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1. I am more concerned with a. the world around me b. my own thoughts and feelings 2. Change for me is a. difficult b. easy 3.

I am more comfortable with a. rules b. principles 4. I am quick to a. compliment b. critique 5. I take more pride in my a. goals b. successes 6. I tend to be more a. reasonable b. personable 7. When around other people I a. start conversation b. keep to myself 8. I like a. to "go with the flow" b. timetables and plans 9. A quiet weekend at home is a. rejuvenating b. boring 10.My work space is usually a. organized b. disorganized 11.I am drawn to a. what is immediate b. hidden meaning and inspiration 12.I process information through a. intuition b. my five senses

b. afraid to hurt their feelings 14.I am most comfortable being a. a planner b. spontaneous 15.After a social gathering I feel a. energized b. drained 16.When paying at a store I often a. have conversation with the cashier b. pay and leave without chit-chat 17.I consider myself to be a. an idealist b. a realist 18.On a free night I like to a. spend a quiet night at home b. go out with friends 19.I work better when a. deciding what to do next as I go b. following a schedule 20.I like to finalize decisions a. early b. only when necessary 21.It is worse to be a. inflexible b. indecisive 22.I prefer speakers that communicate a. literally b. figuratively 23.Others might perceive me as a. rigid b. aimless 24.I prefer to work a. in a team b. alone

13.When there is a need to correct someone, I am a. quick to do it

25.I am more interested in a. future possibilities b. current happenings 26.It is important for me to

easy 38.I tend to a.My thoughts are a. listening b. interacting with people b. I a.I am a.Give me the a. complete it b.I am more likely to measure things with a. insensitive b. conserve my energy 27. is not something I notice 30.With people.Being the center of attention is a. tough-minded 33. at the last possible moment 47. structured 40. focus on details b. brief and to the point 29. conventional b. with a group of friends b. get the task done 46. orderly b.I am a.I am governed by my a.When the phone rings I a. emotional 35.a. personal details 45. difficult b. alone or with one close friend 51.I dislike it when people are too a. heart 44.When in a one-on-one situation I usually do more a. soft-hearted b. free-spirited b.I enjoy a task when I a.Talking about feelings and emotions is a. "spur of the moment" activities 43.Clutter in my home a. promising new ideas 41.I prefer to a. talking 32. friendly and warm b. random 36.I usually leave for appointments a. start it 48. uncomfortable 39. revolutionary 50. introspecting 28. rarely excites me 34. say things as they are b. I am more often a. spend my energy b.The prospect of social activity a.I prefer a. bothers me b. proven methods b. see the big picture 49. see how I can change things b. pick it up right away b. get to know others b. head b. am careful to avoid conflict .My ways tend to be more a.When in conversation. approximation 37.I am more likely to invest in a.I want to a. facts b.I prefer to spend time a. leave things the way they are 42. with extra time to spare b.I enjoy time spent a. usually excites me b. routine activities b. wish I could ignore it 31. exhilarating b.

Others might describe me as more a. objective b.I consider myself to be a. feet on the ground 71. logic 73. wait until the last moment 54. I get the job done 63. mercy b. learning facts b.When judging others I am a. imagination 61.I see life a.I make new friends a. I usually a.I prefer someone who is a.I make decisions based on a. feelings b.b. get it out of the way b. as it could be 68. empathetic 72.At work I am a.More often than not.I am a.I am more excited about what might happen a. task-oriented 58. am adaptable b. imaginative b.At work a. then play b. getting to know new people 60. what lies ahead 53. later today or tomorrow b. subjective 74.I value a. lone ranger 76. play. social 75. private b.I would classify myself as a a. like a plan that is "set in stone" 62. then work 67. quickly 55. impartial b. people 66. work. as it is b. surroundings b.When dealing with problems I focus on the a. the "here and now" b.I enjoy a. a issues b. I put things off b. spending time with friends I know well b. justice 59. over time b.I have more fun engaging in a. individual activities 70. partial 65. total precision 52.I consider myself to be a. group activities b.My thoughts are on a. practical 57.When making decisions I .I entertain myself with my a. social butterfly b.I get energized by a.I am more likely to have my a. relationship-focused b. a concrete thinker b. in a couple years 56.When I have a task to complete. exploring theories 69. an abstract thinker 64. efficient b. head in the clouds b. I a.I usually a.

consider the feelings of others . don't consider the feelings of others b.a.