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Investing in Water for Agriculture: a Stakeholder Plan for Makueni County

Makueni County Forum Water Committee – Wote, 24 January 2013

The present document is the outcome of a cycle of Public County Forums “TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DEVOLVED GOVERNMENT” held during 2012. Two representative forums have been held in Wote, the administrative centre of Makueni County, on 11 July and on 30 November, 2012. The Forums have concluded that promoting WATER FOR AGRICULTURE is the number 1 development priority for the incoming County Government in Makueni County. The second Forum has resulted in this landmark document Investing in Water for Agriculture – a Stakeholder Plan for Makueni County. A Committee elected and tasked by the Forum has prepared the present document which may be referred to as a framework plan. The mandate of the Makueni County Forum Water Committee was limited to strictly work with the recommendations adopted by the Forum of 30 November 2012. The objective of this Plan is to assist the Government of Makueni County in its management of the water sector. The Plan is organized in three interrelated themes: I. II. III. Information, Education and Awareness Restoration and Conservation Profitable Water

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Information, Education and Awareness
Short term actions Planning:        The development of a comprehensive master plan for Makueni County on water in agriculture is a paramount priority. Make arrangements for systematic and sustained monitoring and evaluation.

Community action: Establish a stakeholders’ network for regular consultations on water resources management in Makueni County. Ensure that technical data and information are made available to this network. Ensure technical expertise is made available to this network, particularly from the water and agriculture sectors. Mobilization for community involvement in all aspects of water sector development.

Civic education: organize a campaign to educate the population on their rights to water and its equitable distribution, on the importance of an orderly development of the water sector that avoids conflict, and to promote attitude change on water resources management. Information and education programmes on restoration and conservation action in agriculture, tree and grass planting, and soil management.

Investing in Water for Agriculture – a Stakeholder Plan for Makueni County

restoration and conservation. protection of water bodies. Agriculture capacity building in horticulture. Pro-actively undertake site identification for sand dams and earth dams. Investment in Profitable Water  Short term actions    Complete and rehabilitate all relevant existing sand dams. earth dams and water pans. 2. building of dams. earth dams. Protect established tree planting projects and aforestation projects. soil conservation. Establish or re-orientate public farmers training institutes and develop a curriculum on integrated farming and water management. with emphasis on modern techniques and drought resistance crops. building of dams. boreholes and irrigation schemes. Medium and long term actions   Develop private sector led financial services and instruments for the purpose of establishing water projects and restoration and conservation activities. Investing in Water for Agriculture – a Stakeholder Plan for Makueni County .      Increase awareness on policies. Medium and long term actions      Continue to implement a wide range of projects in: tree and grass planting. soil conservation. Demonstration training projects that empower communities in sustainable farming. wetlands. pans and sumps. and protection of wetlands. 3. agriculture and livestock management. Sensitize stakeholders on sustainable sand harvesting. Restoration and Conservation  Short term actions     Undertake site identification for protecting water sources and for establishing vegetation planting schemes. Technical sensitization and education: Best practice in developing and maintaining sand dams. Construct more sand dams and earth dams at appropriate locations. Define and support a wide range of projects in: tree and grass planting. and sink more boreholes that can support agricultural production. and protection of water bodies. Ensure law and regulatory enforcement in exploitation of water resources. building of gambions and dams. Best practice in water harvesting. Rehabilitate and then protect degraded land. in protection of the environment and in avoidance of pollution or damaging of water bodies. regulations and institutions in the water sector. Counter erosion of agriculture land through terracing.

Construct canals and pipelines to water bodies and dams in order to improve access to water for agriculture. realized with the Hanns Seidel Foundation. Organize large scale and intensive tree planting and soil conservation programmes.makuenicounty. The Makueni County Forum Water Committee can be contacted by e-mail Support the sustainable development of the sand harvesting industry. Ltd) and African Centre for Technology Studies. Expand access to water for irrigation. Develop aquaculture at water bodies and dams. Kenya 20112013.      Organize and finance sustainable small-scale irrigation schemes at community level. in community groups and at institutions especially schools. Medium and long term actions      Expand access to water for irrigation by financing and constructing large storage tanks and sumps that abstract their water from dams. including rock catchment and run-off water. Flametree Systems Engineering and www. Promote greenhouse horticulture. Investing in Water for Agriculture – a Stakeholder Plan for Makueni County .or. The programme “TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DEVOLVED GOVERNMENT” is an initiative of Development Trust Innovation Africa in partnership with the County Council of Makueni.or. at individual or telephone +254733260907.dtia. Organize sustainable financing of earth dams. Mbaitu FM (Eastern Broadcasting Corp. Develop sources of water harvesting in addition to roof harvesting.or. Reference: www. by constructing water sumps with pipelines at sand dams and earth dams.