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Application Form

es Nationality Mother tongu e Marital statu s Date of Birth Educational Qualifications Place GCSE’s Subject Grade Year A levels University degr ee TEFL quali ficati on Others .Personal Details Name Surname Home Address Please attach photo here Contact Address Skype address Home telephon e Email address Mobile telepho ne Have you got a Spanish residency number (NIE)? Have you got a Spanish social security number? Have you applied to work for an ACEIA school? www.aceia.

Non-TEFL Position Gaps in employment history If there any gaps in your employment history. etc. .Experience TEFL Position Organisation Starting dat e Finishing dat e Nationalities. levels size of class. please comment on them. ages.

Present Job Title Duties Reason for leaving Hobbies. interests Languages Spoken Level Written Level Additional Information Referees Name Contact hours Address Current employer Second reference Telephone Fax Email .

5. if so which? What are your reasons for applying for this job? Please reply to the following questions in your own handwriting. 8. 6.. 7. What would you imagine doing in your free time? . what caused the annoyance and how did you manifest your annoyance? Is there anything that worries you about this job? Classroom management techniques – How would you deal with the following situations and student types? a) constant interruptions b) rising noise level c) bored and lacking motivation.Date available for work Have you taught ………….? Yes Children No Ages Course books used Teenagers Adults Other materials used Do you have experience of preparing students for any EFL examinations. Use a separate piece of paper if necessary. 2. What do you think are the main differences between teaching adults and children? Lucena and Montilla are traditional Andalucian towns where practically the only English speakers are our staff. What was the best and the worst aspect of your last/current job? What do you find difficult and what is easy in your last/present job? Describe your ideal boss/ school? When were you last annoyed at work. 3 4. 1.

Under this definition do you consider yourself disabled? Please note that applications from people with disabilities are welcome. I give my authority for use of my personal data for these purposes. 4 Are you in good health? Please indicate any health problems that we should know about (e. Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offence or been officially cautioned. epilepsy) Yes No       3   Authorization 1 I understand that if I am appointed. 2 . This may include analysis for management purposes and statutory returns. It is a criminal offence to apply for or accept a position working with children if you are excluded from such work by virtue of a court order or exclusion by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) or the Department of Health (DoH).g. warned or reprimanded in relation to any such offence? 2 Are you included in any list of people barred from working with children by the British Department for Education and Skills (DfES) or the Department of Health (DoH) or the General Teaching Council? The Disability Discrimination Act defines a disabled person as “a person who has or has had in the past a physical or medical impairment which had a substantial and long term adverse affect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities”. personal information about me will be computerized for personnel/employee administrative purposes in accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Act (15/1999).Employment checks Please put a cross in the relevant section 1 As this post involves working directly with children or young people. you are required to declare whether you have any criminal convictions (or cautions or bind-overs) including those which are “spent”. In compiling and submitting this form.

3 I hereby authorize Idiomaster to include the details given by me in this job application form in a database called CURRICULUMS which is registered at the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( La Agencia de Protección de Datos) in the name of Alan Christopher McDyre. cancel or amend the said details. 4 Signature: Date: . I understand that. this may be reported to the relevant authorities as well as lead to my application being rejected or the contract being null and void if you have already been appointed. I understand that I have the right to see. and that to do so I must inform Idiomaster in writing at the address specified at Data Protection Agency ( La Agencia de Protección de Datos). or should there be any wilful omission of material fact. should any of the particulars I provide in this application be found to be false within my knowledge.