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Simple Sustainable Living

Why live simply or sustainably?
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More time and energy for friends and family. Fewer items and bills to keep track of. Pay fewer taxes and fees. More manna/ good karma/ virtue Good for neighbours, locality and planet

0 Clean Simply and Sustainably

Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that can damage both you and the environement Opt for eco-logo and edible cleaning agents such as vinegar and baking soda. Often simply water is enough to wash dishes and other things that don't have any oils Only oily things need any soapy agents to clean them.

1 Simple Sustainable Body

To live sustainably it is important to maintain your health Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day, potentially also nap. For heart and lungs, do aerobic exercizes, like walking, running, and biking. For muscles and bones, do resistance exercizes, like weight lifting, and yoga

2 Simple Sustainable Fuel

Organic agro-ecological ethical vegetables, fruits, seeds, and animalia. Avoid processed foods, killer -cides, cruelly treated animals or byproducts. Use sustainably harvested renewable energy, such as solar, wind, water, and plant energy

3 Freedom
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Live free, escape or move if necessary Avoid hoarding (proprietary), slavery, theft(forprofit). Use open source software, copyleft, fair-trade, non-profit, co-operative, Avoid prison slave products in developed countries, poverty slave products in developing countries.

4 Heart Goals
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Set your heart on simple sustainable goals Avoid materialist consumerist goals, that harm the environment, such as big houses, cars, toys and outings to restaurants and entertainment. Aim to meet the hierarchy of needs for you, your family and friends, simply and sustainably. Forest garden, homestead, tools, ecovillage.

5 Expression Recording

Avoid deforestation, clear-cutting, rare-earth and energy intensive mediums. Use sustainable media, like recycled or sustainably harvested paper, canvas and fabric. For things you'd like to keep a long time, put them on a long-lived medium instead of copying between short-lived ones. Clay-tablets, cave-paintings, etched stone and metal.

6 sensations

We have at least 5 senses, and it is best to cherish each and everyone. Avoid the need for sensory aids by keeping your eyes, ears, and other senses in working order, through good habits and nutrition. Use tunable sensory aids to allow larger variety Allow others to sense what they experience

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7 transportation
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Use sustainable means of transportation Walking, running, swimming with the body Human powered vehicles, bicycles, boats, and even air-planes are available. Animal power is slower and more polluting Electric, hybrid and biodiesel vehicles are high maintenance and polluting but better than petro-chemical. CNG fracking destroys land.

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8 domiciles and buildings

Small and tiny homes and buildings are easier to build, maintain and are sufficient for their purposes, like traditional huts. A human only needs 10m^3 free space to live 6 months+ in a place comfortably, anymore is superfluous. Traditional, trailer and boat homes are easier to move, in case the geo-political situation changes, or becomes hostile to the residents.

9 gardening environment

The planet doesn't just need the biggest offenders to stop polluting, it needs you to live simply and sustainably. Start and maintain permaculture, organic, polycultural forest-garden habitat, for you and creation. Reduce reliance on eating big things like animals, and focus on the small like plants, fungi, insects, bacteria.

10 technology

Use simple manual tools where possible, they are more reliable, safer and cheaper. Only relying on complex high-tech tools when unavoidable. Do It Yourself, when you can, or can learn to do so safely, it will benefit your soul, as your knowledge you can take with you to become the talents of your next lives.

11 communication

Face to face communication allows highest definition. Instant online and radio communication requires more infrastructure, but once in place can have lower burden than postal. Books, articles, letters, are good for communicating things that are for multiple people, or for reading over long periods of time.

12 meetings
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Online interaction is only for negotiation To do things together in the physical world, colocation is required, where the meat-bodies intersect in an area. It is the highest expression of love, to join in location, with proximity denoting level of love. If some people really love each other, it is important they colocate to fulfil that love.

13 respect laws

When there are many powerful beings that share a space. It is important to have rules and laws to protect the place and beings while allowing all to experience fulfilment. We can make and follow our own rules Those we observe in nature are natural laws

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14 business trade

To live with other communities, we must either work for money or barter our produce. Find employment or start businesses that are sustainable and encourage longevity, while providing you with personal fulfilment. Mix together all you know and learn to join or form an ecovillage, allowing you to live wholistically with all aspects included.

15 Reproduce or Educate

If you have a very good life experience with your body, and you think others would enjoy life in a similar body, it is good to find a compatible partner and reproduce to better the world. If what you have learned is what makes life so great, then perhaps simply sharing this knowledge through teaching is what is enough. Homeschool your children if you have both.