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Muse™ Cell Analyzer

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Be inspired by innovation at your side. The Muse™ Cell Analyzer delivers accurate cell counts and quantitative assessments of cell health, apoptosis and cell cycle in just minutes, revolutionizing the way you analyze cells. By providing instant information on your cell populations, the Muse™ Cell Analyzer enables you to make faster, more accurate decisions about your experiments, allowing for more productive research. Experience the power of the Muse™ Cell Analyzer with miniaturized optics for fluorescent detection, delivering accurate, reliable results – simply and easily.

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•  Accurate and reliable results • Simple, effortless operation •  Intuitive software and touchscreen user interface • Rapid set-up and analysis • Optimized assays • Compact size • Affordable

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The Muse™ Cell Analyzer makes 3-parameter, quantitative cell analysis unbelievably simple. For the assays you rely on most, we’ve developed optimized kits, validated for robust performance on the Muse™ Cell Analyzer. Just prepare your sample with Muse™ all-in-one reagents, load on the instrument, and follow the easy, guided menus on the touchscreen to get your results. Results are displayed in both graphical and statistical formats specific to each application, making analysis unambiguous. Spend less time with experimental setup, avoid reagent waste and save money — we’ve done all the work for you.

Muse™ Cell Count and Viability Kit
Absolute total cell counts and viability of dead and dying cells based on differential permeability of two DNA-binding dyes.

Muse™ Annexin V and Dead Cell Kit (for Apoptosis)
Differentiate live, early apoptotic, late apoptotic and dead cells with a single reagent consisting of two dyes.

Muse™ Cell Cycle Kit
Measure G0/G1, S, and G2/M phase distributions. This assay is based on the established method of staining with propidium iodide.

Measure more accurately and reliably.
The Muse™ Cell Analyzer uses patent-pending, miniaturized fluorescent detection and microcapillary technology to deliver truly accurate, precise and quantitative cell analysis compared to other methods. Versatile enough to analyze both suspension and adherent cells 2-60 µm in diameter, the Muse™ Cell Analyzer provides greater accuracy and precision than other analysis methods.
Laser excitation

Rapidly evaluate 3 different cellular parameters with laser-based fluorescence detection

1.60E+07 1.40E+07 1.20E+07 1.00E+07 8.00E+06 6.00E+06 4.00E+06 2.00E+06 0.00E+00 0.0E+00 2.00E+06 4.00E+06 6.00E+06 8.00E+06 1.00E+07 1.20E+07 1.40E+07 1.60E+07 Theoretical Cell Concentration (Cells/mL)
(average of image-based counts, Muse™ analysis and hemocytometry) Image-based automated device Manual Hemocytometer Muse™ Cell Analyzer

y = 0.9574x-42839 R2 = 0.9762 y = 1.0696x-138547 R2 = 0.9664 y = 0.973x+181387 R2 = 0.9826
Sample is introduced directly into the system

Cell Concentration (Cells/mL)

Laser-based Fluorescence Detection The system delivers high-performance cell analysis using a microcapillary and miniaturized optics which occupy one-tenth the space of a typical cytometer. Laser-based fluorescence detection of each cell event can evaluate up to 3 cellular parameters. As a result, Muse™ provides more quantitative results than imaging-based systems, which only examine up to 2 parameters, are timeconsuming and ultimately provide less quantitative data.

Voltage Pulse Intensity

The Muse™ Cell Analyzer counts cells more accurately than manual hemocytometry or image-based automated analysis. Multiple adherent and suspension cell types (MCF-7, K562, Hb, CHO-K1, and Jurkat cells) were counted using the methods shown. Cell counts from all three methods were averaged to obtain “theoretical cell concentration”. Each point represents average of 3 replicates, and each data series was fit with linear regression. Muse™ cell analysis data were correlated with theoretical concentration with slope closest to 1, indicating superior accuracy.

4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000


AREA Width

Counting Method

Cell Concentration Data Precision


Average %CV Image-based Automated Counter Manual Hemocytometer Muse™ Cell Analyzer 9.2% 6.3% 4.0%

% CV Range 1.2-23.3% 0.5 -15.3% 0.3-8.8%












The Muse™ Cell Analyzer counts cells more precisely than manual hemocytometry or image-based automated analysis. For each data point, 3 replicates of 5 cell types across 5 cell concentrations were assessed.

A Basis for Sensitive Detection Fluorescence emitted by a cellular event is detected as a voltage pulse, described in diagram above. The width and height are proportional to the amount of fluorescence intensity for each cell event, and this leads to highly quantitative measurements of labeled cells.

Muse™ Product Specifications
Input Cell Numbers Sample format • U  ser selected; Cell concentration range of 10,000-500,000/mL • Single loader, <2 minutes per sample •  Sample volume and number of cells counted can be specified • H  omogeneous or heterogeneous, suspension or adherent, primary cells or cell lines • 2-60+ microns (µm) in diameter • D  ata analyzed on system, with USB export of graphs, CSV files, and raw data files

Ordering Information
Description Catalogue No.

Muse™ Cell Analyzer 

0500-3115 MCH100102 MCH600103 MCH100105 MCH100106 MCH100108 MCH100109 MCH100110 MCH200102 MCH200103 MCH200104 MCH200101 MCH200105 MIM100101 MIM100102 MIM100103 MIM100104 MIM100105 MCH100101 MCH100104 MCH100107
4200-0140 0500-3120

Kits and Reagents
Muse™ Count & Viability Kit (100 tests) Muse™ Count & Viability Kit (600 tests) Muse™ Annexin V & Dead Cell Kit Muse™ Cell Cycle Kit Muse™ Caspase 3/7 Kit Muse™ MultiCaspase Kit Muse™ MitoPotential Kit Muse™ EGFR RTK Activation Dual Detection Kit Muse™ PI3K Activation Dual Detection Kit Muse™ MAPK Activation Dual Detection Kit Muse™ H2A.X Activation Dual Detection Kit Muse™ Bcl-2 Activation Dual Detection Kit Muse™ Human CD4 T Cell Kit Muse™ Human CD8 T Cell Kit Muse™ Human B Cell Kit Muse™ Human Lymphocyte CD69 Kit Muse™ Human Lymphocyte CD25 Kit Muse™ Performance Check Kit Muse™ Count and Viability Kit (200X) (For difficult samples) Muse™ Cell Dispersal Reagent
Accessories Muse™ Instrument Cleaning Fluid (ICF) Muse™ Flow Cell

Cell Types

Cell Size Data handling

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