swiftly from the bed and pulled on a pair of jeans tossed carelessly over a chair. The Vampire Angelus was far too valuable an ally to risk his loss. so right. Buffy was here. "Angel. There was an essence in the air that he would recognize anywhere. He walked quickly down the stairs. claiming that she needed a break.// Angel woke abruptly. He clenched his jaw and squeezed his eyes shut. She was his. If she were to even suspect how many times he'd been tempted to throw her over his shoulder and carry her off to some dark. She'd been studiously avoiding him since their plot to draw Faith out. possessed enough power to tip the scales just enough so that the balance might be restored. unwittingly tightening his grip on Buffy's neck as he struggled with himself." Angel reached out a hand. Their minds could try as hard as they wanted to deny it. his gaze stopping on the diminutive Slayer curled up in a chair in front of his fireplace. she would run away as fast as she possibly could. to dominate her body with his own until neither would ever be able to deny again that she belonged solely to him. a barely discernable sound coming from her lips.The Powers knew what they must do. unsurprised by how much it shook. curled there in his chair. She shifted. and gently cupped her face in his palm. He traced the line of her jaw. Quietly. nervously anticipating the sight of her. in his home. with his ravaged soul. crouching in front of her sleeping form. With every fiber of his being he wanted to carry her upstairs and lose himself in her warmth. startled by a sound coming from the lower level of the mansion. They belonged together. but their bodies knew the truth. Angel wondered if she had any idea just how much those words had cut him. he moved stealthily from the room to the top of the staircase. This demon. He wasn't quite sure what to expect. damn it! Her body belonged to him. he made his way over to the chair. The Powers prepared for what they knew they must do. He never wanted Buffy to know the effort it took him to remain in control when he was in her presence. He must not be allowed to return to his demonic self. Angel felt his control slipping dangerously and he struggled to reign it in." he spoke softly. // i have the sense to recognize that i don't know how to let you go.

stroking it with his tongue. Angel's head snapped up and his yellow eyes drilled into hers. making her gasp aloud as sensation washed over her." she said. She whimpered and thrust back.Buffy woke to the feel of Angel's hand squeezing her neck. Angel's control slipped further from his grasp as the scent of her arousal immediately intensified. It was obvious that he was struggling. sucking it into his mouth. He leaned forward and claimed her mouth. "Buffy. could barely focus on anything but the ecstasy his fingers were eliciting. At Buffy's moan. looking up her body as he did so. he growled low in his throat and bit down just hard enough to break the skin. eyes tightly shut. Angel's nostrils flared as the fresh scent of Buffy's arousal flowed over him. her voice sounding weak to her own ears. fighting some inner battle. He inserted one long finger into her heat. and she was stunned at the sight of Angel. "Angel. She didn't understand what he wanted from her. He roughly grasped her legs and pulled her hips toward him. searching for and finding her clit. "Oh. drawing her out of her passion induced trance. sent him crashing over the edge of control. effortlessly shredding the garment from neckline to hem. She was close. With his other hand he reached up and grasped the thin fabric of her dress. and Buffy realized that he was unaware of his grip on her throat. She couldn't believe how erotic that small act was. holy God!" she cried out. Following the scent to the center of her body. and he knew it! ." he called to her. pushing her knees apart so that he could kneel between them. combined with the submissive way she'd said his name. "Look at me!" Slowly. The fear he saw there. her head came up and her eyes met his. "Oh!" Buffy cried out. She was so wet that her honey was dripping out of her. flowing freely down her thighs. Her eyes flew open in shock. he bit down gently on her clit. "Mine!" he growled at her. His mouth hungrily licked a path down her throat to her breast. He released his hold on her head to roam his hands over the newly exposed flesh. Confusion marred her perfect features. answering his unspoken demand. He roughly pushed a hand into the hair at her nape and yanked her head back so that they were eye to eye. claiming her mouth with his own. with his vampiric ridges rippling in and out. "Who do you belong to?" he demanded roughly. thrusting his tongue possessively between her lips. startled to feel Angel's fangs in her breast. She looked down to see Angel licking a tiny drop of blood from her breast and was shocked to feel a gush of moisture flow out of her. ever careful to keep it away from his teeth. he ripped away the flimsy silk panties and delved his tongue into her wetness. Angel dipped his tongue into her molten center. Buffy's head flew back and she cried out in ecstasy. sucking the nipple into his mouth. She reached up with both hands to pull his hand away from her neck. As he slid another finger into her. He ruthlessly teased the hard little nub. so close to coming.

her legs around his hips. and it felt so good to have him there. and his cock was buried as deep inside her as it could possibly go. Buffy thrashed wildly above him. His agonized groan melded with her scream of ecstasy as she went off again like a firecracker. Terror was quickly dominating her emotions. "Who do you belong to?" He continued to tease her clit and soon a third finger slid easily into her. he was where he was supposed to be. his face in full vamp mode. where he hadn't been in so long. her mind was racing. her curse. The reality of their actions was beginning to penetrate her passion-fogged mind. Her heart was soaring. Buffy exploded above him. . Buffy feared that she was dying. The reality of his actions washed over him like a bucket of ice water.Angel slowed his actions slightly. screaming his name as her body convulsed and released a final stream of moisture. drenching Angel's face with her sweet honey. Buffy was sprawled on the chair in front of him. "You! I belong to you!" Angel growled in triumph and renewed his efforts. sheathing his rock hard cock in her tightness in one smooth stroke. the terror in her eyes registered and he began to realize what he was doing. his soul recognized its mate. She didn't! He knew she was his. It had been so long since he'd been this close to Buffy. and her soul was shattering into a million tiny pieces. The words burst from her in an agonized stream. so close. It wasn't just his natural desire for Buffy that he was fighting. his tongue and lips assaulting her oversensitized nub. Grasping Buffy by the thighs. It was her torment. Keeping such a close check on an inhuman passion had taken its toll and suddenly Angel couldn't do it anymore. "Angel!" she cried. Finally. tightening her legs around his hips to stop his thrusting. and demanded again. His face slowly morphed back to human as he ripped himself away from her heat. but the demon's as well. She didn't want to give in to him. She had always belonged only to him. Angel was mad with desire. "Angel. Angel recognized firsthand that he wasn't the only one who wanted Buffy. Slowly. turning quickly away from the provocative picture she made. The feel of her inner muscles contracting around him pushed him beyond all rational thought. he yanked her towards him. His body recognized its home. her dress ripped to shreds by his hand. her head flailing back and forth madly on the chair. not understanding why she was screaming for him to stop. Angelus was as besotted with her as he was. stop!" He looked up at her. Why did he need to hear her say it? But she was close. Finally! Was all his mind could register. just enough to prevent the orgasm she was so close to. damn him. He growled low in his throat. his fingers pumping in and out of her. The sensations exploding inside her were more than she could bear and remain alive. He reached down and unfastened his jeans. freeing his straining erection. so long that he'd been forced to maintain this brutal control over his passion.

"I didn't. after what just happened. What have you been fighting? Why did this happen? I thought you said you were okay with me. // every moment marked with apparitions of your soul. shaking her.. that we were. And it's not just me I'm fighting.. What happened? Please. "I can still taste you. all the time! It's a constant battle. Buffy."Oh. if that's what you're asking. I certainly can't do it right now." he trailed off.. "I didn't finish. I can't." he finished raggedly. this.. I don't understand. us. "Don't you get it?" he raged. he had all but raped her! He scrubbed a hand over his eyes as he mentally berated himself for his actions. I don't understand what just happened. "Why didn't you. resting his forehead against hers. pulling it over her tattered dress.. He knows what will happen if you and I are together again. "I'm fighting you." "Angel. it just might happen again. He kept his back turned to Buffy as he painfully refastened his jeans. my God! What have I done?" he asked. every time I'm near you.? I don't understand. It was just one more crime to add to his two century long list. Not right now. "I'm not him." "Buffy." she said softly. He could hear her movements behind him and knew she was attempting to cover herself with what was left of her dress. but the demon as well." "I can't." she replied in a voice shaky with tears." "Oh.. I'm afraid if I even look at you right now. torn all over again at the fear he heard.he. Not yet. The fear that he had put there." He felt her small hand on his shoulder. look at me.. "Please look at me.are you?" she asked hesitantly.. were 'safe as houses'. just -" she broke off as Angel spun around and gripped her by the shoulders. his voice ragged. God. Angel sighed at the sound of her voice. and he wants to be free. I'm barely holding on to my control as it is. unsure of how to phrase it. Buffy!" he exclaimed. "Are. "Are you alright?" he asked her gently. "Angel.// Angel dragged a hand through his hair and wondered how in the hell he was going to fix this mess. "Yeah. I've spent too long fighting this and I don't know if I can keep it up." she said. pushing his face close to hers." he reassured her. God. . She rose from the chair and retrieved her coat. Talk to me.

"How long have you been doing this?" she asked him in a small voice..I don't know how to explain it. I fought it because you were so young. After I became Angelus. Not a second goes by that I'm not dreaming about being inside you. giving her a sad smile. unable to meet hers." She held up a hand beseechingly. I could go for days without being tempted by his urges. trailing to the smooth skin of her wrist where her pulse hammered just below the surface." Buffy gasped. It's a constant battle.. "When I first saw you. Somehow Angel's formidable control had snapped and they had come far too close to crossing the line that kept Angelus at bay.? "Oh. With her heart in her eyes. . Angel deliberately mistook her gesture... This was what he felt every time they were together? This clawing. pulling her toward him by her outstretched hand. raging need was boiling just under the surface every time he was in her presence? God.. stepping back from him quickly. he knows what it takes to get rid of me. But now. and he knows how hard it is for me to stay away from you. I fought it because your were the Slayer. her knees turning to water. Buffy's eyes flew open at the tone of his voice and her heart lurched at the sight of him.came back. hovering over the artery in her wrist.. He knows he can be free. "Run!" he commanded her. even as Angelus. wet -" "Angel. "Buffy. Her eyes welled with tears as she finally grasped the full implication of his words. She looked fearfully into his eyes. my God!" she whispered. palm facing him. unneeded breath and finally met her eyes as he continued.Buffy gasped at the images his words evoked." he answered." his voice trailed off and his eyes flitted nervously around. and I didn't want to pressure you. deep into game face. suddenly chilled to the bone. hoping against hope that for once the Slayer would obey the Vampire. The sound of her lifeblood rushing so close to the surface was more than he could bear. it's. images that only moments before had been reality. Buffy. I want you so badly that it's a constant ache." he grated.. "I didn't know what I would become if I stopped fighting. trying to get out. unsure of what he was doing. It was harder." Buffy's eyes widened in shock at his admission that. Fear and pain rolled over her in waves. he had wanted her. it was different. how could he stand it? She couldn't believe that he willingly put himself in this position time and time again. Buffy understood what had happened. "When I. And I didn't know what would happen when. "It feels like forever. sensually licking the tender flesh. of sinking into your tight. She crossed her arms over herself. "Stop. Her eyes drifted closed as he put his mouth to her palm. Finally. his voice guttural with the effort to keep from sinking his fangs into her. in an age-old gesture of surrender. Buffy jerked her wrist from his grasp and ran. What if he lost control? What if. There's more of him in me now than there was before.. He took a deep. It used to be almost easy to forget that there was a demon inside me.

It was a long while before she found the strength to rise and make her way slowly home. How could fate be so cruel? To give her back her Angel. the tears streaming from her eyes preventing her from seeing where she was going. Every time they were together. It hadn't been like this before and it seemed to be worsening at an alarming rate. giant. his head in his hands. or to kiss him. He could accept being nothing more than a . not bothering to try to rise. his arms resting on his thighs. but every time Buffy was near. racking sobs that shook her small frame violently. Three more statues followed the first before Angel was able to get himself under control. However. Was Angel even going to be able to be around her now? Was this going to get worse until they couldn't even be in the same room together anymore? God. Flying into a rage.// Buffy fled blindly. it seemed to be increasing. The adjustment was understandably difficult. He had been completely unable to even be in her presence during her monthly cycle. and with being in love with a Vampire. She stumbled to her knees and hunched there. he grabbed the first thing that came to hand. trying to shield herself from the pain crashing through her. and he wasn't struggling as hard with the demon's violent tendencies. rather than the temptation lessening over time. the same as before. her scent overwhelmed him. But only with Buffy. That wasn't completely unexpected. She clutched her coat tightly to her body. The statue shattered into pieces. He felt as if his insides were being ripped apart. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. ***** Angel watched helplessly as Buffy fled from him. especially when she had been fighting. but to not allow her to hold him. since the demon had so recently been released and Angel was once again learning to live without feeding from a live human. This made no sense! He had always been able to keep himself together when he was with Buffy. he found himself spending most of his time fighting to keep his hands off her. the furious sound a balm to his tortured emotions. or even to be with him. it was so unfair! Why did she have to suffer so much? She already had to deal with being the Slayer. trying to escape this desire. sobbing. for God's sake! When would it be enough? What crime had she committed that she deserved such punishment? The questions raged through her as she wept. He was feeding from blood banks. He was hyperaware of everything about her. It had definitely been more of a struggle since his recent return from hell. hurling it against the wall in a vain attempt to expend his fury. and with sending him to hell.// i'm ever swiftly moving. Angel dropped to the couch.

" Angel retorted. He had to figure out how to get this under control. "What did you say?" he demanded. trying to smooth over what was sure to be a tension-filled visit. Slowly." "Why bother? You're obviously not here for a social visit." he said resignedly. It really wouldn't be in your best interest to piss me off. so why don't you just cut to the chase?" "Angel. yeah. There are great portents that show a change may be about to occur in the balance between good and evil. Angel raised his head and looked around the room. They have decided that the time has come for you to leave Sunnydale. man. There's no need for the hostility." Whistler admitted. actually. How's it going down here on the hellmouth?" Whistler asked. If something's about to go down." "There's a surprise. As long as he could be a part of her life. relax. you probably don't want to fuck with me right now. He could find a way to deal with a life led without ever again holding her in his arms. "There is something at work. I do. he could be content. "What brings you to our little corner of hell?" "Hello Angel. "Just trying to be polite. in any way at all. Angel's tension dissolved. "Whistler. something no one has been able to foresee clearly." "That's ridiculous. It's unlike you to be so unfriendly. warning him that he was no longer alone. I need to be here. He couldn't risk another scene like what had just happened. From the shadows. The Powers think that you may somehow be in the middle of this change.friend to Buffy for eternity. "There's no easy way for me to say this. Long time no see." . "Don't you know?" Angel returned. a familiar shape moved into view." He watched cautiously as Angel paced over to the fireplace and stared broodingly into the cold ashes there. Bad day?" Whistler asked with a smirk." Angel's head snapped around and he glared hotly at Whistler. All that we know for certain is that you need to be away from here before it goes down. my man. or loving her perfect body. "You're not going to like what I have to say. Why don't you just deliver your bad news and get out?" "Hey. "Whistler. I can take a hint. "Well. His senses were tingling. There's no way I'm leaving her here to fight it alone. He quickly stood and prepared to face his unknown visitor. old buddy. so I'll just come right out with it. with Buffy. only to be replaced with dread.

"That's not your decision anymore. but you've got a real problem here. There was no way he was going anywhere. huh? Was that you and Buffy knowing your limitations. My soul's not going anywhere." he growled menacingly." "No?" Whistler mimicked incredulously. your soul is in danger of taking flight again. In light of the way it took off last time. "No. or would that have been the two of you not jeopardizing anything?" Angel growled and pushed Whistler away from him before he did any real damage to the irritating little demon. I'll deal with it. to help her fight whatever the Hellmouth throws at her next. All I know is that. "I guess that explains the little interlude I almost interrupted a couple hours ago." "Is that right?" Whistler asked. This couldn't be happening." "Do you really believe that? You said yourself that it was different now. Somehow he must have screwed up the message or something. "No? I come in here and tell you what The Powers have decreed and you think you can say no? This is not up for discussion. and soon. Buffy needs me to be here. you've got to get away from here. "Why don't you add it up for me. You're just lucky that The Powers think you're important enough to save. The safety of the Slayer hinges on your leaving. Don't you wonder why? I hate to be the one to state the obvious. Understandably." Faster than Whistler could breathe. to do it. "Easy. Buffy needed him. man.// Angel felt the walls of his world slowly begin to crumble. He looked Whistler in the eye and calmly replied. Angel. "That was one incident. We're not going to do anything that might jeopardize that. It's not going to get easier. dead wrong. Angel. Angel. Angel crossed to him and yanked him up by the lapels of his tacky coat. buddy. You do the math." Whistler said nervously. This is just the beginning. Whistler was wrong. "Don't kill the messenger." // the yearning to be near you. Case closed. Whatever factors are at work here have centered on you. It won't happen again. It's suddenly imperative that you get the hell away from Sunnydale. He needed her. Buffy and I both know what our limitations are. Somehow you've become a pawn on the chessboard of life. News flash for you." "I can't!" Angel shouted. Whatever this is that's happening to . They've decided that it's time for you to move on. for whatever reason. You don't seem to get what I'm telling you." "That's crazy. i do what i have to do. Somehow you're right in the middle of it. "I can't leave her! How could you even think that I'd go for this? I've wasted too much of my life already and I'm not ever going to do that again. I know you're finding it harder and harder to be around your little Slayer and not give into your baser needs. As for what's going on between she and I. You've got to be gone. and a certain Slayer. The balance is shifting. But. The Powers don't want to see that happen. You're a smart kid.

he was sure of it. "Hello. Soon he would be able to be around her again without feeling this overwhelming urge to possess her. Angel. Angel. he resigned himself to a long night. It's not going to change. things would return to normal and he could get on with the business of loving her from afar. visibly withdrawing as he recognized his visitor. Otherwise. Have you seen her?" "No. . you just let whoever needs to know that I'm here to stay. body and soul. I'm strong. Whistler. Once he committed himself to it. Settling comfortably on the couch. that means being her friend. he simply regretted the necessity of their caution. For Buffy. I have to take care of her. He was tired and frustrated. He knew he could do it. Angel had to give him credit for his courage when it was obvious that all he wanted to do was get away from the ensouled vampire. Angel continued his defense. Right now. especially in Giles' case." the Watcher greeted him coolly. It'll get better. Soon. He needed to find her. "Giles.was unfathomable. I can do this. Since his return from hell. Accept my decision. you'll be the one driving a stake through Buffy's heart. So. to reassure himself that everything was okay between them. intent only on getting himself together so that he could go out and find Buffy. He knew it would be painful. "I'm looking for Buffy. No matter what else happens. more focused. Whistler. and he'd looked everywhere for Buffy. recuperating from my little vacation." Whistler wondered if Angel recognized the thread of desperation in his voice." Angel greeted him. I'll find a way to take care of it. As Angel entered the room. it's only a matter of time. Angel didn't blame the humans. Giles looked up from the book he was studying. He just had to be stronger." Whistler watched as Angel stormed from the mansion in search of Buffy." Angel strode from the room. I can accept that. I can do anything. It's only because I've been a little off my game. "There's no reason for me to leave Sunnydale. "It had better change. but to no avail. but the alternative . she hasn't been here all night. I won't leave.a life without Buffy . I just have to be stronger. Is something wrong?" Giles questioned. and So lost was he in his contemplation that he never heard Whistler's warning float across the room. The library was the last place he wanted to be as well as his last hope of finding Buffy tonight. unsure of his welcome. // and i have the sense to recognize that i don't know how to let you go. Giles was seated alone at the table that was usually filled with Buffy's friends. I'd never do anything to hurt Buffy. to talk to her.// Angel entered the school library cautiously. relations between him and the Slayerettes had been tense. As long as I can be with her. I can accept anything. it would become easier. and to do that I have to be with her. That's final.

Buffy was afraid of him. Like she didn't have enough to worry about after last night. Angel knew Buffy was there the moment he stepped through the door. "Could you give her a message for me?" "Certainly. She'd thought that everything was okay. Well. Not to mention hours of verbal support from Willow. that he could sense as surely as he could see her. For the first time since Angel's return from hell. her body would always recognize its mate. she'd come to the conclusion that something was up with Angel that he wasn't sharing. Angel couldn't have just picked up the phone and called her? No. Tell her it's important. a vitality. Buffy walked into the Bronze. standing in the shadows. Buffy fully recognized that she had come to rely far too much on Angel's self control. and now he was convinced that something was going on. and a little bit wigged. She was nervous. worked out together. No matter what happened."No. I guess I'll. We just need to discuss a few things. "Ask her to meet me at the Bronze tomorrow night at seven.. he . suddenly. There's nothing wrong. It had taken all night for her to calm down and think through what had happened at the mansion rationally. Giles was the last person who needed to know what was happening between she and Angel. And somehow. But they were bound by the restrictions of his cursed soul." Giles replied. They'd spent time together. her nipples tightened in response and her core moistened with longing. I just wanted to talk to her. She was so scared of what had happened between them. nothing else seemed to matter." He trailed off.. She had a presence. As soon as he saw her. You'll tell her?" he questioned uncertainly. leaving Giles to wonder at his odd behavior." "Are you certain everything is alright?" "Yes. he had to go and involve Giles. yesterday. as okay as things between them could be. all hell breaks loose. Then. would she be strong enough for both of them? As if her thoughts had conjured him. She wanted Angel so badly that it had become a constant ache. those restrictions hadn't mattered at all. that he had left a message with Giles. I'm certain. He spotted her slight form on the edge of the dance floor. A shiver danced down her spine. She'd thought that they were developing a relationship defined by their own unique terms. "I'll tell her. If he wasn't able to control himself. Finally. even shared a few innocent kisses. looking around for Angel. He definitely hadn't been acting like his normal self and his admission that he was different since his return had completely freaked her out." ***** The following evening." Giles assured him. Buffy suddenly felt Angel's presence in the room. "Yes. When they were together.

and she was his. trying desperately to get him to talk to her. he cupped their weight in his palms. feeling his fangs lengthen marginally. the farther out of it he got. Her hips began a seductive rhythm. Of their own volition. She gasped and ground her backside into his already straining erection. He quickly moved to stand behind her. Buffy moaned and reached back to place her hands on his hips. "Are you alright?" Buffy leaned into his body. lifting the hem of her tiny skirt and sliding deftly underneath the waistband of her panties. As his fingertip lightly grazed the sensitive nub between her thighs.growled low in his chest. "I will be. that telltale indication that things weren't as okay as he claimed. his hands traced a path over the front of Buffy's body. and to The Powers that leaving was not the answer. facing a wall." he whispered. His hands continued their questing foray. suckling the flesh into his mouth. Gently. and to Buffy. "Hi. His hands slid underneath the thin tank top she wore. Twin sighs of pleasure blended as their bodies made contact. protective way he held her." she told him. His fingertips teased the hard little buds. what's going on?" she asked breathlessly. enfolding her gently into his embrace. Everything's going to be fine. Angel's back to the room. She crossed her arms over herself. returning his embrace. his body quickening with desire. gently nipping the delicate skin of her neck. When they were as sheltered from the others as they could possibly be. He had to do this. one hand going possessively to her hip to pull her back against him. lightly running his thumbs across the oversensitized nipples. Angel squeezed his eyes tightly shut at the painful pleasure brought on by Buffy's wriggling ass pressed tight against his cock. stopping just shy of her breasts. had to prove to himself. finding her straining nipples without the barrier of clothing. Angel nuzzled his face into the curve of her neck and Buffy's head dropped back onto his shoulder. "I'm scared. They moved into the shadows." "Don't be." His tongue darted out to lick the pulse pounding in her neck." His hands trailed slowly up her body. As she poured . both comforted and aroused by the possessive. Slowly. Angel slid his other hand around Buffy. Angel pushed Buffy forward. eliciting a low moan from Buffy. It seemed the more he struggled to stay in control. He felt that he was fighting a losing battle. Angel growled at the torturous friction. pressing back against his cock in a manor designed to drive him slowly mad. Buffy felt it too. pulling him more firmly against her. walking them further away from the curious eyes of the other patrons. "Angel. Buffy bucked roughly against his hand. He needed a moment to garner his selfcontrol. "It's nothing. I can handle it. She was magnificent.

fresh from a dire warning from Whistler to stay away from Buffy. he gazed longingly into her dazed eyes. "Don't touch you? That's crazy. all I dream about. it hasn't gotten any better. Twenty-four hours ago. is being inside you. Buffy gasped as his hands went to her shoulders. Looking deeply into her eyes. trying desperately to force himself to pull away from her. I'm in a perpetual state of agony just hearing your voice. But. unable to withstand even that small contact. I simply couldn't stop myself anymore. What was wrong with him? "Buffy. At first I thought it was just the change. I can't stop thinking about you.// Angel grasped her small hand. "we need to stop. we almost made a horrible mistake. He'd barely been in the Bronze for ten minutes and already he was in a dark corner with Buffy. "There are some nights. barely resisting the urge to lick them clean. "What's happening to us?" She reached out and touched his cheek. the way you smell." Buffy looked up at him with huge eyes. We've made out before and this didn't happen. "I don't know!" he told her. "Since I came back. Your scent surrounds me. sensually brushing her body with his own. powerful scent that tells me your body is ready for mine. Angel ground his teeth together. I don't understand why you suddenly can't even be around me without trying to throw me up against a wall and fuck me senseless. he leaned forward. . your hair. "Angel?" she questioned." he whispered in her ear." He pushed her roughly from him. he began to torment her with his words. pinning her in place. that earthy. Especially the way I feel about you. Turning her gently around to face him. pulling it away from his face. it's gotten worse. when we should be calmer and more able to stay in control. God. Tell me what's going on!" Buffy was quickly losing her temper. slamming her back into the wall. I just snapped. "Buffy. after you've gone home." he begged. "It's all I dream about too. Placing his hands against the wall on either side of her head. your eyes. Angel growled low in his throat. and yet he was still losing control. we're trying to do it again. We've always been able to stop. unable to stop the words from pouring from her mouth. "I don't know what's going on. He'd come here with the best intentions. everything's been different. All I want. He wasn't quite sure how things had escalated so quickly. since I'd so recently fed from humans. confused.into his palm. tell me what's happening! I'm sick of asking you that. Angel." she admitted breathlessly. when I lie awake and think of you. Now." Slowly he withdrew his fingers from her wetness. feeling her up like a horny teenager. slowly tracing the elegant slant of his cheekbone. // a glowing ember burning hot. and burning slow. "Don't what?" she asked. If anything. morphing slightly into his vamp face. Yesterday. don't.

As these images stormed through Angel's fogged mind.Some nights I simply lie there and think of you. Deftly. her fangs extended and ready to draw blood. savoring the musky flavor of her desire. He could see her clearly. . I want to bury myself inside you until you scream my name. and dream about having you again. shaking so violently she would have been unable to remain standing without his body to support hers. A maelstrom of emotion flowed over Angel as he realized the absolute truth of his words. her beauty preserved for all eternity. he reached up and spread her sensitive lips. that one incredible night. he didn't want to suffer for another moment. The demon inside had taken over. her face contorted in the demonic visage. your beautiful mouth swallowing me whole. helpless against this verbal assault. once again finding her moist heat. and stroking you. he grabbed Buffy by the arm. Others. Unbidden. He didn't want to go another night without the pleasure of Buffy's body melding with his." Angel accentuated his words with the rhythmic pressure of his hips against hers. eliciting a moan of pleasure from Buffy. I want to taste every inch of you until you can do no more than moan in pleasure. His mind had completely shut down. His fingers plunged in and out of her core. and making you come with nothing more than my lips and tongue. so hot. She parted her legs slightly. your clit begging for my mouth. he nipped at her swollen nub. A finger pushed into her aching wetness and came away dripping with her juices. as Angel ruthlessly continued to paint his word pictures. Buffy couldn't repress the moan that sprang to her lips as she watched his sensuous actions. His soul be damned. With his other hand. leaving him a slave to his passion. Angel was out of control. and had only one goal in mind: to possess Buffy immediately. He felt as if he couldn't exist for another second without claiming her for his own for all eternity. "I remember that night. I don't want to go another night without you. Buffy whimpered. You were so tight. leading her out of the Bronze and into the relative seclusion of the alley. it was almost more than I could stand. I remember licking you. the stiffness of his arousal pressing relentlessly into her cleft. opening her to his questing tongue. and began to stroke her ruthlessly. Before any rational thought could penetrate." Angel crushed his body to Buffy's. I imagine that it's your hand stroking my cock. Angel lifted his finger to his lips. open and wet. sending her spiraling into orgasm. He didn't care anymore what the repercussions were. One hand reached underneath her skirt to rip away her soaked panties. his already raging hard-on suddenly swelled to new proportions. Buffy was trembling. Buffy. I remember what it was like to have you beneath me. Pushing her back into the wall. trying to get their bodies as close as possible. "I remember the way you felt when I slid into you. he resumed the position they had just enjoyed a few moments earlier. He dropped to his knees before her. an image of Buffy as a vampire floated through his mind. that I almost came right then. And when I pushed through your barrier and knew for certain that you had belonged to no one but me.

it had felt like Angelus was in control again. to make sure that she was okay. Angel shoved him against the wall and held him there. Her eyes snapped open and she stared down into the demonic face of her lover. His head rapped sharply on the brick. Angel made short work of making the demon talk. I got a fucking hard-on fantasizing about turning her into a vampire. He was in the alley behind the Bronze. "You're not telling me everything. It felt as if somehow his soul had been forced down. I was Angelus! He was the one in control. I've been steadily losing the ability to stay in control with Buffy. Now. Angel growled an affirmative. "You are still Angel. "Why don't you explain why that's even in question. but he was afraid of what she might do to him. what he might do to her. tell me what the fuck is going on before I rip out your throat!" . feet dangling off the floor. Just as he suspected. Without a second's hesitation." Whistler forced out through his punished throat. Angel staggered back. away. In terror she realized that it wasn't Angel kneeling before her now: it was Angelus. "Angel." Angel demanded. Grabbing him by the throat. He had no idea what was happening to him and why for a moment. lover. He wanted to follow her. Buffy's entire body froze at those two simple words."Angel!" Buffy screamed as she came. "Hello. crashing into the wall behind him. man. Angel looked up into Buffy's flushed face and smirked wickedly. and tonight I wasn't even myself." he drawled. rock hard and aching for Buffy. "I told you there was something going on and that you were in the middle of it. and she had just run screaming from him. and the demon had resurfaced. Buffy ran from the alley in a blind panic." Whistler began.// Slowly Angel became aware of his surroundings. He headed for the mansion. // deep within i'm shaken by the violence of existing for only you. desperately needing to find Whistler. Whistler was awaiting his arrival at the mansion. "Talk!" he growled. right?" he asked nervously. I warned you. stunning him momentarily. Worse. Buffy screamed as the harsh realization washed over her and she pushed him away from her with all her might. The little bastard was the only one who seemed to know what was going on. and Angel intended to find out immediately.

she'd given herself to him selflessly. Angel. he fights dirty. His body was completely numb. In more than two centuries of living." he remarked." Whistler blurted. Suddenly the events of the last twenty-four hours replayed in his mind. before Angel could make another grab for him. "Your soul wasn't restored exactly the same way. "Angel. now the demon is fighting for the upper hand. Everything began to make a terrifying kind of sense. Moreover. to keep her safe from all the horrifying things that they both knew existed. He knows that the only way to get rid of you is to get you and Buffy together. but there's something else as well. and accepted him. I guess you're not in the mood. away from Buffy. "What?" Angel asked. could you put me down? I'll. he swallowed painfully. and stepped away from him. That's why The Powers want you away from Sunnydale. How could this be happening? If it weren't for the fact that it completely jived with everything he had been going through since his return. he'd still be eating rats in an alley." Angel began threateningly. If it wasn't for her. Whistler reached up and rubbed his aching throat. Somehow the slight difference in the curse is causing the demon to maintain some level of control. She had loved him." Angel couldn't feel anything. She loved him unconditionally. . "The curse that the Slayer's friend used wasn't exactly the same as the original curse. okay. I'll tell you everything you want to know. not one bit. With the combination of your desire for Buffy and the demon's desire for freedom. even though your soul remains intact. huh?" "Whistler. taken aback by Whistler's words. The happy clause is still there. so he's doing everything he can think of to make that happen. shattering into a million pieces. she was the only being he'd known that made him want to be alive.Whistler knew he'd better spill it or he would be history. At Angel's glare. starving himself to death as a punishment for his crimes. you won't be able to control it forever. and under no circumstances could he let that happen. but twice. unfortunately. And. God. "Okay. Not once had she turned from him in disgust or hatred. and made him want nothing more than to protect her. Before you kill her." Angel dropped Whistler to the ground. He wasn't looking forward to this confrontation. This couldn't be possible. he would have dismissed it as ridiculous. She was the only reason he hadn't taken a walk into the sun by now. The only part of him that was still functioning was his dead heart. You've got to get out of here. "Quite a grip you've got there. body and soul. Whereas before the only power in control of your body was your soul. even after finding out what a monster he was and what kind of things he' d done. He was on the verge of losing control. Buffy was the only thing in his life that kept him going. just trying to relieve some tension. Whistler was right. he'd come so close to giving in to Angelus' plan not once.

" Angel said. her voice shaky. what with the bad news he usually had to bring.She was his heart." she replied. He was looking at her as if he was seeing her for the first time. it's okay." he interrupted. "Sorry. He wondered how he would find the courage to walk away from her. "I asked Whistler to call you because I was afraid you wouldn't meet me after what happened." she said lamely. whether or not he was still Angel. she felt a presence beside her. // i know i can't be with you. I just found out. The demon gave her a major wiggins." She remained a good distance away from him. knowing that he might never return. . Angel looked at her in the moonlight. she hadn't been able to make herself go to the mansion and find out.. "Angel. Barely a moment later. i do what i have to do. She looked over to see Angel standing beneath the shadow of a tree. Turning to Whistler. knowing that he might never see her or be with her again. his entire reason for existing. "Whistler told me. holding his hands out submissively. "Stay away from me. and Buffy was less than excited. day after day. She jumped up from her perch and backed away quickly from him. But. not sure why Whistler had demanded that she meet him there. now you're Talking Guy? I've been trying to get you to tell me what's going on -" "Buffy. not to mention his cryptic wise-guy act.// Buffy walked slowly toward the park. his soul." "Oh. She slowly walked over to the merry-go-round and settled herself to wait for him. She wasn't even sure that he was still Angel. "Buffy.or perhaps the last. and he was terrifyingly close to bringing forth her most dangerous enemy: himself. His presence in Sunnydale unnerved Buffy. what is it?" she asked in alarm. we have to talk. She still wasn't sure exactly what had transpired between she and Angel.. He wondered idly how he would go on. unsure of whether or not she could trust him." "You were right. Add that to what had happened earlier in the evening with Angel. Buffy began to grow nervous under his penetrating gaze." "Buffy. considering the circumstances of their last meeting. drinking in the beauty that was Buffy. Angel set the plan in motion to protect the only thing in his life worth loving." "Oh.

What's wrong with you? Please. and she knew that whatever he was about to say was going to irrevocably change her world. preventing him from speaking." Buffy sank to the ground. It wasn't like Angel to be this way. Her world was crumbling and she didn't know how to make it stop. but Whistler stepped from the shadows." He watched in anguish as confusion spread across her features." he whispered. "Stay back."Buffy. unable to meet her eyes as he broke her heart. He answered her question as simply as possible. "That's what you do by being here." "Whatever it is. "To protect me?" she asked." "Buffy. "To protect you. I'm so scared. ravaged by the grief he saw there. Angel started to go to her. Please. "What? Of course I believe you. He looked down into her upturned face. "You need to stay away from me. Angel backed up a step. to comfort her." "Buffy. you're scaring me." he began. We'll get Giles." Angel sighed and looked down at the ground. you may kill her? Emotions clogged his throat. tell me what's going on." "I love you. It's really bad." he warned her. or if I'll ever be able to return. and everyone else. bewildered. it's bad. "Do you believe me?" he asked. "I have to leave. and we'll figure out what to do. expressing a hundred different emotions with a single word. Her eyes were luminous with unshed tears. but words failed him. silently reminding him that he was no longer allowed the joy of touching her. Buffy slowly approached him." Buffy's began to panic. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone. "Angel. Tears were clogging her throat and she had no idea why. "I can protect you from me. "I love you. Concerned." he told her plainly. shocking Buffy into stopping a few paces away from him. her knees simply refusing to bear her weight anymore. How do you tell your one true love that you have to leave her? How do you admit that if you stay. What can you protect me from if you leave?" "From me. "Why?" she whispered brokenly. we'll figure it out." Buffy responded emotionally." .

fate has a plan for me. You're the only thing that makes my life worth living. and soon.Buffy's confusion grew." "When?" Buffy whispered. "It's too soon. "Yes. Before anything like that happens again. and he's telling me that if I don't get out of here. That's why I have to leave Buffy. then I'll leave. "Tonight. "You're saying that you're. I'm not ready to lose you yet. Angelus will return. this doesn't make sense!" Buffy raged. "It's too late. "We' ll get Giles. wasn't it? You were Angelus. and we'll find out what happened. and Willow." she whispered. to figure out what was different in the curse. when you. and he knows that the best way to do it is through you. There's nothing I wouldn't do to keep you safe." Her eyes welled with tears. and then we can. Angelus wants to be free. No. You're the last person who would ever hurt me. Her head was starting to pound as she tried to process what Angel was telling her. "At the Bronze. and nodded miserably." Angel interrupted her quietly.. Whistler explained a few things tonight. I'm not the only one in charge of my actions anymore." // and i have the sense to recognize. no..but. But if keeping you safe means leaving. The curse that Willow used to restore my soul somehow enabled the demon to maintain a measure of control. dreading his answer. Angelus is trying everything he can think of to get rid of me. Buffy deflated. Buffy.. That was Angelus.. both Angel and Angelus at the same time?" At his quiet "yes".what you said." "You're right." Buffy rose from the ground. It's not my choice anymore. Apparently. But Angelus would.// "No. Buffy. she went numb. what. I was Angelus.I don't know! Maybe we can curse you again. Whistler sees things. Whistler was sent here to bring me back.." "God. He almost got what he wanted. you don't.. unable to meet her gaze. "Oh. There's nowhere I want to be except with you.he. one spilling over to slide unchecked down her cheek. energized at the prospect of resolving this problem and moving on. With dawning horror. That's why I haven't been able to control myself around you. it's out of my hands.. . And." "No.." Angel averted his eyes. "Angel. We just need to -" "Buffy. so that Angelus doesn't have any more power. you know that! But." At his soft words. she realized the full implication of his words. We can figure this out. I don't need protection from you. I don't want to go. my God!" she breathed. "Why is it too late? Are you just going to accept this? Just give up on us? Aren't you even going to try?" "I want to. I would never do anything to hurt you. i don't know how to let you go. We just need to research.

that much from him." he began again." Buffy shook her head violently. "Promise me that you'll go on. he determined to maintain control long enough to tell her goodbye." she pleaded. he felt the nowfamiliar sensations begin to envelop him. He reached out and took Buffy's chin in his hand. someone who can love you the way you deserve to be loved. "No! I won't tell you that. "I need to know that you won't stop living. No one could ever take your place in my heart! Don't you see that? We were made for each other. "I'll never be able to love anyone but you. "Buffy. you're so young. Angel turned and walked away into the night." Capitulating." "Angel. just as he knew they were absolutely necessary. You have so much life ahead of you. at the very least." he admitted painfully. Angel leaned his forehead against Buffy's. He stepped back from her. "Don't. This isn't the kind of love that fades. Whistler be damned." she cried. This is an opportunity for you to live your life. Promise me that you'll find someone else. She deserved. struggling to find the strength to walk away."Buffy." Buffy said. He felt her arms slide around his neck. returning his embrace.// End ." Angel knew the words he was about to say would haunt him for the rest of his life. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. His body began to come alive with awareness of her. As he reached out and took her in his arms. // i don't know how to let you go. racked by the sobs she was desperately trying to withhold. Resolutely. and with great effort. "Buffy. putting a space between them that had nothing to do with physical distance. Don't go. I love you. to fall in love again. it may very well be the last time he ever touched her. desperately fighting to hold back his emotion. Her body began to shake. desperately trying to escape his words. "I don't want to leave you." Tenderly Angel cupped her face in his palms. This is eternal. forcing her to meet his gaze. Slowly. "I need you to make me a promise. tears coursing down her cheeks." Angel said as he walked to her. Buffy.