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Sea & Smoke

an American brasserie
Charred Green Beans mizuna /quinoa/ginger/soy dressing Chicory maytag blue/spicy pecans/nectarine/truffle dressing

A little about our menu: We encourage family style dining. We don’t have a tradi tional section of entrées. Meat and Seafood dishes are ala carte and pair with any of our sides. The vegetarian section features four entrée-like dishes. Any of these are great with one of the meat and seafood selections as well. Share, Enjoy, Bon Apetit

8.5 9.5

Vanilla Scented Beet ruby grapefruit/roasted pistachio/citrus vin 9 Summer arugula/white corn/chipotle corn nut/jicama/pickled chiles/cilantro vin/cotija 9.5 Local Bibb fennel/pickled cherry/crispy chickpeas/olive/white balsamic vin9.5

Sea and Smoke smoked oysters/chopped clams/chive crème fraiche/squid ink crackers 12 “Blackened” Yellowtail Crudo jalapeño ash/fresh lime/jicama/compressed watermelon 13.5 Oven Baked Pacific Mussels garlic/cumin rouille/cilantro/fresno chiles/grilled bread Thin Sliced Grassfed Carpaccio shallot/chives/black pepper crème fraiche Roasted Bone Marrow roasted garlic/horseradish/lemon/parsley


composed plates


Roasted Beech Mushroom soft poached egg/salsify/smoked lentil mousse/dandelion 16 Confit Carrot multigrain risotto/red wine reduction/ruby red grapefruit/cress 14 Achiote Marinated Cauliflower black bean puree/roasted avocado/cotija/coriander leaf 15 Slow Baked Sweet Onion white corn pudding/puffed farro/red pepper fritter/watercress 15


9 9

Cast Iron Prawns avocado/ancho aioli/coriander/black bean purée 12 Cauliflower Cheese Dip dijon mustard/goat cheese/crusty house bread Bread and Butter house made bread selection/butter/daily condiment 4 Nosh’s/Oven Roasted Olives/House Pickled Veggies/Sweet and Spicy Nuts 4 each or 11 for 3

Wood Fired Meats and Seafood
Elysian Farms Lamb Leg Spicy Herb Puree 19

served ala carte


Roasted Jidori Chicken/ salt brined/roasted lemon/thyme 12 Dry Aged Natural Beef Ribeye (15 oz) Red Wine-Shallot Butter 41 Cooks Pig Ranch Double Pork Chop Roast Honey Mustard Brine & Jus 20 Grass Fed NY Striploin Roasted Garlic and Thyme 28 Cooks Pig Ranch Pork Belly Ginger-Soy Marinade/pickled fresnos/ginger 16 Sea and Smoke Burger smoked onion jam/gruyere cheese/black olive aioli 12 Wood Roasted Lobster Thermidor Tijuana Togarashi 21 Shell Baked Diver Scallops Black Olive Crust

all 5.

Sweet corn skillet bread Sweet and Sour Heirloom Carrots Julian Pig Fat Red Potatoes with mint Yellow Beet Gratin Multigrain Risotto Steamed Farmers Market Veggies Oven Roasted Mushrooms Charred Green Beans Creamed or Steamed Spinach Spiced Kennebec French Fries

Artisan Cheese and Meats
pickles/chutney/spicy pecans/house bread

Comboine 3,4, 5 or 6…. 14/17/20/23
Robiolla Italy/Triple Cream/Cow-Sheep-Goat Morcella Minnesota/Soft/Morel Mushroom/Sheep Cumberland Tennesee/Firm/Raw Cow/


Honeybee Holland/Gouda Style/Goat
Bayley Hazen Vermont/Blue/Raw Cow

Cedar Baked Wild Alaskan Salmon Pomegranate Gastrique 19 Duck Duck Breast sweet corn puree, corn relish 18.

Angel’s Salumi by Pascal Besset:
Wild Boar Venison-Berkshire Duck Prosciutto Black Truffle

steaks and burgers cooked to your preference: rare = cool + red • med-rare = warm red center • med = warm red/pink center • med-well = slightly pink center • well = no pink consuming raw/undercooked meat/seafood/egg products can increase risk of food borne illness