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3. Imbalance of Mineral Content.

There are rapid changes that are taking place in our environment since long and the air and the water pollution is on an increase. The main source of drink

targeted the office segment, while the mineral water players went after travelers. Ion Exchange was the only company which had any measure of success in entering homes with Zero-B. But clean drinking water returned on the national agenda a little later. Around 1989, drinking water became an issue again.
“Around early 1990sTime did a story on India as a key emerging market and that was the trigger for all the players eyeing this market."

1. Brittania. 700 crore and about 700 million litres in volume. A better description of bottled drinking water sold in India therefore. With over 200 players jostling to be the thirst quenching favourite of the Indian consumer. named after those springs. Auswater-are keen on raising their stakes in the Rs. The entry of Danone’s brand. however. the business is growing at a rate of over 50 per cent annually. Mineral water in Western countries is obtained from natural springs and is. the high-priced mineral water from the French Alps. In India. the bottled driving water market has been witnessing high-decibel levels of activity. shows the perceived potential India presents in this product category. as the quality of tap water is bad and is rapidly deteriorating. The growth of the category indicates the need for this 'mineral water' and the fact that heavyweights are eyeing the segment points to the potential that is seen in this market. In recent years. This is in stark contrast with the West where 'mineral water' indicates the attendant minerals present in the water. generally. Evian. Most of the bottled water passed off as mineral water in India. is filtered. Clearly targeted at the premium segment of consumers. Pepsi's Aquafina. the core proposition of bottled drinking water lies in hygiene. with a host of new entrants swelling the clutter. of which the branded market accounts for Rs. Nestle. 700 million litre market.INTRODUCTION TO MINERAL WATER INDUSTRY CURRENT SCENERIO The best beverage for India in the new millennium seems to be water. would be 'purified bottled water. Kingfisher. Coke's Kinley. 100 crore. boiled or purified by other means such as reverse osmosis. 700 crore. the bra SUMMARY . The country's bottled water business is estimated to be around Rs.

. The research methodology for the present study has been adopted to reflect these realties and help reach the logical conclusion in an objective and scientific manner. The mineral balance is also not maintained. A Research Methodology defines the purpose of the research. The appropriate research design formulated is detailed below. The affects on Bisleri sale. It studies the main area where the problem lies and also tries to evaluate some appropriate courses of action. When a consumer became aware of the problems caused by water pollution the market saw an advent of ceramic water filters. profit and market share after the launch of ‘Acquafina’ by Pepsi and ‘Kinley’ by coca cola. at least not the way we know it. To conduct a market survey of Bisleri. Exploratory Research: This kind of research has the primary objective of development of insights into the problem. there would be no life. In today's living condition. Threats caused by Aquafina. The main source of drinking water is river and downstream which have also not been able to escape the pollution. how to measure progress and what constitute success with respect to the objectives determined for carrying out the research study. Kinley and hello to Bisleri. hello and Kinley mineral water. To find out the current position of Acquafina. There are rapid changes that are taking place in our environment since long and the air and the water pollution is on an increase. which filters the dust and suspended particles but dissolved impurities and microbiological impurities are not cleared out. how it proceeds. Strategies and measures adopted by Bisleri to counter the competition by hello & Kinley. Without water. the need for Pure Drinking Water is becoming the issue for the common man. The present study contemplated an exploratory research The following are the main objectives of my Research study:To make a brand analysis of Bisleri as a Brand.Water is the most important liquid in the world.