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Using the online dictionaries suggested by your teacher, look up the derivatives in the second table column and add your notes / examples in the third table column – especially in the case of the derivatives you consider difficult (you may skip the ones that you think do not pose particular problems to you). Highlight problematic usages. Many of these derivatives will be tested in your final exam (see your course programme for details).

• • • • • • • • Attend as many seminars as possible – you will see how such language items will be used in the actual final exam (question formats, exam strategies etc.) and also how they are used in real-life situations. Ask your teacher whenever you encounter problems. You can do so in person or by email. Your teacher is there to guide and advise you towards your best performance! Use the online dictionaries mentioned in this order of importance: LONGMAN > OXFORD > MACMILLAN > CAMBRIDGE – your teacher will be using these dictionaries in the same order of importance when constructing your test questions. You can use only one dictionary if you want (e.g. LONGMAN, the most recommended one), but remember that by using the other dictionaries as well, you will be able to find one and the same derivative in many other contexts, which will greatly contribute to your better understanding and acquisition of these derived words. Remember that it’s not enough to know what a word means – this is useless if you don’t know how to use it in real-life contexts, that is, in combination with other words. So, ALWAYS focus on word combinations and NEVER on single words! This is the only way to fluency up to a high level of language competence! Remember that learning a language is like learning computer skills – the more you practise, the better you get (i.e. by trial and error). This can NEVER happen overnight! Work systematically and constantly! Doing a lot of work during one week and none or very little during another week will not help! Do a small amount of work constantly, based on a plan / schedule. Always come back to previous work done, from time to time! This kind of revision will enable you to start recognizing (and using) what you’ve already studied.

Working with this task sheet will also help you if you take any of the following exams: • LINGUA • BEC HIGHER • CPE 1



Remember that you don’t need to print out this document; you can work through it in its electronic form, on your computer, also using it as reference material. 1. Select the entire table and rearrange it alphabetically by column 2; you will easily find and remember difficult exam items like: • • • which negative derivatives start with these prefixes: un-, in-, il-, im-, ir-, dis-, dys-, de-, mis-, non- (e.g. nonexistent); which words are built starting with particles: up-, down-, under-, over-, out-, in-, off- (e.g. downside, overspend); which verbs / nouns are formed using the prefix en- (e.g. enlarge, enlargement)

2. Using the FIND option on your computer (working with this WORD document), you can find and remember difficult suffix-based spellings like: • • • • • words words words words words ending ending ending ending ending in in in in in -ant or -ent (e.g. tolerant, persistent); -able or -ible (e.g. workable, responsible); -ance or -ence (e.g. resistance, existence); -ic or -ical (e.g. economic, economical) – look up the differences in meaning! particles like -up, -down, -out, -in, -off, -over, -off (e.g. cover-up, voice-over).

Just type the suffix you need in the FIND search box and then click FIND (NEXT).


PROMPT WORD able able able able able academy academy accept accept accept accept access access access accord accord account account account account accurate accurate accurate achieve achieve achieve achieve achieve achieve achieve achieve achieve

DERIVATIVES ability disability enable inability unable academe academic(ally) acceptable / -ably acceptance accepted unacceptable / -ably accessible accessory inaccessible accordance according(ly) accountable accountancy accounting unaccounted accuracy inaccuracy inaccurate(ly) achievable achievement overachieve overachievement overachiever unachievable underachieve underachievement underachiever



acquaint acquaint acquaint acquire acquire act act act act act act act adapt adapt adapt add add add adequate adequate adequate adequate advance advance affect affect affect affect age age age age age aggress aggress

acquaintance acquainted unacquainted acquisition acquisitive action active(ly) activity inactive(ly) interact interaction proactive(ly) adaptation adapted unadapted addition additional(ly) additive adequacy adequately inadequacy inadequate(ly) advanced advancement affected affection affectionate(ly) unaffected ag(e)ism ag(e)ist aged ageless aging aggression aggressive(ly) 5

aggress aggress aid anticipate anticipate assert assert assert assist assist assist assist attend attend attend attend attend attend avoid avoid avoid aware aware aware base / basis base / basis base / basis base / basis behave behave behave behave behave behave believe

aggressor non-aggression unaided anticipation anticipatory assertion assertive(ly) assertiveness assistance assistant assisted unassisted attendance attendant attendee attention attentive(ly) inattentive(ly) avoidable avoidance unavoidable awareness unaware unawares basic(ally) basics debase debasement behaviour behavioural behaviourist misbehave misbehaved misbehaviour belief 6

believe believe believe believe believe believe benefit benefit break break break burden burden business capable caution change change change change character character character choose choose class class class come come come come come communicate communicate

believable believer disbelief disbelieve unbelievable unbelievably benefactor beneficial(ly) breakable breakage unbreakable burdened burdensome businesslike capability cautionary changeable changing unchangeable unchanging characteristic(ally) characterize uncharacteristic(ally) choice choosy classification classify underclass income incoming outcome overcome upcoming communication communicative 7

communicate communicate complex concern condition condition condition condition consider consider consider contribute contribute convince convince convince correct correct correct correct correct correct courtesy courtesy courtesy create create create create create culture culture culture custom custom

miscommunicate uncommunicative complexity unconcerned(ly) conditional(ly) conditioned unconditional(ly) unconditioned considerate(ly) consideration inconsiderate(ly) contributor contributory conviction convincing unconvincing correction correctitude correctly correctness incorrectly incorrectness courteous(ly) discourteous(ly) discourtesy creation creative(ly) creator miscreation uncreative cultural(ly) cultured multicultural(ly) accustom customary 8

custom decide decide decide decide decide decide defect defect define define define demand demand depend depend depend depend depend desire desire destroy destroy destroy differ differ differ differ differ discriminate discriminate dispose dispose diverse dominate

customize decision decisive indecision indecisive(ly) indecisiveness undecided(ly) defective deficient(ly) definition ill-defined indefinable / -ably demanding undemanding dependable dependant dependent depending undependable desirable / -ably undesirable / -ably destroyer destructible indestructible difference different(ly) differing indifference indifferent(ly) discrimination discriminatory disposable disposal diversity dominant 9

dominate dominate dominate dominate educate educate educate educate educate effect effect effect effect effect effect effect effect emphasize emphasize employ employ employ employ employ employ engage engage engage engage engage equal equal equal equal equal

domination predominant(ly) predominate predomination educated educational(ly) educative educator uneducated effective(ly) effectiveness efficiency efficient(ly) ineffective(ly) ineffectiveness inefficiency inefficient(ly) emphasis emphatic(ally) employable employee employer employment unemployable unemployment disengage disengaged disengagement engagement engaging(ly) equalize equally equity inequity unequal(ly) 10

essence essence essence estimate estimate estimate ethnic example example execute expect expect expect expect expect express express express facile facile facile fair fair fair fault favour favour favour favour favour foreign form form form form

essential(ly) essentials inessential estimated estimation estimator ethnicity exemplary exemplify executive expectancy expectant(ly) expected expecting unexpected expression expressive(ly) inexpressive(ly) facilitate facilitator facility fairly fairness unfair(ly) faultless(ly) disfavour favorable / -ably favourite favouritism unfavourable /- ably foreigner formal(ly) formality formative informal(ly) 11

form form fortune fortune graduate graduate graduate ground ground ground ground history history history honest honest honest honest identity identity identity impair impair important important important impress impress impress impress include include increase increase inform

reform reformation fortunate(ly) unfortunate(ly) graduation postgraduate undergraduate background foreground grounded groundless historian historic(ally) historical(ly) dishonest(ly) dishonesty honestly honesty identification identify unidentified impaired impairment importance importantly unimportant(ly) impressionable impressive(ly) unimpressed unimpressive inclusion inclusive(ly) decrease increasing(ly) disinform 12

inform inform inform inform inform inform inform inform inform inform intent intent intent intent intent intent intent involve involve irony irony irony job judge judge judge know know know know know know large large large

disinformation informant information informational informative informed informer misinform misinformation uninformed intend intended intention intentional(ly) intently unintended unintentional(ly) involvement uninvolved ironical(ly) ironist ironize jobless judgement judiciary judicious(ly) acknowledge acknowledgement knowingly knowledge knowledgeable unknowingly enlarge enlarged enlargement 13

law law law law law law lead lead lead lead lead legitimate legitimate legitimate lie lie like like like like like like look maintain manage manage manage manage manage mean mean mean member necessary necessary

lawful(ly) lawless lawlessness outlaw outlawed unlawful(ly) leader leadership leading mislead misleading illegitimate(ly) legitimate(ly) legitmacy underlie underlying alike dislike likely likeness unlike unlikely overlook maintenance management manager managerial mismanage mismanagement meaning meaningful meaningless membership necassarily necessitate 14

necessary necessary object object occasion old old old organize organize organize organize organize participate participate participate particular particular particular particular perform perform person person person person person person person person plan plan plan plan point

necessity unnecessary / -ily objectionable / -ably objective(ly) occasional(ly) elder(ly) eldest olden disorganize disorganized organization organizational(ly) organizer participant participation participatory particularity particularize particularly particulars performance performer impersonal(ly) interpersonal(ly) interpersonal(ly) personable personal(ly) personality personification personify planned planner planning unplanned pointless(ly) 15

possible possible possible practice practice practice practice practice prefer prefer prefer prefer prefer present present present present present present produce produce produce produce produce produce profess profess profess profess profess profess proficient proficient progress public

impossibility impossible / -ibly possibility impractical(ly) practicable practical(ly) practitioner unpracticable preferable / -ably preference preferential(ly) preferment preferred presentable presentation presentational presenter represent representative(ly) producer product production productive(ly) productivity unproductive(ly) profession professional professional(ly) professor professorship unprofessional(ly) proficiency proficiently progressive(ly) publicize 16

public purpose purpose qualify qualify qualify qualify qualify qualify quality question question question question race race receive receive receive receive receive receive receive refer refer regard regard relate relate relate relate relate relate relate require

publicly purposeful(ly) purposeless disqualify overqualified qualification qualified underqualified unqualified qualitative(ly) questionable / -ably questionnaire unquestionable unquestionably racism racist receipt receiver reception receptionist receptive recipient unreceptive reference referral disregard regardless related relation relational(ly) relationship relative(ly) relativity unrelated required 17

require require respect respect respect respect respond respond respond respond response response response response response response response response rigid rigid satisfy satisfy satisfy satisfy satisfy satisfy satisfy satisfy science science science seem seem seem senior

requirement unrequired disrespect disrespectful(ly) respectful(ly) respective respondent response responsive unresponsive irresponsibility irresponsible / -ibly respond respondent responsibility responsible / -ibly responsive(ly) unresponsive rigidity rigidly dissatisfaction dissatisfied satisfaction satisfactory satisfying satsfied unsatisfactory unsatisfied scientific(ally) scientist unscientific(ally) seeming(ly) seemly unseemly seniority 18

sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sense sign sign sign sign sign sign skill skill skill social social social social social social social specify specify specify stable stable stable stable stable

insensible / -ibly insensitive(ly) nonsense nonsensical(ly) senseless sensible / -ibly sensitive(ly) sensitize sensory sensual(ly) sensuous(ly) insignificance insignificant(ly) signal significance significant(ly) signify skilful(ly) skilled unskilled antisocial socialite socialization socialize socially society unsocial non-specific specification unspecified destabilize instability stability stabilize unstable 19

strategy success success success sure sure sure suspect suspect technology temperament understand understand understand use use use use use use use use use use value value value value verb verb verb worth worth worth

strategic(ally) succeed successful(ly) unsuccessful(ly) sureness surety unure(ly) suspicion suspicious(ly) technological(ly) temperamental(ly) misunderstand misunderstanding understanding abuse abuser abusive(ly) disuse disused misuse misused usage useful(ly) useless(ly) invaluable valuable valueless valuer nonverbal(ly) verbal(ly) verbalize unworthy worthwhile worthy 20